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Markus Berger It is a cold and damp evening in Paris as the 7th October slowly approaches its end. Enough reason for some people to lurk about in the more comfortable places the city has to offer. One of those being Jacks Bistro.

Inside the Bistro, everything is as it usually is as the brawl from several days ago left less marks than one would expect or at least those were fixed quite quickly. The patrons are sitting at the tables or the bar and enjoying their ordered food or drinks, some radio is hearable from somewhere and in general it has its usuall rustic feeling. In addition one of the patrons is Doctor Berger who looks like he usually does as he sits at a lone table, reading a german newspaper and drinking coffee.
Chris Redfield Chris silently curses at this cold, rainy weather in Paris and recently come from a mission where it was at least sunny but had zombies, but it was at least sunny. He pulls the brim of his black New York Yannkees baseball cap down a bit, then opens the door to Jack's and slips inside. He didn't bring his umbrella, not because he forgot it but it has gone missing. Jill probably borrowed it when she went out for a follow up appointment at the hospital or something. So, he's come here for some coffee, a quick bite to eat and he'll bring back some take out for his partner if she decides to come back tonight that is.

He walks over to stand in line to place an order, glancing around the room and notices Markus sitting at table with a coffee and newspaper. If the man looks up, he will give him a polite nod and small wave. "Hey, fancy meeting you here."
Markus Berger The doctor in fact does look up and nods at Chris as he spots him. "Ah, good to see you. Please, join me. I need some distraction from this places attempts to give me flashbacks of which none are particularly good." The newspaper quickly gets folded and put to the side before he gestures for him to head over.
Chris Redfield Chris gets his coffee and sandwich, then heads over to take a seat at the table across from Markus. "Thanks for the invite. So how are things?" He takes a small sip from his cup of coffee, which is black and then sets it down. "Flashback? Oh, right from Raccoon and yeah I can understand that. It seems like such a long time ago that it happened but in reality it hasn't even been a year." If the memories bother him, it doesn't show on his face and he's got that same stoic/neutral expression that he had when you saw him on that mission not too long ago.
Markus Berger "Well, I should say that everything is fine since I have a great paycheck and live in a chateau. Can't say that though since I've been stuck in RC number two barely a month ago and some theories Ashley and I had turned out to be quite true. Say, have you heard about the whole mess with the cruise ship Heaven of the Seas? The one that officialy just disappeared?" Markus briefly grimaces as he says that before he distracts himself with a sip of his coffee.
Chris Redfield "Sounds like a pretty nice life you've got set up for yourself now." Chris replies and takes a bite out of his pastromi sandwich with the big texas sized slices of bread not that croissant thing he had last week. He listens and after he finishes chewing he says. "Ashley? You don't mean Ashley Graham do you? But what kind of theories did you two come up with?" He quirks an eyebrow just slightly when you mention the Heaven of the Seas. "I heard about it but don't know the whole story. I'm curious though to know what really happened." This Markus Berger knows a lot it seems.
Markus Berger "Yes, I mean that Ashley. Believe it or not, but she is a friend of mine ever since Raccoon City. We were expecting that virus samples or bioweapons of the type we know from Raccoon would likely start ending up in the middle of nowhere and wreak havoc. Our recent mission of course proved that one right. The fact that the blackmarket is buzzing with anonymous groups trying to buy very specific weaponry doesn't help." Before the good doctor continues with his part information dump, part rant he quickly empties his cup of coffee and takes another deep breath. "As for the cruise ship. It was overrun by zombies and BOWs only a few days after it began its journey. FBC showed up a day or so later to investigate and even later the UN and the Chinese showed up to evacuate anyone... which was interrupted by Umbrellas very own private army showing up and slaughtering everyone. They were after something, likely samples, in the depths of the ship, but thats about all I know."
Chris Redfield Chris nods, not all that surprised by the information you've confided in him with and takes another sip of his hot coffee before replying. "Yeah, I was hoping we could stop it before they deployed it against other innocent people. Too bad we were too late but at least we saved one family." His expression remains neutral but his tone conveys that he's sorry about what happened. "Umbrella. They are behind everything it seems." He slams his fist down on the table lightly, causing the coffee cups and plate of food to hop up just slightly. Lucky your coffee mug is empty and his wasn't full to the brim because he sipped it a few times. At least it is clear he doesn't like Umbrella by his reaction. "More innocent lives lost because of them."
