Umbrella Surveillance System
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Trixie The U.S.S. Liberty steams through a driving rain under a hazy gray morning sky, rocking a little more than usual under chop kicked up by the strong wind. Below, only a faint rumble of rain on the flight deck and some exta tilting of the deck betray the weather's presence to those aboard. One of those, one Corporal Trixie Mackenzie, makes her way through the corridors between point A and point B, instinctively flexing her legs under the roll of the deck after so long aboard. She pauses under a more dramatic roll of the deck, glaring at the ceiling. "Stupid ship... give me a warm car any day," she murmurs.
Caio Caio comes out from a smaller side corridor. He is here just sorting things out. After returning from his latest mission which involved being in another ship the young soldier's more then tired of the nautical life. "I totally get what you mean." He says to Trixie, having overheard her comment. He gives her a wave and brief smile, the bags under his eyes and his tired expression making it difficult for him to properly smile. Still he is happy to see her again and if anything is glad to be back in known waters.
Trixie Trixie looks up, eyes widening as she recognizes Caio. "Ohmigawd, Caio... they finally let you guys out of decontam?" She starts toward him, but another roll of the deck pitches her off balance, and she stumbles against him, pushing them both against the wall. At least it stops a potential fall.

She looks up at him as she carefully tries to steady her feet under her. For a moment her eyes meet his, and she blushes faintly. "Ohmigawd... Caio, I'm sorry..." she murmurs.
Caio Caio reaches out with his hand to steady Trixie gently. After being in a ship for as long as he has he learned how to have a better balance then most people specially in stormy condition. "Yeah, they let us out of decom recently. And I've got to say I'm really glad to be back. I never thought I would see this place again." His demeanor is as it always is: Open and friendly, his face becoming slightly red as Trixie half falls against him. "So how have things been while we were out?" He asks the girl curiously, his arm and hand still offering her support if she still needs it
Trixie Trixie blinks slowly. Then she impulsively hugs him tightly. "Screw it. I'm just so glad that's over and everyone's back," she mumurs. "It's been nothing but tense since you left. They put us on high alert, and there were rumors that we'd lost contact with the mission team. We only stood down when everyone was in decontam. Nobody knew what was happening, or if any of you were alive."
She carefully releases him, straightening and taking half a step back. "There was another rumor, too. That everyone had to sign some kind of nondisclosure forms. Someone even saw some suit from DC with a briefcase aboard, and said he must've been here to handle the paperwork."
Caio Caio nods at Trixie. As he hugs him he returns the jesture. He was always one for affection, specially after all he's just been through. "Most of it is true. We did had to sign a nom disclosure form. The suit who was here aparently was representing the pentagon." He blushes as she pulls back, his grip around her loosening, allowing her to fully leave his embrace if she so choozes. "The thing was.. A complete mess. A lot of things that shouldn't have happened unfortunately happen. Survivors who could have been rescued weren't." He says this last part in a more somber tone, his expression darkenning for a brief moment.
Trixie Trixie shakes her head slowly, her eyes turning big and round. "Just like Raccoon City..." she whispers. "Everything goes wrong, and people who could have lived get killed. I don't know if it happened for the same reasons, but the results are the same." She absently notes his blush and hugs him tightly, purely on impulse. "We're supposed to be here to stop things like this... we're not supposed to be hiding this from the world. They need to know, so we don't get more cases like this." She tightens her hug, clinging to him. "And yet we're getting gagged by paperwork while the ops turn into disasters. What are we even doing here..?"
Caio Caio sighs, a hand moving to softly rub Trixie's head. "You say that and you've not even been there. It wasn't just the place and situation, Trixie. That operation showed me how cold human beings can be. Not just our enemies but some of us, too." His tone is sad and resigned. "I joined this group because I thought I was trying to create a better world for other people. That we'd help to put the bastards who allowed the outbreak in Raccon to happen to justice. But after this mission, I'm not sure anymore. When I get back to land, I'll rethink my career choice. And I really wish I could tell you more about what happened, I really do. This experience taught me that this history of follow your orders, obey your superiors is bullshit, sometimes." Its obvious that whatever happened in that ship has let this man angry.
Trixie "The same thing Raccoon taught me..." Trixie whispers. The rubbing of her hair dislodges her beret a little, but she doesn't seem to care. "The people at the top covered up what was really happening and fed us lies until the situation was too far gone to even begin to save. Selling all our lives for peanuts while they hid in safety. I still don't know why. Not totally. But I've never forgotten it. How low some people will go, for... /nothing/, while we fight and die for them, not knowing they're throwing us away like trash. Is that what's happening to us here? I don't know. But I think more and more that coming here was a mistake. I wonder how you get /unselected/ for this branch? Without going to prison, I mean?"
