Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Its been quite the day for Emma. She is off work - tired, but glad to get away. Her earlier work on a patient went well, but left her questioning. In her normal clothes, being jeans, converse, etc, her red hair is still up being held in place with that pencil. One her way home the Umbrella building was spotted. Well, no time like the present. She turns and heads straight until the building, going to just walk in, stand there, and look around.
James Scott James had just recently returned from his first real mission in Indonesia so he was turning in samples and the photos he's just developed. Once all of that is out of the way he grabs his backpack and heads back out, only to spot Emma approaching the front door. Well, no time like the present.

He exits just before she can enter and holds up an identification badge marking him as a security officer, "Sorry ma'am, no entrance without the proper clearance." As he speaks his eyebrows shoot up and he nods forward to indicate that this probably isn't the best place to have a chat.
Emma This was, without a doubt, the last thing she expected to have happen. Yes, Emma suspected James, but, didn't expect to have such a moment happen. Digging her hands into her cardigan pockets grey-green eyes fix on him. "I -- I was thinkin' of seein' if they were hirin'." The reply is done with a straight face, even if he knows working for them would be the last thing she would ever do. "Tryin'ta figure out what ta do when done med school."
James Scott "I'll take your name and have them contact you should a position open." James tucks his badge back into his jacket pocket and twists his mouth in displeasure. This wasn't how he wanted her to find out. Regardless he keeps moving forward, extending an arm to escort Emma off the grounds. "I'll explain, but not in front of the building." he says quietly just for her to hear, careful to make sure his face isn't captured by one of the cameras.
Emma "I don't have pen -" But James is walking away, and for a second Emma looks to the building with a frown. Well, looks like it won't be today, ah well. Though she isn't as smart about the cameras because her mind doesn't go to there being any. Going to take the offered arm eyes move to James, with a small nod, and then forward. "It's nice ta - ta see tha company has such nice employees." Also trying to act casual, this is said as they move further away.
James Scott "It's not what you think." James says once they're no longer running the risk of their conversation being caught. "I met with one of the founding families after I left Denver to look for information about my father. One thing lead to another and now I'm a captain for the security services." He sighs quietly, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck with his free hand. "I'm just gathering information. Kind of like what Archene did."
Emma "So yer - yer lookin' inta info for yer family?" Emma asks, stuck between surprised and not. Her arms cross, she looks a bit tired. "Ya passin' info onto anyone?" Eyes drift to the building. "What's tha - tha worst that Coulda happened if I walked in anyway? They ushered me out?"
James Scott "Probably." James says of them ushering her out. "Not at the moment. I'm sure once I do that my time as an employee will be over." He reaches over to pat Emma's back, "I'm sorry. I figured it would be best if I had kept it a secret."
Emma Emma rubs the back of her neck, and sighs as if reality were becoming clearer. "Ya - ya know, I suspected." A pause, eyes drift down while her head shakes slowly from side to side. "Seems like - like everyone 'round me has these secrets, and I'm just tha little girl everyone is tryin'ta protect or someone. Is everyone liein' ta me?" Eyes move back up to James, fixed on him.
James Scott "We all have our secrets, but we aren't hiding them because we don't trust you. You're already at risk because you're a survivor, I didn't want to make that any worse." James clenches his fists, clearly not happy either. "And I'm not protecting you because I think you're a little girl, it's because I love you and I wouldn't know what to do with myself if you got hurt. Even more so if it was my fault."
Emma "Sorry." Emma says. "Been an -- an odd day'n all." She again, sighs. "I'm at risk for bein' a survivor? Why?" Then eyes widen when he says love. Does he mean that in a brother to sister sense? Or romantic? She doesn't know. "Love?" Best to make sure. "I - nobody can stop hurt, just be there when it happens."
James Scott "Calm down," James raises his hands and shoot Emma a grin, trying to lighten the mood a little, "you're family. I might not like Benny, Archene, or even Markus, but you were already my friend." He proceeds to reach into his inner coat pocket and produce a wood-tipped cigar and put it between his teeth. "What I'm trying to say is, you can count on me at least. I'll try my damnedess to keep you safe. You did it for me, after all."
Emma Emma nods, quickly. "So - sorry, odd day, again." She says, to her it has been. "I - I know yer not a fan of them, but they are family ta me too." She grins at him. "I know yer not good at seein' yerself likr others, or I may, but yer worth tryin' ta keep safe, or alive, as that's more commanly tha action." There is a laugh with a genuie thankful smile. "Thank ya, James. That does mean a lot."
James Scott "It's not a problem." James offers an actual smile for once. "To be honest, I just don't like men. So they were already at a disadvantage." The cigar is lit up and after a few puffs there's a faint but distinctive smell to the smoke that's clearly not tobacco. "Oh, by the way. I managed to get banged up again, would you mind taking a look at it later?"
