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Chris Redfield It is just after 10 pm and the crowd at Jack's is dwindling a bit since it is Tuesday. The soccer match is over, so most of the casual fans have gone home but the hardcore fans are still there analyzing the game over drinks. One such man who is not a soccer fan, is sitting at table by the corner mostly left alone due to his serious demeanor and somewhat dangerous air about him. Chris Redfield isn't in a mood to talk to anyone, especially not some drunk fan about the game that he didn't even watch. He's dressed casually today, since he's not on a mission and drinking a cup of coffee rather than any alcohol. There is a half-eaten sandwich on a plate in front of him and he's reading an American newspaper, the New York Times specifically the sports section at the moment.
Isabel Isabel makes a point to stop by a few times a week, being in a strange city whose language she doesn't speak. Hearing English is reassuring, a touchstone that helps her stay centered in all the confusion.
She steps inside, frowning thoughtfully as she looks around the room. The sight of an American newspaper does draw her sharp eyes, but she doesn't approach out of the blue... yet. Not when the bar is open, and a Cherry Coke is calling.
Chris Redfield Chris glances up when the door opens, seeing a young girl he doesn't recognize walk in and then goes back to reading his newspaper after taking a small sip from his coffee.

A few of those hardcore soccer fans also notice Isabel walk in, one of them whistles and another smiles, "Madomoiselle." and the one that whistles seems to be a tourist or an English spekaing foreigner, "Hey, she's cute. Let me talk to her, okay?" The foreign drunk buddy says to the other. He's a young man in his early 20's, short blonde hair, medium build and not bad to look at if you are into his kind of look. He turns to Isabel, "Hey, did you see Manchester just won. Why don't you come over and join us. I'll buy you a drink?"
Isabel Isabel blushes faintly at the sudden catcalls and whistles. "Um... no, thank you. Merr-see, non," she says, trying to recall her phrasebook French without the phrasebook in hand. "Perhaps another time."
She turns to the bartender, bowing her head politely. "One Cherry Coke please... and what's Manchester?"
Chris Redfield The foreign English soccer fan blinks at Isabel's rebuttal, "Wha...what? I just invited you for a drink. I don't bite and Manchester is a football club in England, that's where I'm from. Your accent, is that American? Very nice. Yur beautiful, come have a drink with me, please?" He's a bit drunk but his tone is pleading almost. His friends just laugh and one elbows their English buddy in the arm as they watch what unfolds with Isabel.

The bartender is used to English speaking customers, being one himself and smiles at Isabel. "Cherry Coke coming right up, miss. Don't mind these fellars, they are mostly harmless and he pours you a glass of cherry coke putting it down on the bar in front of you. "There ya go. That will be 3 euros."

Chris glances up again from his newspaper, watching the young girl interacting with the drunk soccer fans but doesn't say anything.
Isabel "I'm sorry, I am American, and it's nothing personal. I just wasn't looking for company," Isabel replies sincerely, leaving out the fact that the guy's fairly drunk and likely to get more so as the day goes on. She nods aside to the bartender, passing over the money. "Thank you. And thank you for the offer," she adds, to the soccer fan.
Chris Redfield The UK foreigner frowns at being shot down politely by Isabel, "Fine, fine. Be that /way/." The other drunk soccer fans laugh at their friend, patting him on the back and turn to watch more of the television as they console their mate.

The bartender nods, "Anytime." giving Isabel a quick wink and goes to serve some other customers. "Au revoir." says the french soccer fan to Isabel when she leaves.

