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Emma Another day in Paris. Least there is no rain. Not that it doesn't feel like it won't. After all, the sky is as gloomy as it could possibly be. So rain, is on the way, but nobody knows when.

At this hour, Jack's is pretty busy. Normally, there is a crowd, but tonight, it's worse. Seems France's national football team is playing and more than a handful of guys are here to watch the game and drink. It's no secret just how intense these guys are. The opposing team is England, and as this is a city filled with tourists, that also means that there are some English fans in here as well. It's not uncommon to hear shouting from each side, for their team, against the other, and against each other. There is a rather high noise level tonight, and a kind of tension in the air. Rival teams in one spot, can't always be good.

For herself, Emma has been here a while. She came right after her meeting at the hospital and changed out of her scrubs. It was a long day, and there was a need to unwind, and from the looks of it, celebrate. In front of her is a bottle of scotch, and a shot glass. Already half cut, at least, when England scores she cheers (because, a true Scot is a soccer fan!) . To that, she takes -another- shot. Even with her high tolerance, it's starting to hit her. Every now and then, some guy comes up, trying to charm, but they are brushed off as best she can, and it's hard to tell if she is red in the face from the drink of the guys. And every now and then, she looks to the envelope in front of her, and grins with slightly drunken glee.
Chase Dalton Chase enters the bar and finds himself a seat. He orders up a round of shots for himself, and gives the waitstaffer a hefty tip. No longer clad in FBC gear (at least, not visibly), he might just pass for civilian. A pair of nice all-terrain boots, warm cotton socks, some well-worn blue denims, a black shirt that just /hugs/ his torso in all of the right ways, an olive drab green jacket, and a black 'trucker cap' make up the majority of his outfit. A silver chain holding a pair of dog-tags completes it. He doesn't seem terribly interested in the happenings on the TV, but more into his drinking, though that doesn't stop him from glancing up every so often to check on the spread.
James Scott Work is a bitch as always, so James showed up late to watch the game. In case nobody had realized it yet, he likes to live dangerously, so naturally his shirt is bearing the three lions of the English team. He gives the usual shouts and cheers as the game moves on. Despite all the fun, he's somewhat on edge. Never underestimate a group of drunk football hooligans.
Benny Benny received an odd text message from Emma, something about scotch and soccer but he couldn't really make any sense of it other than the fact she mentioned she was at Jack's Bistro. So like any decent friend he took public transit from his hotel to Jack's to make sure Emma was alright. Maybe she just had a few too many drinks or maybe it was a pocket dial, if anything he would go in grab one cold drink and make sure she got home safe.

The newly minted IT guy, steps off the bus at a stop literally a block away from Jack's and walks over. It doesn't take long for him to hear the rowdy crowd inside and realize there was a soccer match as the text referred to being watched and it seemed extra busy. As he steps through the door, narrowly bumping into someone who stepped out to puke from overdrinking, he glances around looking through the very crowded room to see if he can locate the red headed med student. Maybe she was body surfing near the bar area, he quickly scans and finally finds her sitting at a table somewhat alone except for a small crowd of guys trying to talk to her. Walking over he gives her a little wave, "Hey Emma. I'm not sure if you meant to text me, but I wasn't exactly sure what you meant and I tried calling but I guess it was just too loud for you to hear. Everything okay?" He is wearing his black waxed cotton jacket, a t-shirt with a picture of Bruce Lee on the front, blue jeans and adidas sneakers.
Emma The world is a little spinny, but fun. It's been AGES since Emma actually cut loose. Having been doing nothing but studying, working. So this is a good release. Her head lolls forward a little, eyeing her shot glass and then poking at it, giggling to herself. For a second there were two. As people cheer, and yell, it's drowned out because it's a normal sound. That long red hair sways around her, until Benny is heard and her head shoots up, those grey-green big eyes slightly lined in red focus on him. Blinking a few times a hand comes out to poke him. "Huh." And sitting straight, clearing her throat, trying to act sober the woman nods. "I - deeed. Rhite?" She did text, didn't she? "Aye - aye aye.." There is a quick set of nods, as she turns on her stool to look around. "Ta time celebrate." She nods again to him and then spots James, sliding off the stool, her normal grace gone. A delicate hand slaps the top of the stool for balance, she laughs a little. "'ey, Hames." But there is a bit of a stumble, it's a few steps back, and she thunks into a seat and knocks against a table, that table is where Chase sits at. With wide eyes the red head turns to face him. "O - oy, sawry. Ya okay?"

