Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield It is a sunny but cloudy day in the waters just West of the Indian Ocean near one of the remote Islands of east Timor, Indonesia. There had been a report for one of the coastal villages of some trouble brewing there, some sort of strange illness had broke out when one of the fishermen had returned and not even 24 hours later, there was no more communication with the village.

This prompted a swift response from the United Nations, the Security Coucil requested that BSAA would be sent to investigate with the assistance of the FBC.

Chris Redfield was flown out to the USS Liberty, assigned to a team of FBC members with one Tricell representative and they were being flown to the Islands on board a Blackhawk Helicopter. He looks at the assembled team members there, "Thanks for coming on such short notice. I appreciate it." He's dressed in his BSAA gear, tactical vest with knife sheath, a holstered Samurai Edge and carrying a not so commonly seen XM8 assault rifle.

Little did the joint BSAA/FBC/Tricell team know, that Umbrella had also sent a team out to investigate or maybe they were there for a more nefarious purpose, to gather intel, observe what was going on and perhaps even collect samples or data of whatever was going on at this small coastal village.

Umbrella had sent one person that they knew could get the job done, quickly, efficiently and quietly on a small submersible troop transport that only one pilot was required to operate. The USS pilot turns to the lone specialist he has on board, "Captain Scott. We are almost there. ETA two minutes. I will be in the area for extraction when your mission is complete."
Caio Caio was at the Liberty, taking care of some paperwork. He had a mug of coffee beside him and was quietly writting. That is when the request for a fbc team came through. The young man rushed out of the room, the sound of his coffee mug breaking going unheard. He quickly made his way to the armoury where he put on his fbc gear. When he heard they were going to be assisting the BSAA he felt nothing but eagerness as he had always been curious about the other group, specially about Chris redfield. He's wearing his fbc vest along with several belts for his ammo weapons. He brought with him the fbc's standard weapons along with a large-kalliber shotgun. "Its not a problem, mister Redfield." He answers Chris's comments as they fly, the noize and balance of the chopper sooting the young corporal's nerves.
James Scott "Understood." James lets the air in his lungs out, eyes squeezing shut. He wasn't sure what was going on, but the last time Umbrella deployed a team out everyone but one captain died. This wasn't a time to doubt himself though. Anything could happen out this way and he knew from personal experience that one wrong step could spell disaster for himself and whoever else he happened to run across. Not that Umbrella really cared about civilian casualties.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell was just chilling on the boat. HE WAS ON A BOAT. Though that was his job though so it wasn't THAT cool. He waves to Redfield and smiles "Good to see another former STARS member here. I'm sure you don't even know who I am, but I know you Mr. Redfield, sir. Big hero I hear!" he nods his head sagely and fiddles with his equipment, an FBC Combat vest, a hightech OICW and two Samurai Edges. "So what is the plan, sir? I dunno what I was called out here for. I assume theres a briefing going to happen soon?"
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton, junior agent of the FBC's Intelligence division, had been on assignment in Dubai, tracking down a potential lead on one of the FBC's many cases, when he got the call to pack it in and head back to base. He was understandably frustrated but compliant nonetheless. Eventually, he found himself face-to-face with both Tricell and BSAA operatives; he enjoyed the idea of interagency cooperation, but hated the bureaucracy that came before it, a proverbial measuring contest in the men's room. Sigh. He wriggled into his FBC standard-issue body armor, double-checked his weapons (an M9 holstered at his left hip, cross-draw style, and an M104 Mod.0 Combat Shotgun strapped to his back) and settled in, listening to the mission briefing.
Silent Night "Thank you for the invitation," Archene, one of the present representatives from Tricell, replies to Chris, "It is good to be able to be able to check on things like these first hand." He was wearing shades and a chestplate with conspicuously lacking any sort of identification - said chestplate containg a knife, a pistol, NVD and even something that looks closer to a small black brick. On his lap, there was a sniper rifle which he seemed to be doing a last check on, both before and after replying to Chris.

