Umbrella Surveillance System
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Caio Ever cince he got back from his last mission, Caio's really been trying to know more about the Umbrella Corporation. Its not just because of what happened in Raccoon. His last mission made him realize that Umbrella would if given the chance do it again. A tip from a contact led Caio to one of Umbrella's smaller facilities. Research really isn't made here, the place is used as a sort of storage center for the corporation's secrets. He's looking for anything that will incriminate the corporation but alsso searchs for any connection between it and Aubert Wesker.
Licker Right into the belly of the beast, one of it's many bellies because Umbrella is like a cow in that regard. It has significantly more than four stomachs, but it's so multi-facetted that it's hard to tell where one subsediary ends and another begins.

This particular building is just an office in Paris where clerical work is done. There's a young receptionist answering the phones in French, "Bonjour, Umbrella peut vous tenir s'il vous plait?" Over and over while direction the streams of incalls to their respective target throughout the offices.
Caio Caio looks around the lobby of the small office. Seeing he won't be able to just sneak his way around, he decides for a more should we say creative approach. He calmly waits in line, his eyes periodically glancing at the young receptionist. When its finally his turn, he approaches her slowly. "Good day. I'm a recently hired employe. I was told to come here by my superiors and check some data.." He looks down for a brief moment. "However, I.. I forgot my id card. So.. Could you please let me in, just this once?" He stammers for a few seconds. "I can get in big trouble if I don't do it in time." He gives the woman a small shy smile. Deep down, he really hopes this works. The woman is after all just doing her job.
Licker The Receptionist is a pretty girl, in her early twenties with long blonde hair pulled back in a neat bun. She greets each person that comes up with a warm smile, the same warm smile, and directs them to their various points of interest until Caio finally makes his way up to the counter.

She listens to his tale with a dubious expression, but the same warm smile, then remains quiet for several minutes as if weighing her own job against the new hires. "Oui... You are..." Her brow starts to crease between her eyes as she looks the young soldier over. "Oh mon dieu, il a un fusil de chasse!"

She dives down behind the counter and covers her head after hitting the emergency button beneath the desk.
Caio 'well, I tried'. Caio thinks to himself. Despit the situation he's in he is still calm. He looks around, carefully examining the lobby. It is then that he sprints, his destination clear: Deeper widin the complex. He only has a few moments until the girl's alert is noticed. As he runs he pulls his shotgun out. No need to keep appearances anymore. He wishes to do everything as quick as pocible: Collect data and if pocible leave without facing oposition. If not.. Oh well, its just how life goes..
Licker Leaving without facing oposition is a distinct impossibility.

That becomes apparent almost instantly when the security team, mostly rent a cops by the look of them, come trotting out to check on the receptionist. These are not hardened Umbrella Security Services, of course. These are just guys and girls working for a paycheck.

The security alarm also locks down the building, at least going further into it.

The options are pretty clear: Kill these rent-a-cops and try to pry open the security doors with police on the way... or make a break for the street and try to ''get'' away.
Caio Caio releases a deep sigh. "I really didn't want it to come to this." He points his shotgun at the young receptionist. As the security personel arrives he notices its not the U.s.s. With his large gun pointed to the young woman's head he calmly says. "Now please, there is no need for us to escalate this, people. I'm not here to hurt any of you. I just want what is inside of that door. So eiter you open it or the girl here will lose a lot more then her job." He places the barrel of the gun on her head, his finger positioned over the trigger. If this last option fails he'll make a run for it towards the street. The man really didn't came here to kill inossents.
Licker They don't want the girl to die, but they're out numbering the soldier too. The bigger guy grabs for his holstered revolver while the smaller of the pair grabs for her's. They're shouting at him in French, so it very well may be a language barrier that's preventing them from being intimidated. The receptionist is crying hysterically. Trying to cover her face.

This is going to get out of hand very quickly.
Caio Caio releases another deep sigh. 'Good knows I tried'. Is what comes to his mind. He looks around one more time, his legs starting to move once more, this time its in the oposit way as he starts to move towards the exit, atempting to gain access to the streets. 'I'll need to improve my strategy next time' is what he thinks as he runs.
Licker Bullets hit the wall all around Caio as he ducks out of the building, shattering glass as he rushes around the corner towards an alleyway with shotgun in hand. The police are definitely on the way and it is almost 100% certain that there were cameras in that building.

A simple situation may very well have become a very bad one.

Umbrella almost certainly knows that he was looking into them.