Chris see's that there isn't going to be any trouble and goes back to reading his newspaper, quite interested in an article about the Yankees. There is one empty table near where he is and a few others scattered about the bistro that Isabel could sit at, or at the bar where the soccer fans are of course.
Isabel "Oh-revor," Isabel replies to the French soccer fan, still not quite getting the pronunciation right. French is just so /weird/ compared to Arabic and Aramaic, which she /does/ speak fluently. Pity almost no one else does here.
She finds a table, conveniently close to the man with the newspaper. Her eyes stray to one of the headlines. "Excuse me, has there been anything new on the cruise ship disappearance?" she asks Chris.
Chris Redfield Chris looks up from his newspaper, when you speak to him and gives you a sideways glance. He pauses for a moment, before replying. "I'm not sure. I haven't gotten to the front page yet." He turns his news paper over, separating the sports section from the front page section and offers it towards you. "You are welcome to borrow it to read if you'd like." He looks at you fully now but glances towards the bar, because that UK soccer fan is looking over towards the both of you. "Are those guys bothering you?" Redfield asks in a matter of factly tone.
Isabel "Oh, no, not if you haven't read it," Isabel replies, shaking her head hastily. "I don't want to put you out, sir. And no, not really. I think he took my rejection badly... though I was polite about it." A social expert she's not. "I don't think he thinks I was just asking you about a newspaper, but then, too, he's kind of drunk..."
At least she's careful to keep her voice down.
Chris Redfield "That's okay. I usually only read the sports section anyways, most of the front page news is normally on the negative side and at least with sports I can ready that my favortie team wins." Chris says to you with a stoic expression on his face but there is a slight upturn of his lips that resembles a very small smile you think. He glances over at the drunk soccer fans once more and shrugs. "Yeah, some guys don't take that too well." He slides the front page section of the newspaper towards you anyways. "Your welcome to it if you like." He takes a small sip from his coffee and then asks, "Welcome to Jack's by the way. This is one of the few places in Paris that has a more American feel if you like that sort of thing and they carry the New York Times, which is one of the reasons why I come here."
Isabel "Well... if you're sure." Isabel accepts the offered front page with a smile and a nod of thanks. "Thank you. I did stop in here once before, but it was to check on a friend I saw inside. Plus, it was raining."
She bows her head politely. "My name is Isabel. I guess you're American, too? I came to Paris with friends, but now I wish I'd been able to get that language software for my laptop."
Chris Redfield Chris nods, "I'm sure or I wouldn't have offered." There is that slight upturn from the corners of his lips again and he takes another sip from his black coffee. "Yup, from New York originally but lived in Colorado for the last couple of years. But after the incident in Raccoon, well I'm here now. How about yourself?"
Isabel "I'm from Colorado, myself. Were you in Raccoon when it happened?" Isabel asks, looking at him thoughtfully. "I was. There are a few survivors here in Paris, though I don't know where they live. I ran into two of them here."
She glances at the front page. "Just more about the insurance case, for the ship. It seems it's supposed to be a trendsetting case. I wish they'd remember that people /died/ on that ship, however much money was involved."
Chris Redfield Chris nods once more and replies, "I was but I left before the worst of it started. I saw the aftermath though and helped with the rescue evac before the missles fell." Again he says this in a matter of factly tone and maintains his stoic expression. "There are quite a few survivors here from Raccoon strangely enough. Guess, Europe is the place to be these days and Paris is as good a place as any to stay for a while." He smooths out the newspaper, setting it down now as he speaks to you. "I miss the U.S., most of it anyways but not some and I'm not surprised there isn't more mention of the Cruise ship. The media isn't always a purveyor of truth these days." He know first hand how that is and he tries to shy away from the spotlight or media coverage like the plague, no pun intended.
Isabel "Well... some of us do our best to present the truth, even if we don't have our own news shows," Isabel replies, without any trace of rancor. "Look for Isabel's Zombietown Journal sometime. I know the title is erreverent, and sometimes the content is, but it's a look at what happened, without all the speculation about whether or not it was real."
Chris Redfield Chris quirks an eyebrow slightly when you mention Isabel's zombietown journal and takes another sip from his coffee, "Oh, are you Isabel? I haven't seen any of those videos but I may check them out now that you've mentioned it." He doesn't want to tell her that he's fought zombies up close and personal because that's not something he would brag about or even want to bring up in casual conversation. "I don't think, I've introduced myself. My name's, Chris by the way." He lifts his coffee cup towards you in a salute as he introduces himself.
Isabel "I welcome all critique," Isabel says, smiling a little self-deprecatingly. "But if it's on there, it's true, I promise. I respect the memories of those people who didn't make it out to lie about it."
She bows her head and smiles. "Isabel Welsh. Cool to meet you, Chris. Have you been in Paris for long?"
Chris Redfield Chris replies with a bit of a smirk during his last comment, "Your brave and a good journalist is never afraid of being questioned or rebutted. My sister, Claire told me that after she started her journalism degree." There is a small nod, "That is nice of you to honor them and lots of good people lost their lives." He looks towards the window of the bistro, staring outside for a few moments as if lost in thought and then turns his attention back to you, "Nice to meet you Isabel and yeah, been in Paris for several months now."
Isabel "Claire? Did you say your sister's name was Claire, and she's into journalism?" Isable blinks in surprise. "Your name isn't Redfield, is it?"
Chris Redfield "Yes, that's my sister and our last name." Chris replies and doesn't seem at all phased by your surprise, guess he's used to it by now or something. He manages to finish off the rest of his half-eaten sandwich while he's been talking to you and drains the last of his coffee. "I take it you know my sister then?"
Isabel "I used to, a little. I knew her in college, but I only went for one year, and I didn't even get to finish that before Umbrella's pathogen... pathogened," Isabel says, wincing. "I haven't run into her again, but I liked her, even if she did almost get me into trouble once. She was brave and she stood up for what she believed in."
Chris Redfield Chris givess you that small smile again, "I'm not surprised she gets into trouble a lot and yeah, she's brave and I'd like to use the word stubborn but don't tell her I said that." He winks and stands up, tucking the sports section of the newspaper under his arm. "It was nice to meet you Isabel. I have to get going. Take care of yourself and keep reporting on the truth. Be safe." He then picks up a paper bag full of pastries that was on the chair beside him that he got for his roomate and heads towards the door. The drunken soccer fans gives him the stink eye but none dare to say anything to him or challenge him on his way out. He doesn't even give them more than a glance when he passes them and heads out the door.