"Hope it wasn't too much to call the two of you around," He looked at Richard Miller and Markus, two of Tricell's scientists with, varied experiences.
Markus Berger "Personaly, I would've prefered to not get dragged into anything just yet. Oh well. Work is work." The one comlaining is Doctor Markus Berger, the next Tricell representative. Surprisingly he doesn't really look like any kind of scientist due to wearing what one would assume are casual clothes and shades, although what not many know is that the majority of the clothes are reinforced to withstand most hazards and keep the wearer safe. In addition he has a armored laptop bag slung over his shoulder and seems to be carrying about both a toolkit and a medkit.
Richard Miller Richard Miller isn't really armored. Doesn't have weaponry. This all caught him by surprise and thus far, he's pretty unequipped @_@ He rubs the back of his head and gives Arch a weak smile. "'s ok boss. I gotta earn my keep somehow, right? Ah ha ha...ha..." He trails off and his smile fades. He just nods once at that point and settles back to nervously wait as the mission progresses. Definitely not experienced in this kind of live action. That much is readily apparent.
Chris Redfield As the Blackhawk nears the coastal fishing village that communication has been lost, from the air it looks fairly normal except for one small detail. There wasn't any people here it seems, no movement, no animals, most of the boats were still moored at the docks and the place just looked desserted. The Blackhawk pilot looks towards Chris, "Redfield, what do you want me to drop you guys off? There is some open land to the west of the village near those trees that I can land at or do you want to rapel out?" Chris checks his gear one more time, making sure the safety on his XM8 rifle is on before looking at the pilot to answer. "Land to the west. We have civillians on board that don't know how to rapel. If it is safe to do so, stay grounded but as soon as trouble starts then get the hell out of here and try to find a safer LZ. I'm not sure how long we will be." Redfield then looks towards Caio, giving him a head nod and turns to William Caldwell, "Your Will, Charlie team right? Glad to see a familiar face. I'm no hero, kid just keep your mind on the mission and remember your training. Briefing? Weren't you there?" He raises an eyebrow slightly at the young FBC member, "Investigate the village for any signs of bioterrorism, rescue any uninfected civillians, assess and deal with any threats and all of us get out of here alive." He says this in a matter of factly tone to Will putting his hand on his shoulder. "You'll do fine."

He then turns to the Tricell representatives. "Your here for your scientific knowledge and I appreciate you willing to risk being out in the field. I know some of you aren't combat trained like we are, so just stay behind us and if the shit does hit the fan, we will try to protect you." He looks over at Archene who is the Tricell man in charge with all his impressive gear. "Well, you look like you've seen combat before. Just keep your team safely behind us and if we find any chemicals or strange technology, I'd like you guys to examine it once it is safe to do so."

The USS pilot of the sumbersible nods to James. "We are surfacing now, Captain. Good luck." The Umbrella small stealth troop submersible starts it ascent and they come up quite close to where the Blackhawk is circling but instead of letting Captain Scott off to the west of the village, the USS pilot will go to the opposite end of the coast to the East so that he won't be easily detected. The submersible, hatch opens as fresh salty air enters the cabin where James is situated and it will only be a short swim to the beach head. There doesn't appear to be any people nearby, just some washed up debris on the beach and a fishing net with a lot of smelly dead fish in it. (James +roll Alertness)

