Umbrella Surveillance System
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Katherine Quinn     The FBC team has been assembled in the briefing room onboard the USS Liberty. Wyvern has been assembling a mission based on her research and investigations, and is currently standing at the front of the room, next to the projection screen. Once everyone is assembled, she will begin.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov has been able to put himself togeher just enough to walk into the debriefing room. At this point he has been shot at, hit his head.. and shot at somemore.. and somehow the man is still walking. Of course he'll move slowly, and when he takes a seat, there is an audible grunt as he moves to spread out his legs and slouch in his chair. Thank God for Chairs..

What was he supposed to be doing again? He'll blink for a second before looking to Katherine, eyes clearly intent and focusing on the woman.
Chase Dalton Chase needed some rack time, else he was going to be dead on his feet. Having secured a good five hours of sleep, he's rested and ready for action. Thus he walks into the debriefing room just behind Andrew, settles in, and casts a curious glance around. He doesn't slouch -- he's long-since outgrown that habit.
Cecily     A quick op, breakfast in Paris, and on the ship again within two days. It's a whirlwind trip, and Cecily's in the briefing room, wearing her serious face and her standard-issue fatigues. She's sitting up straight, and has her eyes on the projection screen, awaiting intently and patiently.
Albert Wesker Clad simply in his grey F.B.C. fatigues and the dual shoulder harness holstering twin pistols, Colonel Wesker joins those gathered for the intel briefing, settling in front and center and consulting his PDA. It's likely Wesker is aware of the investigation being undertaken-- but he's politely attentive nonetheless.
Hunni Hunni arrives, her own gear as clean and prepped as one might expect from the Japanese Sniper. Assembled and and ready to go at pretty much the word. She always was a wee bit obsessive anyway. She's sitting, watching the screen along with the others, hands folded in her lap while she awaits the breifing.
Katherine Quinn "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me. I'll make this brief." Katherine begins, as she clicks over to the next slide, which features a graining security camera picture of a man in his late 40s or early 50s. Non-descript white guy, greying hair and glasses, "This is John Phillips. Formerly a member of Umbrella America's research branch, and a valuable contributor in the creation of the t-Virus."

She clicks again, and it changes to an image of a hotel. It's sort of a run down tourist hotel, "This is the 'Maison de L'amour'. At the moment, the hotel has been rented out by Doctor Phillips. At present, he is waiting for a contact to cross over from Canada to smuggle him past the border patrol, where he intends to then flee to Russia to seek political asylum."

She clicks over again, "The mission is simple. We assault the hotel, eliminate the UBCS guards that he has brought with him, and arrest or eliminate Phillips and his contact. Any questions?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov takes a momment to sniff, reaching a hand up to rub under his nose. Even as Katherine presents the relevant information, the mans attention is already elsehwere. Wesker for example gets a curious stare for an overly long time, clearly watching the man as if he was about to sprout a second head at any momment before there is a lift of his shoulders and looks back to Quinn.

Cecily and Hunni might get a curious glance here and there.. and chase a curt nod, but for the time being.. time to follow along the mission parameters and all that.
Cecily     Cecily frowns, pursing her lips. They'd just lost another older, greying man in a previous op and nearly got mashed into paste. She glances to Andrei, wondering if he's thinking the same thing, as her eyes briefly sweep the room. A glance to Wesker is given, a moment's hesitation as she has her eyes on him but then her attention is put back upon Katherine. She lifts her hand to ask a question.

