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Chase Dalton Morning in Paris, France. The cloudless sky is a lovely shade of robin's egg blue. The grass is still somewhat wet from a recent rain that has also done an excellent job of propping up the Dordogne River. A handful of boats dot either side of the riverbank, up and down the way. Chase Dalton is in one of those boats -- decked out in a pair of blue denims, a blue-and-white-checkered shirt, and a nice pair of brown shoes -- getting ready to begin a leisurely fishing run. A full kit of odds and ends has been stashed next to a set of rods and reels of varying calibers. The boat looks like it could comfortably seat two, perhaps three with a bit of wiggling.
Emma For Emma, rain was something she always enjoyed. And a walk post rain was just as good. She too is one of those out, taking a small stroll, just enjoying the fresh air as she goes, sipping from her cup of tea. The long red hair sways around her in the breeze, a tune is hummed - as she has headphones in. This leisurely walk brings her by Chase and his boat, and because he is spotted the lass stops and looks his way quickly, making sure it's who she thought it was.
Chase Dalton Chase continues preparing to set off on his little fishing adventure, at least until he notices Emma wandering his way and giving him a look. He offers a wave and smile of recognition, beckoning her over. "Care to join me? I have extra poles, bait, things like that." He gestures into the boat, and then offers a hand.
Emma Right away the ear buds are pulled out. Looking to the boat, then him there is a bit of a shy smile. Her light steps bring her towards him. "Yer - yer kinda'ta ask tha girl who fell inta yer table." Yes, she remembers. Emma may of been loaded but, remembers. "So - sorry 'bout that too." The ipod is turned off, because it wasn't right away. "Ya fish? I've not - not been fishin' in ages, sounds fun. Though I'm better at cookin' tha fish than catching."%
Chase Dalton "I fish, hike, bike, climb mountains, all sorts of stuff. Wasn't uber-crazy about it when I was young, but I got into it after I put some time in serving my country. Now I try to put fitness into every aspect of my life, where possible." Chase responds. "And no worries about the incident, it's a done deal, my clothes are good, I'm good, all good." He offers a shrug, and then raises an eyebrow. "I'd love to see what you can do to pike, salmon, and sea trout. Heard they're in abundance this time of year." His hand remains offered, until she enters the boat, either with his assistance or on her own.
Emma Emma lifts a brow as Chase details his activites. "I - I grew up on an acreage, never really sat idle ourselves. Road horses, tended ta tha animals papa would fish at times, I did dance, acrobatics. There was always tha rollin' hills ta explore, or tha seaside." There is a small shrug, and a nod. "Aye go - good, felt a lil' bad after." Cheeks redden a touch. "I've cooked it before, ya catch, I'll cook hows that sound?"
Chase Dalton Chase nods. "Sounds good. Shall we be off, then?" He waits until she's in the boat before baiting the hooks of the two poles he has set up, and handing one of the poles over to her. He then sets off down the river, looking for a nice fishing spot.
Emma With easy, graceful movements, Emma stepa in the boat and sits, placing her hands on her lap, feeling the rocking of the boat over the water, which splish-splashes. "Ya - ya said ya served yer country? In what way? I got an older brother who serves, has since was able'ta sign up."
Chase Dalton Chase rolls up his right sleeve a bit more, exposing the full length of his tattoo. "MOS 0317, June 2000 to April 2002. Can't say much more than that. Did the same thing when I was a cop, and since I've joined the FBC. Getting behind a rifle is my dream job, and I'm loving it." He settles in on a good spot, readies his gear, and casts out some line.
Emma Leaning forward and sweeping her red hair over her shoulder, eyes looking at the tattoo. She grins while looking at him. "So - sounds like yer doin' what'ya love, not - not many get'ta say that, ya'know." She then watches him toss the line out. "Ya an only child?"
Chase Dalton "Biologically, yeah. Had a younger brother, but he didn't survive long after birth. I mean, that's the story Mom tells. I came out, then little bro; little bro crashed, and they were unable to revive. I do have a huge family, though." Chase tap-taps his tattoo, his expression brightening, though his smile has that hint of grimness to it. "Tons of brothers and sisters."
Emma "Oy," Says the Scottish lass with a frown. "I'm so - sorry ta hear that. But tis good ya got more." She nods to his tattoo. "Family is - is what'ya make of it. I got a big family. Four older brothers, I be tha only girl."
Benny Benny is out for a jog this morning, wearing clothes appropriate for such an activity as in a well worn red t-shirt that looks like spiderman's suit with the black lined webst and spider symbol on front, black adidas track pants and running shoes. He's found this nice little path along the Dordogne River that he likes to take during his jog and it helps to relax his mind, while he keeps fit. IT work is mind numbing sometimes, so it is good to get out and get fresh air before he starts work. As he runs, he looks out at the boats and see's two familiar faces, well one person with red hair is more noticeable than other's. He waves towards Emma and Chase if they look towards him.