The Blackhawk pilot takes the chopper in for a landing, making it's way to the west of the village where there is enough open ground for him to touchdown safely. "There ya go. Good luck out there! I'll hold here until you tell me otherwise or I see something bad going down." The chopper pilot keeps the rotar still running though just in case he has to make a hasty retreat if Nemsis steps out with a rocket launcher or something.
Caio As the chopper continues to fly, Caio would give a small smile to William. He would nod politelly to the men from Tricel, the only eception being Markus. "Its nice to see you again, doctor." He would say in an easy tone, memories of the ship still fresh in his mind. As they arrive above the small village, a frown appears on the young man's face. "I don't like it. Things too quiet is never a good sign." As they land he asks Redfield. "Would you like me and William to scout a head, sir?" The soldier checks his gear one last time, making sure everything is as it should be.
Prestige William Caldwell William 'Iron Dong' Caldwell waits patiently in the Blackhawk. Hopefully it doesn't end up like that one movie Blackhawk down! He smiles and nods to Chris "Yes, sir! Charlie team. Squad leader was Buck Rogers. He's a big time celebrity now, sir!" he nods to Chris again "Got it." he says looking around at the outside of the chopper and waits for the doors to open, then smiling to Caio "Nice to see you again, Doctor sir!" he says, waving to Markus.
James Scott James nods slightly, slipping his tinted full face respirator on. It doesn't take him long to swim up to the village proper where he notices a mess of footprints leading off towards the wooded area towards the north. "Better hurry up before whoever was in that bird spots me." Without wasting any more time he starts following the tracks, eager to get into the woods and out of sight.
Silent Night "Former member of Singapore Security Command, among other things." Sir Night smiles at Chris, finishing the check on his rifle, "I'll be sure to keep them safe and out of harms way." After a pause, he looks at Markus, smiling at him as well, "You won't have to do much more than keep an eye out, Doctor." His head turns slightly towards Miller, "Don't worry, all you have to do is to stay close and out of their way. They are here to take care of danger, you are here to do what examine things after they are done. I'm here to be sure that you stay safe while they handle things." He smiles softly, "So don't worry, you know we've been through things worst that we could possibly find here." Probably, I mean, this couldn't be worst than Raccoon City.

Surely, however, he waits for those who are here officially ready for fighting, to move out first. There is no need for him to be outside before them after all.
Markus Berger "Fortunately. I'll make sure that you stay between me and any danger. Wouldn't even be the first time. At least I got rather decent at staying out of harms way. Maybe." A bald faced lie as Markus just can't stop getting into trouble or do something foolish, but at least he smirks confidently. Not that that is going to fool anyone... or at the very least Archene.
Richard Miller Richard Miller nods to Arch, trying to conjure up that weak grin from before. True that zombie-zombie-zombie-LICKER-HUNTER-WTFISTHATTHINGWITHTHEROCKETLAUNCHER!?!-zombie-etc... is pretty harrowing. Who knows? The whole world is more topsy turvy than he ever imagined anyway. He sighs softly and folds his arms, offering a polite smile to anyone in the chopper who wanted to 'greet' but...he's too nerve wracked to be chatty. He's never done ANYTHING like this and he counts Raccoon City as a 'thank god I made it' situation.
Chris Redfield Chris looks towards Chase, the FBC Intelligence operative who came with the team who suddenly looks a bit green, must have ate something bad during his Dubai assignment. "You don't look so good, Chase. I'm ordering you stay with the Chopper. I can't let you go on a op, feeling like that." Chase nods and grudingly accepts being grounded with the chopper.

Redfield then nods at Will's response and looks over to Ciao, "Yes, you and Will take point. Go towards the village and see if you can find out anything. I'll be right behind you guys with the Tricell team."

Redfield nods at Archene, "That explains it, well happy to have you aboard and that's a rather interesting change of career path." He then unstraps his safety buckles, getting out of the chair and steps off the chopper, holding his XM8 rifle up to his shoulder and scanning the beach, the treeline and towards the village while motioning for everyone to exit the Blackhawk. "LZ is clear, go, go, go everybody off and lets head towards the Village. I want this by the book, FBC. Stay sharp and do not engage until you have a confirmed threat. I don't want any civillians injured by friendly fire." He says in a very serious tone, especially about that last part.

