Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma The morning is cool and grey, with heavy clouds up above. There is a chance of rain, for the humidity is rather thick. All in all, life seems a bit normal at this time. For Emma, she was up early, and decided to take her horse, Peach (named after Princess Peach), out for a ride. As there is plenty of space she is trotting the horse down by the water. At her side is Shaemus, who needs some time out as well, he is running around, getting some exercise before the rain comes.
Markus Berger Another person is also up and about to get out of the chateau itself for a bit even though the weather is bad enough that staying inside would be a decent idea. Namely Markus who slowly approaches Emma, her horse and Shaemus. Seems like even he gets cabin fever every once in a while if he doesn't leave home for much more than work. "Hello Emma. I'd wish you a good day, but its mediocre at best though."
Emma Peach trots about, rearing her head a little, in a way that would suggest she is having some fun. Emma pulls back on the reins a touch as Markus is spotted. The horse lets out a heavy breath, but is happy to stand about, reaching her head down to feed on some grass giving Markus no attention. But it's no secret, the horse pretty much dislikes anyone but its rider. Shaemus hops over to Markus then, woofing and jumping around wanting some attention. "Aye, I - I guess, I dun mind tha rain any, tho, ya'see, we got plenty back home. Rode in it often, worked in tha garden, all that." A hand pats the horses head as she looks down to her friend. "How are ya doin'?"
Markus Berger The good doctor immideately goes down on a knee and starts to pet Shaemus the moment he holds still enough for that, although the man himself looks at Emma while doing so. "Well enough. Which is a lie since I'm actually quite worried."
Emma Emma moves, dismounting easily, landed on her feet lightly. A gloved hand still holds onto the reins of the horse, while the other brushes some of that red hair from her face. "Worried?" There is concern in her eyes, because in the past, when he was worried, Zombies came. It's a fear of her own, that one day it will be another nightmare to live through. "Why - why are ya worried? Did somethin' happen?"
Markus Berger "Let me say it like this. I recently volunteered once to help a governmental group to investigate a disturbance in a village in South-East Asia. I do hope you can imagine what we found." By now Markus has stopped petting Shaemus as he instead gets up and watches Emma, his own face set in a slight grimace of worry... and grinding teeth.
Emma Her frown deepens, Emma grips tight to the reins as the horse munches on the grass at her feet. Shaemus has ran off, found a stick, bolted back to Markus and dropped it at his feet. "When did - did ya offer ta help? Which group? How bad was it?" These are only some of her questions.
Markus Berger "About a week ago, give or take a bit. FBC and BSAA. An american and an international group respectively. Small third world village was wiped out in the sense that the villagers instead were a bunch of zombies by the time we arrived. Fact is that it confirms my suspicion that the T-Virus or its varying strains are going to pop up anywhere through varying means." Having said that Markus picks up the stick and throws it quite a bit away, hoping that Shaemus is going to do what he is expecting he will do.
Emma Shaemus bolts, playing fetch is one of his favourite things. Emma is paying close attention to Markus. "How - how'd ya get in on that?" Asks the Scottish lass, lifting a brow. "Was there a - a lab there or somethin', or any idea how is spread?" A pause, eyes watch her dog return the stick and drop it down at his feet to be tossed again. "How'd tha problem get solved?"
Markus Berger The good doctor immideately throws the stick again to keep Shaemus occupied before looking back to Emma. "Take a guess. He is a Sir and we both have the same employer. Secondly, no. Only a single containment cylinder which are commonly used for storing such things like the T-Virus. Some fellow in the village found it somewhere and the rest is self-explanatory. Thirdly... with sufficient firepower. Not much else one can do against zombies."
Emma Again, Shaemus goes. Meanwhile, Emma nods a bit to Markus. It just isn't nice news to hear. "How'd - how'd a container get out there anyway? Was - is, is a lab there or somethin'? Seems odd that a cylinder would just be there, and knowin' how devious Umbrella is, we'll I'd bet they were plannin' something." The horse lifts it's head, looks around some, seemingly still content there. "I'm startin' ta think I need ta find work with some company, don't know which, though. Maybe tha FBC."