Meanwhile, the game is at a tie, and at this, the tension is growing. Both teams want a win, demand a win, will take nothing less than a win! So the slander being thrown around is getting thicker. The two rivals getting more and more unfriendly.
Chase Dalton Chase raises an eyebrow, more curious than surprised at the bump. "Are you alright?" He stands from the table, and moves to stabilize the apparently-sauced woman. "I'm fine." Some of his shots been sloshed about, losing some of their contents, but he's not going to cry over spilled booze. "Are you alright?" He repeats, his gaze filling with concern.
James Scott James Scott offers a wave over towards Emma, before turning his attention back to the screen. "Oi! You shoulda hit him in the fucking gob!" he shouts, waving a fist before turning back to make sure Emma is alright. "Maybe you shouldn't get up just yet, you're pissed." He can't help but be a little amused at it all, since she was always the serious one.
Benny "Oh dear. Well, I guess the massive hangover you are going to have tomorrow may teach you a lesson." Benny replies as he watches Emma, stand unsteadily then bump into things, namely where James was sitting and then into Chase's table.

He blinks, only now recognizing that it is indeed James Scott who is wearing the England soccer game jersey, but he's different than when he knew him in Raccoon City or even after they were rescued in Denver. "Hey James. Long time no see. I heard you were here when I first arrived in Paris but you didn't really stick around." He has to raise his voice to be heard in this loud bar, if James is even listening to him that is.

He doesn't recognize Chase though as Emma apologizes to the man after bumping his table and walks towards Emma to help steady her if she happens to stumble or fall. "Sorry about that, sir. She's had a few too many it seems." He turns to Emma, "I don't think you should be drinking anymore Emma, well except mabye a lot of water." He glances around at the crowd, going into ex-cop mode and realizes that there might be some trouble soon.
Emma Emma sits there a second, she doesn't really seem to catch everything, and that silence is her mind trying to catch up. First, she looks to Chase, and goes to poke his chest a few times. "I - yer, dat guy, drom da oder night 'ere, aye?" He looks familiar, from when she was here last, That's him, right? Turning to look at his table, seeing some of the booze being spilt, there is a frown. "Aw shitballs." Her head wobbles, a little. Narrowing her eyes at James, she blinks. "England!" Because, he is wearing the jersey and that's awesome. "Wh-eerre be my Scotch." What happened to her drink? It's missing! Looking right up to Benny her eyes stare at him. "Buhzzzkeeeel." Is all she says to him, with a wrinkle of her nose.

"ENGLAND WINS!" Bellows a patron, with as much glory and arrogance as he can muster. "SUCK IT FRANCE!" It's a bad move. There is sudden shouting, and then the sound of bottles breaking, chairs shuffling, and various obscene things being said in different languages.
Chase Dalton And this is where most sane folks might hit the deck and try to crawl out. Nope, not Chase; he's staying to protect the woman standing rather close to him, and to get cleaned up. "No big deal." He shrugs it off, and glances around. "It's looking like shit's about to go down. You should probably find some place to hunker down until this blows over. It could get ugly, and I'd hate to see a lady get knocked around." 'Lady' in this case being a non-threatening female. He has no qualms whatsoever about ending a threat, male or female.
James Scott "Hell yeah!" James pumps a fist in the air, only for the person standing next to him to turn around and punch him square in the face, sending him flying back onto Emma's table and crushing her scotch underneath him. "Alright." the teen pushes up onto his feet, rubbing at his jaw, "Benny, get Emma in a booth, shit's going down!" Hopefully he's loud enough to be heard.
Benny Benny takes Emma gently by the shoulders once James get punched out and directs her towards one of the booths, which looks to have the nicest people in it. "Emma. Stay in here, hide under the table if you have too. We'll protect you don't worry." Benny then, calmly turns around his feet are now shoulder width apart bent at the knee to form a pyramid stance as he raises his hands up in front of him in a guarded stance as he watches the people in front of him. He won't engage unless someone comes at him or towards the booth where Emma is at. "It's just a game people! Why can't we all just get along, sheesh." He glances towards James, knowing that he can defend himself because he's seen it more than a few times during Raccoon City and nods to Chase since he seems willing to defend Emma as well. "Try not to get surrounded and watch out for beer bottles and chairs."
Emma Emma doesn't clue in right away to the fact that a fight has started, it's not the first time she has been in a bar brawl anyway. Not that she has fought herself, but having so many older brothers well, it's like a tradition almost. Looking to Chase, she studies him a minute, having little idea on who he is or what he can do, but then James is punched across the room and her jaw drops, as Benny is dragging her away. "'ey ow, yer - yer" But words are pretty hard, and she is put into a booth with what look to be 'friendly' people. It's not exactly how it seems, they are surprised a moment to see her there, but she was put in next to a guy, who is just as drunk. He puts his arm around Emma, leaning in way to close and waggles his brows. "Hey," Hiccup, "Pretty," Hiccup-belch, yeah the guy is a class act. "How - boot, we go back ta my, place." He leans in even closer, which is totally gross to the lass. She tries to push him away.