James manages to avoid detection so far from the Blackhawk team that has set down on the west side of the village as he follows the tracks he's located that head north from the beach towards the tree's. It would have been nice if the chopper had shut down the rotar blades because the noise even though it is farther off to the west is still distracting to James's hearing. There is no signs of life so far, just an unnatural stillness for a place that is supposed to be brimming with life.
Caio Caio nods at Chris. He starts to move forward with William, always making sure that he isn't neiter infront nor bheind the man, the two of them walking side by side. He has all his senses open but fails to notice anything out of the ordinary. He holds his machine gun a little thighter, ready for whatever is a head.
James Scott James follows the tracks, his attention split between the trail he's following and the sound of the helicopter. He almost steps over a bloody area thanks to the distraction but manages to catch it in time. "Knew this wouldn't be simple." is muttered to himself as he readies his bow before following the droplets on towards the unknown.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell nods to Chris then unslings his OICW rifle, keeping it at the ready and looking around the village, moving about carefully. "I got a really bad feeling about this, Caio." he mutters, looking around with his SPECIAL EYES. He still had some broken ribs but he wasn't pussing out. Caldwell was a BRAVE BOY. He aims his OICW around and keeps an eye on things. "Not seeing anything..shouldn't there be something like birds or at least SOMETHING out here? You could hear a flea fart and I think even the fleas are gone."
Silent Night "Just changed the methods available to me in making a better world." Archene smiles again, which he does a lot, even in a situation like this. With a nod, he unstraps his safety buckles before moving out of the chopper, the Arbiter in his hands although it is pointed down. As soon as he is out, he looks at Markus and Richard, "Richard, Markus, please follow Redfield's instructions for the rest of the operation. If either of you see anything outside the norm, inform us." He speaks a bit more seriously to the two as he begins to walk towards the village along with the rest of the Tricell team.
Markus Berger "Sure." With that being the only response Markus has he follows and especially stays behind Archene as the Tricell team begins heading towards the Village. Not much else to do just now.
Richard Miller Richard Miller nods slowly. "Yes sir." He peers around in a bit of a fearful haze, his adrenaline and other agonists a plenty are making him a little shaky. He gives Markus a sideways glance, not an aggressive one of course....just looking a little unconvinced at how nonchalant he is about this. Mind you, he doesn't know him well and has no idea what he's capable of. He just pulls his coat around him a bit and follows after the group solemnly.
Chris Redfield As Will and Ciao are scouting up ahead from Chris, Archene, Markus and Richard you notice the village looks very desserted. But from the way some cars and trucks are stopped on the road, with their doors open it looks like people may have left in a hurry for whatever reason.

Chris's keen eye as well as Markus and ARchene notices something from a residential house, more of a makeshift hut really at the outskirts of the village but he motions for both William and Ciao to head towards it first.

Redfield, motions with his hand to the Tricell team to hold here near an abandoned old pick up truck on the side of the road as he continues forward towards William to back the man up. "Everyone stay calm. Lets be careful and check this out first." He says into the radio headset attached to his right ear so the whole FBC/Tricell group can hear him.

The hut is fairly nondescript, made of wood, with two windows on the front and no gate whatsoever around it. There is a front door that is closed and a rubber tire hangs from a rope on the tree in front of the hut, that looks like it is a kid's swing like those one's in playgrounds. There is no sound except for the *whomp whomp whomp* of the helicopter blades that are now spinning much more slowly from the Blackhawk.

The forest that James is in, is erriley quiet as he follows the blood trail that he's found leading further north. He comes to a clearing, where the trail leads and there is a body of a woman, laying on the ground. She is dark skinned, long black hair, wearing simple clothing that is common to the villagers in this region. You can't see her face as she is facing away from you, but you do see a large pool of blood underneath her. She is laying very still not moving at all. More blood trails lead off further from her northwards.
Caio "Roger." Caio talks into the radio. "Lets check it, William." Him and the other man start to move towards the small house, Caio paying atention, not wanting to be surprised by anything unusual.
James Scott It wasn't the first corpse James had seen, hell, the Raccoon Outbreak wasn't the first time he'd seen or made a corpse either. This was business as usual. As he approaches the body he nocks an arrow, knowing how zombies like to play dead you can't ever be too cautious. "Let's see what we're dealing with here.."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell slowly moves near the hut, keeping his OICW raised and looking through the nightvision on it. Keeping his aim steady and ready to unload on anything that comes rushing them. He's seen some FAST fucking zombies in his time. And this was no different, assuming there were zombies here. Maybe it was something else? But zombies was the most likely cause for this many disappearances. He grunts and tries to open the door with BRUTE FORCE but only hurts his broken ribs more "Fuck...that hurt..." he says, moving back and holding his poor baby back ribs
Silent Night Archene follows Chris to behind the pickup truck. He checks on Markus and Richard before standing just by the edge of the Truck. The Arbiter aiming towards the house, in case something were to jump out of the window towards them, that kind of thing can always happen. He looks at Willian... failing to kick down the door of a village hut. . . He has weapons, shooting the lock, could help. Checking if the door was locked, could help. He sighs and quietly tells Markus and Rick, "There is someone or something in that house, if it is hostile, don't worry, I'll be taking care of it if they fail to do so."
Markus Berger Markus himself just watches William try to force open the door with a slight shake of his head before he digs out some lockpicks out of his pocket before walking over to the door and getting to work on the lock. Not that it does much as it reveals itself to be likely barred from the inside. "Well, this isn't working. Shall we break it down?"
Chris Redfield William tries to open the door through force but his busted ribs prevented him from using his full might. The door holds and it seems like there might be something barricaded behind it because it hardly even gave when Will hit it.

