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PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov is a man of complicated needs and tastes. One of them was the need for oxygeon. Sure he had been patched up on the Liberty a few days ago but the man had like always somehow managed to sneak his way off the ship. Mayve a few forums were forged.. but he got on his shore leave dammit! Anyway, even though he had been spending a few days enjoying the city again.. well sometimes bandages need to be changed.

That was an awkward day when he showed up to the hospital desk and checked in, claiming to need some bandages changed out. Bullet holes and all. The name he'll offer the front desk is one Adrian Monk. No doubt to keep things kosher of course! I.D. be damned right?

Andrei thus is eventually escorted into a room, sitting on whatever the fuck those things are called. Hand going to his side to prod at his stomach, wincing every so often as he does so. "Fuck." He'll mutter under his breath. "How long does it take for bullet holes to heal? Months? Don't got that kind of time!"
Emma Emma, renewing her work as a med student, is shadowing a doctor. A tall brooding sort of man, who has a serious gaze. He storms into the room, snatching up the clip board right away, sucking a deep breath in through his teeth. "Well - ell - ell, what do we got here." He eyes Andrei a moment. "Bullet wounds? You know, it's best to avoid those right?"

Emma had come in behind him, wearing the typical dark teal scrubs, she has a stethoscope around her neck. That long red hair - normally loosely curly, has been straightened, but it's not down. Given that life in a hospital can be busy, it's been pulled back, into a loose, slightly messy bun, and stuck in place with a pencil. Recognizing Andrei eyes widen a little, there is concern in those grey-green depths. The clip board is handed to her right away, for her to examine as the doctor she is shadowing, lets call me Dr. No-nonsense crosses his arms over his white doctors coat and eyes the wounded man. "Okay Carrot Top, this is your game now. See if your little red headed mind can handle all this." He turns, and walks over to the front of the bed, leaving her to do the work, which even in his gruff demeanour, means a good level of trust and belief she can do this.

She looks to Andrei again and goes to put a hand on his arm, with a small, shy if not kind smile. "Yer - yer gonna be fine, ya'know. But ya need ta lay down, an' well getcha some pain killers, and start tendin' ta these."
PrestigeAndrei "There were a lot of bullets. I only.." He'll give a wince then before he shakes his head, eyes drifting to look over at Emma for a second. There is clearly a look of recongition then. To the doctor in question before him, he'll shake his head and gives a soft sigh. "Right. Uh.. Good call on tapping Carrot top." Andrei offers even as his hands remain at his side. He doesn't remove is hands quite yet until he finally looks to Emma again.

"I was gonna say buy me dinner first.. but a pill filled meal right now sounds heavenly." Andrei mutters under his breath as he shifts up onto the 'bed' more and moves to try and lean back then. "So uh, yah. A doctor huh, both of you? Med school must of been killer." He'll offer idly as he lays down, hands lifting up to rub at his chin then, finally leaving well.. let us say the not fully healed holes and wounds a bit more obvious and apparent. The old bandages starting to come undone. "Am I going to make it?"
Emma Dr. No-Nonsense still has his arms crossed, eyes baring down on Andrei. He's watching intently, because it's his job, but being a grump and picking anything apart is also a highlight of his day. Emma lifts a brow and shakes her head to Andrei. "St - still a med student, ya'know, but trainin' ta be a full doctor. I was doin' this before, in Racoon, but, ah, my transcripts were lost." She shrugs a little. "We're gonna get ya on a morphine drip, actually. Need somethin' stronger'n quicker." Calling over a nurse, setting that order, the next step is to examine wounds and get all needed items.

"What sort of man makes a woman buy dinner? Carrot Top, have you ever bought a man dinner on a date?" This makes her go red a second, and look at him with wide eyes. "No - no." She says, then looks to Andrei and chuckles a little."I - ignore him, he's a grump." Seems she is used to that. That's when the nurse comes in. "Oh - okay, Christian, lay down, we're gonna put an IV in so tha morphine drop can be put in."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei tries to relax quite visibly for Emma as he leans back and lets his eyes drift closed for a second. "A Med Student huh?" He'll mutter as his brow knits together then. "Right, in denver. Long way from home here. YOu enjoying Paris?" Andrei inquires as his left eye drifts open to look over at the leading physician then. "She is the one who is going to have the job where she gets paid the big bucks. Clearly my profession is a dead end! Sir. Doctor, mister." Andrei responds as he chuckles then before he stops and gives a grunt.. or really a groan disguised as him trying to act manly.