    "The whole hotel has been rented out? What does this mean in terms of a civilian presence? And... is there potential for an encounter with... infected, or are we just dealing with armed bodyguards? Simply, what are our rules of engagement?"
Albert Wesker "Do we have an estimate on enemy numbers from aerial recon? Assuming we can expect moderate-capacity small arms from the typical UBCS commando?" Wesker appends his own addendum to Cecily's inquiry, nodding along with the line of questioning. His own attention is on the mission and information at hand, rather than any particular operative in the room (aside, perhaps, from Cpl Quinn)-- but if it's out of apprehension of wariness, the Colonel doesn't show it. True to his reputation, he's cool, focused, confident. Another day at the office.
Hunni      "Any chances they've had time to install extra defence systems in those hotel?" Hunni speaks up, frowning a little herself. "Explosives, cameras, anything of the sort?" UBCS didn't tend to be under-equiped but there was probably only so much gear they could probably bring in unnoticed. Her own question is tagged on, but interest lies in her eyes for the answers to the two before. If they've got a full compliment, she may be called upon to counter-snipe before they even make their approach.
Katherine Quinn "Civilian presence will be at a minimum. Hotel staff mostly. We will be coordinating with local LEOs to establish a perimeter to keep the curious civilians out of the line of fire."

"They have only booked the hotel as of today, it is doubtful they will have any countermeasures but this is a highly trained UBCS squad, expect them to be armed with standard small arms, rifles and handguns, as well as the possibility of grenades."

A glance over to Wesker, "Right now we estimate there to be at least a half dozen UBCS soldiers that we have seen on the primeter, and there may be others inside. Bear in mind they are not wearing UBCS uniforms."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will give a rather amused and impressed whistle then before he offers a nod. "Sounds right dangerous that." Andrei will offer rather cheerfully, before moving a hand to press at his stomach and wince slightly as he moves to look at Wesker again, now curiously listening to the discussion between everyone. For the time being Andrei is content with how things are going after all.
Cecily     Cecily nods slowly, "...not wearing uniforms... but they'll be the only armed presence other than us, I imagine? It might make picking targets easier, unless some are diguised as hotel staff and carrying concealed weapons. And that still doesn't answer the question of potential infected..." she says the last one a little softer.
Albert Wesker "It seems safe to anticipate any armed presence in Philips' vicinity are also in his entourage-- unless we're not the only ones on this hunt, which should become readily apparent." The Colonel posits pensively. "Winters raises an important question though-- do we have reason to believe this rogue scientist has virus samples or other bioweapons in his possession?"

There's a beat, during which Wesker adjusts his shades, muses, and then appends, "We should really be prepared for possible contagion presence regardless." He's a worst case scenario kind of guy; and he's right way too often.
Hunni      "Gas masks and plenty of ammo," Hunni comments, mostly to herself. She's content with the explinations given and sits back. Wesker was right, worst case tended to be a high chance when it came to anything to do with the T-Virus, Racoon city had taught her that much. Add the potential of 'sleeper' targets amoung the hotel staff? It was going to be a busy day.

     She was ready to get to work.
Katherine Quinn "As of this moment, there is no infected on site." Wyvern says, "However that being said, there is a possibility that he may have a virus sample. Caution should be exercised, and the sample is to be secured if it is on site."

"If there are no more questions, we have a bird waiting for us up on deck. Dismissed."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will press up to his feet then as he move off towards the exit of the room. He moves as quickly as a man with bullet holes can manage.

HE'll be up on the deck, near the helicoptor, ready to load up, assault rifle in hand and generally a cheerful demeanor as always.. but it is clear the man is moving slowly, cautiously at this point. Just going through the motions and trying to not call attention to himself.
Cecily      "Are you sure you're cleared for this?" Cecily asks Andrei on the way out of the room. But she passes him by on the way to the armory to gather up her things. She kits up pretty fully, as she usually does, hip and thigh holsters full and an MG36 slung on a heavy strap. Outside of her armor and fatigues, nothing she carries is standard issue. Those with sharp eyes might notice a half-shattered UBCS logo on the grip of her pistol. A practical trophy. And it's off to the bird to strap in and get ready for it all over again.
Albert Wesker Wesker opts for mobility and firepower in selecting his gear for the mission-- the reinforced kevlar chest armor of the F.B.C. accompanied by a skintight nomex and kevlar survival suit in urban camouflage. A full-sized battle rifle with the scope and extended barrel to mark it as the designated marksman's weapon is slung over one shoulder, joining the twin pistols he virtually always carries.