Meanwhile, the guy that got James, laughs like he is some sort of French god, but that scrawny moustache makes him look nothing like one. His buddies cheer for him. One guy, comes at Chase then. He doesn't care, it's a target, he is angry his team lost and right now anyone not in French Football colours is against him. He goes to swing at the guy, with everything he's got. And much the same happens to Benny, the guy hurries in to swing at him. Seems everyone is going at everyone now!
Chase Dalton Maybe it's something in the air, maybe it's alcohol vapors getting to him. Whatever it is, Chase's reaction time is delayed enough for one of the punks to get in a good slobberknocker of a right hook. Chase stumbles, collects himself, and proceeds to grab the guy by the collar of his jersey and introduce a knee to the man's solar plexus.
James Scott Before James can really right himself the smug looking France fan comes at him once again. This doesn't seem to be the teen's first brawl though, because he easily dodges the man's wild right and responds with a straight jab straight on the chin followed by a right hook that connects with a solid 'thunk' to his jaw. Teeth and blood go flying and that smug look is replaced with a much more peaceful one as he finds himself sleeping on the bistro floor.
Benny Benny sees one of the drunken soccer hooligans coming at him with a rather clumsy but accurate swing, lucky his cat-like reflexes kicks in and he finds himself reacting before he can even think about it, ducking underneath the haymaker. He then circles to the man's left, a moving target is harder to hit and he wants to go towards his blind spot. He then tucks his chin slightly, then throws a straight right punch to the man's jaw connecting solidly which snaps his head back, then he follows it up with a left round house kick to his rib cage as the man raises his hands reflexively to protect his face from another shot and the kick makes it's way through his guard. If that doesn't drop the soccer hooligan, it sure hurt a lot and would at least stagger the man for an easy finish.
Emma The brawl is all on. Things are being broken, chairs are being thrown, tables overturned. It's a mess of people, booze, and anger. Emma managed to push away from that creepy guy in the booth who tried to see advantage in having a pretty red head so up close. He gets a push, the drunken lass slips under the table, and to get away, as everyone seems busy, she creeps out from underneath and dodges off to the side. A guy swings, and just misses her. He may have been aiming for someone else, but she went past and managed to squeak through. Seeing an opening, the woman dodges in, but disappears from her group. Still the men keep coming, given that it's an all out brawl, each of them having another guy wanting to take them down. It's become a challenge at this point.
Chase Dalton In the midst of going for a nice right hook on one of the drunks -- he's lost track of his opponent at this point, with the punches flying -- Chase finds himself picked up and slammed into the bar-top. He winces, and struggles to his feet, taking a moment to collect himself before launching back into the fray. He leaps forward, and grabs one of the drunks, using the man's body to block the attempted assault by the second drunk. He drops the first drunk and lashes out with a vicious knife-hand to the man's throat.
James Scott Just as one asshole goes down another surges up to take his place. James dodges backwards out of the way a faction of a second too late and gets the glasses knocked from his face revealing his demonic red eyes. Without missing a beat James rushes back in and slams his fist into the older man's throat. As he jerks away to try and catch his breath the teen's hands wrap around his head and pull him into a vicious knee that turns his nose from an outie to an innie.

Perhaps this is what Umbrella was aiming for, a devil on the battlefield rather than a shambling corpse.
Benny The first hooligan felt that round house kick to the ribs and went down like a sack of potatoes. Benny then see's his buddy, a second drunken soccer hooligan come charging at him with a right hook punch, but he calmly ducks underneath the punch and counters with a short right hook punch of his own. It connects solidly to the man's gut, doubling him over and knocking the wind out of him as he collapses to the ground.