"Morphine? Isn't that addictive or somethin?" Andrei will inquire then as he watches Emma move about, eyes soon following her intently. "And you know, just as an aside, my offer from denver is still open. I'm sure the crepes in paris are fantastic. That is where the crepe is from after all!"
Emma Emma would go to clean the spot on the top of his hand, because one doesn't want to cause infection. She is focused, but also listening. Dr. No-Nonsense sucks in another breath, and puts his hands on his head. "God." He mutters. "I'll be back in a few minutes Carrot Top, I am going to go myself a lobotomy so I forget this mindless flirting from him." He turns, going to head out of the room, briefly.

"Aye it - it can be, but at the low dose we're gonna give'ya, yer nat ta worry 'bout it. We just wanna sedate ya enough, given all these wounds. Yer gonna feel more relaxed in 'bout a minute." The needle goes into his hand, and she goes to set up the drip, brushing some loose strands from her face. "Na - nat a doctor for tha money, like ta - ta help people'n all." A pause, a brow lifts, her cheeks go a little red. "Kind of'a ta offer." As the drip goes she turns to face him. "In just a minute we'll get ta cleanin'n tendin' ta these here, ya'll need time ta recover." A pause, and then a smirk as the nurse comes in with the supplies for the wounds. "Aye, there are some.. creeps 'round here, that's for sure." There is a small shudder at the thought of some she has ran into. "Tha one guy with Phimosis, was quite.." Well, her red cheeks says all one needs to know about how creepy that guy must have been.
PrestigeAndrei "Mindless? It is not mindless! It is totally genuine!" Andrei protests, but doesn't dare move from his spot as he leans back on the bed and glances aside to Emma agiain, offering a great big smile. A beat then as he listens and watches Emma more. There might be a slight hiss of his breath then before he shakes his head and glances down towards the ground over the side of the bed. "Hate needles. Can't you just hit me in the head with a mallotor something? I know you are a legit wanting to do no harm sort of person but.. ew." He'll mutter as he tries not to look at his hand, or flex his fingers.. or anything.

"I said Crepe! Like the food! Not creep!" Andrei mutters under his breath as he moves his free hand up to swat at Emma then as he shakes his head. "I.. do I want to know? Listen, that is getting away from the point. Love at first sight or somethin alright?"
Emma Emma looks to where Dr. No-Nonsense goes for a second, then back to Andrei. Genuine? Her cheeks remain a little red, but she decides to remain focused on her work. There is a lot to be done. "Yer - yer not alone in hatin' needles, but it needs ta be done, yer not gonna notice it much. Like I said, in a few minutes, yer gonna be relaxed." That's the point, anyway.

"Wanna know what Phimosis is? It's hardenin' of tha foreskin." It's said so simply, because for her it's a simple medical term, and condition. When being a doctor one must address such things in such a way. With the swat she goes to quickly grab his arm and laughs, just a little. "Don't'ca move to much, aye? Yer gonna need ta be still." But his love at first sight comment makes her pause. "Sorry?" Because, is her mind wrapping around that right? What's he saying?! "Also, I'm gonna start ta numb tha wounds, else I can't stitch them up properly nor clean, means more needles, but tha very lost dose morphine should make ya relax enough." That's when she goes to put on the standard doctor gloves.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov just tries to relax as he watches the man finally leave the room before he sighs softly, his eyes drifting up to the ceiling as he leans back. "YEs Doctor. Of course Doctor." He'll drone on and on then as he shakes his head. "Come on now, I don't want to know about this gross stuff!" Andrei offers rather dryly then as his close then as he mutters under his breath. "Listen, I'll you know.. hey.." He'll pause then as his eyes wander to the bag then, staring it over.