Emma "Ya should smile more often." Emma says with a bigger smile. "It suits ya. Why - why hate men?" This, she is curious about. "Aye of course, never need ta ask just tell me. What happened?"
James Scott "It's a long story that I'm not drunk enough to tell." James' smile turns apologetic. "I was on a mission, infected clawed me. Thankfully it wasn't strong enough to get past my vest." This is of course said quietly so it's between them, regardless of how few people happen to be around.
Emma "So, get'ya drunk then?" Emma smirks, jokingly. She doesn't fret with the claw remark, she knows well enough that James is immune to things, or so it seems. "Well we can go back ta tha - tha hospital, an' get it looked at. Or go ta tha Chateau if ya think it won't need serious tendin' ta."
James Scott "Nah, I'm pretty sure it's just a going to be bruised up. Just figured I could have you double check." James flicks the ash from his cigar then promptly replaces it between his teeth. "And I don't think getting me drunk would end well for anybody involved. I'd be mortified if you got me drunk and I tried to get you to sleep with me."
Emma "I'll - I'll check it out." But something he says makes her brow raise. "That -- that's somethin'. Mortified ta sleep with me? Ouch." A hand playfully goes to her heart, as if deeply wounded. "Oy, an' ta think I was gonna say I love ya like family too. How family can hurt ya!"
James Scott "Oh, if I'm sleeping with you I want to be able to remember it." James grins and sends an unseen wink Emma's way. "Don't think I'll ever meet anybody as beautiful and smart as you again. But sometimes it ends up drawing people like that guy from Jack's who was there when Nemesis shot me that first time. I really almost hit him."
Emma "Oh." Emma says, not expecting that answer. Her cheeks redden a little. "Yer - yer bein' ta kind." Shyly she looks down, grinning to herself a little. "Wha - what guy'n Jacks?"
James Scott "Not sure, the one that called me nutshot." James explains, scratching at his cheek and not quite looking directly at Emma. "Well, it's the truth."
Emma "Oy! Him!" Emma recalls, looking up then. "I - I tended ta him earlier taday. He - he said I was beautiful'n all too, but, dunno, sorta struck me as tha sort ta say that ta many women, even if it was flatterin'." Becausr really, it was. "Aw, James that's- that's sweet'o'a ta say."
James Scott "He's just a liar, I can feel it. He's hiding something too." James gives his head a slight shake. "What was wrong with him?" That cigar gets removed again, though this time the cherry is knocked from it and the excess smoke left inside blown out.
Emma "Ya - ya think he is a liar?" Hard to tell if Emma is surprised by this or not, her expression is truly neutral. "Doctor patient confidentiality." She says to the question, not seeming to mind the cigar smoking. "He'll be fine, though."
James Scott "Fair enough." James allows. With the cigar out he stuffs his hands into his pockets. "You still not smoke weed?" he asks, changing the subject. "I know you drink, but I don't do that as much anymore."
Emma "Na - na, never felt tha need nor desire. I don't drink much, either, to busy'n all. Minus that night at Jack's, I was - was celebratin', got top marks an' everythin' in school! Just so happened ta get a brawl durin' it too."
James Scott "Congrats!" James perks up, removing a hand to wrap around Emma's shoulders in a brief squeeze. "We should go out and celebrate again when you're not quite so busy. My treat."
Emma "Thank ya." Replies Emma, beaming all the more. "I've- I've been workin' hard ta get as good of grades as I can. Happy it worked out. And aye we - we should! That'd be plenty'o fun!"
James Scott "Definitely." James is smiling again, and he's almost as pretty as he was back when he used his beauty for evil. "Maybe I'll show you my place. Seen where you live, but I don't ever bring anybody back home."
Emma "This some sorta ploy ta get me 'lone in yer place?" Emma asks, but she is kidding, her mind doesn't seem to work in -that- kind of reality. "I'd - I'd like ta see yer place, I can make some bakin' for ya too."
James Scott "Of course. One second you're visiting the penthouse and the next thing you know there's two kids a yard full of animals and you've already graduated med school." James is clearly teasing. "Or I could fix you dinner. Great view and we don't have to wait in a restaurant."
Emma "Tis the dream, that." Emma admits after a second. "For - for so long, I actually figured I'd have no future, ya'know, after months of therpay I'm changin' my mind. Maybe it's worth tryin' for, one day. Tha fear of tha past happenin' again though.." It's there, it always will be. Like a giant stop sign. "Ya can cook?"
