Umbrella Surveillance System
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Jill Valentine Jill had been sitting uncomfortably in the car since Chris picked her up from the hospital as he drove, she wasn't exactly anywhere near fully healed up or ready to rush in danger again but she was more than ready to get out of the hospital.

Looking out the window towards the streets of Paris, she asked, "How did Carlos' mission go? I heard he took a trip out to China.."
Chris Redfield Chris drives with one hand on the bottom of the steering wheel, his other hand is fiddling with the radio station to find some music that he likes. At least he keeps both eyes on the road, that is at least safe but to be honest your a much better driver than he is although he can fly planes, you can drive donuts around him but he'll never admit to that. "I can't believe I let you talk me into picking you up from the hospital in this condition." He's shaking his head now and stops the radio station on a rock channel, that has Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses ( and cranks it up a bit.

"I should have known you would try to swindle your way out before you were ready." He then realizes something and raises an eyebrow slightly. "Oh no, you didn't just make me an accomplice to smuggling you out against doctor's orders did you?" Redfield then grumbles something under his breath and then adds, "Yeah, Carlos is back and he's fine. They managed to rescue a few FBC and some other's from the scuttling of the cruise liner." He then dares a glance towards you in the passenger seat, hoping you will at least convincly lie to him about the state of your health.
Jill Valentine "Nah, I told them I'd start speaking in nothing but Quebecois French." Jill replied with a grin, not expecting the American to understand the joke, "They didn't want to hear any of that." Her arm was still in a sling and she didn't seem at all pleased about that.

"Glad he's alright. Carlos is a good guy, try not to hold the fact that he worked for Umbrella against him though. Him and the soldiers in Raccoon City were just as much victims as anyone else was." Nodding her head to the music rhythmically, the painkillers definitely helping her get into the groove she asked, "As for me, I was hoping maybe I could stay at your place."

"Doctor said my bed pan needs to be changed at least three times a day minimum, but on the plus side, I also need to be sponge-bathed." A mischievous sparkle lit her eyes before she said, "Just kidding Chris, but hopefully I can, um, stay with you till I get better? Not sure I should be on my own."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't understand the joke and continues to shake his head as he drives. "I just don't get you sometimes, Valentine." he mutters and then listens as you talk about Carlos. "Yeah, I was a bit surprised when you recommended him to Jack for recruitment, but he was in the same opinion as you so I was overruled but I met him in person and I think we are okay." At your mention of you staying at his place, his foot slips a little and he hits the brakes a tad too soon coming to almost a sudden stop before the red light at an intersection.

He seems to be pondering what you just said for a few moments, the vein in his forehead is popping out a bit as his hands tighten on the steering wheel. "I guess that should be fine. I'll sleep on the couch since you are injured and all. I didn't really get a chance to clean up though, so forgive the mess in advance." He glances towards you. "Too bad about the spone bath." He then looks back towards the road and accelerates when the traffic signal changes to green.
Jill Valentine "I don't want to put you out or anything, if it's a problem I can always find somewhere else to stay." She would have shrugged but that would have hurt her shoulder way too much so instead she just frowned a little, "I could always ask Carlos, I'm sure he'd just straight up offer to share the bed with me instead of running for the couch scared."
Chris Redfield Chris snorts or grunts something but he isn't going to take the bait, he's known Jill for too long to fall for that one and just keeps driving in silence for a bit towards his apartment and finally turns to you, with that classic Redfield expression of his. "I know. Can you make it to the elevator or do I have to carry you there?" He opens the driver's side door first, steps out, then reaches into the rear seat to grab the bags that you had with some of your belongings from the hospital, closes the driver side door and then walks over to the passenger side to open the door if you haven't already done it. "You can leave anytime you want, Valentine." He opens the palm of your hand and drops a spare set of apartment keys into it. "Fridge is kinda bare though, might have some peanut butter, bread, eggo waffles and a couple of cartons of eggs." He waits to see if you can get out of the vehicle on your own or if you are going to punch him in the gut for his isolence.
Jill Valentine "Like I care what you've got to eat in your fridge, anything is better than hospital food." Jill looked incredulously at Chris when the keys were plopped in her hands, "I don't need you to carry me, but a fucking hand would be nice." She scowled just a little as she unbuckled her seatbelt and raised one leg out the side of the car door followed by the other, if Chris wasn't going to help her she would get out on her own.
Chris Redfield Chris smiles ever so slightly like he's won a bet or something but he won't gloat or make a big deal out of it. "Oh stop your complaining already of course I'm going to help you." He holds out his hand for you to take so he can help hoist you up from the passenger seat, then offers his arm to you while he carries your bag in the other arm after he closes the door so you don't hurt your back or something. I mean sheesh, it isn't like you got filled full of lead or something, oh wait you did and you managed an escape roll from the Hospital. "Your really grumpy when you get injured do you know that? You sent me away in Moscow and I foolishly listened, but not this time /partner/. Now, you've got to put up with me whether you like it or not. Well as long as you stay here that is and your welcome anytime until you get back on your feet." Who knows how long that will take and to be honest he'd rather have her here to keep an eye on her than in some public accessible hotel, where Umbrella or hired thugs might get at her. He's read up on Rain and the U.S.S. good squad, they are bad news, very bad news.
Jill Valentine "I'm sure you'll have better things to do than keep an eye on me." Jill replied with a grin as she accepted the help, "Have you spoken to Carlos yet since his return? I'm dying to know what he found out, it doesn't sound like anyone has a damn clue. Did you see the news? Some asshole is saying it was the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone knows the Bermuda Triangle is near Bermuda, not China. Ugh."
Chris Redfield Chris gives you a wry /look/ at your comment about him having better things to do than keeping an eye on you. "Your right, Valentine I do but I'm going to need a reliable partner to do some of thess things with, so the sooner you are back on your feet the better it is for all of us. Besides, someone has to make sure you stay out of trouble." He walks slowly since you've accepted his help by taking his arm and make sure you are able to get up the front three steps to the apartment complex door, he fobs in and then leads you towards the elevator.

