Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's a nice hospital. Clean, with lots of light. But also busy, they always are! There is the normal chatter in the air, the sounds of people coughing, or the sight of people being wheeled about. Patients and visitors go back and forth. As with doctors and nurses and.. interns. One being Emma. She is in a pair of scrub pants, with a long sleved shirt on top of that. Her hair has been pulled back, into a slightly messy bun, as some red hair falls around her face. She is a little way down a hall, pacing back and forth, as if nervous.
Caio Cince going back to land and to civilization, Caio has been trying to recover from his last assignment. He started to do voluntary work in this hospital. He hlps with basic things and tries to give some confort to people who need it. Imagine his surprise when he spots Emma, that girl who he'd met when he first arrived here.. He gives her a wave and warm smile. If she still remembers him, she'll notice that unlike last time he is tinner and even looks a bit underfed. Despit that his face and eyes gleam with warmness and life. Whatever the man's been through it has given him a new appreciation of things. He takes a few steps towards the woman, waiting to see if he'll be recognisedd.
Emma Her big grey-green eyes move to the clock on the wall. As if time slows, the hands seem to take forever to move. "Oy, damn!" Mutters the student, looking away amd shaking her head. Working herself up and worrying isn't helping any. With arms crossed there is pacing again, that long red hair that's pulled back swaying behind her. Feet move idly, and for a second those eyes look up, in time to see Caio. He is familar, but looks different in a way. "C - Caio?" Asks the lass in a tentative way, taking a few steps to him. "Not seen - seem ya in ages, are ya okay? Ya look malnourished!" There is some concern in her voice. "Maybe ya should sit'n stuff, relax."
Caio Caio approaches Emma, his smile broadening as he is recognised. "Its nice to see you again, Emma. Na, don't worry about it." He gazes at the student very intently. Part of him now realizing that he didn't expect to see her again. "Its only a result of my last.. Assignment." His features darken ever so slightly before his smile returns. "But do tell me, why are you nervous? I could see your passing from a fair distance." He reaches out with his arms, wrapping them around her in a soft and gentle embrace.
Emma Assignment? Emma tilts her head now, big eyes studying him. First, she will reply to his question. "I -- I got a meetin' today, for my grades, and overall in class. I've- I've been workin' my ass off, I want it'ta be good." Then she pauses, and frowns briefly, then.. sort of laughs a little, rubbing the back of her neck a little. "Wh - What were ya on that boat too?"
Caio Caio blinks at Emma for a second, wondering how is it that she knows. "Yes, I was there. I'm sorry but I can't tell you. At least not here." A hand is raised to motion around the pair for a second. "Classes hu? I think you will do fine, dear. You look like a hard-working girl. As for me, lets just say I'm really glad to be back in dry land." Despit his appearance, he smiles the joy and happiness are clear in his demeanor.
Emma Well Emma is curious. And now, wants to hear! So she looks around quick. "Aye, I - I try'ta." She does. "Here, there be an empty office here, would'ya tell me there?"
Caio Caio sighs, nodding. "Not everything, but sure." He takes Emma's hand, starting to walk with her.
Emma He is holding her hand suddenly. Emma looks, beyond surprised. Cheeks go a little red, at this unexpected move. It's a second after that she lets go, to open the door and step into the office. Which is plain. A desk and two chairs. "Ta - take a seat. Tell me what'ya can."
Caio Caio nods, closing the door and moving to sit down. "First: I can't tell you why I was there. All I can tell you is that a lot of people died." He closes his eyes. "And unfortunately, I wasn't able to rescue anyone. I tried but my organization didn't think this to be a crutial part of our objective. This and well, Umbrella was part of it. Now understand this: If you spread this information, I'll be in serious trouble." Only now realizing the girl was blushing when he took her hand. "I'm sorry if holding your hand made you unconfortable. That wasn't my intention." He bows his head ever so slightly
Emma "Ya - ya mean that zombies overtook tha boat, Umbrella came in, people got killed 'an died?" Emma says this simply, then goes a little red again. "Oh ah I - I am just, nat used ta such things is all. Sorta tha person looked past, not at."
Caio Caio chuckles. "Yes, I knew you'd figure it out. Thats exactly what happened. Umbrella didn't want prroof of their experiments just floating around. And why's that? I think you are a very beautifull woman." His tone is casual and easy, his eyes on Emma. "All in all, the whole thing was a living hell."
Emma "I had friends on that boat." Emma says. "Black Widow w - was there, too right?" Emma pauses, goes red again. "I -- I dunno, just am tha type people look past." With that is an accepting shrug. "I - I bet it was'n all, hell. I couldn' image facin' all that again."
