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Kitten Kandahar Region, Afghanistan.

The FBC Helicopter was flying through the mountain pass alongside three other helicopters, two other Blackhawk helicopters and an Apache helicopter that was leading the way through the mountains on point; serving in the role of a gunship and reconnaissance.

The briefing before you had headed into this region had been fairly brief. The FBC assisted by elements of Delta Force would be raiding a potential Black Market meeting site hidden in the mountains.

Everyone present was to be considered a 'terrorist' or 'insurgent' of some kind; so there was no cautioning about checking your fire.

The FBCs role in the operation was to provide support and confirm the presence of any biological contaminants such as the t-Virus or even Bio-Organic Weapons that might be on site. Command had fallen to Major Stadler given his expertise on the matter.
Richard Stadler Stadler would feel more comfortable once they were on the ground. This was the safer part of the mission, but heading into the teeth of the enemy meant there could be someone out there with a MANPAD ready to snuff them from the skyin short order. Once they get on the ground, at least they'd be able to do something about it. Plus, they actually had /support/ for this mission, not just a few bullets, scrounged guns, and the vague promise of extraction.

He quickly checks his Carbine, pulling the charging handle back and checking to see if there's a round in the chamber, before patting the holster at his thigh. Good load out, and ready to go. Looking back up to see exactly how everyone else was holding up.
Cassie Inside the helicopter, Cassie was getting locked and loaded, making sure that she had plenty of ammunition for her weapon before holstering it and strapping her gloves on carefully. After that was done, she adjusted her beret and brushed her hair out of her face, pushing it further under her beret. After that, she narrowed her eyes a little, waiting with anticipation for the moment that they'd drop into action. She was hoping this operation would go smoothly without the possibility of infection or anything like that, but when dealing with bioterrorism, anything goes...
Rachel Foley For the thousandth time, Rachel alternated between staring at her P90, making sure the barrel wasn't pointed in anyone's direction, and looking rather carsick (airsick?), twirling stray golden hairs around her finger. Monsters, she was okay with. Living, breathing human beings... terrorists or not, /that/ got her stomach roiling for a reason she couldn't fully explain. Even though the fact they were, well, /terrorists/ hellbent on ending lives, she couldn't help but think of - of all things - their parents. Ugh. She opts to - for the thousandth time - make sure all the ammo pouches were full and weapons were weapons should be.
Cecily     Cecily might've been sick of helicopters, but here she is again. Hazards of her job. She looks up at Stadler and gives him a shaky smile, the former cop looking like she's feeling out of place among some of the more outright military types. Still, despite the expression on her features, she's armed to the teeth, cradling a light machine gun as acting fire support for the team, in addition to the smaller arms on her hip and thigh. The only thing still standard-issue about her is the uniform and the body armor. Not really one for smalltalk, however.
Trixie Trixie finishes her third final check on her weapons and gear, nodding to herself as everything seems to be in order. Once everyone or almost seems to be done with last checks, she adds one last detail. "Don't let this interfere with your trigger discipline, but there's a scientist there, used to be Umbrella America's payroll... used to know my late father. Maybe if he knows who he's dealing with and he doesn't do something stupid and get killed, he'll be willing to talk."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei rides along this time not taking any chances. The wet suit was one thing but he wasn't going to have to worry about drowning in his gear this time. Suited up in a heavy kevlar vest, his respirator hanging loosley around his neck, his NVD with it, the man's eyes seem to stare between Richard and Rachel, each getting long looks, though obviously for diffirent reasons.

He'll wear a wry smile that constantly played at his lips, the carbine sitting at his side lazily. Seemingly relaxed for the time being. Enjoying the ride more than anything else really. After all he was the sort that liked to take the small pleasures in life. Being ordered to kill someone? Or worse get shot at? Well.. lets just say the last dude he killed hasn't really hit home quite yet. He'll glance up at Trixie after she speaks then.

"Talk as in.. civilized conversation or threatening with a gun?"
Rachel Foley Rachel looks up, lips pursed tight for a few seconds. "Roger that. Don't worry about me," she says. Unless he was slathered in decaying flesh and talked with a groan, he wouldn't be in any danger of getting shot. At least, by her.
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler looked over the collection of misfits that were going along with this little objective. People who were generally ones that knew what they were doing, all of thme. He hadn't go through missions with Caassie before, but it looks like she was ready, and had her game face on. Andrei was goddamn Andrei, from the looks of it, and so long as the guy didn't turn into a corpse and screw all this up, Rick was prepared to allow that. It's not like it hadn't gotten results before. Cecily did look a bit nervous, too, so Rick gave her a more confident smile, one that was steady and covered by a confident mein that made it looked like /he/ had everything in hand. That helped everyone. The LMG would help them more, of course. Rachel was... given a look. A long one, given what had happend to her after the last operation, and inwardly, Stadler wondered if she would be up to the task here. He was hoping yes, but he simply idn't know.

But this was Trixie's little operation, and Stadler pay'd attention to her most recent words. "Understood, Corporal. That sounds like a good plan of action; watch your fire if you see anyone who looks like he might be a non-combatant; if he's armed, I don't want you or anyone else taking any chances, though. Delta Force is working with us, but I'm here to make sure the FBC goes in with six and comes out with six. We all clear?"
Rachel Foley Rachel - who's found something interesting in the chopper's hull and has been staring at it as the others called out their affirmations - feels someone staring, in turn. Her gaze breaks away and meets Richard's - the look of uncertainty certainly won't help his uncertainty, either.