The house to shake a little when Will hit the door though and there was a short cry or scream that was quickly muffled. Suddenly, a woman's face at the window appears, she is dark skinned, her hair tied up in a pony tail and she looks very scared. In her arms, clutching at her is a small boy and a girl they are sobbing with their face turned towards her. "Help...please. My husband hurt and people gone crazy." she says in broken English and then the sound of crashing can be heard from inside now, a groaning and the woman screams quickly darting from the window into the house.

Chris furrows his brow, looking at both Ciao and William. "Lets get that door down now. Together! Hurry! We have to save them!" He takes a few steps back, ready to run at the door for a kick with the combined force of the other two FBC once Markus is unable to get the door open but the lock is picked it's just that the door is barricaded.

Archene is right, there are people inside the residence and it looks like something bad might be in there right now. Richard is staying with Archene by the truck but Archene has an advantage of having that high powered scope to be a sniper with that hand cannon arbiter of his. There is nothing spotted at the windows or off in the distance for him to shoot at though at this moment.

As James draws his bow, that seems to have triggered something because of all a sudden the woman sits up straight, she turns her head and you can see that half her face has been eaten off, she stands now the front of her body is also quite mutilated, guts hanging out for her stomach where all that blood had come out of. She opens her partially torn off jaw in a hissing screech, red eyes on her prey that is the Umbrella Captain and then she runs at him. Much faster than the Raccoon City zombies were, her hands are outstretched those fingers opening and closing as the undead hunger compells her to feed!
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell bursts through the door after the barricade is down, lining up his targeting computer on the zombie husband of the woman. He readies his aim and fires off a quick shot to the head of the recently turned man. Blood, brain matter, and bone bits all splatter across the wall where the man now lay dead. "Shit..that was this is as bad as we thought." he mutters, looking around through his night vision to see if theres any more zombies aboot. "You alright, ma'am?" he asks, looking down at the woman and offering her a hand to help her up along with the kid
Chris Redfield Chris, William, Ciao and Markus managed to bust that door down just in the nick of time. The woman's husband had turned, he was a freaking zombie now and had broken out of the bedroom they had locked him in just as the heros came in to rescue them. The zombie didn't even get a few steps past the bedroom door, when William's deadeye shooting got him in the brainpan, ending his undead existence before he even got one meal in. Damn you Caldwell for ruining his first meal - Zombie thoughts. "Thank you thank you..." The woman with her children say to Will, but the kids are crying, screaming for their daddy and the little girl points at William with a scowl on her face. "Bad man! Hurt daddy!" The mother scoops the little girl in her arms and looks apologetically at William as well as the rest of the team that came in to help. "Sorry, she not understand." she says in broken english.