"Really? The Bermuda Triangle? The news really said that?" Redfield shakes his head a little and then hits the up botton for the elevator with the tip of his elbow with his other arm which is holding your bags. "Yeah, I spoke to Carlos. They were able to rescue a bunch of survivors from the ship but the ship itself got scuttled. I guess any physical evidence is gone to Davey Jone's Locker. We can talk more about it when we get to my apartment." He's always been a stickler about speaking about classified info in public areas.
Jill Valentine Jill seemed far weaker than she had let on as she takes the accepted help, she probably shouldn't have been out of the hospital but she had been making life just hellish enough for the doctors that they had weighed the risk vs the reward and just opted to let her out if that's what she wanted.

When they reach the apartment, Jill seems about ready to pass out, "Hey Chris, where's that bed? That's the only partner I want right now. No offense." She hoped it was more comfortable than the hospital bed, oh god she hoped.
Chris Redfield Chris helps you over to the bedroom, which isn't very far since this is a rather small apartment and puts your bag down on the ground by the bedroom door. "Get some rest Valentine and make yourself at home. Bathroom is over there and help yourself to anything in the kitchen. You can use any cup, just not my Yankees coffee mug." He sure likes that baseball team and as he shuts the door to the bedroom he says, "No offence taken."
Jill Valentine "Use the Yankees Mug. Got it." Jill replied with a mischevious grin as she collapsed on the bed, whether she was teasing or still under the effects of painkillers remained to be seen. She was definitely going to be drinking out of that Yankees mug though!
Chris Redfield "That's not what I said." Chris stops the door so it is open just a crack to reply and finally closes it to give her some privacy. He then quickly walks over to the kitchen, grabs his favorite Yankees mug and opens a cupboard to put it on the highest shelf that he can and tucks it behind some other things in an attempt to hide it. He then removes one plain white coffee mug and a tall clear drinking glass to put on the counter beside the sink for Jill, then grabs a sticky note writting her name down on it and sticks it with the two cups. That should make it clear as day for her, even if she's all hopped up on pain meds still.

Redfield then walks over to the sofa in the living room, plops himself down on it and turns on the television, turning the volume down very low and flips through the channels to find sportsdesk or some sports news channel to get updates on his favorite team. They should be in the pennant race now and it is really hard to watch any of the games over here in Paris. He's not happy about that. He then glances towards his closed bedroom door, where Jill is and sighs. He knows she's going to find that mug of his anyways, she's a master of unlocking after all and then he puts his hands behind his head, leaning back on the couch so he's laying down on it. He stretches out his legs when he realizes that they dangle over the edge he sighs again. This is going to be a long couple of months of her recovery. " owe me more than five bucks for this one." he mutters under his breath.