Markus Berger The good doctor isn't particularly fazed at the table getting hit or his coffee cup deciding to hop around a bit. "Of course they are. I mean, Raccoon City alone was allready riddled with their labs, a lof of them hidden. I have even seen the so called Hive under the city first hand once when I ended up volunteered for some experiments... as the victim. Imagine what else they might have elsewhere considering that Umbrella has branches and subsidiares all over the globe and are filthy rich. The fact that information about has happened in both RC and the cruise ship is scarce, some of the media over the world consider it all a hoax and the fact that any investigation against Umbrella apparently has been bogged down doesn't help." Deadpan as hell, that reaction. Likely not out of mockery, but pure resignation.
Chris Redfield "What!?" Chris slams his fist down on the table one more time a bit harder after hearing what you just said, causing the cutlery, plates and cups to jump again on the table. This time coffee does spill from his cup and then raises a fist to point his index finger towards you but not to your chest just in the air. "You knew what was going on all along in Raccoon and were part of their experiments?" That stoic expression is gone now, replaced by a furrorwed brow and angry look. "Listen, Doctor this better be true what you are saying and not some joke because that is very serious what you just said." He calms down just slightly lowering his finger but rests his clenched fist against the table, then looks at you with a less angry but more serious expression. "You have to tell me everything you know. Leave no detail out. I've had my suspicions about them for a long time, when those dissapearances started happening in the Arklay mountains, the srange occurrences in the city and I've been trying to get evidence against them even now. This is really important and I need your cooperation." It looks like he may not take no for an answer.
Markus Berger The doctor only briefly flinches, although thats likely more due to the volume than anything else. He is too sober for this. He also doesn't drink anymore since the Outbreak. "I'll summarise since any proof has been literaly nuked anyway. The Arklay Mountains held a research facility that was overrun by both zombies, BOWs and US Special Forces a while before the outbreak began. I got to know, since I was conscripted at gunpoint to head there with the USBC to recover data. I want to point out that at that point I was a civilian researcher working for Umbrellas pharma branch. Next we have the fact that the city was riddled with hidden labs, the biggest being a massive complex below the city. The Hive. They did the majority of their virus research there and I ended up as guinea pig there for a day. Inclonclusive results being the only thing I know about that one. The main hospital of the city was also the site of T-Virus research which I figured out when I ended up stuck in the hospital when it turned it was abruptly overrun by zombies, what with it being Ground Zero. Curiously one of the projects that was performed there was apparently called Alice. T-Virus bonded on a cellular level and intended to create a supersoldier with psychic powers. Hope that name rings a bell." Its obvious that he has even more to say, but he instead just leans back in his seat and draws in breath sharply. Likely to give Chris a chance to get a word or two in.
Chris Redfield Chris's jaw tightens as Markus drops da bomb of information on him, his mind is literally blown and his eyes widen with the shocking realization that his crazy theories have known been confirmed. "Doctor, we shouldn't talk about this here and believe me, I'm very thankful for what you've just told me but we need to leave. Right now." He looks down at the spilled coffee, grabbing a napkin and wiping the spill up. Glancing towards you now, with a thousand thoughts racing through his mind along with a thousand more questions he would like to ask. But here is not the place to discuss such things and if Umbrella knew this man had so much information about them, they would likely send more than just U.S.S. to silence him and he knows this.
Markus Berger Markus briefly nods as he pulls a phone out a pocket of his jacket and types for a moment before he puts it away again. "In a bit a car will be here to pick us up. We will head to my home outside the city since there I at least know who actually can eavesdrop on us. Which is not many since the place is quite decently secure." With that said he quickly gets up, swiftly begins to exit the Bistro and gestures for Chris to follow him.
Chris Redfield Chris hesitates for a second, that wasn't his initial plan but after a few moments he nods. If that is the only place where Markus feels comfortable enough to talk then he would have to concede to the man if he wants to get more answers. "Okay, we'll do it your way and I'm trusting you on this." He's confident he can handle himself in case this is some sort of trap and even though he is in civillian clothes he isn't exactly unarmed or helpless, besides this was a chance meeting with the Tricell scientist and he's got a nose for danger anyways and in this circumstance his gut is telling him it's okay.
Markus Berger A while later, Chateau de Night

The advantage of living in a large chateau in the country side is that its a whole lot more isolated and secure than anything in the city. Also good food, luxurious furniture and a comfortable living room with several couches. The later being the place Markus is leading Chris towards as the good doctor quickly sits down on one of the couces. "Sit down, sit down. Doesn't get more secure or comfortable than this place. I'd even offer a drink but I'd suggest we both stay completely sober for now."
Chris Redfield Chris had finished his sandwich and the remainder of his unspilled coffee before the car had come to pick them up. He was silent for most of the trip, pretending to be lost in thought but paying close attention to where the car was taking him and more importantly trying to figure out who exactly is this Markus Berger?