But she was all ears as he spoke up. "Clear," she repeats. At least there were guys on sight who'd handle the murder of human beings... maybe.
Cassie As soon as Stadler speaks up, Cassie is looking at him attentively. Once he finishes speaking, Cassie nods and salutes him respectfully. "Crystal clear, sir," She responds in a voice that indicates she fully heeded what had been said. Her game face might have been on, but she was fully listening and ready to go at a moment's notice.
Trixie "Crystal, Sir," Trixie replies, nodding. "And I /hope/ civilly, 'cause it's kind of hard to say, 'Hey, I'm Trixie, and you knew my Dad,' in the middle of a firefight. But I'll take the other if that's all we have left," she adds to Andrei. "Let's just hope he's got more sense than to point a gun at anyone."
Kitten "This is Eagle One to strike team. Moving in ahead to secure the landing zone." The mics crackled as the Apache helicopter broke formation and began to outpace the Blackhawks it was with to provide the initial volley of fire support.

The cover of dusk and the fog rolling through the mountains provided the closest thing to stealth the team was going to get; the operation incredibly risky as it was in the mostly Taliban controlled mountains.

Trixie also has a photo of the man she's speaking of, he's got grey hair, a beard and looks kind of like Gandalf in a suit.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei was out for one person. Himself. Other people would be targets of opportunity, though Andrei's cheerful demeanor more or less doesn't indicate any sort of suspicious behavior. No sir! He'll shift his posture, moving to pick up the carbine at his side, looking it over, slowly pulling back the slide, looking it over. Checking the saftey is on.. looking down the barrel. Down the sights. Clearly the man was trying to familarize himself with the fire arm.. and one closed eye shows the intensity of his stare.

He'll even sniff the handle once.

"I'm sure it'll be fine. All of this. Probably." He'll offer as he looks back up then, grinning wildly.. even as the radio crackles overhead and he glances up.
Cecily     "I'll refrain from going loud until you give the order," Cecily says with a nod to Stadler. "I've got a suppressed firearm as well," she pats her thigh, "But perhaps with some luck we won't be needing to unload too many rounds tonight..." she says with a shrug. Then the radio crackles and she too looks up before getting the first real good glance out the window she's had since stepping in the chopper.
Trixie "I really need to get one of those... suppressors, I mean," Trixie murmurs, nodding to Cecily. She gives Rachel an encouraging smile, in spite of the hammering of her own heart. Six months ago, she would've had a hard time keeping the involuntary smile of eager-beaver anticipation from her lips.

After Raccoon City, she just feels a little sick. At least she can try to console herself with the sense that these people are /pure/ evil... not former neighbors and coworkers turned dead and hungry against their will.

It helps. Marginally.
Rachel Foley "From what I remember", Rachel adds in a half-murmur partially lost to the thrum of the chopper's blades, "we'd need a lot of luck..." Her gaze goes out the window - for all the terror of pumping lead into barely-human monstrocities, this job had perks. Like sighteeing.
Richard Stadler "I hope so too." Stadler says, to Trixie's reference on 'acting civilly'. "We've all seen the picture, and I hope he's not modified his appereance or blends in too much to the enemy population down here. Getting him out would be a good end to this mission."

He pauses for a moment, sitting up slightly and leaning forward, hand gripping the support up top to keep him steady, looking outside and watching the Apache start it's support. Rather grand to see Hydra rockets and thirty millimeter chaingun. Less grand to see the results. It would make a normal person queasy, but Rick had seen those with rotting flesh shambling forward in hordes. He could keep most food down after that.

Cassie and Racel voiced their assent, and he at least /tried/ to keep Rachel on target, and Cassie. To Cecily, he nods, as well. "I know you and Andrei might be quieter people than me. Truth is I never went through a lot of special forces training, and I'm not the queitest out there, but the silencer should help. When we're down on the ground, though, consider it a free fire zone. If they don't notice us, I think you folks can use common sense in how to keep things quiet, but I don't want any of you taking chances trying to salvage a situation. You see someone in our way raising a weapon, take them out of the equation."
Kitten At the end of the mountain pass, there was a large clearing that lead into a massive open-mouthed cave. A small defensive cordon of trucks with machine guns mounted on top as well as ground infantry was the only real defense; but Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers were never in short supply in the third world and it only took one of them to knock a bird out of the sky.

It was a scary ratio of costs in both dollars and lives.

Eagle One, the Apache Helicopter opened up hell on the defensive forces; blasting trucks and men apart alike with a mixture of ballistic and rocket fire.

The helicopter kept moving through, swinging around to provide another round of covering fire even as it narrowly avoided one of the aforementioned RPGs.

On the perimeter of the Black Market site, the trio of Blackhawks set down on the ground behind a set of rocky outcroppings that provided some cover on approach to the entrance of the cave.

Moving ahead, the Delta Force teams could be seen taking up positions and advancing with an efficiency and skill level that would make most envious of their combat ability.
PrestigeAndrei Even as the bullets start to fly, Andrei just keeps smiling. He is in the helicoptor. Not getting shot at quite yet. Sure they may be shooting around him.. but if he was going to die, well, who could blame him for trying to eek out every litlte bit of enjoyment in a chance to getting to ride a helicoptor. Especially one where the pilot was actually well trained!

