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Chris Redfield It is another heavy rain filled day in Paris on the evening of September 29, 2005 and the sky is quite dark, with a strong wind blowing that makes the umbrella's on the tables outside of Jack's Bistro billow but thankfully they are closed or else they would blow away.

Inside the Bistro, it is much more calm and relaxed, as the patrons are sheltered from the stormy weather outside. It is cozy here albeit a bit of an older buidling that is in need of repair, it has that homey rustic feeling. One patron is Chris Redfield, he's in between missions and relaxing a bit in a rare moment of down time. He's sitting at a small table, reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee in front of him and a plate with a half eaten croissant sandwich. His brown leather bomber style jacket is draped over the chair behind him and he's wearing a green button down dress shirt, with the collar loose and the sleeves rolled up, blue Levis jeans and black casual dress shoes. He seems to be reading the sports section of an American Newspaper, the New York Times.
Markus Berger One person stuck in the terrible weather outside to the point that his own Umbrella just flew away barely a few moments ago is Markus Berger who at least can be glad that most of his clothes consists of very solid black leather or otherwise he would be soaked by the moment he manages to enter the Bistro. Visiting it may not be what he had in mind, but its still better than the alternative as he swiftly enters the Bistro, just as quickly closes the door behind him and looks around for a bit as he runs a hand through his hair to get at least some rain out.
Chris Redfield Chris glances up when the door opens, the wind blowing at his newspaper so he puts it down before his precious sports section gets blown away. His eyes settle on Markus, not recognizing the man but gives him a polite head nod and says. "Evening. The door gets a bit stuck, doorframe seems uneven or something so you have to give it a good push for it to fully close and it would be most appreciated since it looks like hell outside." He speaks with distinct north american accent.
Markus Berger "Man, this makes the Deja Vu even worse..." Markus gives the door another good push and checks it again to make sure it really is closed before approaching Chris. Likely because he has no idea what he is doing here anyway. "Seen worse. That out there doesn't even remotely deserve that title." He speaks with a definite german accent... which actually gets not as close to how most people imagine how germans speak english.
Chris Redfield Chris quirks an eyebrow slightly at Markus's comments, watching him as he correctly shuts the door and walks over. "De ja vu? Sorry, my french is non-existant." He stands from his small table and extends a hand towards the german accented man with the soaked black leather jacket. "Hi, I'm Chris by the way." His eyes scan you up and down, it is more like a sizing you up cautious glance than anything else but the stoic expression on his face sometimes gets misread as challenging or stand offish. "Yeah, figure of speech I guess since rain has no business in hell."
Rebecca Chambers Okay, so. Becca Chambers breathes out a little sigh as she passes one of the frenchpersons on the street, who was staring at her rather openly. "Bonjour! Uh... ca va?!" she calls out, with that faint mixture of hope and desperation that comes from someone who has no idea what they were saying and was hoping to get by on a pretty smile and friendliness.

It didn't work in this case.

So Becca, with her t-shirt that displays her name rather openly (hint: she is wearing even wif the gloves). Opens the door of the bistro and enters, casting an amazing smile towards those gathered. Without waiting for an invitation, she walks over to Chris and Markus' table, and grabs a chair. "Hey guys, what's up? What's there to eat?"
Trixie "Oh! Excuse me, please..! Um, pardonnez moi?" Trixie pushes through the door and hastily closes it firmly behind her, nearly bumping into Markus in the process, in her rush to get out of the rain. Closing her new umbrella carefully, she sets it to one side in a dedicated stand and awkwardly brushes water from her leathers and her wet hair. Especially her hair. "Ye gods, this weather! Does it ever do anything but rain in gay Paree?"
Markus Berger "Eh, just have seen a place like this back in the US. Reminds me of a place in RC I visited a few times. I'm Markus, by the way." That said he does turn to look at the new arrivals, especially Trixie who he has seen... not particularly long ago. In fact, its at best been an hour or so. "Hey, Trixie. I think this city is too small... and too rainy."
Chris Redfield Chris puts his hand down to stop his newspaper from blowing away again, not once but twice as Rebecca and Trixie burst through the front door like some Bistro gangbusters. When he glances towards the door to see who else walks in, his often stoic expression breaks for a second into a genuine smile, well more like a half-smile, kinda smirk really but for him that is considered a full smile since he's generally known for being dour at the best of times. "Rebecca. So glad you could join..." Since he is already standing he doesn't quite get to finish his sentence as the brazen Combat Medic just walks up to the table and sits down. " You didn't even tell me you were in Paris. You didn't read any of my emails did you?"