"How long does this stuff take to start workin.. just you know.. in general, I don't want to say anything stupid. Or embarassing." Or highly sensitive government secrets for free. "I mean, I'm a wilting flower.. I don't want you to know how madly attracted I am to you!"
Emma Emma chuckles a little. She'd go to examine his wounds, as that needs to be done before she can do anything. So, her touch being very gentle, would begin to move over his stomach and check, looking over all the injuries, making sure she has an idea of what to do before diving in. "Ya know, plenty say silly things, used'ta it." She is, and with her exam done, it'd be time for the next step, until his comment about being attracted to her is said, there is a renewed flush of red to her cheeks, clearly the red head is.. well, stunned. Not embarrassed though. "So - sorry?" She asks, unable to make sure on what he said.

Unfortunitly that was when Dr. No-Nonsense decided to come back in. "Oh for the love of god -" And he turns and heads back out again.
PrestigeAndrei "What? Oh.. was I not clear?" Andrei recites as he leans back into the bed then. "I think you are pretty." Andrei offers rather cheerfully then. "Beautiful is also a good word. Oh maybe I should of used a flower analogy.." He'll offer idly as his eyes wander the room, humming softly. "You always have those big burly men around you. They are really scary." He'll mutter under his breath. "I already deal wwith enough frightening shit in my everyday life. So I don't know if we will work out if you got people that all look like they want to punch me in the face." Andrei offers

"I also think your boss is kind of cute too." He'll mutter under his breath. "I mean in a I think he probably also wants to hit me but is too professional and hides his caring demeanor behind an exterior of assholeishness."
Emma Believe it or not, Emma is able to go redder. And she does, at Andrei's direct words. Such a redness hits her cheeks! "They - they are just my friends'n all, I'm a grown up, can make my own decisions." Because, she is a grown woman, and will and does make her own decisions. Still, she is flattered, annnd, suddenly unsure. "Wa - wait, yer sayin' my boss is cute too?" Brows lift, she turns to look where he went and then back to Andrei, blinkin' a few times. "Tha - tha morphine is kickin' in then?" At that, she'll assume the drug has kicked in and maybe he is just talking given that he may be feeling 'relaxed'.
PrestigeAndrei "Not nearly as cute as you. Though you are more beautiful like I said. Listen, alright? Sometimes we all just got to live in our truth a bit and I'm just here.. being truthful about how I feel about you.. and him, and the world." Andrei offers cheerfully still, nothing but smiles as he looks her over for a second. "I also how your cheeks often match your hair. Real cute. " He'll take the time to try and stay totally still then as his head turns to look over the side of the bed then as he mutters. "So uh.. you work here now huh?"
Emma Emma grins, a little, but tries to hide it with pressing her lips together while turning away. Shy girl that she is. "Yer - yer to kind, ya'know." In her mind he is anyway, given that she considers herself as nothing special or different in the big confusing and often zombie ridden world they live in. "I've looked over yer injuries, gonna start ta freeze them and then clean'm stitch, some'll need ta have a deeper stitch given the depth of tha bullets, others more superficial, but ya'll need ta rest, which'll be stuck in tha hospital bed for a few days ta make sure yer not gonna get infections or anythin'."

That's when she turns, with a small needle to do the numbing. "Stay still, aye?" From there she would go to start numbing, hoping the low dose morphine drip will make him relaxed enough. "Yer - yer right, ta live life like that, ya'know. Be honest to it. It's not easy'n all, often scary, I'd say yer rather brave then, outside of tryin' ta stop bullets with yer chest." Because that's what it looks like. "I study here for now, once done, I don't know where'ta go, thinkin' workin' in trauma or somethin', unsure as of yet."
PrestigeAndrei "The.. kindest?" He'll offer then clearly not remebering what it was that he earned that praise before he closes his eyes and just tries to relax totally. His body for the most part just flopped onto the bed and unmoving even as she pokes him with the needle. Clearly he doesn't give it much thought as he stares at the ceiling. "Didn't want to stop emwith my chest. Got shot at. Dodged some.. got hit still. Hid behind a rock. Terrifying that." He'll mutter. "So uh.. just.. you know.. do your best and whatever, I trust you."
Emma There is no response for a minute, she is focused on getting the numbing in. Once that's done, the needed is put to the side, on a sterile pad, with other instruments. It's still a quarter of the way full, just in case more is needed. Lifting a brow and looking at him there is a nod to his first question, and then a following frown. "I - I remember what that's like, ya know, hidin' from danger'n all, hopin' not ta, well, die." It's something that makes her look down, because what a unfriendly memory. Grabbing the cleaning supplies, the wounds are then cleaned, her touch is gentle, but her work is quick. "Glad ya - ya trust me, makes my job easier ya'know."