Caio Caio hmms. "If its of any help.. I lost my position with the NG because I went back in the city to rescue a few more survivors. The higher ups concluded that I let my emotions get control of me and that I acted in a way that was counter productive to our mission." He gently puts Trixie's beret back into place, his hand now softly rubbing her back. "About Racoon, the associates of Umbrella were willing to cover things just so they could continue to use Raccon as a testing ground for their biological toys. Why do you think they sent their U.B.C.S units? As for whats happening here well, Trixie this will sound very cliche and corny but you are not alone. I guess my problem is that I've always been too idealistic." He says this last part almost to himself, his eyes gazing at Trixie.
Trixie Trixie sighs wearily. "I was afraid it was something like that," she whispers. "I thought I was doing really well just getting out. I never saw it, but there were rumors that some giant /thing/ with bigger guns for arms was killing everything in sight and shooting down the evac birds like clays. Some of the people I was with /did/ see it. We were lucky any of us lived to get to the evac zone. If they'd been able to get in a few days sooner, a lot more of the people we were protecting would have survived."
She seems to nearly melt against Caio as he begins to rub her back, not seeming to notice the straightening of her beret. "Don't think that... maybe you are, a little, but that's not a bad thing by itself. I guess you've just got to be a /little/ suspicious, so you can tell if you're being taken advantage of. But I don't think idealism by itself is bad. Sometimes you need that just to get through the day." Or perhaps she does.
Caio Caio nods a couple of times. "Perhaps you are right. Its just... Its already difficult having to fight against someone who has more resources then you. Now when the people who should be in the same side as you.. When they start to lose humanity... That just makes things even more difficult." As Trixie explains about what happened in Raccon, something seems to click inside his head. "Oh really? That.. Really makes sense now.." His voice is lower as he says this last part, his hand continuing to rub Trixie's back, his fingers moving over her ribs. "I guess we just have to continue having hope.. If we lose it, we'll be left with nothing. As for Umbrella put yourself in their place.. You are a big corporation who has a seemingly umblemished image. Its this image that allows you to do all your dirty things under the rug, because no one suspects. But one of these things went out of hand and you've lost control. Would you want them to lift the rug and see the truth? Of course not. You'd want to hide things as you always have. And dead people can't talk, so.. Its simple strategy."
Trixie "Doesn't make it /right/... there are some things you just don't do, ever. And what they've done just means they need to be taken out as soon as possible, before they can turn another city into a petri dish for murder machines," Trixie murmurs. "Besides, that cat's already out of the bag, their name's worse than mud, and they deserve every bit of that. /Bastards.../" The last word carries more venom than he may have ever heard come out of her mouth before now.
She blinks, drawing back to arms length slowly, looking up at him with wide eyes. "Wait... Caio, are you petting me?" she asks softly, her tone more confused than accusatory or frightened.
Caio Caio nods at Trixie's words. "Yes. While they now have a bad reputation, they still aren't finished." His eyes become somber for a few more seconds. As Trixie asks him if he's petting her he lets out a soft chuckle. "No, not at all. I was just rubbing your back. But if you don't like it thats fine, I won't do it anymore. Just seemed like you needed the confort, thats all." Having had to deal with this sort of thing before, he says all this in an easy tone.
Trixie "I don't mind so much, I guess. I just didn't notice it until now. Maybe I need to pay more attention," Trixie murmurs, meeting his eyes in spite of the return of that faint blush. "And I did. You were definitely right about that part. But I was thinking the same thing about you, too." she adds, hugging him gently.
Caio Caio returns Trixie's hug once more. "I guess we both need it." He tells her. He gazes at her warmly. "After you left Raccon.. What was it that made you join this group? I ask out of curiosity, really. Despit we sharinga lot of the same opinions, I still don't know even the basics about you." He says this last part in a playfull way, despit the slightly alkward situation.
Trixie "Um... it totally slipped my mind, but we're standing in the middle of a narrow corridor chattering away," Trixie says, blushing. "Maybe we should find somewhere better to talk." She starts to draw back, but the ship rolls more sharply to one side, and she winds up clinging to Caio again to keep her balance. "Geez... make that /definitely/."
Caio Caio chuckles, nodding at Trixie. "Yeah, I was going to sujest that." As Trixie stumbles once more, Caio again tries to steady her. "Can you lead the way? I still don't know this ship well enough."