Chris can't help but notice Rebecca's t-shirt and just shakes his head. "I've missed you kid. I'm glad you decided to come." He isn't sure if she's read his emails about Jill, but doesn't want to bring up that she's in the hospital quite yet since she just arrived.

He turns his attention back to Markus, "Nice to meet you Markus. RC? You don't mean Raccoon City do you? Small world if you are because we are both from there as well." He looks over at Rebecca indicating he's talking about her and then looks over at Trixie when she almost bumps in Markus and then he addresses her by name. "Oh you two know each other?" He glances between Markus and Trixie now.
Rebecca Chambers It was lucky that Becca decided to enter this bistro then. Setting herself in a chair and scootching forward, she had miraculously avoided the rain with the help of an umbrella she forgot to mention until now, which was folded up and put beside her. (oh btw her t-shirt had a back and dis was it: )

"Emails? I mean... after Raccoon City, I kinda took some time off, but... of course I read /some/ of them. I wouldn't be in paris if I didn't, right?" she asks, canting her head a little bit to one side. "So. Whatcha guys talking about?" she pesters, glancing back towards Trixie - and bringing up her hand to wave her over. "Hey, Trixie! Bring French food and come sit with us! I'll take croissants!"
Trixie "Doctor? We have /got/ to stop meeting like this. Especially the part about the /rain/," Trixie says, smiling at Markus as he greets her, and moving to pause beside Chris's table as Rebecca waves to her. But it takes a moment for it to sink in as to just who else was here. But when it does, the effects are dramatic.

"Ohmigawd... ohmigawd, Becca! /And/ Chris! Oh, my..." the redhead cries, looking back and forth over and over between the medic and the unofficial top gun of S.T.A.R.S., on the verge of bursting into joyful tears or having a nervous breakdown. It's not clear which, until she hugs Rebecca tightly. "Oh, sweetie... I thought you were /both dead/..! That's five people I've met today I've hoped weren't dead. Maybe rain is my sign from above..."
Chris Redfield "I just met Markus and Trixie, looks familiar. Oh you know her as well Rebecca?" Chris replies to the cool t-shirt wearing combat medic and then takes a closer look at Trixie, not in a creepy oggling way but studying her face and that red hair kinda gives it away as his memory is jogged. "Oh, your Mackenzie's daughter and you were assigned to Delta team. Yes, I know your old man well and he always spoke highly of you. Welcome to Paris. Looks like it is a small world after all."

He takes a step back at Trixie's emotional outburst at seeing Rebecca as she rushes past him to give her a hug. He nods in acknowlegement to her joy, not wanting to ruin the moment and then his cell phone rings, he takes it out of his pocket looking at the number and looks towards the assembled group at his table. "Sorry, I have to take this phone call. I'll be back in a bit, please feel free to sit down at the table." He opens the cell phone as he steps towards the front doors so he can hear a bit better. "Hello. Yes, it's me..." then he lowers his voice as he tries to find a quieter place in the bistro to speak in private.
Markus Berger The good doctor just shakes his head at Trixie freaking out. "At this rate you probably should just make a list and cross off anyone who turns out to have survived Raccoon City. I mean, even I did and I was stuck in the Ground Zero of the Outbreak for a while." The ground zero likely being Raccoon Citys main hospital. After all, Markus is a doctor... of some kind.
Rebecca Chambers Markus could be a love doctor. That would have protected him.

At the cry of 'Doctor'! Rebecca turns. Not that... she was a doctor, but one thing she found out in Raccoon City was that when people were bleeding from the neck, all divisions of health care people started looking the same. And 'doc' was how she was called.

Twisting in her seat to look towards Trixie, she beams a smile. "Hey! How are... uh... what are you doin' here in Paris, Trixistix?" asks Rebecca, smiling wide and prettily.

A beat. Trixie didn't get food, even /after/ she hugged Rebecca. Chris ignored her hinting at getting food. So Rebecca finally levels her eyes on Markus - and then gestures at the waitress. "So, Markus, what are you ordering for us?"
Trixie Trixie finally releases Rebecca from the hug, albeit reluctantly. "I missed you, Bekkabear," she whispers. "And I'm on leave... my unit's stationed in the Med." Markus's semi-sardonic comment is met with a nod and a faint smile. "I just might start doing that, Doctor. I get the feeling I'm gonna be doing a LOT of writing in the next month or so."