He won't look out the windows, not looking to see bits of violence, his eyes drifting closed as he humms softly before glancing aside to the group. "I'll buy a beer for anyone who saves my ass, by the way. I'm very fragile. Rachel, you get one on top of that. Of course."
Cassie Cassie nods to Stadler again. "Yes, sir!" She says with a firm salute. She's not one for conversation in situations like this, instead just listening and obeying. For Cassie, obedience is the biggest rule for a soldier, and she doesn't hide her obedience at all. A slight glance at Andrei is given about the beer, but otherwise she says nothing and shows little other emotion.
Rachel Foley "Roger that", Rachel says as stolidly as she can, feeling her gut tear up faster than the bullets tearing through whatever poor bastards were down there. No arguments there.

"I don't really like beer", she tries to joke (mostly) as she continues watching the chaos.
Trixie "Wow... those guys are total badasses," Trixie murmurs, slipping out of the Blackhawk and drawing one of her pistols as she watches the Deltas move up, and hoping her gear doesn't rattle too much. She puts her free hand over her face to keep out the dust of the rotor wash as she moves into the relative concealment and better cover of the rocks. Once clear of the rotor wash, she beckons to Rachel to join her. Perhaps the blonde's nervousness has triggered one of the girl's protective instincts.

Watching a particular Delta with a thick reddish beard and a black skullcap, she adds, "Is that Chuck Norris? I'd swear it was him..."
Richard Stadler Stadler kept his mein up as the fire started, racking the ground positions and clearing things out for them... and he had to hope that they were doing a good amount to clear things. He'd heard stories about RPGs knocking out a Blackhawk, proving you didn't need a SAM site to make life hell for people being transported. Hell, if they had fifty caliber machine guns down there, /those/ would do the trick nicely too. Really, there was a lot that could turn them to corpses in a wrecked metal cabin. But, finally, they were through, on the ground, and moving out.

Delta Force was doing this like the badasses they were, and Stadler could supress most of the rivalry that he felt, speaking lowly over to Trixie. "They do know what they're doing, and I'm glad to have them along. They're the professionals. We're the specialists. They come across a Licker, we handle it."

As they' move forward, Stadler doesn't take the lead; that wasn't where an officer should be. He was in the center, ready to command from there. Andrei gets a roll of his eyes. "Buy me a keg. That'll pay for most of what I'm going to be doing for the next week. Cassie, keep the saluating for back at base. I don't want a sniper figuring out whose the officer and turning my brain into red paste."

And he moves forward, with every bit of skillhhe'd managed to gain through years of weekend warrior-ing. Just keep his people alive, get the scientist out, accoplish the mission. He'd survived worse. This should be a cakewalk. Keep telling himself that until it was true.
Cecily     The delightful cacophony of gunfire and explosions are mercifully dulled by the sound of the helicopter engines, but Cecily still frowns at the sudden loss of life. "...if we'd stop waging war on each other like this, we'd at least be able to work together to stop this.. biological threat business..." she says mostly to herself. Then they manage to land safely, the rain of hellfire from their air support being ample distraction. She dismounts and keeps her LMG close at hand, not stowing it over her back on its strap.

    She does have a healthy amount of respect and even awe. Her training couldn't even come close to the work they do and have done daily. It's why she sticks to the rear of the group, lugging a support weapon and staying in step not far from Stadler. "Quick and quiet as best we can, yes?" she speaks up, hopeful for a successful mission.
Kitten The approach to the entrance of the large cavern is relatively easy thanks to the cover of the Apache Helicopter and the Delta Commandos moving in; but inside of the cavern is where aerial superiority ended and things became hell.

Numerous Taliban Fighters (remember when we dedicated movies to these guys?), and even some of the unscrupulous civilians who had tried to flee through the mouth of the cavern litter the entrance; a few of the Delta Commandos securing the survivors.

The immediate interior of the cavern looked like a bazaar of sorts, with various 'booths' and stalls setup where Black Marketeers were selling weapons and other equipment.

Many of the aforementioned Vendors were already on the ground, hands above their head in the hopes of not being shot at.

Unfortunately for them, many of the local insurgents had other ideas and were counter-attacking even as others fled deeper into the no doubt vast network of caverns.
Trixie Trixie comes up behind a particularly substantial rock. She barely registers a Taliban thug aiming at her team before snapping up her Samurai Edge and firing. The slug finds a weak spot in his armor or something, because he goes down with a squawk that is drowned out by the cacophony of a pitched battle. Behind him, she sees a bearded figure dashing into the cave...

"Gandalf's going for the cave! He's inside!" she cries into her tac radio mic. "Oh, right... Um, that guy I mentioned on the way in? Let's just call him Gandalf, 'kay?"
Cecily     Cecily's on top of things, at least, when it comes to gun. She isn't quick enough to react to the sudden burst of gunfire that hits Andrei, but she's quick to bring the LMG up and bring it to bear on the three gunning for Andrei. She doesn't have time to set up and brace on something, but she grips the makeshift handle under the barrel from the bipod. Two of the bastards manage to take cover, while the third gets his arm blown off by the resulting fire. "One confirmed down...!" she calls out, almost breathless, ducking behind a few crates of hopefully not explosives.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei after taking what appears to be quite a few bullets in the chest exhales quickly and starts coughing up blood into his respirator. What little confidence the man has coming out of the chopper quickly evaporates into panicked and muddled paranioa. Sure he'll lift up his Reaper Carbine and offer a few shots in the general direction of those who attacked him.

