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Rashaam Automatic rifle fire had broken out in a house in rather derelict section of Denver's Five-Point Neighborhood. While gunfire itself was rather common, flat-out cartel like hits weren't nearly as common. This however was the case.
It was around 10:40pm at Rashaam's residence. Both doors were busted off the hinges, both with a dead body not far from the points of entry. One had a hole directly in between his eyes, while the other had a perfectly aimed hit on his spine. Rashaam was laying on the couch, smoke billowing up from a blunt that he had been smoking on. An extremely bloody rag was pressed up and into the wound, and the agent was doing his best to remain calm. A massive blue pitbull is standing guard next to him, his mouth bloody from what looks like the remains of.. one of the assassins manly-bits.
Benny Benny got the agent needs assistance alert on his phone, an emergency system set up by the D.S.O. for all their agents in case they needed back-up. He was at the Cafe with Chase, an FBC guy whom he met just the other night at Jack's Bistro when an altercation broke out there. When the alert came through, he trusted Chase enough to bring him along for back up. Rashaam and he were in the academy together, the "Barn" they called it and he knows that he's one tough hombre so if he was in trouble that means it was pretty big.

Benny knew where Rashaam lived, it was a D.S.O. safe house set up for his cover and the alert sent out also gave him precise GPS coordinates. He had tried to contact Ingrid on the drive here but she may have been sleeping since she was in the U.S. but D.S.O. HQ had been notified so he's sure they will have comms soon with somebody. They are trained to operate fairly independently though so he won't hesitate to make his own judgement calls. "Chase, you go to the back of the house and I'll cover the front. Just don't shoot me or my buddy in there okay? Lets move." He parked about half a block down from the house, jumped out the front door, shutting it quietly and took his Samurai Edge pistol out with attached silencer as he moved towards Rashaam's house in a tactical but stealthy fasion.
Chase Dalton "Copy that. I'll try to miss that big head of yours," Chase responds, grinning, as he straps on his combat vest and books it around to the back of the house as stealthily as possible so as not to give himself away. His P90 is slung over one shoulder, and the M104 is strapped to his back. He finds a spot to hunker down, and cues his radio. "Benny, Chase. In position, waiting for your go." He says this quietly, so as not to give himself away.
Rashaam Rashaam is blissfully unaware of the two agents who are about to enter in on the safe house. By now the corpses had developed large bools of blood around them. Rashaam had been sitting up on the couch but began to slump over, his face considerably pale from loss of blood. His SCAR-H was propped up against his leg, while a massive Desert Eagle rested on his stomach, his finger resting on the trigger. The bullet hole in the front-door assailants head was massive, and the back of his head just flat out didn't exist anymore. No doubt a gruesome sight to walk in on. Rashaam's TV had been shot up, but he radio was currently on, coincedently, 'Who Shot Ya' was playing on the radio, a classic hip-hop song from the 90's. Oh the irony.
Benny Benny blinks when he see's one of the dead bodies Rashaam plugged near the front door that he's now that he's peeking around the corner, he also catches a glimpse of Rashaam on the couch with Biggie standing guard over him. He ducks his head back from the door, "Rash. It's me Benny. Got your alert. Don't shoot me and there's an FBC agent at the back door. Is it all clear in there?" He keyed the radio that Chase had given him so that he could hear the same conversation. Benny's still cautious though, being at the "Barn" taught him to never underestimate any situation, it could be a trap after all and Admiral Akbar is never wrong when it comes to traps.
Chase Dalton "Benny, Chase. I'm in position; waiting for your go. How copy?" Chase says, again. He racks the slide on his M9, and readies himself to breach.
Rashaam Rashaam jumps at the moment Benny talks, his pistol being raised over the top of the couch. The Safety is clicked on and he lowers it, taking a deep breath which causes him to clinch his eyes tight while sucking wind through his teeth, "Yeah, they all dead. Muhfucka shot me though.." Rashaam doesn't sound nearly as professional as he normally does. He's been shot and is clearly uninhibited at the moment. He doesn't go into too much more detail though, he simply whistles once, and Biggie readjusts himself on the couch in a far less threatening position.