Redfield pats William on the shoulder. "Good shooting kid. Everyone else alright?" He scans the inside of the house, then looks into the bedroom and radios for Archene's team to come in. "Archene, come in here. I want you to take a look at something." He motions for Markus to come over. "Doctor Berger. What do you make of that?" He points to a cannister inside the bedroom on the floor, it looks be some sort of viral contaimnent cylinder of some sort with a red biohazzard warning on it.
Richard Miller Richard Miller seems quite unsure of the situation. He watches the group break into the house with a curious look on his face. He then recoils a bit when he hears a shot ring out. Wide eyed, he peers over at Arch with a bit of a 'What's happening NOW?' kind of look...but he says nothing. He frowns slightly and resigns himself to simply continue watching from afar. Combat training isn't his forte'.
Silent Night Archene nods as he hears Chris, "Understood, Redfield." Archene looks at Richard, giving his shoulder a pat, "Don't worry, this is all just standard procedure. They are professionals." He pauses a bit, "And I'm here, not like I'll let anything happen to anyone." He says before starting to walk towards the house, "I'll go there check what is needed, either stay here, or come over. This place seems safe for now." He smiles before jogging over and walking into the house, saying a quiet 'sorry' to the woman and child before looking into the room with the canister. How'd he know anything, Markus was the specilist, but he stlil had eyes on his face. Clearly, that was something bad.
Markus Berger Doctor Berger just needs to take a short look at the container from the distance before he allready knows what that is. "Definitely a containment cylinder for viruses. You know, to contain such wonderfull things like the T or R-Virus. Seen more of those in my life than I'm comfortable with. That would explain... Well, this." With that he points at the now very dead zombie. "Question is though... Why and how is that thing here?"
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell groans and grabs hold of his ribs "Fuck..I think I knocked something out of place in my ribs..Still broken too...I'll just be...waiting in the chopper." he says through gritted teeth, moving his way to the chopper and slinging his rifle.
James Scott 'Fuck.' James thinks to himself, tossing the bow and arrow aside as the zombie gets up and starts running at him. It was just like the bar fight he was in not too long ago. The teen steps into the charge, his fist slamming into what's left of the corpse's nose, causing her to wind up flat on her back. Wasting no time he crawls atop her before she can rise again and repeatedly slams his fist into her already ruined face until she stops moving.

"Well, this is going to be fun." he takes a waterproof disposable camera from his belt and snaps a picture of the infected, before collecting his boaw and continuing down the path like nothing happened.
Caio stands beside William as he fires at the zombie. As the infected falls and the rest of the group enters, Caio approaches the the fatherless family. He looks at the woman, his gun held away from them in the best nom-threatening posture he can have. "Miss.. What happened here? How did it start? Please, we need to know."
Chris Redfield "Uh guys, you better get the fuck back to the chopper because there is a whole lot of angry looking villagers who are running out of the gawd damn woods!" You all hear over the radio from the Blackhawk chopper pilot.

Those of you that look outside now that the pilot has informed you of this situation, can surely see that a rather large number of people are running from the forest towards the village now. It seems like they possibly are coming back for the stuff that they had left behind, or they are running from something chasing them or more likely they are really fast infected zombies who want to much on all your living brains.

James however, is a bit more fortunate although after his encounter with the undead lady, he hears a lot of rustling and footsteps, more like a stamped really that is coming from the north and it is getting closer.

The zombies are quite far away at the moment, only rifle ranged weapons could even target any of them but will the heroes get back to the chopper in time before it gets overwhelmed with the family they have rescued or will the pilot panic and take off before they get there?

The submersible is also waiting for Captain Scott, unaware of the rampaging zombie villagers coming down at those that are on land. He'll wait for his orders from either Umbrella Command or Captain Scott before he does anything other than what he's been told, which is to wait to extract their agent.

The cannister that Markus has pointed out is indeed a biological containment cylinder but what will they do with it? Also could it be still dangerous and how did it end up here? So many questions.

"I'm okay. Please help me and family. Everyone gone crazy here. Husband found something fishing, it is in bedroom then he get sick bite someone by accident. We lock him up but now, he's gone." The woman looks so sad as she speaks to Caio, her kids clutching at her and crying.
Silent Night As he hears the radio, Archene tells Markus, "You can ponder those questions later Markus, I'll leave this up to you. I'll go ensure that whatever is coming doesn't get to us." With those words, he proceeds outside as quickly as one can expect from someone wearing so little equipment.