Caio Caio chuckles. "Black widow? If only. Not just her but a whole squad of umbrella soldiers. One of the good things that happened that I was able to make sure some of their soldiers will never get back up. Who are your friends, if I may ask? I probably met them. The problem with the whole thing was that things went wrong very quickly and in the whorst way pocible." His eyes close once more, a mix of emotions being seen in his face.
Emma Emma would, if allowed, put a supportive hand on his arm. "It's- It's not my place ta say their names. I'm- I'm sorry ta had'ta deal with that, though. Least ya got out. So Umbrella went in. They clearly keep bein' upta somethin'. Who do ya work for?"
Caio Caio sighs, his other hand gently holding Emma's. Hell, the girl already knows too much. "Its for the Federal Bioterrorism Comission. As for Umbrella, they are always up to something. I've been trying to find evidence to incriminate them but thats really difficult."
Emma Supportively Emma would give his hand a squeeze, seeing as he seems to be.. so usure. "Yer with tha FBC? I thought Maybr DSO." Either works. She tilts her head a little. "What - what sorta info? Do ya have a picture of thIs Black Widow person ya can show me? I'm undrstandin' that she is huntin' down survivors."
Caio Caio shakes his head. "I'm sorry, I don't have a picture. But she's well known as an umbrella operative. When and if you find her again, you will know." He squezes Emma's hand in return. "Sorry I can't tell you more. Its all classified."
Emma "Why?" Emma asks, curiously. Eyes move to the time again, she still has some. "Are - are there any doctors in this line of work?" A pause, she clears her throat some. "If - If I find out info, I can maybe pass it 'long. But it takes time for me ta learn trust, too."
Caio Caio nods. "Yes, there is one doctor. The problem with this is that the mission was.. Should we say extra official. As for trust I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't think you could be trusted. I'll alsso share with you some info about Umbrella as I learn new things."
Emma Emma nods a little, yet still seems rather thoughtful, biting her lower lip some while thinking. "Wha - what do ya do in tha FBC? Yer position. An' I'm startin' ta - ta believe I can trust ya, I don't say ta many 'n all. I've bee tryin' ta poke my nose inta Umbrella stuff as well. Not gettin' ta far."
Caio Caio nods at Emma. "I'm a member of the quick responsse team. Basically a ground soldier. I'm not part of the research or intelligence, I'm just a combatant." He looks at Emma. "It seems we have the same goal. My work to inder Umbrella has nothing to do with my fbc duties. Its something that I do out of personal reazons." He leans back on the chair, eyes staring at Emma.
Emma Emma in return watches him, nodding slowly, hands playing with the fabric of her shirt. "I - I think I'm just gonna walk right in there, wander their building. See what happens."
Caio Caio chuckles. "If you are talking about Umbrella, you'll probably be executed. If you mean the FBC, they'll probably fill a few forms, detain you and then execute you." He sighs. "We should really keep this between us at least for the time being."
Emma Emma tilts her head. "I - I mean, ya know, just walk inta tha buildin'. See what I see." To her it seems simple, and he is given a nod. "Death is - is an absolute. I've come ta conclusion if I die, no harm no foul."
Caio Caio nods. "Same here, regarding death. I only hope when and if I die its eiter sleeping hopefully from old age or if I die before that I die fighting for something that I really believe in. And I think your plan can work. Just go there and observe but do try to be quick about it."
Emma "Tis my plan." Emma remarks softly, scratching the tip of her nose. "Can I - I ask ya. Ya ever wonder if yer livin' a life in shadows'n lies?"
Caio Caio nods. "Of course I've asked myself this question. This last mission for example has given me a lot to think about. All I try to do is well.. I try to live life as close to what I believe in. He ajusts himself better on his chair. "Its partly why I left the national guard. We had received orders to withdraw from the city. I disobeyed: I went back into Raccon to try and rescue another group of survivors."
Emma "Honourable." Emma says, woth a small smile. "So yer fBc, are they largely invested in what Umbrella is doin'?"
Caio Caio shakes his head. "Not to my knowledge. They seem to just focus on bioterrorism in general and in potential threats to the government. I'm only a foot soldier there, unfortunately. Why is it that you'd like to bring them down?" He asks, a hint of curiosity in his tone of voice.
Emma "Well, they are evil." It seems rather simple the way Emma puts it. "They - they hurt'n'kill, I saw what happened. They don't care about tha people, just their own agenda. People suffered for that. Why - why should they be around?"