Chase Dalton "That must be tons of fun. I know, if I had a sister, I'd be /all/ over any guy wanting to claim her as some sort of conquest. They even /look/ at her the wrong way, I'd deck 'em.." Chase responds, and then the jogger shows up. It takes him a second or so to recognize the man, and then he smiles and offers a wave. "Hey!" At that moment, Chase's fishing line promptly goes taught, and he begins battling for dominance against whatever might be tugging on the other end of the line.
Emma Emma laughs. "Aye, they - they are like that, so are my friends. Sor - sorta always tha lil' sister, nat a woman." She does huff a little. "I always got back at my brothers, though." A sly look crosses her face, you had to repay such acts after all to survive life with four older brothers. Looking over she spots Benny and gives a wave and smile. "'ello, Benny. Ca - careful nat ta fall in the water!" Then Chase is pulling on the line and she looks his way. "Looks like a tough bugger!"
Benny "Hey, Emma and Chase!" He yells out towards the boat and watches as Chase seems to have a bit of something on his fishing line. He slows his jog down a bit as he is curious to see what Chase has caught and just in case they want to talk to him some more. "Me? Fall in the water? I'm on land, it's you who should be careful about falling!"
Chase Dalton With a mighty YANK, the thing comes free. Chase falls on his ass, rocking the boat a bit as he lands. The object -- a good-sized workman's boot soaked and covered with all sorts of mud and detritus -- arcs through the air, and then begins falling straight toward Benny, a sort of cosmic 'boot versus bug' sort of thing.
Emma "I've seen people fall in before!" Emma calls out to Benny, then she is gripping the boat as Chase falls back some, luckily it doesn't tip. Seeing a boot fly in the air eyes widen. "Oy, I - I can't cook that!" Who wants to eat a boot! Seeing the direction it's going in there is a small gasp. "Heads!" She calls out to Benny, in case he doesn't see it.
Benny "Holy shit!?" Benny exclaims as the boot flies right towards his head, but thankfully he was watching as he was jogging because his cat-like reflexes kick in and he dodges out of the way before he gets a /boot to the face/. "Hey, watch how you fish Chase! That is dangerous and what if kids were playing around here." He shakes his fit towards the FBC Agent and yells out, "Thanks!" to Emma for giving him the warning.
Chase Dalton Chase offers an apologetic hand up, and winces, before going back to fishing. He re-baits his hook, casts again, and... hooks something again! A good bit of reeling rewards Chase with a nice-sized specimen of pike, just under three kilos in weight. He quickly transfers it to a nearby cooler, rebaits his hook, and casts again.
Emma Emma brings a hand up to cover her mouth, not in shock but because it is pretty funny. Enough that her hand can't mask it. "Oy, B - Benny, now I can only envision Batman shakin' fists at bad guys! Yer fine right?" It's asked before she looks to Chase as he reels in a fish. "Nice lookin' one, there. Ya know how'ta clean'em 'n - 'n all?"
Benny Benny lowers his shaking fist after Chase apologetic gesture and grins at Emma's comments. "I only wish I was are the one that lives in a mansion with Bruce Wayne!" He heads towards the pier, closer to where the boat is moored that Emma and Chase are on. "Morning, by the way. So how are you two doing? I was just out for a jog as you can plainly see and wanted to drop by to say hi before I head on off." He looks towards Emma carefully, "So you feeling better after that night at Jack's?" He asks in a polite tone.
Chase Dalton "I've done a lot of things, just not all in recent memory. It'll come back to me." Chase nods, flashes a thumbs up, and continues to hold for that (hopefully) inevitable yank on the line.
Emma "Wishin' one was a rich superhero is a common dream right?" Emma asks Benny, then frowns. "I am fine, sorry if - if I was a pain in tha ass." As Chase continues to fish a delicate hand is held out, with a shy smile. "Ya - ya mind, if I try at'all? Maybe I'll get lucky'n findin' tha other boot."
Benny "It's okay Emma. Lucky nobody wasn't too seriously hurt and the important part is that your alright." Benny replies to Emma with a nod and then grins at the superhero comment. "Rich maybe, but superhero's are only in one's imagination but super villians seem to be real unfortunately...." Yup, Umbrella sure made certain of that and they created B.O.W.S. to fight normal people. Not very fair if you ask him. "Well, you two have fun with fishing and I'll just continue on with my job. Take care, Chase and see ya around Emma." He stretches a bit doing some calf raises and quad pulls before starting his jog again.
Chase Dalton "See ya, Ben," Chase offers a wave, focusing now on his fishing attempts. Well, really, they're not 'attempts', they're 'successes'. In the time Emma and Ben have been talking, Chase has been able to secure five fish of varying sizes. Five worth keeping, countless more caught and released back into the water.