Benny "Okay, Rash. Your safe now. Just make sure your nice dog won't bite my balls off if I come in there to help you okay?" Benny says in a calm voice but with that Peter Parker kinda sarcastic tone that you either loved or drove ya nuts. He radios Chase, "Chase start your entry, no need to breach just clear all the rooms at the rear of the house and meet us in the living room area. I'm going to do a quick sweep for any stragglers and help my buddy. Do you copy?" He then glances to his left and right, making sure that it is clear before he makes his entry through the front doors after Rashaam has confirmed he's got Biggie under control. He'll clear the front room, move the weapons the obvious dead guys dropped away from their hands with his foot just in case they are some T-Virus or some other strain infested bad guys and then he'll put his gun away to give some first aid to Rashaam. "They shot you up pretty bad Rash. You want me to call an amulance? Or just HQ to get us the local D.S.O. cleared medic?"
Chase Dalton "Copy all. Making soft entry now." Chase responds, entering the back of the house rather casually given the circumstances, though his weapon is still up. "FBC! Call out now, and come out with your hands up." He begins working his way through the rooms as ordered, checking for stragglers.
Rashaam "No ambulances, no cops.. I'm deep undercover right. Been doin' some heavy investigating. Pretty sure I asked the wrong question to the wrong people." He begins to detail the scenario as his friend, and co-agent works to mend his wound to the best of his abilities, "They mentioned El Papa sending his regards, and having his revenge." He shakes his head, "I'm going to make sure every last one of those putos rots.." He coughs, the swelling from the gunshot causing pressure on his lungs.
Benny Benny nods, as his brow furrows a bit in concern for his fellow agent and friend, "Okay Rash. No problem. Still going to have to deal with the uh, mess in here though. I can get /maintenance/ a call for clean up, have those doors fixed and the place spotless in no time." He does the best he can to patch up Rashaam with his first aid skills, at least he's got any bleeding under control and uses antiseptic wipes on the wounds before bandaging them. He steps away from Rasham to search the guy with almost no head left at the front doors, patting the man down for any additional weapons, cell phones or any other evidence he can use to help. "Hit men probably. El Pappa eh? Well, we can talk later at a secure debriefing." He takes several photo of the man with his cell phone, then sends the photos off to Ingrid for analysis and ID. He looks over at Chase. "Thanks for your help bud. Oh, this is Chase by the way. This is my buddy." He introduces Chase to Rash but won't give up his real name to Chase because he doesn't want to blow his cover.
Chase Dalton "Chase Dalton, Federal Bioterrorism Commission." Chase flashes hia badge at Rashaam, and slips the M9 back into the small-of-back holster tucked under his shirt. He snaps off a quick salute. "Used to serve in the Marines. But that was a good while ago." He casts a subtle glance to Rashaam.
Rashaam Rashaam nods as thoughtfully as he can, considering there was a piece of lead in him, "Nice to meet ya and all... just call me Smith." He begins to offer a hand to shake, but retracts it once he remembers that it's caked in semi-dried blood, "Ain't my first donkey show," The saying is wrong of course. With Rashaam, he could very easily be talking about a real donkey show. Either way, he continues to speak, his breath shallow due to weariness of pain, "I'll be good until one of our medics arrive. This is Biggie 'Mr. Munch Munch' Smalls.." The uninjured, bloody pitbull raises his head, grunting like a pig for a moment before laying his head back down on Rashaam's Lap."
Benny Benny then dials a number on his cell phone, "Hi, we'll need maintenance at Mr. Smith's residence. A full meal deal yes, two for take out, a couple of fries, lots of napkins and a happy meal, yes. Delay and hold the pork. Yes, that should be all. Oh and can you transfer me to the Seamstress. Yes, we'll need more than a few stitches, got a couple of plugs to fill. Thank you." He hangs up the phone after his very cryptic conversation with whomever maintenance was. "Eta 15 mikes. And next time, Smith could you please not go for the guy's face. It is kinda hard to ID ya know?" He then moves over to where the other body is, which does have a face and starts taking photos with his cell phone after searching the man, then sending the pictures to Ingrid. He leaves Rashaam and Chase to chat for now, since he's already gotten a chance to know the FBC Agent a little already.