"There are no bonus points for taking that last round." the Colonel observes, mirroring Cecily's concern, if in stoic and matter-of-fact terms. Kirov may be fooling the medics, but he's definitely looked better from Wesker's perspective. Either way, he's on his way to the airlift, battening down the last of his gear and checking all his firearms.
Hunni Hunni herself had gone for protection, her own armor offering more then her old STARS gear. She'd left her issued P90 behind, her Arbiter was solid enough that she could use it close-up in a pinch with its semi-automatic firing and she was confident in her abilities. Exhaling a breath she checked her holstered sidearm once and then cradled her sniper rifle to her chest on its sling while she joined the others on the airlift. She'd rest ready by the door, one never knew if she'd have to fire from the air if the landing was a little hotter then expected.
PrestigeAndrei "I'm just going to stay behind all of you." Andrei respond easily enough as he lifts up his hand and waves off their concern. "UNless of course they come from behind. Then I'll be in front of you. Don't worry." Andrei mutters as the man moves towards the airlift, sighing as he goes then, head shaking as he settles down into the helicoptor.
Katherine Quinn The ship had been steaming towards the coast for a while before the briefing, and the SH-60 was on standby for the team when they got on deck.

After launching the helo flew the team and their equipment into New York, heading for the border where their target was holed up.

Upon landing, they're met by the New York State Police's SORT team, who has secured the perimeter. "Alright folks, last weapon's check. We're going in hard, no need for stealth on this mission." She looks to Hunni, "You should be able to get a good line of sight from the building across the street. I'm counting on you."
PrestigeAndrei Upon Landing, Andrei Kirov steps out of the plane, first one out in this regard as he moves to unshoulder his Carbine. He'll have slept on the helicoptor annoying enough, clearly overly relaxed.. or perhaps just gathering his composure before he makes the next move.

Regardless, Andrei Kirov is awake, and somehow still walking when he steps out of the bird and looks about. The Police officer is given a curt nod.. an expressionless face hidden behind a gas mask and NVD goggles more or less insuring Andreis anonymity.

"SO uh, By your lead Wesker. Or Any of you other folks. don't want to get shot"
Hunni Hunni nods her head, then she's away, moving to get into position. "If things get too hot," she offers to the team although her gaze does linger on Cecily. "Call. I'll kick the door down if I have no shot," a glane back to Katherine and she nods. "You can depend on me."

It won't take her long to get into position, the sniper's eyes scanning the rooftops as she exhales a breath and seeks threats. She'll check the perimeter, then she'll see what she can see through the windows.
Cecily     Cecily is enjoying the flight, kind of. She's slowly getting used to helicopter trips not being tragic or full of explosions. This time. She nods to Hunni, then looks to the rest of the group. "I'll be heavy fire support," she pats her machine gun. "But if we go close quarters, I can switch it up... let me know where you need me," she pats the PDW on her thigh. She gives Hunni a little smile, casting her fingers to wiggle in a little wave before she gets situated with the group.
Albert Wesker The selective fire on Wesker's rifle is tweaked to burst, and the weapon held at the ready as he disembarks with the team, sweeping his LOS and taking up a covered position with a good angle on the motel as the team deploys, police cordon or no. His features are similarly hidden behind black commando gear forming a shell about his vulnerable noggin.

It also puts him in encrypted radio communication with the rest of the team, "Alright. Izumiya will cover us, and keep us updated on the view from outside. I'll take point, Kirov second. Winters will provide rear support."