A few as in he holds down the trigger for a good 2 seconds and sprays bullets wildly into the distance of where he thinks the Mujahadeen are.. and just books it.

"NEVER AGAIN! Fuck you rick!" He'll call out hoarsly as he starts to spittle and spray. "I'm not going to die here. Not in some god forsaken backwater." This rock nearby looks sturdy and he crawls. Dirt in the bullet holes feels better than new bullets after all. So he hunkers down.
Richard Stadler And there it came. People looking to shoot at them and kill them. Rick's heart beated faster as the rounds started to come down range. Granted, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, given the experts moving ahead and the gunships flying support, but there was still something about knowing you could be dead in a few seconds that got one scared. Stadler just had to let training take over, and it did, because he was behind a rocky outcropping before he really had time to think, M4A1 in his hands, as he attempts to peer around it. All right. Andrei got a few round in him, but he was bellyaching about it, so it couldn't have been that bad. "You'll eat whatever goddamn shit your CO feeds you, Kirov! Pull back to cover; Winters, you have a kit; get over to him and wait until we'll clear. Harper, anchor the left, Macenzie, anchor the right! Kirov, if you can walk, we're advancing once these bastards are down, in line, to those stands!"
Cassie When training kicks in, you go into high gear yet you roll with it all the same. Cassie opens fire with her handgun, but finds the bullet goes wide. She curses silently, moving to take cover behind a nearby rock formation. At least her reflexes take over and keep her from getting shot in the action. But they hit the rock dangerously close, and she grits her teeth, knowing it could've been her. She checks her M9 to make sure she still has ammunition in it before planning her next course of action.
Rachel Foley Some of the CIA spooks she'd worked with prior to getting dragged into the wonderful world of bioterrorism called the P90 a bullet hose. Even with the amount of firearms training she'd received, she knew about suppressive fire and how absolutely unlikely it was to kill anyone with it, let alone hit someone with it, and with a bunch of goons firing in her direction, she wasn't going to focus on just one. The P90's report tears through the air as she grits her teeth, leaning into the P90 as she was taught as she watched the remains of stalls and insurgents move through the P90's scope, moving left and behind whatever looked like it could survive a bullet.
Kitten "We've got confirmation of our targets, we're pursuing them. Good luck Raptor Team." The Delta Force Commander transmitted to the FBC who were evidently codenamed Raptor Team for the operation. It was clear, they had their own mission and reasons for being here. They were fighting a war in this country.

Of the five insurgents who had gone after the FBC team, two have died to massive trauma wounds; while two more are wounded. One of the Insurgents against all odds remained untouched by gunfire of any kind and is shouting obscenities in Arabic at the group of you.

Just like Trixie had pointed out, the Scientist codename: Gandalf was fleeing into the caverns. If he got away, it was likely he would not be found anytime soon. The caves were just too big and too dangerous to search very deeply.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is still coughing blood even as he lifts up his gun to take a shot or two. He'll reconsider, lower hte weapon, stare it over and groaning thhrow himself over the rock try and pop off a few shots. Both will tear through the intesines of two men. Both dead after the hail of bullets and Andrei's attention will soon shift back to Richard. "Stadler. I swear to god. I will report you to HR for trying to feed me lead." He'll grunt out before he moves to collapse again behind the rock, sliding down before he looks out towards the rest of his team.

His lips will twist into a visible fround as he offers deep, wheezing inhalations then as his fingers tighten around the grip of his gun, moving to fiddle with the sights as he tries to keep low even after popping off those two quick shots.
Richard Stadler Stadler groans as Andrei speaks up again. At least he was doing his goddamn job, as two more insurgents were down. "Oh, I fear the paperwork they'll throw at me. At least you're goddamn useful! Get down and let Winters take a look at you. We've almost got things locked here. Keep your positions and keep up the fire! Once we're clear, I want a clean advance, watching the entrances around us. I'll take the rear, and we'll go after Gandalf. See anything valuable and portable, snag it. Let's do this, people!"

All right, so that little speech made him feel better.
Cecily      "Oh bloody hell, would you shut up already?" For all of the gunfire trading back and forth, Andrei's shouting at Stadler is more grating. "You have multiple chest wounds," she huffs as she ducks her head down and rushes over to him. "...the more you bitch, the worse it's going to get. So hush your bunnies and let me at least slow your bleeding until the medics can get a look at you..." the heavily-armed ravenette grumbles. She doesn't have a medkit, but she's got, well... there's bodies with clothes she can rip and she might be able to improvise something with what's lying around.
Trixie "Boss, he's getting away! He gets into those caves, we'll never find him!" Trixie replies into her comm. She looks past the excessively nimble goon as Cecily races to deal with Andrei's wounds, Richard is hit, and Andrei mows down two terrs, then adds, "I'm going for him! Somebody cover me!!"

