Umbrella Surveillance System
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William Birkin Hundreds of feet beneath the hustle and bustle of Raccoon city, William Birkin toils away in the obsessively sterile environment of his laboratory, safely hidden away from the increasingly dangerous surface. He occupies the Virology lab, as he has most of the time in recent days, studiously bent over a series of notes, making additions here and there as he sees fit. One wall is devoted entirely to several columns of plexiglass cages, each containing a different horrifying sight. Most near the top seem to be occupied by dark-red smears with tentacles sprouting from their twitching mass, and as they progress downward the creatures contained within seem to gain more and more subtance, until finally near the bottom several horribly mutated rat-like creatures scurry about with large eyes on their backs, oversized talons, serrated teeth, and too many arms.

Birkin himself seems to be fascinated with the creatures in the very bottom row, and makes a few excited notations into a voice recorder he holds near his mouth: "Subjects continue to show stability after initial mutations. Degredation is almost entirely halted as they maintain an efficient form. Aggression levels remain high, and reasoning capabilities are still almost non-existent, but it seems I've finally managed to halt the tendancy for the host to be consumed by the viruses' mutations." No doubt, whatever he's working on has erased any potential appointments from his immediate memory.
Taylor Scott There was the sounds of steps, before a door is opened and a young man steps in. His teal blue eyes look around at the strange beasts of science has brought. He shortly looks to the scientist, the doctor, who had given him a second chance.

At first he just looks at him, then around the room, before he places one hand in his pocket and then clears his throat. This shortly followed by a meek smile and a hand wave of the fingers as he says, "Hey there sir, um, uh, I think this is when you wanted me to show up for a recheck?"
William Birkin With a sharp click, the recorder is paused and Birkin rounds on Taylor with a start, his bloodshot eyes peering at the other man for a moment before he seems to piece together what exactly he's talking about. "Mr. Scott," he finally says, glancing aside to his computer to read the time, "I forgot you were coming." It seems almost like he might turn him away, but eventually he lets out a sigh and rises from his stool, setting the recorder down beside his workstation before gesturing back out towards the hall. "Yes, yes. Important that we keep up with your progress. A lot of time and effort went into making sure you were of use again, and I'd hate to see that wasted."

Once he's back out in the hall, he leads the short trip down to the Biology lab and enters through the airlock, pointing to the nearest operating table. "Take a seat. Have you been experiencing and limb or joint pain? Numbness? Lost time or moments of extreme paranoia? Hair loss?"
Taylor Scott Taylor Scott was about to state that he could come back if it was alright just as the dear Doctor said his peace. The young man giving a shrug of his shoulder, though a weary eye at the strange creatures in this room once more. Perhaps curiosity. Perhaps concern. It was all hard to read the Taylor's thoughts.

Once the William leads them back into the hall and to the medical room, Taylor follows directly behind with no daddle to his step. In the room, he goes to take a seat on the operating table, his arms resting along his knees with his hands clasped. "I was a little sore at first." Taylor explains, "But it went away by the next day."

The former soldier grins a bit, "Actually this is the best I've felt since I got out of basic!" He sits up more straight and looks at his hands. "That stuff is a miracle of science really, a real game changer even. I mean, if this can do this for me, think of what it could do for millions!"