He points the Arbiter, he shoots a zombie, the bullet blowing its head... it doesn't take more than a moment for him to fire a second shot, blowing up yet another zombie's head. "People, you should come out side, quick. Rick," he speaks over to Richard, "Come over, and don't move away from the properly equipped personel."
Chris Redfield "Okay, we have to get back to the chopper, right now! Caio, get that family moving and we can cover you." Chris barks out orders in a calmly fashion after hearing the chopper pilot over the mike, "Pilot, we need you to hold your position until we get there. We will take out as many of them as we can. Do not take off without us for now." He motions for everyone to follow outside, then steps out as Archene's Arbiter almost deafens him as the Tricell operative scores two perfect head shots. He doesn't want to dissapoint either, bringing up his XM8 rifle to his shoulder, taking aim and takes out a Zombie Senior Citizen that happens to be running ahead of the pack. The bullet tears through it's skull and he drops to the ground. "Everyone get to the chopper!" It's an overused line but appropriate in this circumstance as he see's the waves of Zombies coming out of the forest.
Markus Berger "Immernoch besser als Arklay. Na ja... I'm taking the cylinder!" Markus doesn't hesitate for long as he hears about the fact that there is a horde of zombies arriving... and the gunshots tearing through the first ones. He simply dashes into the bedroom, grabs the cylinder, moves outside and starts making his way to the chopper as quickly as he can. After all, there is not much else he can do, due to lacking a gun. Like always.
James Scott About the time James hears the commotion he turns his attention that way, only to come face to face with a Surprise Zombie! He hops back and throws a right jab that just misses it's mark. Rather than be defeated he pushes forward and slams his left fist into the infected's sternum, shattering bones and weakening it, but not destroying it like he'd have liked.
Caio Caio blinks as he looks out of a window. "Quick!" He says as he hears the pilote through the Radio. He points to the mother and children. "We'll get you away from here." He moves to cover the family's exit. If allowed he'll place them in a way so they are covered at all sides by one member of the group. He raises his p-90, starting to fire at the incoming zombies. He and the group start to run toward the chopper now the viral container is already in the hands of Markus. The loud blasts of his gun probably scaring the family.
Chris Redfield Archene manages to take out two zombies that were running out of the forest ahead of the pack with his crack shooting, the arbiter making two very loud booms which even James can hear in the forest to the east. Chris also takes out a Zombie senior with a rifle shot, Richard Miller flees to the Chopper ahead of the group since he was already outside waiting after he heard the chopper pilot telling them to get back.

Markus grabs the cannister, then runs out of the hut and is not far behind Richard Miller. Both, Chase and William are in the chopper using their rifles to take out as many of the oncoming zombies as possible as well. Probably another reason why the chopper pilot hasn't taken off yet. But more zombies are coming through from the woods, lots more and maybe the whole fishing village except this family that you have saved is all that remains.

James has badly injured the surrpise zombie but it lashes out with a clawed hand, smacking him in the chest where his armor plating is protecting him but the force of the blow still manages to hurt him as the force of the blow is quite staggering. Lucky he's tough so there are no serious wounds he sustained.

The family follows closely behind Caio, the woman almost clinging to his arm as they move towards the helicopter while the others provide fire support so they can get to it safely.
Chris Redfield "Caio. I've got the family. You take out that zombie that is getting close to us." Chris says to the FBC Agent that was initially assigned to protect the family. He can't let the young man go on a mission and not have any shots at zombies, that would just be wrong and he's a good leader that way. He takes control of the woman with her two kids and leads them into the Chopper. The woman is very thankful, "Oh thank you, thank you so much." She says between tears and glances over at Caio. Chris helps the kids get on board, as William and Chase continue to provide covering fire trying to slow the advancing zombie hoard down. But that one teenage lookking zombie has gotten past the covering fire unscathed, getting closer to the Chopper with each step.

Archene, being responsible for his Tricell team, lowers his Arbiter while racing to the Chopper, helping get Markus with the cylinder on board and making sure that Richard is safe as well. The former Shanghia security agent then assists with providing covering fire after his team is accounted for.

The surprise Zombie on James is in bad shape, barely able to move properly after he had broken it's sternum and continues to flail away at him. That approaching stampede of feet he heard earlier is still getting closer towards his position.