She bolts from her perch behind her own personal castle rock and dashes for the cave mouth, intent on stopping Gandalf before he gets too far into the cave.
Kitten Trixie notices too late as she is running passed the corpses of the dead insurgents that they're now undead and they were stirring. Luckily, only a small group had been infected with the t-Virus before the arrival of the American Military Forces.

One of them tries to grab her leg as she runs past, as they all begin to stand up and begin to chase after her.

The lone insurgent clutches his chest and you can see his orifices bleeding as he drops to his knees and screams something in Arabic!

His body convulses and fleshy tumors can be seen popping as he nearly doubles in size; his clothing ripping off in a very unsexy fashion.

He growls loudly and with an inhuman roar begins to rush towards the FBC Team.
Cecily     Confident that Andrei will survive, and just maybe hush up a little, Cecily focuses on the task at hand. Trixie running off, and the remaining She sees the corpses start to move, feeling that chill run up her spine. "Oh no... not again..." she groans, and brings her gun to bear on the survivor before something bad happens. And something bad happens. Her eyes widen as he hulks out and mutates. The 'fox' grits her teeth and gives herself a few heartbeats, blood still on her fingers from Andrei's wounds, to steady her aim on the now much larger target and dig her feet into the dirt to steady herself.

    If the cave hadn't been lit up by automatic weapons fire and noise, it is now, even moreso than before. It's a long, controlled burst, then another, the woman handling her MG36 as it stitches multiple rounds up the beast's body, depositing a substantial quantity into the beast's ugly mug. And even then it's still coming. "I'm going to need to reload here in a moment!"
Rachel Foley The only thing louder than the clatter of guns was the pounding in her head. It'd been slamming through her body as soon as she'd hit dirt, and with the... /poor bastard/... bleeding from every hole as he grew to inhuman porportions, tumors jiggling about as it runs at them full tilt... even when she raises the SMG, watching his - its - head through the tiny scope, and lets off a burst, she hears nothing but her blood rushing. As soon as she sees rounds hit home, she quickly looks in the direction of the undead, biting her lip as she tries to determine how damned close they are.
Trixie Trixie's heart skips a beat as she realizes the dead terrorists are getting up! And then she's brought up momentarily short as a grody hand closes around her ankle! "GROOOSSSSSSS!!!" she screeches, instinctively triggering her Samurai Edge into the dead man's head. As the corpse bursts into flames behind her from the Nemesis round, she bolts deeper into the cave, swapping the pistol for her little modified Skorpion 9mm, still chanting , "Gross-gross-gross!!" in a tone any Valley Girl would protest 'like, totally doesn't sound like me!!'
PrestigeAndrei "I love you.. what.. er.. this is awkward, what was your name again?" Andrei responds then as he feels hands pressing up against his bullet holes as he offers very quickly. "Hold tight. Please? Got to keep all the blood inside of me and what not." Andrei mutters as he then pops his head up and just unloads the rest of his clip into the Abberant Mutant.

A quick sweep then turns his gun to try and spray off the undead on Trixie as he presses down the trigger and the thunderous noise of gunfire eventually devolves into a series of pointless clicks.

"I'm out. Bail!" Andrei recites then as he soon is sliding down behind his rock cover again.
Cassie There are still three zombies left, and they're mighty dangerous. Cassie fires a couple of rounds at them, and one of them hits their mark, taking the zombie down and bringing it back to the afterlife. Cassie attempts to fire again, but her weapon jams. "Dammit!" She exclaims, ducking down and attempting to fix this situation.
Richard Stadler Okay, things were getting bad, suddenly. He should have expected- scratch that. He /did/ expect things to go wrong... just not in this particular way. Information for the memory bank.

First, that familiar yet alien sensation of a Kalashnikov rounds smalling into his arm, yelling out as it bits and smashes through flesh, missing bone. Gritting his teeth and letting the wound throb. All right. One guy left, and Trixie was going to get the HVT. This was...

Going to turn into something /bad/.

Because that's when Rick hears the moaning from the cave, and see the insurgent that was still up wincing, in pain, looking at those tumors that generate. "Well... this is going to be... bad." He says, standing up. HIs people know what they're doing, pooring fire on that monster that was in front of them. Rick picks up his rifle, firing a single burst, which goes wide, cursing his wounded arm, and switching to his radio.

They might kill it here. But BOWs were suprising. They mutated in ways you couldn't understand until you saw them, and not even then, sometimes. Which means no chances.

"Delta, be advised. Infected in the AO. Suggest you tread carefully and use chokepoints. Raptor. We are pulling out of this cave, and leading that thing with us. Apache outside will deal with it better than we can. Fall back. Macenzie. Secure the VIP and advanced to us, slowly. Do /not/ allow the big boy to chase you, or you are going to die and we can't stop it." GOddamn it, why'd she have to run off?
Kitten The insanely lucky (or unlucky?) insurgent that has mutated is pumped full of lead, pieces of its body falling away and NOT regenerating. Clearly whatever he was, he was inferior to your run of the mill Tyrant, but no doubt if he hit someone it was going to hurt.

The remaining two zombies catch up with Trixie and begin trying to attack her, forcing her to deal with them or risk further attacks as she tries to escape.