Benny see's another drunken idiot try to tackle Emma but she dodged out of the way, so he runs at the man and then leaps into the air with a flying knee! His knee lands on the drunken man's back, causing him to fly forwards into a bunch of tables, which collapse on top of him. He won't be getting up anytime soon and that should teach him to try and attack red headed medical student in this part of town. "Emma watch out!" He tries to move towards her to protect her from any other idiots who may try something.
Emma These guys are -angry-. And they are hitting harder. Emma sees James and Chase having a go, then Benny is in front of her. But he isn't fast enough to block much, while stumbling back there is a sudden crack as a guy nails her in the side of her head with his fist. It's a good hit, and she goes down hard.
Chase Dalton Relying on his training, Chase initially stays in close to his guy, trying to reduce the man's ability to put power behind his punches. Chase grapples with the man, going in for a pair of hard knees to the gut, before backstepping in an attempt to avoid the man's counterattacks.
James Scott There seems to be no end to opponents as the fight rages on. Hopefully Jack's insurance covers sore losers. With the weaker people starting to thin out the stronger players are moving in to clean out what's left of the English supporters. This is how James found himself going head to head with one of the local college's rugby players. He manages to avoid the mountain of a man's swing, but gets wrapped up in a hug. Before it can tip in the large guy's favor James quickly slams his hands into the man's ears to stun him, then follows it up with a punch down onto the bridge of his nose, shattering both it and his orbital floor.
Benny The action just keeps getting better and better, as Benny keeps knocking them down, more just keep coming and this time it the French middle aged men's Rugby team who are very pissed off that England won that soccer match! Four of the biggest guys start swinging at Chase, James, Benny and even Emma. They just don't care who gets hit as long as they get hurt. The big rugby guy on Benny seems to be a seasoned bar brawler, throwing a few jabs and then throws a nice right hook but Benny's reflexes and skills are sharp as he ducks the right hook, throwing a right hook of his own back at the man's ribs. There is a cracking noise as a few ribs break from the blow and the man staggers sideways towards the ground. Seeing again that Emma is being attacked, he moves towards the man and hits him with a straight left punch to the solar plexus as he faces the man square on, knocking the wind out his sails. Benny's movements are graceful, fluid and there is no wasted motion as he flows from one move to the next, his hands and feet in unison like some sort of deadly ballet.
Emma At this point, the fight is slowing some. Mostly because people are down and hurt. So all is tapering off.

Emma hit the floor pretty good and is dazed. It's likely lucky that she was pretty drunk, else this'll feel worse. Slowly she gets up, in time to see Benny go ninja a bit. But her hand comes to the side of her head, a nice bruise is starting to form. "Wha -- what's gooin on.."
Chase Dalton It's getting late, and Chase is no superhuman juggernaut. He's still an FBC agent, so there's some juice left in the engine. This he uses to land a wicked throat-punch to his target, followed by an attempt to grab the man and deliver a knee to the gut... but it misses! Drat!
James Scott When the man pulls back away from Chase he ends up stumbling right back towards James, who swiftly brings his hand down on the back of his neck, causing him to crumble to the ground. "That takes care of that." The teen says, sighing in relief. With most of the fighting down with he heads back over to fetch his sunglasses from the booth they were kicked under, he promptly dusts them off and covers his unsettling red eyes back up. "Everyone alright?" is shouted in Benny's general direction. By 'everyone' he probably means Emma.
Benny Benny glances over as James finishes off the somewhat resilient middle aged Rugby player and nods, "I'm good. But I think Emma got clocked." He turns to Emma. "You okay?" He see's that she is just dazed more than hurt and still drunk, then looks at all the groaning, moaning busted up people around them that the majority were taken down by the three of them. "I think we best get going now before the Police show up." He glances over at Chase, "Thanks for the help there bud." He then motions for James and Emma to leave out the back door of the Bistro just in case some patrol cars start showing up at the front. "Jack's going to be pretty pissed off I think." As he looks at all the broken furniture and steps over some flailing arms of injured people. "We should walk a few blocks, hail a taxi and get Emma back to the Chateau, James."
Emma Likely, the police will come. Just not before any of them leave. Emma rubs her head, tries to stand and wobbles some. Luckily, James is there to help keep her up. "Go -good thing I can sleep in tomorrow." She says, mostly to herself. Before they would go, her papers would be taken off the counter, luckily they are still there. With a wave to Chase, and having James there to lean on, they would follow Benny out the back door.
Chase Dalton "I should call this in to my CO. The media's going to be all over this." Chase winces, battered and bruised but otherwise largely alright. A small cut above his left eye weeps openly. As he fishes his cellphone out of his pocket to call in, he turns away. When he turns back around, conversation finished, he finds himself alone as the cops arrive.