The sumbersible pilot radios Captain Scott. "Captain, is everything alright? Awaiting further orders." What will James do, continue to fight this almost defeated zombie and risk getting into a confronttation with more zombies or turn to run back to the Submersible?
James Scott James staggers back a second as the clawed hand swipes him, but rather than be defeated he draws back and slams his fist into the thing's face, causing it's head to crack open. This time it should stay dead. He quickly snaps another picture before turning and running back the way he came. "Everything is fine, for the moment. I'm returning for extraction."
Caio Caio gives Chris a salute as the man and the family board the chopper. He raises his weapon at the oncoming zombie teenager. He aims at his head and pulls the trigger. The recoil and the fact that the man's been firing his gun almost nom stop for a while now makes his aim go ever so slightly of. That means about 20 rounds rip into the zombie's chest, flesh being clearly shreded. The man takes a few steps back towards the chopper, not wanting to let the zombie pass.
Chris Redfield With everybody now on the chopper, the pilot wants to take off but hesitates because Caio hasn't boarded yet. "Pilot, hold on we have one more left to board!" He yells at Caio, "Kid, get your ass in the chopper now or we are going to leave without you!" Chris barks and takes hold of the Blackhawk's heavy machinegun, then opens up on the advancing hoarde of zombies who are still emerging from the trees. The shell casings from the machine gun shower, Caio a bit as he reamins standing outside the chopper as the people on board continue providing covering fire to slow their advance. The poor woman and her two children, cover their ears as they aren't use to the deafing sounds of military grade and automatic weapons fire. "Daddy! Daddy!" the little girl screams with her eyes shut.

Everyone is waiting on Caio, will he let his pride and ego blind him from their mission objectives?

James manages to get to the beach and swim to the subermisble, with about a dozen fast zombies bearing down on him and they are slowed down by the water when they splash into the ocean. The USS pilot calmly, activates the button to close the hatch once Captain Scott is on board. "Welcome back, Captain. Looks like a fucking shit storm out there. Are we cleared to leave now? The objective has been completed?" The sub pilot seems very anxious to get out of here.
James Scott "As much of it as I could." James settles down and tugs the tinted respirator from his face, giving a tired sigh. "We'll need to send an entire team in before they come back with one of their own. Only thing left to do now is go home." With nothing left to do for the moment he just sits back. James 2, Zombies 0.
Caio Caio only stayed outside to cover the group's boarding of the chopper. Now everybody is inside the young man runs towards the chopper. He quickly gets inside. "You don't need to tell me twice, sir!" He exclains to Redfield. He raises his machine gun once more, firing another burst of bullets at the oncomming zombie. He hits his mark this time, the bullets tearing into its dead flesh and blowing its head. "I was trying to make sure everyone got inside." He says to Chris as he buckles his belt. He looks at the mother with her children, giving the family a slightly shy smile.
Chris Redfield With Caio, finally coming on board the Blackhawk Pilot, happily takes off from the LZ as the remaining undead villagers swarm where they just were. Chris Redfield stops firing the heavy machinegun, shooting Caio a rather /stern/ look but doesn't say anything to him and then looks over to the family who are huddled together in the back of the helicopter. "Go help them get strapped in and they are your responsibility until we get back to the Liberty." Redfield has a stoic expression on his face when he speaks to Caio but his tone is serious. Chris then stands, checking on everybody else making sure that nobody was left behind and sits down near the chopper pilot and co-pilot. "Radio FBC command, that we made contact and confirmed biohazzard at this village. There were 3 survivors rescued, no casaulaties to our team and there is high probablity of further outbreak if this situation is not dealt with." He looks over at the Tricell Team, nodding to Archene and that cannister that Markus is holding onto. "Also tell command that we have acquired physical evidence of biohazzard contamination and brining it back for analysis."

The Tricell team was an asset to this investigation, however Redfield doesn't know why they were brought in as consultants for this mission. They usually use WilPharma but he's only a BSAA Operative, a field grunt and doesn't really have much influence on the political side of things. Maybe it was Wesker who had requested their expertise, or maybe Tricell has some buiness with the UN and this was a favor owed to them.

The USS Submerisible reverses and then starts it's descent into the depths of the ocean, the pilot calmly turns the sub around and then heads towards the main Umbrella Submarine that they came from. Captain James Scott has completed some of his objectives at least, photographic evidence and he probably has enough dna samples on his fists that they can analyze as well. He wasn't seen by the BSSA/FBC/Tricell team but he also didn't really get a chance to observe them to report any intelligence back.