Gandalf looks over his shoulder and laughs before disappearing into the darkened corridors for good.
Kitten The mutant grabs one of the tables being used to display black market weapons and flings it towards the fleeing FBC Soldiers as it follows them out the mouth of the cave. Cecily is able to avoid it, but Cassie is knocked over and pinned as she takes the hit. (Requires an escape roll vs 2 successes on your turn to get out)
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just immeaditly pushes up past his rock and moves to run past Cecily then. Sure she was busy trying to save their comrade, but he'll lift up a hand and tap her shoulder as he runs past. "Shoot and run!" Andrei will shout as he just starts sprinting past Stadler to wherever extraction might be.

Part of living through boats, zombie infested cities and dangerous situations involving guns was knowing when valor and cowardice were easily interchangable!

"Bail.. BAIL bail!"
Chase Dalton For the past while, Chase Dalton had been covering the cave's entrance. When he heard a commotion, he assumed the worst, and had brought out his big gun: the M104 Mod.0 Combat Shotgun. He quickly took up a defensive position, and sighted down on the monstrous evil bearing down on him. A practiced squeeze of the trigger sends a round down-range toward the unholy nightmare. Chase grins triumphantly at the impact. Score!
Cecily      Cecily hears the call to retreat and briefly looks over her shoulder, starting to backpedal. She turns her focus back to the Semi-Tyrant and manages to duck under a piece of furniture being thrown past her. As she scrambles backwards she brings her MG36 up, squeezing off a short burst, sending more hot lead into the body of the hulking beast. She's trying to get his attention and get it off of Cassie who took a table to the chest, after all.
Richard Stadler And Rick follows his own orders, as the fire keeps up, looking at Andrei as he runs past him. "GOddamn it, Kirov! Show some /goddamn/ professionalism!" He yells after him. His rifle is held in front of him, but his attention is on running and his radio, the most powerful weapon an infantryman had. "Cover, Raptor 6 Actual. Retreating from cave entrance with BOW following us. Hard kill; deploy firepower once we're out of the cave. Will call target."
Cassie Meanwhile, Cassie finds herself pinned underneath a table and can't quite get out. "Someone, help me!" She cries out, struggling to try to break free. "Dammit, how could this happen? How could I be so dumb?" She finally forces herself free and gets out. "Ungh... dammit, that hurts like a mother!" She struggles to keep herself on her feet as the pain shoots through her torso.
Trixie Trixie runs deeper into the cave after the fleeing scientist, but discovers to her horror that these zombies are a lot faster than the shambling 'Groaners' of Raccoon City. Grabby dead fingers swipe and claw at her, and she flails clear of them, shrieking like a schoolgirl. "No-no-no EEWWWWWWW!!! Gross-gross-gross-GROSS!!!" She whips up the little Skorpion and triggers two shots on pure instinct. Her father's instinctive shooting training pays massive dividends as their heads pop like massive groaning zits.

Derisive laughter behind her draws her attention back to her distant quarry, who had taken advantage of his lead and her distraction to disappear into another tunnel. She runs around the corner into the tunnel...

And finds a morass of tunnel mouths. More than a dozen possible tunnels. "Raptor Team? It's Trixie... the bad guy got away. The Groaners got to me before I got to him. There's tons of tunnels he could have gone into. I'm heading back to your position. Unless you want me to watch the tunnel mouths." She starts back that way, slinging the Skorpion and drawing her Samurai Edge, checking its load. Still might be a Tyrant to deal with, after all.
Kitten The former Insurgent collapses just past the entrance to the cave as it pursues the members of Raptor Team, but the final shots from Chase and the others bring the newly created Bio-Organic Weapon to his/its knees.

Long snake-like tentacles begin to rope out from the burning body and race towards the corpses at the entrance to the cave, feeding upon their biomass.

It began to grow, doubling in size again.

Then the Air Support Rick had radioed for came into play.

The AH-64 Apache Helicopter zoomed over the mountain ridge and held position, unleashing precision-fired hell on the monstrosity even as Trixie was dealing with her zombies in the back of the cave.

Sometime later, Delta Force would report back and inform that demo charges had been set inside of the cave. They had at least a half-dozen Taliban leaders in custody with them plus another dozen or so people who had not escaped from the Black Market meetup.

There was no other sign of contamination in the area, and given 'Gandalf's proximity to those five insurgents; it was likely he had infected them.
PrestigeAndrei Once Andrei is safley behind Rick, his hands are moving, unshouldering his backpack, he is shifting everything in his position about. The Carbine is jabbed into the bacpack, making a humorous barrel shaped outline in the fabric even as he pulls out a much more carefully stored away weapon. Something that he grips tightly and pulls around his chest. Even as his heaving breaths, wheezing every so often betrays the extent of his injuries.

Even as the firefight draws to a close, Andrei just stands in place, panting, moving to tug his respirator free then, gulping in air then, trying to still his heart and looking up over the horizon.. or really at the mountains and considering the distance.
Chase Dalton Chase packs up his gear and heads for the chopper. He stands on the skids, and helps folks aboard -- at least those who need it -- waiting until folks are good and ready before hopping aboard and strapping himself in. He pat-pats his shotgun, after making sure his weapon is safe and clear. "Good girl," he murmurs. "Daddy's proud."
Cecily      They'd done it! They'd dropped the ... the THING. It took a hell of a lot of bullets, and Cecily makes her way to help Cassie to the chopper. And then it... starts growing. And devouring the nearby bodies. She looks on with wide-eyed surprise and shock. "...what.. is.. -with- these.." The air support drowns out anything else as rockets and heavy rounds pepper the ground, turning the regenerating hulk into ground mystery meat. Even though the scent of scorched flesh reaches her nose, Cecily breathes a sigh of relief.

