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Emma Another day. More rain. It's just not stopping. And it's making going out and enjoying the city hard. If it isn't the rain, it's puddles, or slow traffic, or the cold. It's just not fun out right now, not even for those who enjoy the rain. Like Emma, who, unlike many, enjoys the rain as it reminds her of home. But this isn't the rolling hillside of Scotland, this is a whole different type of place. So to avoid the rain, the red head had ducked in here to dry off. Her wet yet closed bright blue umbrella sits against the wall, by the table she sits at. And for once, the woman isn't studying. This time, she is reading over a some papers, while sipping at some tea, in a coffee shop of all places, and enjoying a small bite to eat.
Markus Berger Markus Berger hates rain. His home has terrible weather most of the time, Raccoon City wasn't much better back when it wasn't a crater or overrun by zombies and now there has been terrible weather for a while in Paris too. Unfortunately he had to head out to handle a few things, fortunately he had the good sense to visit this particular cafe once he was done before he gets soaked to the bone. In fact, he is entering the place right about now with a dripping wet black umbrella in hand as he looks around near the entrance.
Trixie Trixie pushes through the door a full minute behind Markus and closes it behind her, shivering and glaring at what used to be an umbrella, now blown inside out and with several bent ribs and broken joints from the experience. Growling something under her breath, she shoves the mortal remains of her umbrella into a nearby trash bin and steps clear of the doorway, while using her free hand to swipe at the rainwater dampening her hair and her sleek black leather pants and jacket. The euro-styled bike leathers suit her well, but the look somehow retains the little sister vibe that seems to follow her everywhere, no matter what she wears.

"Stupid weather... I'm gonna be /upset/ if it's ruined my new clothes," she murmurs.
James Scott James happened to be in the area thanks to work, so he was stuck in the middle of the downpour with nothing to protect him but a black raincoat and a red and white striped umbrella. With nothing better to do he decided to swing by the Cafe before he went to visit the Bastille. So he soon ends up behind both Markus and Trixie.

"Well, we could always go and get you more if that's the case." The always classy Scott brother speaks up, offering a wink and a grin as he shakes his umbrella out before entering properly.
Emma Emma puts on piece of paper down, but she is grinning, from whatever she is reading. Feeling a burst of cold as the door opens grey-green eyes look up quickly, then back down, then back up. At the door are three people, two who she knows, one seems familar. Interesting how it all happened at once. There is a quick look out the window, perhaps wondering if more will show, but none do. So looking to the trio a hand comes up, with a smile. "Why - why don't'cha all join me?" Offers the lass, in her sweet, shy sort of way.
Markus Berger Markus briefly glances over his shoulder to the door where he spots familiar faces, one being more familiar than the other. "Well, look who we have here. Good day to you two." With the briefest possible greetings out of the way the good doctor gives a wave in Emmas direction before he swiftly heads over and sits down on the same table she sits at, placing his fortunately still functioning Umbrella against a wall. "Good to see you, Emma. At least one nice sight on this dreary day."
Trixie Trixie blinks at the suggestion from James, turning to look at him more directly. "You're /slightly/ less creepy than I remember," she says, recognizing him almost immediately. Some faces you just don't forget. "I'm glad you made it out of Raccoon City, anyway."

She pouts a little at Markus's comment to Emma, in spite of his greeting. "I suddenly know how canned Spam feels," she murmurs, with a wry little smile, but moves to join Emma and Markus at Emma's table. "And you made it out, too, Emma, Doctor? Thank goodness. I didn't have a lot of time to worry about you, but when I did, I really did. It's good to see you all alive and well, after /that/ nightmare."
James Scott "And you're just as pretty as I remember. It's good to see you." James can't help but grin a little. He always liked Trixie, even if she followed in her dad's footsteps and became a cop. Emma gets a wave and he moves over to join everyone at the table.