The Colonel's approach as pointman is measured and stealthy, despite the obvious nature of the police blockade, moving in along the walls of the buildings for cover and sweeping the motel with his scope, getting a different angle on the situation from that gained by Hunni.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will move to flip off the trigger then as he moves to stand behind Wesker, taking to whistling almost as the man stands behind Wesker, hands tapping at the grip of his gun and the barrel as he walks along.. then stopping as they will inevitably get closer. He'll plop up alongside the wall besides Wesker, still toying with the bits on his gun as the man tries to keep everything under control. His nerves and the like, even as he glances aside at Wesker to one side.. and hopefully Cecily on the other.
Katherine Quinn The team is all in position, Wyvern pulling up a position behind Wesker, "Ready to move on your command Colonel." She says, as she looks back behind her. The soldiers that were outside retreated into the rooms of the hotel after the police showed up, and it seems they're going to have to go room to room in order to clear them out and make sure they get the doctor.
Albert Wesker It's almost like being back in S.T.A.R.S.-- though the Racoon City elite cops seldom had to take on entrenched commandos in pursuit of bioweapons. At least, until that last tour. Wesker motions the team forward and moves up himself, once more sweeping the surroundings from the sights of his firearm, taking the threat level to heart. He moves up underneath the first set of windows despite the drawn curtains, motioning the others into position as he moves to kick the door down with forceful, practiced grace.
Hunni Hunni herself has her coms on, she's listening to the reports even as she continues her sweep. Overwatch, protection, elimination of threats. That was her role. If she saw the target himself? She'd offer to put him down, but she'd allow for the chance he was wanted alive first. Everything about the sniper is practiced and precise. Her team down there would be depending on her to watch their backs.
Chase Dalton Chase had remained quiet through to this point in time, aside from acknowledging orders, and moving as quickly and quietly as possible. He's decked out in the usual FBC kit, vest and all. He carries a M104 Mod.0 Combat Shotgun, locked, cocked, and ready to rock. He sweeps the area almost subconsciously, having undertaken similar activities countless times over the years. Man, this brings back memories!
Cecily     Cecily gets situated near the door, focusing the heavy barrel of her LMG on the doorway. She gets prepared for that door to be busted down, gripping the folded bipod and steadying her focus, waiting for Wesker's go.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is sliding up beside Wesker. Unlike the man, who is clearly looking for a way to breach into the rooms and start knocking things down, Andrei is keeping low to the ground and out of sight. He'll keep his Carbine to his chest and wait patietently. Oh so patiently! Hide!
Katherine Quinn As they reach the first door to the motel, and everyone steps up into position, Kat moves herself into position in front of the door, and then slams her foot into the door with everything she has. The door slams open, breaking off of the hinges. As soon as the door is open, she pulls back away from the door. Inside of the room, there are two UBCS operatives. They're already trying to turn towards the door as soon as it was kicked open.
Hunni Hunni remains still, scope scanning for danger. Chewing her lip, she continues her overwatch, ready to gun down anyone who raises a weapon against her team. "Request permission to engage on sight," she calls over her com.
Albert Wesker "F.B.C.-- Throw down your weapons!" Wesker is a compelling presence, but the commandos are already training weapons on the door despite the warning, the demand. The Colonel's reflexes are on point, drawing a bead on the commando he has a clear shot on even as he drops down against the doorframe for cover.