    " less horror in the world, but we missed the man in charge? At least the others got the insurgent leaders, yes? We.. don't need another viral terror attack.." she checks her magazine and frowns, she'd emptied a hell of a lot of rounds. "Can we go home?"
Richard Stadler And Stadler's out of the cave, along with the rest of the small team. Trixie would do wise to stay there... if this worked. If it didn't, he probably just killed her. Once his team was out, Stadler's back on the radio, even as the last shot turns the creature into a sprawling mass. "Biomass front! Hit it hard and hit it /now/?" He yells... and watches as the helicopter does it's glourious, glourious work, watching it splatter into a thousand pieces, rifle lowering as blood drips down his arm and hand. "Oh, God, don't know how I can keep doing that." He breathes, taking a moment to recenter himself, looking over to Andrei. "Glad you got to the shotgun." He says, simply, before moving to his kit. Things were being mopped up, demo charges were placed, and Trixie was on her way out. A shame they couldn't get the VIP with her... but he'd die in the cave collapse. Hah, just kidding. Rick wasn't confirming anyone a corpse unless he'd seen the body get a shot in the head. He looks over to Cecily. "They're... monsters in every sense of the word. I'm a scientist, and I want to understand what makes them do this. I don't know if I will, but I'll settle for knowing how to kill them. I worry about Gandalf selling his services to others, but maybe we bought ourselves some time."

He moves to his radio. "Extract, Raptor 6 actual. We're ready to get the hell out of here. Coordinates are Infil point." And he looks over to Cecily. "Yes. Yes, we can go home. Hell, carrier's in the right place, you might want to take the next C-2 to France."
Trixie Trixie flinches back from the explosions coming from outside the cave, feeling a wave of intense heat wash over her from the heavy ordinance turning the Third-World Tyrant into pink goo. "Um, guess that was the nasty critter turning to paste? I hope, I hope, I hope?" she says into the radio, resuming her walk to the entrance.

Within moments she reaches the surface, looking around for her teammates. "Ewwwwww, /lunchmeat/," she murmurs, looking at the scorched remnants of the would-be Tyrant. "Everybody okay?"
Rachel Foley For her part, Rachel tries her damndest not to look, or listen, to the... thing... feasting on the bodies surrounding the unfortunate bastards - but she cracks an eye juuuust in time for her to jump as the 'copters reduce it and the area around it to rubble.

Thankfully for her, it looks like it's time to get the hell out before everything blows itself to hell. Again.

"Fine. No head trauma, if that's what everyone wants to know."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei takes a step towards the group in general now, not moving past Stadler of course, letting the man stand in front of anything that might come back to bite them. Litertally of course, but he'll at least be nearby as he looks upon the carnage, his breathing still visibly haggard, his chest rising and falling as the man wheezes out every so often.

"Next time someone else is going first." Andrei grunts under his breath before he looks to Rachel for a second. "Still owe you.. a wine.. and.." He'll look to Cecily then before sighing. "Beer? A Martini? Do people prefer martinis?"
Trixie Trixie looks at Andrei, wincing sympathetically. "Wow, bad day... better get back to the chopper. The medics on the ship are sure to be waiting on you," she suggests softly, while most of the others are already moving toward the waiting Blackhawk.

She manages a smile for Rachel. "Looks like we both made it out okay. Let's go, before they decide to leave us here. 'Specially me, since I let the bad guy get away." She sighs, shaking her head. "I am /so/ not looking forward to debrief..."
PrestigeAndrei "Next time, I'm not going first. I always seem to go first." Andrei mutters in response to Trixie as he wheezes softly. Yes there is blood coming out of his body. Yes it is making his off white clothes and camo turn a lovley dark crimson. Yes the man is feeling woozy. "I might need one of oyu to carry me. Preferaby not you. You may of been bit. You know.. no offense." He'll offer before looking to Rachel and Chase then, looking over the pair.

"Can one of you drag me onto the helicoptor. And for gods sakes don't let captain-major anywhere near the controls. I won't survive another crash." Andrei mutters under his breath as he leans on one leg, clearly favoring the left side of his body.. less pain there in that lung
Chase Dalton Chase nods. "Oorah." He steps forward, and proceeds to begin dragging Andrei toward the chopper as requested.
Cecily     Cecily sighs, "...what did I tell you about complaining?" She slings her MG36 and moves to put herself under Andrei's arm to start helping him to the chopper. " may or may not have a collapsed lung and the more air going in and out of you is just going to make it worse. I'm no doctor, but... kindly shut the fuck up, dear?" she asks in a voice that's as sweet and kind as any loving mother could ever have. Which might make it all the more hilarious. "I don't see Rick complaining and he nearly lost an arm.." she smiles to Chase and helps him with Andrei. Four hands make the job easier!
Rachel Foley "They try anything during debrief, just smile and nod. I think I've perfected that in light of my last op." She grins at Trixie as she makes her way towards the chopper.