"Looks like you made it off that boat in one piece Markus. Good to see those zombies can't hold you down." He reaches up to adjust his sunglasses, careful to keep his eyes covered. "So, how's everyone doing?"
Emma Emma looks to Markus, and nods a little, yet her eyes are a touch weary - in a joking sort of way. "Thank ya. Any - anymore plans ta embarrass me taday?" A smirk develops, because she is -trying- to joke. To the three a hand motions to the table, in offer to have them join her. "Ya - ya worried? An' not doctor, yet. Soon I hope." She asks Trixie, suddenly surprised, and her cheeks redden just a little to. If that is the case, wow. And to James, she nods. "I - I'm excited! Tha hospital is doin' a Gala, I offered ta help! Get ta get dressed up'n stuff, should be fun!"
Markus Berger Markus smirks slightly at Emma. "You are safe. Can't come up with anything today." With that said he nods towards both James and Trixie with a far more serious look on his face before continues with a slightly lower voice. "Yes, I was lucky. That ship boiled down to being Raccoon City in small. Even had all the marks of it as well starting with the zombies, BOWs, Umbrella commandos, FBC commandos and all that. At least I'm alive, well and probably on leave for a bit."
Trixie Trixie shakes her head at James' compliment, but a small smile comes to her lips as she does it. "You, too. I hope you've turned your life around after Raccoon, and not just for the old reasons," she says sympathetically, meaning it. Too few Raccoon City residents got the second chance everyone here got.

"I did. I was with the Guard during the outbreak, so I wasn't able to do much searching for people I knew. It got to a point that I didn't know if anyone I knew was still alive after the police station was taken." She smiles faintly. "But here you are, safe and sound, and I'm glad I finally found you."

She looks to Markus. "Actually, I meant you when I said Doctor, Doctor. I'm glad you made it out, too. The information you gave us at the hospital saved a lot of lives."
James Scott "Yup, I'm a reformed citizen. In the sense that I don't sell drugs and I haven't had sex since before the outbreak." James reaches up to rub at the back of his neck. "Still probably a little too angry for my own good." He does quiet down to listen to what Markus has to say though.

"Yeah, heard a rumor that they sent Death and the Black Widow to greet you guys, but only Death made it out alive. So it's pretty positive that you made it back." Of course he doesn't say where he heard the rumor from. Trade secrets and all.
Emma "Oh," Emma says, going a bit redder to what Trixie has to say. "That's -- ah, kind." A little taken aback, she looks down to her papers. Looking to Markus about the doctor bit, she nods some, but then James speaks. And he has to mention Black Widow. Eyes widen some, and move up to him with as much speed as one can have. "How'd ya know -that-?" Asks the red head, her tone a little firmer than normal.
Markus Berger Markus just nods again at hearing about the bit about Black Widow and Death. "Yeah, seen the former die and abruptly mutate into some spider based B.O.W that chased me, the FBC folks and my bodyguard around. The later didn't survive that thoug. So... the Black Widow part was pretty damn literaly." With that said he glances over to Trixie. "Well, probably was still less than a drop of water on a hot stone. Believe it or not, but that mess repeated itself on the damn Heaven of the Seas that the media now claims as just having 'disappeared'. During my vacation on it. On that thing not even ten or so people survived, and several of those that did were sent there from the US gov."
James Scott "I've been keeping an eye on things. I'm not back in college, so I've got enough time on my hands to do a little snooping." James lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug. About that time his phone starts to play 'Suck My Kiss' and he swears quietly. "This is work calling." He rises to his feet, answering the phone. He doesn't even speak, rather he listens for a few seconds then flips the mobile closed. "Shit, I have to run, but I'll holler at y'all." With that he quickly walks out the exit, then actually breaks out in a run down the street. Must have been important.
Trixie Trixie watches Emma, biting her lip at the girl's blush and shy glance down at her papers. But James's words cause her eyes to get wider, and Markus's additions to it make them wider still. Before she can ask James about what he knows, he suddenly gets a phone call and makes a very quick exit, leaving her staring open-mouthed after him.

