Umbrella Surveillance System
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Richard Stadler Rick seems like he's everywhere on the ship, these days... or almost everywhere. From corridors to admin to firing ranges to research to medical. Being run rather ragged seems to be pair for the course, but it doesn't look like Rick minds very much at all. Challenges were challenges, and it kept him busy and from doing a whole lot of thinking about what he's gone through. At the moment, he was transitioning down the corridor, lab coat over his Class B uniform, not bothering with scrubs as he moved to medical. A quick stop here before he headed over to the lab.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei still hasn't exactly managed to recover from the recent experiences aboard the vessel. His stomach still feels like it has a chunk missing and the bandages.. well.. Lets just say things are not exactly as they should be. SO While Andrei is patrolling the ship, or really, lets be clear her, shirking his duties, he'll catch sight of Stadler and raise his hands.

"Stadler! I'm dying!" He'll shout out aloud trying to get the mans attention as he steps towards medical, clearly now seeing a good excuse to get out of scrubbing the deck.
Richard Stadler "No, you're not." Stadler says, reflexively, before sighing and giving him a hand signal to follow him over to medical, just a compartment or two away. "You're never going to get anywhere goldbricking like that. Pick a task, concentrate on it, work your way up. Then again, I don't think I remember seeing a medical file from you beyond the standard infection screening on the way back. So, good news! You get a 15 minutes break."

He moves over to a counter in the medical bay, picking up a clip board, clicking a pen, and jotting down a few things. "Mind telling me what's wrong?"
PrestigeAndrei "I'm what now?" Andrei responds rather dryly as he moves to stand nearby the doorway as he leans off to the side of the medical bay, chuckling as he looks about. No doubt Andrei is picking up a jar of tongue decompressers.. or wood sticks. Whatever they are, looking the jar over. Putting that down.

Oh Look whats this? Little cloth pads dabbed in some painful stinging liquid?

OOoo is that a waste basket full of needles?

RRegardless Andrei's attention wanders quickly. "Got shot on the boat Stadler. Think I cracked a few ribs or something. Or maybe I didn't. Bullet hole? Listen." He'll move to step over to Stadler then as he tugs at his uniform, moving to expose what appears to be a rather noticiable welt and bruise. "Got anything you can do for this?"
Richard Stadler Stadler nods for a moment, making a few notes... before pausing as Andrei removes his shirt, wincing slightly. "Ahh... I've seen something like that before... admittedly, there's not much I can do here but treat the surface symptoms. Are you going on any operations, lately?" He says, before moving forward to examine the wound itself. After exaniming it just a bit, he moves back to the counter, placing on a set of latex gloves. "You allergic to latex? And any trouble breathing?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will take a second or two as he looks down at his chest then before smirking slightly. "Woah buddy, buy me dinner first.. or at least get me alive. Oh.. Uh yes, I always feel short of breath. Makes me feel lightheaded. That would explain my constant lethargy and tirednes as well." Andrei notes cheerfully as his head tilts to the side. "Anyway, I havn't been off the ship, still waiting for a chance to take some leave."
Richard Stadler Stadler looks up to Andrei with an incredulous look on his face. "You come in here looking to get medical treatment. These are latex gloves. You have an allergy to latex, I make this a lot worse. So. WOuld appreciate a straight answer." He says, still not looking to touch anything with those gloves until Andrei answers this. "I'm sure, /sure/ it would explain that. But that is concern. Any pain when you take deeper breathes, at all?" Another nod. "I don't know if I'd send you out for leave like this. Knowing you, you'd probably punched in a bar fight and just make it worse. I /can/ put you on light duty, however."
PrestigeAndrei "Light Duty? Is that like... sitting behind a desk? I can sit behind a desk real well." Andrei responsds as he holds up a finger then, his eyes drifting to look over the man, shaving the digit. "Yes.. I think I can manage that just fine. Oh uh, no I'm not allergic. Probably. Never got tested. Maybe?" Andrei mutters before he lifts his shoulders. "Well I've never really beeen in any situation where I've needed to take deep breaths. Except for the running away part."
Richard Stadler "All right. Not the best answer, but not the worse on. And /thank/ you for that." He says, moving to a supply cabinent, grabbing a stethscope, ripping the plastic covering thoe top of the injury, before placing the cold metal on Andrei's chest. "Let's try them now. Three deep breathes for me. Stop at one if you feel any stabbing pain. Also, we'll know pretty quick. Hives will pop up rather fast."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei blinks in response before he shakes his head then and just grunts in response. "Cold." He'll offer rather dryly then as he takes in three deep breaths. Wincing slightly as his eyes drift closed then. "Am I going to make it? Doctor? I don't have a family yet.. so.. if I don't.." He'll hesitate for a second. "Wait, no.. nevermind, just.. help patch me up here."
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler look at Andrei again for a long moment, listening as he brethes in. "No. If you were going to die, you'd be in a lot wose shape. Looks like those bullet holes are closing at the moment, as well. Just need to keep that treated and clean." He says, moving to the cabinent. A sprey gets taken out, and then sprayed over the chest, which will /really/ sting/ in a few seconds. That's followed up by another spray, hardening into a thin white film, before he moves for banages. "You're going to want to see a medic or a nurse every 2 days to get the bandage changed. At the moment, it just seems like a brusied set of ribs. I don't see any penetration, so it looks like the vest stopped most of them. One of them missed, but the velocity carried it through, missed anything vital."
PrestigeAndrei "Sounds like I lucked out then." Andrei mutters under hi breath as he stands completley still, giving a little wince, then a little simpering whine before he offers simply. "Fuck though if I didn't earn that damn thing." Andrei mutters under his breath as he casts a glance then towards the doorway
Richard Stadler Richard Stadlerbandages the wound, clean, sterile cloth that has a ridge backing secured to his chest with roles of guaze. Once he's done, he indicates to the uniform blouse. "Keep that clean, and you're on light duty for the next week, unless we get an important operation to move on. I'm sure I can dump paperwork on you for a week. Try to keep any physical exertion down to a minimum, get that changed every 2 days, and let me know if things start hurting more. Clear?"
PrestigeAndrei "Right right, Doctor.. I'll be sure to keep safe and out of harms and works way!" Andrei offers as he voes to the doorway, waving back at the man. "Doctors orders after all!" He'll chuckle as he steps out then, moving to button up and walk away
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler mutters slightly as Andrei walks away. "Braying jackass." Before wrapping the stethscope around his neck. Other people to quickly see that the regular doctor didn't, then back to playing with deadly, deadly virii from the inside of a clean suit.