Markus Berger A shrug is all Markus can offer as he needs a moment to collect his thoughts. Still doesn't take him long to reply. "I don't know. I just don't know. I do want to point out that there various groups the world over that are apparently trying to buy bioweapons nowadays though so it may just as well be Umbrella in a indirect way. Also, as for the FBC... nope. No maybe there. They are american special forces, not a company. Not to mention prone to sweeping any information under the rug as I have been told by a friend of mine. You may know that the cruise ship I was on simply counts as having disappeared according to all governments and official sources with some morons of the public media calling it a hoax."
Emma "I see." Emma replies, about the military part. "Don't - don't most cover them up anyway? I mean, look at Umbrella, they be coverin' up plenty. Aye, I recall tha ship." Seems like more and more these things are coming up now.
Markus Berger "Yeah, but the FBC and so on are supposed to deal with Umbrella and what they are up to and any other bioterrorism. Still keep any information to themselves and the fact that after six months any investigations have bogged down is making things awfully easy for Umbrella to avoid scrutinity. Fellow I know argued that distributing everything you know is just going to put one on Umbrellas radar while they wind themselves out of it anyway unless you got enough proof to utterly crush them: Kind of has got a point, but still." Its all Markus has to say before he is forced to shrug again. After all, the whole situation is a mess and has way too many sides up to something.
Emma Something Markus says makes Emma frown some, and she looks away from him and to the horse, going to pat her gently on the head. "Ya - ya think Umbrella will try ta take out any who speak against them, hm?" Shaemus returns, without the stick, he had ended up getting distracted by a bird, and is all wet, from having jumped into the lake. "Hard ta - ta think, with so many people that seem ta be knowin', nothin' I happenin' either. They can't kill everyone, can they?"
Markus Berger "Just killing enough or the right people likely would allready do the trick. I mean, the memory of humanity is very, very short and very selective in what it wants to remember or even notice in the first place. Simply having survived makes us important targets, not to mention that I want to actively act against them." Before the doctor actually continues he does for a moment look at Emma strangely before nodding to himself. "By the way, do you intend to stay out of the whole mess we all got into? If not I might have a request."
Emma Her eyes were downcast, focused upon the ground in thought. "Aye." Is her reply, about the fact that Umbrella would kill of those they figured a biggest danger. Shaemus and his wet self, shakes all the water off, and it sprays all over them. Emma curses a little, in an amused way, her concentration broken briefly. "Ya mutt." Says the red head to her dog, in an affectionate way. "We - we're gonna need ta dry ya off before goin' inside."

Then Markus asks his question, it was one she has been trying to figure out herself. Does she sit on the sidelines, away from all this now, or step into it. For a moment much of the pain and fear and suffering are remembered from Racoon, and in that moment the answer comes. "What - what is yer request?" Seems, she will step into it, seeing what she had seen, there isn't any real way she can step back and ignore it all.
Markus Berger The good doctor nods briefly and smirks since that is the reply he was hoping for. The more the merrier... and the worse for Umbrella. "Shall we continue our old arrangement of you helping me out? We probably can get Archene to arrange for you to get a job with Tricell. You know, I'd like to have someone around I can trust to help me both in a lab and in the field, not to mention someone who can get a bullet or two out of me should it come to that."
Emma "I'd be - be glad ta help ya out." Emma says to Markus, but she is quite thoughtful. "I'd like ta work along side ya, too, but I'm - I'm not ta sure on Tricell, ta be honest. I saw Archene's boss, briefly, and well, I just don't know." But there is a small smile given to him. "Still, if yer hurt, need help, anythin' I'll always be there, I just need ta consider job placement.
Markus Berger "At the very least its bound to fund us and makes it a whole lot easier to keep an eye on Tricell as well. Honestly, they are more interested in good old profit and if that changes I can just reenact what I did with Umbrella. Spying on them. Anyway, give it some thought since I'll have to be on my way now. Need some rest before tomorrow before I fall asleep at work. So... see you around." With that said and after a brief smile Markus turns around and walks off towards the Chateau ago, giving a slight wave as he goes.
Emma "I - I will consider it. Keepin' an eye on Tricell may be good. Have a good day, Markus." Emma says with a small smile, and a wave to Markus as she goes. "Lets get goin' Peachy, back to tha stable, and we need to get Shaemus dried off too." Taking the reins, the horse is taken back to the stable, and Shaemus would be dried off before back inside to study.