So she looks to Markus. "I do believe you, Doctor... and some of those U.S. gov people may have been my squadmates," she says, her voice soft and brittle as she slips a slim passcase from a thigh pocket of her leather pants and opens it to show a plain F.B.C. ID card. "I'm F.B.C.. And I can tell you truthfully that they're not allowed to talk about what they saw there. It's something I very much don't agree with, because keeping this quiet is the last thing we need to do. That's what lost us Raccoon City, and now it's lost us a cruise ship, too."
Emma Emma seems growingly unsettled, with all this talk. She watches James go, but there is a sense that she doesn't believe something he is saying. Her frown lingers, and eyes then move between Trixie and Markus as they talk, simply listening, her mind turning with various things.
Markus Berger The good doctor doesn't even get to say anything to James before he is allready gone so he instead looks over to Emma. "Well, I know what he isn't telling, but... its up to him to talk about and probably safer if he doesn't. By a lot." As for Trixie, she also gets looked at, especially her FBC id. "Well, good thing that I'm not supposed to shut up about it. Not that I can actually do anything nor do I have any proof of what happened except for what I saw. Probably just a matter of time until something else happens again. Anyway... coffee and so on! My treat, order whatever you two want."
Trixie "I agree, it probably /is/ safer if he doesn't. And I doubt he just overheard all that.," Trixie adds worriedly. "Honestly, proof is less important to me that a direction to look in. I'm not Intel... I'm just one more Corporal in a unit that's practically nothing but Corporals, and my job is to shoot things like zombies and the other things he was talking about. Probably with totally inadequate equipment and training for the job to boot. But since the higher-ups want so much to keep us in the dark, any data at all might be useful if we're going to try to prevent any further outbreaks. I'd like to talk with you more sometime soon, if you don't mind. This isn't an investigation, and nothing will be on any records, but what you can tell me just might save some lives that this silent treatment won't."

She glances at the menu at the invitation. "My French isn't very good at all. Don't wait for me to order," she advises, blushing a little.
Emma Eyes settle on Markus. "Ya - ya know?" Asks the red head, surprised. Her mind has been -turning- on trying to figure out the pieces but she doesn't have all of them for the puzzle. However, assumptions can be made, and they are. All in which seem to make her feel all the more unsettled and unsure. "Is it not scary ta sit'n wait? An - an' thank ya, Markus, I'm just havin' tea, got a meetin' soon. I get my semester results." There is some nervousness in her tone, because it means she'll need to get her marks, and having been working her ass off, it's all she can hope for that their good. To Trixie she looks, curiously listening to what she has to say, and her talking about her work. Scratching the tip of her nose there is a bit of silence, mind going over all this. "It's scary ta - ta think Zombies are still out there, ya'know. Not lookin' ta face those again myself. My French is good, I can order for'ya." She shudders and looks to her papers, starting to gather them up.
Markus Berger Markus himself simply shrugs. He has gotten used to the anxiety of being forced to wait for the next disaster to suddenly begin in one way or another. Not that it gets easier to handle the more he uncovers. "I do, but it is how it is. Anyway, mind ordering for me too? I need some coffee but I don't know a single word of french. Another reason why I only ever leave the chateau for work unless I need to buy something." With Emma having gotten her replay he instead turns to Trixie and gives her a strained smile. "Yeah, talking sounds a look a good idea considering the circumstances. So, shall we meet somewhere or I can just invite you to our place? The later is certainly more comfortable and more secure. After all, I do think I can tell you a few things." And with that he leans back in his seat to wait for his coffee.
Trixie "The latter /does/ sound overall safer, Doctor. Normally I prefer not to impose, but the circumstances favor security that a public place just can't provide. Thank you," Trixie says softly, nodding to Markus. She manages not to smile at his reasons for not ordering. "I wish you luck on your studies, Emma. Let's see... what looks good?" she adds, studying her menu.