Chris's sum-up of her former position is met with a blush and a slow nod. "Yeah... Dad mentioned you a few times, too. Mostly that you were a better listener than you were a follower... and that you were the only man in the whole division he'd want on point. Miss Valentine was the only woman, if that clears anything up." She watches him step away from the table with a faint pout. At least until Rebecca asks Markus to order. "Oh, right... food. Um... do you mind if I join you all? I could stand a snack, but my French hasn't gotten any better since an hour ago," she admits sheepishly.
Markus Berger "And mine is just as bad as one hour ago and without Emma around I'm doomed. You all just order what you want and I'll pay. Will likely just try to get back home despite the weather any moment anyway." With a shrug the doctor pulls out a purse and places approximately sixty or so Euros on the table. "Have fun with that. The advantage of having a well paid job."
Rebecca Chambers A beaming smile, and Bekka picks up a couple of those Euro bills. "I'm gonna get a sandwich - what do you want, Trixie?" she asks, glancing back towards Chris. Just briefly, though - her eyes return to Markus and she inclines her head, belatedly remembering to, "Thank you," she says.

"And of course you can join us! Chris and Markus don't mind!"
Trixie "I might get a sandwich, too... oh! Forgot. This place takes orders in English, so my crappy French won't be a problem. The guy who runs it used to run a bar in Raccoon City. Think his name was Jack Roark... that sounds right," Trixie says thoughtfully, sitting down next to Rebecca. "Still might need a moment to decide which sandwich, though."

She gives Markus a beaming smile that might remind him of Becca's smile. "Thank you so much, Doctor. That's another one I owe you."
Rebecca Chambers "What else do you owe him for?" asks Becca of Trixie, canting her head to the side. "And besides. I know how to order in French, anyways!" says Rebecca. A handful of moments - and she heaves the weariest sigh in the world as Trixie says she needs a moment to decide on a sandwich. She was already standing, and ready to go!

Maybe she was a little hungry, but...

That's life, sometimes. "Jack? Jack Roark? What's he doing here in Paris?" she asks.
Markus Berger "Well, that explains why this place seems so familiar. Visited his place in Raccoon City a few times before everything went to hell. Anyway..." The doctor just leaves the sentence hanging for a moment as he gestures to the money he left on the table. "Get yourself something good to eat, I'll just raid the kitchen back home once I get back. Not going to keep lingering since the weather likely won't get much better anyway. Hopefully will see you all again some other time." With that said he turns around and proceeds to leave. Into the rain. Which in his oppinion and going by experience could be worse. Far worse.
Chris Redfield Chris is finished with his phone conversation, putting his cell phone away and walks back towrds the table. He see's that Markus is leaving though and gives the man a polite nod, "Oh you have to leave? Well again it was nice meeting your Markus. Take care and it is good to see a fellow RC citizen." He glances towards the table where Rebecca and Trixie are before sitting down. "Sorry about that. Sometimes I wish they never invented the cell phone. So what did I miss? Oh are you two ordering food?" He glances at his plate with his half-eaten ham and cheese croissant sandwich and isn't aware that Markus left some money on the table to treat the two ladies. "I'm good thanks. Might get another coffee though." He reaches over to grab his now cold coffee and takes a small sip. "So have the two of you gotten all caught up yet?" He looks at the two young ladies at the table with him, feeling a bit old even though he only in his mid-20's himself.
Trixie "Actually, I'll just have the Number Four Sub, here," Trixie decides, pointing to the item on the menu, so Rebecca doesn't have to stand there all night waiting for her. "And I owe him for a business matter that is a really long story. Maybe I can tell you all about it some other time?" she offers warmly. As Markus moves to leave, she waves to him and offers a warm smile. "Take care, Doctor. Thanks for everything!"

It's almost right then that Chris returns from his phone call, and she nods at his question. "Yes. And we have, a little. I get the feeling we've got lots more to talk about before we're all done, though. Likewise with you, since everyone thought you were dead well before the outbreak in Raccoon City, yet here you are, clearly alive and well. Must be one heck of a story. Not that I expect you to spill for us right here and now, but maybe someday? Please?"
Rebecca Chambers Becca probably makes anyone feel old. It's okay. She's used to it.