He glances around at the opulence of the Chateau de Night when they arrive and even after they walk the grounds from the car to the inside, where it just as luxurious. He nods, sitting down on the offered couch, not getting too comfortable as he leans forward with his elbows resting on his knees and his hands together. "That's fine. Nice place you've got there, looks like Tricell does keep their employees well paid to work for them. So, as you were saying? I'm very interested to hear more, especially the part you mentioned about Alice. Super soldier you say?" He doesn't take his eyes off of you, the stoic expression is back and then he adds, "You do know that Alice has been blamed for causing the outbreak at Raccoon. She's wanted by the US and INTERPOL for terrrorism. Now you are telling me she was created by Umbrella. So was she an experiment that went rogue or was this all a part of Umbrella's plan? And who at the top is respsonsible for all of this if you know?" He has hundreds more questions but he'll start with these ones.
Markus Berger The doctor just slightly nods as he leans back in his seat and crosses his arms. "Created is probably a stretch. I'd rather use that word for the BOWs than for someone who has been enhanced since she at least isn't some feral monstrosity. Still, yes... I believe she went rogue. At the very least the lab I found in the deeper parts which was associated with the Project looked particularly trashed. Anyway, according to the file the project was the use of the T-Virus to bond on a cellular level to create a supersoldier with psychic capabilities. The later is probably something along the lines of a sixth sense. I honestly wouldn't be surprised. As for people who are responsible... I at least know of a Doctor Isaacs. A headresearcher of the Umbrella Corporation. It was on his PC that I found the files talking about the experiments in the hospital and the imminent deployment of Nemesis."
Chris Redfield Chris nods, "So, wait a second are you saying Alice is human, like us but they experimented on her. Like what they did to you? If she went rogue does that mean she released the virus on Raccoon or does she want revenge on Umbrella for what they did to her?" He rubs at his chin now and starts to feel a bit more comfortable in the situation so he leans back as well, shifting on the couch to find a better position and rests one arm on the arm rest while his other arm is now draped over top of the couch. "Great, Alice not only has enhanced physical abilities but now your telling me she's got psychic powers too?" He doesn't mention that he's already encountered Alice in Moscow to the Doctor and if she has psychic powers like sixth sense it is going to be pretty hard to catch her. "Doctor Issacs. I'll remember that and Nemesis, yeah I met that thing in Raccoon. Zombies were bad enough but that thing was unbelievable." He and Jill were almost killed by it's minigun at the Clock Tower and if it wasn't for Anderson and his rocket launcher they would probably be dead. "What do you know about Oswell Spencer?" he asks the Doctor.
Markus Berger Markus shrugs as he shifts about on the couch to get more comfortable. After all, he isn't even remotely done talking. "I have no idea about Alice or when or what. Especially since the outbreak in the Arklay Mountains research facility and the fact that the larger outbreak that wiped out Raccoon City started in the wilderness of the mountains makes it impossible to pinpoint where, when and how it all started. As for Oswell Spencer... he is the man I have been trying to find information on myself. Unsucessfully so I can't help you there."
Chris Redfield Chris contemplates what he's heard from the good Doctor. "I see, well the information you've provided so far is very helpful and hopefully you won't mind going into more detail as well as provide a timeline if you don't mind. Perhaps if it is easier for you to write it out? I know this is probably difficult for you to share, especially with someone like me and to be honest, I was hoping you might become a witness for us but the reality is Umbrella is too powerful and far reaching to protect you and it might be best that you provide information to me as a confidential informer. I hope that is something you would consider and it would be easier for me to protect you as the source of the this information as intel rather than witness." There he's said it and he hopes it is something the doctor will consider.
Trixie Trixie enters from the foyer, combing and fluffing her twin ponytails with her fingers; bad case of helmet hair. The helmet resting on the seat of the cooling Ducati sportsbike outside is the proof. She smiles as she sees Markus. "Thanks for inviting me over, Doctor. Sorry I kept you waiting. Had to stop for directions a couple times," she says, just slightly sheepishly, lightly rubbing the back of her neck. "My French isn't all that good..."

