Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger One would expect that the Raccoon City Hospital would be a lot more busy than it is, with the weird things going on inside and around the city, but it isn't as not much has been happening today aside from the usuall injuries one expects the population of the average city to sustain from various injuries. For those more aware of the things happening it would feel like the calm before the storm.

One of these being Doctor Berger who right about now is resting on a comfortable chair in his personal office in the hospital, not expecting anything of interest to happen today. He might just be wrong...
Silent Night Archene walks through the halls of the hospital, looking at the patients in it. He also expected for something worse than the current situation given that he had been tasked to check if there was anything wrong unreported. Soon enough, he found himself in front of Dr. Berger's office, a soft knocking on his door could be heard inside. The situation clearly didn't warrant enough for him to just barge into the office.
Markus Berger The doctor abruptly leans slightly over his desk and looks at the door as he hears the knocking... to not look entirely as if he were just being lazy. Which he was, but thats not something anyone needs to know. "Come in."
Silent Night Archene quietly opens the door, a smile on his face. "Greetings, Doctor Berger." He closes the door once he is inside, "Intelligence has sent me to check if there are any cases yet to be reported back to the company." He seems to take a breif look at the doctor before looking about the room.
Markus Berger "Ah, been wondering when they would send someone. At least its you and not someone who decides to glare at me until they get an answer." Having said that Markus simply gestures to the seat opposite of his desk as he opens a folder on his table and flips through the pages. "Nothing conclusive so far. At least nobody with signs that would point towards any worst case scenarios of... you know..."
Silent Night Archene nods at Markus before saying, "Staring the answers out of researchers just gets me on the bad side of people. If you have answers, it is easier if I just ask you. No need to force my way, and if you don't give answers, all I should do is say, 'Doctor Berger is withholding vital information'." He sighs, "I still wonder why some operatives act as if they were nightclub bouncers before they joined Umbrella, but that is besides the matter." He nods more seriously, "I'll report that the situation is good then. They should be pleased enough with that." He nods.
Markus Berger "Well, it would be probably interesting to see where a lot of those originaly came from, at least the more thugish ones." With that said the doctor grabs another folder and a datastick from his desk and shoves them over it towards Archene. "Here, reports on anyone showing possible signs of viral infections. As I said, as of right now they are inconclusive and I have to keep monitoring them. I just hope Umbrella is aware that the situation could change at the drop of a hat considering the origin of our current 'problems'. That reminds me... Would you mind some advice?" And with that Markus just leans back in his chair and drops any pretenses of having any kind of decent mood.
Silent Night "I'm sure at least one had one of the less savory pasts." Archene quietly picks up the folder and the datastick, rather uncerimoniously, "I know of that." He pauses for a moment at the last question before nodding and saying, "I'm always glad to listen to some advice."
Markus Berger "Two or three things. Firstly, be very wary and expect the worst since if we are unlucky enough someone or more might have kicked the bucket undetected while infected with the logical results. After all, this city has nearly a million people living in it and you can't tell me that you all can keep an eye on everyone. Secondly, scrounge together anything that might be usefull. Hoard if you have to. Until this situation is over you can't be paranoid enough due to the possibility of a worst case scenario and I mean 'worst case'. Thirdly..." The doctor abruptly stops talking, grimaces even more than before and shoves a slip of paper over the table with numbers written on them. "This is my number. Call me if you want to know anything or if I should know something."
Silent Night "Already have been thinking of the worst ever since the animal reports," Archene sighs accepting the paper, he reads over the number, picking some pen and some scratch paper that was on the side of the table. He quickly jolts down his number, "And here is mine," he pushes the paper to Markus, "I still owe you one, if you need anything, let me know." He makes no comments on stockpiling, there is a difference between worrying and Paranoia.
Markus Berger Hopefully both have the same definition of 'worst case', since otherwise at least one or the other will look foolish. Regardless, Markus quickly takes the offered paper with a nod and puts it a pocket to save the number on his phone later. "If you owe me anything is debateable since it was blind luck that I ended up flying you out of the area as well. Still, its appreciated. So, is there anything else? Otherwise I will likely have to get to work."
Silent Night Hopefully, they did. Pocketing the papper after a quick read on it, Archene nods at him, "It could be said so, but even if it is luck, it is still thanks to you." He smiles briefly, "And I can't hope to pay you back through blind luck as well." He chuckles quietly, checking the folder and teh datastick briefly before saying, "For now, this is all I've come for, I won't take your time any longer, Doctor Berger." He smiles, waiting for a few moments in case the Doctor finds something else to speak, before turning around and promptly leaving his office. He has a report to deliver after all.
Markus Berger The doctor himself briefly returns to relaxing in his office after Archene left, only to receive a call that causes him to quickly dart out of his office barely a few moments later. Apparently his quiet day was very abruptly over now.