James Scott "Well, it won't kill us." James grins, he may be teasing but then again he may not be. Who knows? "Even if it does, I'll be a call away. Every day I'm getting stronger. I'm sure I'd be more than capable of ensuring you didn't have to worry."
Emma "Tha - tha zombie stuff?" Emma says this quietly. "It happened again on tha ship. So when I think, family'n kids an' possible future, somethin' like that happens and it sorta makes ya reconsider." She frowns, briefly. "Aye I - I know yer a call away, thank ya James." A delicate hand would pat his arm. "Yer stronger, too, can see that. Which is good. Plus, didn' know yer - yer a England football fan."
James Scott "Well the Reds are my favorite team, so if I'm going to support a country I'll support England." James reaches up to pat the hand on his arm. "The closest labs to here where they're working on anything like that is in Siberia, so we should be safe for the most part. I don't think we'll have to worry about another outbreak, at least not another planned outbreak."
Emma "Nev - never took ya for a football fan but glad yer one." Because, she too is one. "Well still unsettlin', ya'know. Ta think they are gettin' away with so much'n all. But guess that means life shouldn' stop either."
James Scott "We can't let fear stop us." James says simply. "Besides, if they turn everyone into zombies what would they get out of it? I don't think Umbrella is looking to watch the world burn, just line their pockets."
Emma "I guess that's true, after all. Than why, why do such' thin'? Create such stuff? For what purpose?"
James Scott "Turns out not everybody can handle the virus." James lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug. "I think what they were trying to do was create people like me, but it didn't bond with them. I'm not quite as scientifically inclinded, so I couldn't tell you for sure."
Emma "So - sounds like mutants." Emma says, tapping her chin just a little. "But, not as cool as X-men or anythin', ya know? So tha zombies are the fails of tha virus huh?"
James Scott "If I had to guess, yes. But I don't actually know." James turns his gaze onto Emma, watching her think with a small smile. "But I wouldn't count me out, when I'm finally done getting stronger we can compare then."
Emma "Ya keep sayin' stronger. But stronger how? Like, workin' out? Or in some other way?" It could mean many things. "Or, are ya becomin' like an X-men or somethin'?"
James Scott "Training, for the most part. But it's weird. Sometimes when I'm fighting everything kind of slows down and I can move faster. I've been in a /lot/ of fights, and I can tell you it never happened until after I died." James looks down at his hand, which he clenches into a fist. "I don't think these eyes are the extent of it."
Emma "I - I don't think so, either. Yer body was odd, in Racoon, shiftin'. Yer eyes, glow when mad'n all, somethin' else is goin' on, it's a matter of what. Anyone lookin' inta yer DNA?"
James Scott "Yeah, have some tests done every now and then." James relaxes his fist, lowering his hand once again. "But I'm still me. Actually probably a better person now than I was before I got myself infected." But he doesn't appear to be worrying too much. "The only downside is always having to wear glasses or keep my face covered."
Emma "Yer - yer comin' round ta a whole person tha more I see ya." Emma agrees with a nod. "Just.. need ta work on yer hatin' other men, 'n all, becsuse half tha population is male. And yer not able ta avoid them."
James Scott "Maybe. But I can try." Jame is kidding, for the most part. "Besides, we're in France. Dreams are made here, almost as many as babies." His grin turns mischievous, "But between us, I'd rather practice making babies. All the fun and nobody ends up having to put their goals on hold to raise a kid."
Emma Brows lift, Emma crosses her arms and laughs in her soft, sweet way. "Yer - yer really that sure? Babies make ya stop goals, ya'know, they change everythin'. Fun ta make or not, kids change everything. I've seen people have ta give up lost for them."
James Scott "Why I said just practice. I think I'd like to he secure financially before I have any children. Assuming I can even have children now." James sighs quietly. That was his favorite testicle. "To be honest doc, I'm just glad everything still works. You're a life saver."
Emma "Oy, mos - most men want nothin' but lotsa practice, ya'know. An' I did what I could'n all," A pause there. "Maybe we should test ya ta see if ya can?"
James Scott "Well it's the best way to really get to know somebody. But it's not the most important thing." Yes, that's right. James Scott the V Commander just said sex wasn't the most important thing. Ladies and gentlemen miracles do happen. "I probably should find out. Be a good thing to know."
Emma "A man thinks that?" Emma asks, mildly amazed. "Lately, it - it seems like it's opposite. Yer gender is confusin'. Plus, if ya wanna know come ta tha hospital, we can do a sperm count if yer wantin', an' start there. Test results won't take long ta get back."
James Scott "Well, every girl I've ever slept with is dead now, as far as I know. So I think I've had enough to last me for a little while." James' mouth curls to show his displeasure. "But, yeah. I'll have to get one scheduled for when I'm off."