Caio nodding at Emma, caio smiles. "Yes, we do are in the same side. My reazons for wanting them gone are the same as yours. Despit my profession, I've never liked to see people suffer for nothing. The thought of something like Umbrella, a large corporation taking advantage of the people just sickens me."
Emma "More frightenin' be their master plan, whatever it is." Emma frowns at his. "They got somethin' in tha works. Do ya know the name Wesker at all?"
Caio Caio frowns, sighing. "Yes, I do.. What about it?" His expression is neutral, tough his eyes seem to hold a bit of surprise and apprencion.
Emma Emma leans forward a little and rests her arms on the desk in a thoughtful way. "I - I cam 'cross info, about.. oh damn, what was his name now. Somethin' bought him being adopted by tha umbrella corp head or somethin'"
Caio Caio blinks for a second. "Spencer.. Osuel Spencer. If what you are saying is true, Wesker has some secrets in his closet. I'll look into it." His frown deepens for a moment, before his smile returns. "If we dig deep enough, we will find something. Something like Raccon should never happen again." He leans forward as well, another sigh escaping his lips.
Emma "Now days who doesn't." Emma says, lowering her head in an exhausted fashion. "Ya ever feel like - like, yer just walkin' through this world graspin' for somethin' ta truly trust? An' tired of questionin' everyone'n everythin'? Feels like there is an enemy in every corner, an' they are waiting ta get ya." Her cheeks go red, and she sits back looking down. "So -- sorry." Stammers the lass, suddenly feeling like she us expressing to many feelings.
Caio Caio has had enough. He stands from his chair, calmly moving closer to Emma. He embraces her softly, the hug being his means of trying to confort the world-weary girl. "Oh yes, I've always felt like that. My way to deal with it is fairly simple: I tell myself that even tough the world wants me to be inhuman and apathethic that doesn't mean I should be. You don't have to apologise. Neer be ashamed to show what you feel, it proves that you are still human, it means you still care. And well, don't let the world and others put you down. There are things which are still worth fighting for." He looks at her intently.
Emma He is suddenly hugging her, for a second she is still, with surprise and then relaxes some, going to return it quickly. His words make her pause and think, but eventually nod. "A - aye, yer right." Says the lass, softly looking down and nodding with a deep breath. "I - I care a lot, why I wanna be a doctor, ta help. Espicially after what I've seen. Maybe do - do somethin' important, fight it like ya do. Thank you."
Caio Caio blushes softly. He breaks the hug, moving back to his place at the table. "We both want the same thing, we only fight it in different ways. Its good to care. It already puts you one step above the people who caused what happened in Raccoon. As long as you care and do something about it, you'll be in the right path. And this will probably sound cliche but you don't have to bear all your burden alone, you know. Share it with others. No human being can suceed alone." He hmmms. "But how are your studies going?" He asks her now in a more casual tone.
Emma "I - I try nat'ta burden to many others with what's goin' in within, truly. People have so much - much goin' on, burdenin' people seems ta be useless really." Emma just shrugs. "I'm small beans too. Everyone off doin' big important things. An' I'm sittin' here." The talk of her studies makes her smile, a little. "They are good. A lotta hard work but I like it, tha body is an amazin' thing."
Caio Caio nods. "That it is. Our body is a perfect machine with what I'd call infinit potential." He sighs. "Please, don't put yourself down. What you do is very important. You'll help to save a lot of lives. Believe in your own potential, dear."
Emma Emma frowns. "I - I mean, that, people are out fightin' tha evils. I know what -I- do is important. But, how do I aim this ta helpin' against all that." There is a small shrug, and thankful smile to Caio. "What - what do I do after all this. Honestly, took me long ta accept I even had a future, after Racoon."
Caio Caio nods. "I know how you feel. I didn't expect to survive.. I was just hoping the civilians did." He hmms. "The medical field is very broad, Emma. You can develope vacines for some virusis, you can work to improve the human body, to help us to fight against bioterrorism. Medics, no matter in what field are the skeleton of everything. As for the future, I have personal ghouls, things that I really wish to obtain. Peace is one of them. But in a sense, Raccoon taught me that life can be really short. People live life just thinking about they'll do after: After their wedding, after dinner, so on. Nobody ever worries about what they will do now, with the present. Because its what we do now that can and will change what happens after."
Emma "Trauma interests me." Emma says, nodding to herself more than anything. "Bein' in tha heat of it, after Racoon.. I found more purpose there." Putting her elbow on the chair, and her chin into the palm of her hand eyes remain on Caio. "What - what are yer future goals, then?"