Chase Dalton "I need to notify my chain of command." Chase notes to Rashaam, before stepping away and tap-tapping the earbud plugged into his ear. "...Dalton, Chase." A beat. "Skyfall. Authentication Foxtrot-Tango-Whiskey-Five-One-Six. Uncle Sam's not going to like the pictures from this one. Full album to follow shortly." He glances to Benny. "Shoot me a copy of those photos?" More 'please, in the spirit of agency cooperation' than 'do it, now, before I pull rank'.
Rashaam Rashaam falls silent when he's not talked to directly, listening carefully to the order that Benny places. This causes Rashaam to snort just a bit. No matter what agency he worked for, talking in code never ceased to amuse the piss out of the military police officer turned Texas Ranger, turned S.T.A.R.S, turned 0.0.7. The snort in turn causes Rashaam to wince in pain, which forces the massive man to growl in anger. Benny's comment draws a long pause from Agent Smith, "I'm jus' gonna pretend you didn't ridicule my perfect head shot while being shot at by two automatic AK-47s.." He rolls his eyes, taking another long his from his blunt.
Benny "Dude, you don't have to use a Dessert Eagle to take someone out with a headshot. That's just kinda mean." Benny replies to Rashaam/Smith when he turns to glance at his former S.T.A.R.S. team mate and now fellow brother agent in the D.S.O. but when Chase asks him for a copy of the photo, he blinks.

"I don't think that will be a problem but I'll have to clear it first through my management. Sorry, but thanks for your help it is much appreciated." He looks over at Rashaam/Smith again, "I will say that your a damn good shot, even though your gun is a bit OP." he smirks and then gets on his cell phone again to make another call.
Chase Dalton "No worries there. I just want to be sure the Powers That Be know we were out here busting ass and doing good work." Chase flashes a thumbs-up, nods to Benny, and grins. "You feel me?"
Rashaam Rashaam blinks, "Whaat?? Mean? They SHOT me.. tha' fuck am I gonna be nice for??" He looks bewildered at the thought, calming down when he shot is finally complimented like it should've been. A 'that's right' expression settling against the paleness of his face. While Rashaam is generally a rather calm, level-headed professional, bullets tend to bring out the raw.. eccentric side of the skilled agent.
Benny "Point taken." Benny replies to Rashaam and peeks out the busted open front door to see two vans pull up in front. "Looks like maintenance is here early." He then speaks into his cell phone. "Yup, your team is all clear. We are still inside, send the seamstress in too if they are here." He nods to Rashaam and then turns to Chase. "Yup, I got it. So is it just me or is anyone else kinda hungry?" His stomach grumbles even admist a nearly headless guy laying in a large pool of blood and another body near the back of the house that has a few vertabrea missing. "Pizza? You guys like peperonni, mushrooms and green peppers? Come on it's a Canadian. It's good."
Chase Dalton "Chicken-bacon-stuffed, man.. The only way to go. Get a nice thick wedge of that, dip it in some freshly-made ranch sauce.. hot pizza, cool ranch sauce, and a nice drink will have you on cloud nine in no time." Chase grins, popping his knuckles and cracking his neck in anticipation. "Pizza sounds muy bueno, either way. Count me in."
Rashaam Rashaam looks down at his blunt after Chase finishes talking about food, "Damn.. the second hand smoke munchies is real.." Considering the amount of blood he'd lost, food did sound good. But.. then again, so did stitches.
Benny "Done. I'm going to order us some pizza, but I'll go wait in the car to pick it up there. Don't want to cause a scene after all." Benny says and looks over at Rashaam "Don't worry I'll save you a slice." he winks at his fellow agent and Rash knows how much Benny can eat, the way he decimated the buffet at the Barn. That skinny Asian dude can eat three times more than anyone else. "That does sound pretty good Chase. Lets order one of each. Larges." He gets on the phone once more to call the closest pizza delivery place and walks out, nodding politely to the maintenance crew that is coming in as he heads down half a block to his car to call in the order.