At the sight of Chris Redfield, she grins, though it's a sheepish one. "Man, I just totally walked on everyone tonight, didn't I? Sorry I kept you waiting, too."
Markus Berger "That works. Quite well in fact since that keeps me away from their attention..." Markus doesn't get any further as he notices Trixie arrive. He in all honesty forgot that he invited her for right about now which now means that HE smiles sheepishly. "Ah, if it isn't my favorite 'totaly not a US commando because paperwork forbids me from admitting anything'. Good to see you Trixie. Have a seat." With that said he points at a nearby unoccupied couch.
Chris Redfield Chris hears what he thought was a motorcycle outside, but when the door opens and Trixie walks into the room with her helmet and motorcycle gear he knows he wasn't imagining things. He nods politely to the redhead at her greeting, whether or not he noticed that sheepish grin of her's is hard to say since he has that same stoic expression that her father had told her about. "Hey Mckenzie. I didn't even know you were coming so no apology necessary and if Markus invited you over, then you aren't intruding at all since I'm a guest as well." He takes note of Markus's acknowledgement to the question he had posed just before Trixie entered and simply nods, then turns his attention back to Trixie as she fixes her hair. "What kind of bike did you ride in on? Sounds somewhat European rather than Japanese if I'm not mistaken. BMW?"
Trixie "Well, technically nothing keeps me from saying what I do for a living... which is 'Rifleman', which in Army talk is awful close to nothing," Trixie replies to Markus, complete with finger quotes for the title. "But some people near and dear to me aren't allowed to say anything at all about a recent op on a certain cruise ship, which you totally know all about already since you were there." She moves to take the offered seat, unzipping her bike jacket and beginning to remove her riding gloves.

"Well, okay, and thanks... but I still kept you waiting," she adds to Chris. "And it's a Ducati... I have no idea if that's Euro or not, but it's what the place had. It's /so/ awesome, too! Thought it was gonna run away with me for a minute on the way here, but it didn't."
Markus Berger The doctor smirks slightly at the finger quotes for the title and the complaint. "Fortunately I can talk about it though, which I just did. Chris here is probably thinking he hit the jackpot right about now, what with all I got to tell him about the ship, Raccoon City, Umbrella, Alice and everything. I'll write up a summary for you later Trixie unless you have any specific questions. By the way, Ducati is italian."
Chris Redfield "Markus and I were just rehashing some current events." Chris replies and shoots Markus an quick /look/ since they just agreed about confidentiality, then turns to Trixie as if nothing happened, "FBC is lucky to have you Mackenzie and you were one of the youngest S.T.A.R.S. recruited, well second youngest besides Rebecca. But yes, like the Doctor mentioned a Ducati is Italian which is certainly Euro." He glances back to Markus and then back to Trixie. "Oh and he didn't break any confidentiality agreements since what he mentioned was already common knowledge anyways or at least some of it was on the news. So how have you been? Keeping out of trouble I hope?" He is hesitant to ask about Trixie's father whom he worked with in S.T.A.R.S. before she joined in case he didn't make it out of Raccoon and he doesn't want to ruin her obviously upbeat spirits.
Trixie "Well, no specific questions yet. If I think of any, I'll be sure to ask 'em," Trixie replies, arcing an eyebrow at Chris's /look/ at the good doctor. She can't see his face, but the sudden tension in his neck and temples says /something/ just happened expression-wise, and she can't tell what it was.