As for Andrei... "If you insist on getting me something alcoholic... something sweet. Can't stand the stuff, personally."
PrestigeAndrei "Whatever! Rick's got another arm!" Andrei wheezes out as he lean onto Chase then as he more like flops upon the man. "I'll complain all I want! Nag nag nag.. yammer yammer yammer..." Andrei drones on then as he continues to lean against the man, more drawing along as he now has to put very little effort into walking. With a big burly Chase and Cecily to help him all the way

"I get off some damn cruise ship." HE grumbles a he moves, still clutching his shotgun in one hand as he stumbles along to the chopper. "Sweet.. what.. like.. an orange? or candy?"
Chase Dalton Although Chase is a guy, and he won't readily admit to needing help (again, he's a guy), he glances to Cecily with a look of appreciation and a smile. He's tired, it's been a long day, and he just wants to head back to base, stuff his face, and then zonk. After drinks, of course. Drinks first, food and sleep later.
Trixie Trixie grins, watching the assisting of Andrei. "Gotta love that teamwork," she observes impishly, though it's not without a note of pride. Returning Rachel's grin, she gives the blonde a quick one-armed hug. "Good idea! I'll totally have to try that once the chewing starts. Or maybe I should practice my contrite looks and forlorn apologies... this'll take some thought for sure."
Cecily     "When you start coughing up blood you'll stop talking.. and I'll nag at you for getting it all over my shirt.. I already have it on my hands.." Cecily says with a lopsided smile to Andrei, shaking her head. She nods to Chase, and once she can help dump Andrei in the chopper, she'll just let him be to flirt with Rachel. "I think I'll be happy with a mug of tea... or a tall glass of irish cream.." she takes her seat and leans back, checking her firearm, swapping out the bulky beta-C mag for a new one.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei now that he has settled down into the chopper looks between the small group slowly starting to filter in nearby. He'll take a bit, to recover from his new position, letting his shotgun rest in his lap as his eyes drift closed, clearly his attention shifting between everyone. "So uh.. good job." He'll offer vaugley to no one in particular before he'll move to lean against the wall of the helicoptor.

"So uh.. Paris he said right? Six months in Paris. .sounds good.." He'll trail off as Andrei's eyes clearly start to wander.. along the walls, to Rachel, back to the walls. To Trixie. Eh.. back to Rachel.. walls again.
Trixie Trixie watches Andrei with some concern. "I think he's done for the day," she says softly to Cecily. "Let me know if you need any help." She raises a hand in front of Andrei's face, raising four fingers. "Um, how many fingers am I holding up?"
PrestigeAndrei "More than three. Less than five." Andrei mutters as he just shakes his head and turns to gaze over to Trixie then for a second as she draws closer. "Think I might just.. fall asleep for a bit yah? Get home.. get in the medical ward. You can visit me there and quiz me all you want then."
Trixie "Gotcha. You take it easy, hm?" Trixie shrugs, looking from Andrei to Cecily. "He'll be fine until we get back to civilization. I'll keep an eye on him if you'd like to rest a bit," she offers softly.
Cecily      "I'll be fine... just need some rest.." she sighs. "....I'd hoped we wouldn't see anything else like that again. But I guess I was wrong. This... this weaponized... science fiction nightmare is being passed to the hands of terrorists, too..." she mumbles, half to herself, half to Trixie.
Trixie Trixie smiles wryly, and more than a little sadly. "Who would want 'em more?" she asks softly. "Third World nutjobs thinking they're one step closer to their latest drug-fueled utopia, I guess. The job just never gets any easier."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell nods to Chase "Cool. Sounds like fun. I can totally bash his head in for you. No sweat!" he dusts himself off quickly and looks around at the gathered FBC officers then blinks... "So wait..we're going to some slavic country? Aren't those places like REALLY fucking cold?" he shivers at the mere thought of it and hopes his mom and dad packed him some suitable winter clothes.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is on his own bed, checking over his ammunition in his dual samurai edges. He checks over his magazines one final time before looking up at Chase "Soo...what now?" he asks the man, scratching his head lightly as he holsters his samurai edges in his holsters again and then proceeds to sling his OICW, he was pretty darn prepared for an apocalypse should one--oh wait.
Prestige William Caldwell "Sounds good, so we can just snipe em down. My OICW is pretty good at that. I can also shoot pretty well with my samurai edge." Caldwell says, if he had a mustache he would be twirling it right now. But the poor guy can't grow much past the hair on his head! "Ready when you are, Chase."
Prestige William Caldwell "Gotcha." Caldwell gets in a passenger seat in the vehicle, exiting once they have arrived and unslinging his OICW, kneeling down behind some cover and aiming down the sights with his targeting computer. "Jesus these guys are tatted. They're compensating for something clearly." he waits for the command to fire and looks up at Chase, blinking then waiting for Chase's further orders. Once Chase gives the OK Caldwell would be spraying all over these guys.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell kneels down and begins popping off shots at the criminal scum who may or may not have stolen a sweet roll or two in their time. He immediately drops one of the guards and nearly takes off the head of the other one. Instead hitting him and nearly bringing him down. He retreats back behind cover and curses under his breath, waiting for his fellow FBC members to move in while they're preoccupied with him.