Caio Caio chuckles at Emma. "Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. Trauma hu? Well go a head, dear. Research about it and go fight."
Emma "I - I dunno." Emma shrugs. "I'm just gettin' use ta tha idea of havin' a future. But ta work in trauma, I think, unless I change my mind. An' - an' I guess yer typical wants'n desires for a future. If I ever be so lucky."
Caio Caio nods at Emma, his hand touching hers for a moment. "Same here, I guess. I'd like to one day have a family, be successfull in my job, that sort of thing. Its not very imaginative, I know." He chuckles softly.
Emma Emma laughs a little. "I - I guess tha basic human needs exist in any times of trial or danger. I - I come from a big family, myself. Youngest have four older brothers. There is a - a basic need in family I think. A closeness'n all that."
Caio Caio nods. "Same here, really. I myself don't have much contact with my family, aside from my parents. Most of them are back at Brasil which is my father's original country." He smiles. "Its all these little things like family, a glass of water, among others that makes the fight worth something. And you, are going in the right path, Emma. You are much stronger then you think you are."
Emma "That's a lil' sad." Emma says. "But I don't go a day without hearin' from one of my family members. Papa calls often, such a worrier." This makes her laugh briefly. "I guess? I guess. I'm just tryin' ta make my way this absolutly fucked up world we live in, 'n try - try ta make some good in it. Easier ta see tha awful when ya except that some people can be devious murderes, abuses, or havin' a lust for turnin' people ta zombies. There is no depth ta tha horrors of humanity."
Caio Caio nods. "On that we can agree on. But in the other hand, there are alsso people with generous hearts. People who care, people who want to help. I think thats what we should focus on. The world can be eiter a good or bad place, it all depends on how we look at it. For me, the world just needs some fixes." He grins. "As for your family, thats great. I don't talk that much with my parents, unfortunately. Its not like I can tell them about my work. All they know is that I'm in the military."
Emma Emm sighs a little, and nods. "Yer right. For all tha hell rainin' down 'round us, people are fightin'. People like yerself. An' many more. Honestly, that is one of the few reasons why I can get some sleep, when tha nightmares aren't runnin' me ragged. Knowing people will stand up. I wanna be one'ov them, just gotta find my way how ta." She is silent when he mentions his work. "Guess there - there be need, ya know, ta not tell them. Safer'n all. For them. My family doesn't know all tha details of Racoon, or.. Ricky.." Saying that name makes her pale.
Caio Caio nods. "I know how you feel. I just wish to help the world even if its just a bit." He blinks at her. "Who is.. Ricky?" He asks curiously, a hand moving to land on her shoulder.
Emma Emma remains pale. Sure, months of therapy has helped her but the pain is still very much there. "Tha - tha guy that kidnapped me." There isn't much detail, but her words alone say much of what that experience must of been like. "If -- if they knew, I'd be taken home and never let outta anyones sight."%
Caio Caio sighs. He stands from his chair, once more embracing Emma. "Would you like to share? If not, I'll understand." His voice is soft. The man is really just trying to confort the distressed girl.
Emma Emma lowers her head, and shakes her head. "N - no, sorry. I've not told anyone but my therapist." Whatever it was, has caused some pain. "I'm- I'm workin' hard on tryin' not ta be seen as.. a child, that needs protection an' all."
Caio Caio nods. "Emma, look.. Needing protection isn't a problem. We all have our demons and difficulties. You sertainly aren't neiter a child nor weak because you need help." He plants a soft kiss on her cheek.
Emma Emma goes -red- when he does that, and seems a little speechless too. It takes her a second to gain the nerve to look up from being so shy. "I -- I got help, my -- my therapist. I just, dun wanna burden people with it." Shyly eyes dart back down, and she bites her lower lip a little. "People have th - their own demons. They don't need mine."
Caio Caio nods at Emma. "I know what you mean.. Just keep in mind that sometimes you need help to face your own demons. Asking for someone's help isn't chamefull." He pulls out a small piece of paper from his pocket. "I have to go now, Emma. Here is my phone number. Lets keep in touch." He hands her the small paper, smilling at her. "And I mean it. You are not alone anymore. Call me whenever you need." He starts to make his way towards the door, leaving the small office.
Emma As he gets up to go, she reaches out to grab the paper and look at it a second, and then look up to Caio. "Th -- thank you." Says the lass softly, putting in her pocket. Shortly after her beeper goes off. It's time for her meeting, grades and report. With a touch of nerves, that's where she heads to next.