"Dunno if I'd be /that/ generous to me, Chris... I wasn't exactly top-notch in Raccoon City before or during the outbreak. Maybe I would've been a credit to the uniform in a year or so," she adds, to Chris. "Anyway, the Doctor didn't break any confidentiality agreements anyway, 'cause he's not bound by any. Something I, for one, am very glad of, 'cause the information he's given me has opened my eyes to some things I really needed to know just to do my job... and my own people aren't allowed to tell me any of it, 'cause awful paperwork and lawyer from DC say 'Bad dog! No biscuit!' if they even think about it. So I totally owe him for that."
Markus Berger Markus in turns shoots Chris a /look/. One that translates to 'why do I allways have to deal with *censored*'. At least he quickly looks back to Trixie although the face he makes makes him look like he lost faith in humanity. Again. "To summarise. People high up the pecking order are once again sweeping everything under the rug with anyone not directly involved being kept unaware of everything. Result is that I'm the only person she can actually get any informations from. Officialy something happened. It involved a whole lot of 'you don't need to know' on threats of prosecution of most likely High Treason by my estimations. Did you know that there are people thinking the disappearence of the ship is a hoax and are defending Umbrella now? Modern news media is 'fun'."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't seem phased by Markus's return /look/ as he casually settles back into the couch and looks between the Doctor and Trixie as he speaks. "Your father would be proud of you Trixie, he always talked about his little girl following in his footsteps and believe me, we didn't make any exception for you when you applied. You did that all on your own and it isn't easy, so give yourself some credit." He remembers Trixie's father fondly, his booming laugh and they shared the same opinion on the problems with the military. "Yes, Doctor Berger's knowledge on these matters is astounding and we are both fortunate that he's willing to share it so willingly." He then pauses and adds, "But sometimes one has to be discrete or at least selective on what is shared because we all know what we are up against. They've already shown what they are capable of and I just want you two to be careful is all. We need good people like you to help fight against Umbrella and I don't want you to end up on their radar. Look what happened to me, I had to fake my own death to continue investigating them and it still didn't really help matters."
Trixie "Thank you, Chris... But I can't agree with you about keeping things quiet. Not completely. Keeping too much information bottled up is how we lost Raccoon City," Trixie replies soberly. "Maybe the city was doomed from the outset, but I don't buy that. It was the higher-up officials keeping mum about everything that caused the infection to spread unchecked, when more openness would have allowed us to take steps to curtail contact with infected people and animals and keep them contained. And let's not forget that my own people are keeping things like that cruise ship disaster bottled up, even from their own colleagues, like the Doctor said. I'm deeply indebted to him for telling me about it, and if that information had made it out to the media, Umbrella wouldn't even have a rock left to crawl under. No one in their right mind would defend them. I mean, keeping our names under the radar is one thing. But some things need to get out there, or the people responsible are just going to dodge responsibility all over again."
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile just grinds his teeth as he pulls out a zippo lighter from a pocket and plays with the lid. Likely to distract himself. "I'm agreeing with that. The fact that the public is heavily sceptic about anything really helps Umbrella a lot. Not to mention that the publics memory is very, very short. As for us two... Well ,staying out of trouble isn't exactly a priority of mine or otherwise I wouldn't even know half of what I told you nor would I have joined up on that recent mission. Also, Trixie here willingly joined up with the FBC instead of ejecting herself from the whole mess while she could so she is on a confrotation course with Umbrella aswell anyway. So... we two are the last ones to argue with about staying off Umbrellas radar."
Chris Redfield "Listen, I contemplated going public myself and was even going to go to the media or let my sister, Claire know but it was too dangerous. Something bigger was going on and Umbrella has their fingers in everything. Their corruption runs so deep I don't even know how far it really goes. I was getting stonewalled from the get go and even from the higher ups at RPD." Chris explains after he listens to both Trixie and Markus, then holds out his hands in a pleading sort of gesture. "Trust me, I know how the two of you feel and I'm the same way but we have to be smart about this. Sharing information is important, I agree but protecting the source of that information is also of equal importance. Don't doubt for one second that Umbrella won't just come after you but they will go after your family, loved one's and won't stop there. I am still going to fight them with every ounce of breath I have but we have to choose our battles. I already lost...we've lost people we care about to this. Keeping casualities to a minimum is what I had in mind. That's all."

His thoughts drift again to his friends and team mates he lost on Bravo Team, that day still haunts him but he hasn't told anyone about it, not even Claire, Barry or Jill. "Trust me, I don't ever want a repeat of what happened at Raccoon and I will do everything in power to make sure of that." He says this with much conviction and sincerity.
Trixie "Well, I /joined/ willingly... I'm a little less enthusiastic about staying in, and I'll be the first to say so," Trixie says, a bit sheepishly. She rises from her seat and moves to sit on the couch beside Markus. For a long moment she rests her hands lightly on his shoulders. Then she hugs him tightly. "Thank you, Doctor, for sharing and for being here with us. We owe you so much. Some of us are alive because of you... and that includes me. Thank you." The last is accompanied by an extra squeeze.