A bit of a bright smile, and Bekka takes the money to the counter. A few minutes later - and Becca's passable tourist French succeeds enough to order food. ('But I speak English, you can order in...' 'Pardonz-moi'! 'Okay, fine...')

And returns with the two sandwiches and the coffee soon enough, Rebecca's mood already brighter as she brings the sandwich up to her face. "Nope - I'm kinda winging it as I go - what's there to get caught up on?" asks Rebecca of Chris.
Chris Redfield Chris takes another bite from his croissant sandwich, listening to Trixie talking to Rebecca and takes another sip from his coffee before replying to the red head. "Well, don't let me stop you two from catching up. I'm more than happy to go sit at another table to read my newspaper if you want a private heart to heart girl conversation." His lips curl up ever so slightly which may indicate that he's sincerely happy to oblige with that action should you wish.

He then turns his attention to Rebecca when she returns with food and coffee, thanks to the generous offer of Doctor Markus Berger. "Oh for us two, Rebecca quite a bit but we can't really talk about it here." Chris then turns to Trixie. "No offence but some of the info is a bit sensitive to discuss here." When Trixie asks for him to tell her about what happened to him during his dissapearance after the Arklay Mountains, he pauses for a moment before answering her. "For you, because I know your old man and you were a member of our old team. Maybe one day but yeah not here or now. No promises though just a maybe." Redfield has that stoic expression on his face again, so it is hard to tell if he's joking or not. Mr Serious they call him, well some do and Rebecca probably calls him a lot worse not even behind his back but to his face.
Trixie "Being from Raccoon City and being alive right now tops the list," Trixie replies to Becca's question to Chris. "But it seems to be a sensitive topic for such an open venue... actually, everything seems to be a sensitive topic for here. But I can be patient. I owe you two that much for not leaving me alone out here. But I won't for get that maybe," she adds, wryly, accepting her sandwich from Rebecca. "Thanks, Becca. You're all heart," she says warmly, with a smile to match.
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca was always more good natured than anything else, and she was honest to a fault. So Chris has no doubt been the target of a friendly jab or two over the milennia that they have known each other. "Well, we'll have to make a meeting sometime, boss," says Rebecca with a wryness. "And... uh... you're welcome, Trixie," says Rebecca, casting a wink the other woman's way.
Chris Redfield "Cheers to that." Chris replies to Trixie's alive comment and he holds up his coffee mug in a toast to the table, then takes a small sip from it. He nods at the red head's second commenet about the venue not being ideal for sensitive conversations and being patient. "You don't owe me a thing, Trixie. Your like family and we have to stick together. So where are you working right now if you mind me asking?" Redfield then looks over towards Becca, that slight curl of his lips back on his face indicative of a small smile at her boss comment. "I'm not really your boss anymore. In Bravo, yes but here we are more equals now and besides, Jill would never listen to me anyways even if I was in a position to make decisions or out rank her." When he brings up Jill, there is a slight almost imperctible look of concern that crosses his features, moreso in the look of his eyes or the ever so slight pursing of his lips.

Redfield then looks back to Trixie and nods. "Yeah, I don't imagine you would forget and I'm sure you will bring it up when I least expect it." Chris actually gives her a wink after his comment.
Trixie Trixie grins at Rebecca in the wake of that wink, lifting her sandwich like a glass when Chris proposes his 'toast'. "Hear, hear," she says sincerely, taking a bite of the sandwich. "I don't mind... though I'm not sure you'll like it. I'm not sure how much I like it myself. I'm F.B.C., Response Division. Might as well call us Mushroom Corporals, since they don't want us to know what's going on. And Captain Wesker's in charge... Mister Cool himself, though now he's Colonel Cool. Some topics are sensitive, but I'll gladly share what little I've got."
Chris Redfield "Yeah, I heard about his promotion and that he's IC Ops for the F.B.C. now." Chris replies to Trixie and then adds, "Be glad you aren't any higher, Trixie sometimes it is better to just worry about your squad and not be involved in the politics. Don't short change yourself because of rank." It is fairly general knowledge especially for those in S.T.A.R.S. to know that he was in the Air Force before he joined RPD and didn't often see eye to eye with his superior officers. "Thanks for the offer but I wouldn't want you to get into trouble." He looks towards Rebecca as she eats her sandwich and his cell phone rings again. "Sorry, another phone call. You two girls have fun catching up. I'll sure I will see you around. Take care and be safe." He drains the last of his old coffee and walks off to a more private area for his second phone call.