Right then Dr. Cute-No-Nonsense enters, with the speed of a man running from something nice. His arms are yet again crossed. "Alrighty, looks like I came back just in time for the stitching. Now, you promise me, Pin Cushion, that your not going to get some sort of wild idea in your hand as Carrot Top here is touching you okay? Or I swear I well - ell - ell loose it." Yeah, he is friendly. Emma looks up to said doctor and chuckles a little, looking back to Andrei. "I - ignore him, he dislikes feelin' things."

And that's when the curved needle is grabbed, it's tiny, just the right size to get into the small openings one would need to, to get to the deeper lining of the body for stitching. "Gonna st - start tha stitchin' now, so lay still."
PrestigeAndrei "Ah come on, when you look distraught I'm thinking I'm going to die.." Andrei mutters under his breath rather dryly, unable to really try and thump Emma given his current state, but its clear the man triesto lift his free hand.. to no avail. Instead he'll just shake his head and sighs softly.

"What? Oh she wasn't touching me! No.. sir.. I was here getting operated on by a ghost. A haunted hosptial filled with cute studens and ghosts." Andrei mutters under his breath as his eyes drift closed again.. it is hard to tell if he is fading into and out of sleep...

Or if the man is generally just tired and lazy and made all the more so given his state. "Be careful in there. Store all my blood and guts there."
Emma "Oh, Pin Cushion, she -is- touching you but your to high to really realize it huh? Lucky for Carrot Top here!" Says Dr. Cute-No-Nonsense, putting his hands on his hand in an exhausted and annoyed sort of way. He just shakes his head as Andrei goes on. He walks over to the morphine drop and eyes it. "Low dose, Carrot Top, yet he is still talking like a child that's been drugged up on his favourite candy." The doctor then turns and heads back to the foot of the bed, staring down at Emma watching her work.

mma for herself, chuckles a little. "I - I need ta tape record this, I think." But she is focused, because there is work to be done.

That's when she starts on the stitching, the curved needle in one hand, a pair of clamps in the other, to tie the stitches. "These are - are dissolvable, so ya'know, tha outer ones we'll need ta remove, in about a week or two depenin' on how yer healin' and if yer not movin' to much." Though she has a glaring hardass staring down at her, the calm nature that she has is helpful, it helps her to work steadily, moving through the stitches with some ease.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just shakes his head then as he offers a very audible sigh as his eyes stare up at the ceiling all the wile. HE is getting more quite, less expressive as the drugs continue to take over, that much is for certain. He doesn't react much anymore, instead just mummbling as he offers softly. "God, I loved my old job.. walking outside.. it was great."

He'll humm softly then as he just sits there, letting Emma work. This is likley the part where Andrei would just toally black out and have a huge gap in his memory as he mummbles and wispers to himself about this and that even as Emma works. It isn't hard to see where this is going.. the man becoming no longer congisant of Emma's presence.
Emma For now, Dr. Cute-No-Nonsense stands there watching as Emma works, it's not quick, because there are little things to do, but it is eventually, done. He comes over to examine the work and nods. "Good job, Carrot Top. Pity I'm out of gold stars." And he leaves it at that, turning to head out of the room, happy with the work done. For herself, she then goes to apply some dressings to the places needed, just for the first day or two, to help avoid infection. Seeing that Andrei is quiet she leans over to look down at him, making sure he is okay. "Yer - yer done, at last. Yer gonna need ta stay here, for a few days, then yer free ta go, but if yer gonna open these, yer in trou - rouble." There is a small, joking smile. "What was yer old job, then?" Turning to the tray, the items used are put either in a container to be tossed, or in the garbage or in a bin to be cleaned.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just shakes his head then as he listens to Emma and the other doctor talk for the time being, offering a small smirk as he offers simply, "Don't worry too much about it yah? A few days huh?" He'll mutter under his breath as his eyes focus on the window outside. No doubt the man trying to keep his composure even as he looks out across the room.

Regardless of what happens.. Andrei will end up disappearing in a few hours anyway. His possessions gone, and his presence just a memory!