After a long moment, she releases Markus, looking to Chris and nodding. "I take your point. I've got a bad feeling that Umbrella was behind the deaths of my parents, well before there was a Raccoon City outbreak, and I've got an axe to grind with them over that. I know what they can do, or at least part of it, and how far they seem to be willing to go. Trust me, I don't want to see any more innocents dead because of them. So we're stuck in a crack, 'cause we can't always talk, but we can't always keep quiet. I don't have an answer to that. Maybe there isn't one."
Markus Berger With an audible 'click' Markus snaps the lighter shut as he gets hugged and briefly returns the hug before piping up again. "Can we at least agree that we 'three' see eye to eye on making sure that everyone is aware of the current happenings? We two definitely aren't going to stay out of trouble, for that we both have too much of a grudge against Umbrella."
Chris Redfield "If I hear any word that they were behind the deaths of your parents, Trixie you will be the first person I contact to let you know and there will be hell to pay." Chris says to Trixie with that same conviction in his voice as he watches her hugging Doctor Berger on his couch.

He lets them have their moment, not wanting to interrupt or embarass them in any way. "There is no easy answer to that Trixie. All we can do is use our judgement and know when discretion is the better part of valour. Your father and Barry always preached to me that I had to use my head instead of my heart sometimes, but I always had trouble with that. But after seeing what Umbrella is capable of, the lengths they will go to gain more power and sacrifice whomever they want in their way." He shakes his head, "It's going to take all of us working together and be on the same page to slow them down. I'm counting on both you and Markus to help me." He then turns his attention to Markus, "I suppose that is acceptable but only share it with people you trust and for those of us going out in the field fighting them. They of course should know and be aware of the threats." He then watches the two of you carefully, waiting for your reaction.
Trixie "We can, Doctor. At least, I can. And I think Chris can, too," Trixie agrees softly. "Y'know something? I've been meaning to ask you what your name was for about /forever/. I totally just remembered that. So... you know my name already. What should I call you?"

She gives Chris a sober look, nodding slowly. "I'd appreciate that very much, Chris. Mom worked for Umbrella as a researcher. I don't think she was working on anything too sensitive, but she wasn't allowed to talk about her work much. I can give you the full Geraldo sometime, but the short version is that a month after she got a clean bill of health from a company doctor, she was diagnozed with terminal cancer that was too far along to even try to treat. You don't go from totally fine to terminal in a month! Dad was never the same after she died. You probably know about the training accident. And I think we both know that he never would have used a frayed rope for climbing and rappelling training. No way. That rope would've been replaced the second he saw there was a problem, and he definitely would've found it... he always checked all the ropes himself. There's definitely more to that story." She gives him a long, sober look, then finally nods. "I get it. We'll just have to use our own judgement. And I think yours and Doc's are better than mine, for the most part. I'll be talking to you before I stick my neck too far out."
Markus Berger "Good. Then we agreed on something then." With a nod Markus glances back to Trixie with a slight smirk. "I'm Doctor Markus Berger. Call me Markus. Didn't notice that I never told you either." Of course that smile quickly dies again as the deaths are mentioned. "Agreed. The former is definitely terribly easy for Umbrella to do and the later... Well, they had most of the city in their pocket. Murdering someone during training would also be quite easy. That reminds me... I nearly forgot something you both would like to know. Umbrella is up to something a friend of mine learned. They are focusing a lot of ressources into South America, likely to exploit the fact that a lot of the continent is still heavily isolated even in this day and age. Probably are either looking for something or trying to hide research."
Chris Redfield Chris's stoic expression drops for just a moment when he see's Trixie's somber look when she talks about her parents death and he slowly nods, looking pensive and says in a matter of factly tone, "Your dad's safety protocols became standar S.T.A.R.S. procedure and he was one of the best rapellers on the team even at his age." He swallows, looking at his hands remembering the lessons big Mackenzie imparted to him about rope handling and then looks back towards her. "But your right, he wasn't the same after that and none of us would fault him for feeling that way. I'm sorry I didn't want to bring up painful memories." He apologizes to Trixie and misses her old man as well, looking now towards Markus when he speaks about the new information.

Redfield perks up a bit, sitting up straight on the couch and nods, "South America. I thank you again, Doctor and I will look into that right away." It looks like he's gotta start packing soon and preparing for it because his game face is back on.
Trixie "Dad thought so, too... when I could get him to talk to me at all beyond getting basic day-to-day stuff done, he kept talking about Umbrella and how they knew damned well what killed her," Trixie says, shivering. "And don't apologize, Chris. Just knowing someone remembers and still cares about the wrong done to my family helps more than you can know. Thank you both so much."

She pouts faintly as Chris mentions South America. "Wish I could go with you... I've got to be back from leave tomorrow. Good luck down there, and give 'em hell if you find anything."