It's almost the same instant he takes that knee that his battle rifle spits rounds in triplicate, zeroed in with pinpoint precision on the operative's head. "Weapons free-- shoot anyone who raises a gun!" Actions speak louder than words, a spatter of crimson painting the room behind Wesker's target.
Hunni Hunni 's rifle spits a bolt from the blue, but the round flies true the moment the call to engage is given. Her bullet pierces through the chest of the second gunman and knocks him down, heart and spine destroyed in a splash of blood from heavy calibre. "One down," Hunni calls, deftly catching the ejected casing.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will keep his head low. Then the bangs of two firearms sound off and Andrei is soon cowering pretty much low to the ground, his hand reaching up to tug his helmet down over his head as he mutters under his breath. "Jeesus!" He'll hiss before he tries to peek up for just a second and.. there is nothing out there. How annoying. "Well.. awesome. Good job. Good job." he'll mutter then before looking over to Wesker and then about.. wondering where that second bullet came from
Katherine Quinn The two UBCS troopers don't even have a chance to finish drawing their rifles before two quick shots put both of them down with headshots. Before the FBC team can move to the next door however, the door bursts open from inside, with one of the UBCS troopers emerging from the door, rifle already at the ready. He fires a quick burst at the most obvious threat, the FBC Colonel who just took down one of his fellow troopers.
Albert Wesker Taking a round to the vest with a painful jolt, Wesker ducks around the corner and inside the room, smashing out the window with his battle rifle and taking up a firing position at the corner thereof. The first man through the door is dropped by their sniper, the second takes a round, and then Wesker's rifle spits three rounds in quick succession, the report reverberating off the walls of the motel and across the lot as the commando's skull all but evaporates into a fine, red mist, the operative's body slumping to the ground a moment later.
Chase Dalton Chase steps up to the door, readies his rifle, leans in, sights his target and cooks off a round. The roar of his shotgun as it sends rounds downrange echoes off of the walls, and Chase grins pridefully as the smoking, smoldering corpse collapses. He fishes a pack of cigarettes out of his vest, taps out a stick, and lights up off of the corpse, before hopping back into formation.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei isn't exactly an insane individual. As bullets fly.. Chase Sets someone on Fire, andrei just keeps to the mission. He'll move quickly, ducking under the windows and running down along the wall as he moves, shuffling aside to the doorway. "Fuckfuckfuck." Andrei mutters under his breath as he posts up to the side of the door.
Katherine Quinn The first guy who came out of the room takes two rapid fire shots from the team's sniper, going down in a slump but getting a shot off on the Colonel. The second trooper takes a shot from the sniper as well, but emerges from the door to the room just in time to catch a round from Wesker's SIG in the temple. He's dead before he hits the ground.

The two troopers move up to the door, Katherine leaning in and firing first, her Nemesis round hitting him in the chest and staggering him...A moment later Chase finishes him off with the shotgun. The rest of the team moves into position near the final door, "Doctor Phillips, we know you're in there. Surrender and come out peacefully!" Kat yells, as she moves towards the door as well. There's no response from inside.
Cecily     The gunfights are going too fast for Cecily to contribute, but she's moving along the door line quickly as bullets fly, keeping her automatic rifle up and setting up at the next doorway. She gets her weapon ready, setting it up to train on the door, listening to Quinn do her shout out. "Set and steady," she says quietly over the radio.
Albert Wesker Wesker moves up with the team surrounding the last door, pauses a moment to glance to the others, and then breaches the room with a well placed, forceful kick. The firepower directed into the room is immediate, the veteran operative picking out one of the doctor's last escorts even as a gun is raised, and several rounds perforate the fellow's skull, creating grievous wounds as they exit and he crumples to the floor, leaving his comrade wavering, the last foe with a rifle....
Cecily     In comparison to Wesker's precise pistol shooting, Cecily's sudden burst of machine gun fire is ... still surprisingly on-point. She has that split second to sight in on the remaining armed man before pulling the trigger. The MG36 spews a line of rounds that tear a line vertically from crotch to clavicle, leaving a mess of shattered bone and punctured organs in the wake of the disciplined triggerpull. "Confirmed kill," she says quickly, clipped.
Katherine Quinn The last door is breached, the two soldiers inside already had their weapons at the ready, but the sudden onslaught is more than they bargined for. Wesker's lightning quick movements drop the first soldier before he can even pull the trigger. The second is so taken back by his buddy's head vanishing that he never even sees the metal storm heading his way at the hands of Cecily.

As soon as the shooting stops, Wyvern enters the room. The doctor scrambles over and picks up a sidearm off one of the soldiers, "N-no, you can't take me!" He turns the weapon on himself, but before he can pull the trigger, Wyvern smacks the weapon out of his hand, and then socks him right in the face.

Kneeling over him, she quickly zipties his arms behind his back, and pulls his head up, "Hey doc. Remember me? We have some unfinished business. Something about you and your Umbrella compatriots leaving me to die in Raccoon City."

She hauls him up, and then takes him out of the motel room, "I've got the doc, secure the sample." She says to Chase as she marches the doctor towards one of the waiting police cruisers.
Chase Dalton Chase moves into the room, and begins sweeping the area for stragglers; finding none, he beelines for the sample case, gives it a quick eyeballing for any signs of tampering, and then secures it before rejoining the team. "This was one for the books, I'd say."