Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten See prior scene for earlier details:

Archene enters the Secure Storage Lockup when the keycard he found earlier allows him to open it. It appears that the room has been mostly ransacked, but there is a crate on the ground scattered open. It looks like it was a medical storage crate, the kind used for transporting valuable objects.

Inside of it was a single remaining vial of something labelled T.

There was also another crate in the room, the size of a guitar case. He could open it or move on.
Silent Night Quickly, Archene moves closer to the crate. While it may come to be something of no use, he takes the mysterious vial, carefully securing it among the more secure pockets of his armor. He is here for samples after all. He looks about he room for a moment longer before checking the still closed crate, and attempting to open it. If there is anything else around, he should get it.
Kitten Archene starts to hear the sounds of gunfire coming from the direction of his former comrades, along with a load roaring sound from the direction of the reactionary testing grid. However, inside of the crate which is opened by the keycard he had found he finds a brand new Umbrella Assault Carbine and a full magazine in the case.

Radio reports alert him that Rain's team is also under fire.

This was his chance to escape if he took it, before things got any worse and he found himself entirely cutoff.
Silent Night Find the gun, Archene makes a brief check on it, despite it being brand new. With it in hands, he hears to the reports in his radio. Having heard the roaring from the reactionary testing grid, he found out where not to be. The gun fire and the other team being under attack only increased his need for a retreat.

Quickly, he runs out of the room. If there is gunfire nearby, the fight could get to him and if the other team is also under attack, this might as well mean that there are ambushes or worse around. So all he had to do was run back to the shaft and out, it wouldn't be hard to justify in the report to Umbrella that the situation warranted a retreat after all, right?
Kitten Archene is able to escape down the hallway, seeing a large group of undead tearing apart Harry from the distance near the door to the research labs even as his machine gun fired wildly. There was nothing that could be done for him.

A massive explosion came from the direction of the Weapons Lab Andrew was at, mostly surely signifying the man was dead.

Over the communications, Rain Ocampo's squad was reporting they were under attack.

As Archene raced towards the elevators, something was leaping in the air towards him but then a piece of debris smashed it in the head, sending the blackened creature straight out of nightmare flying into the impending fire.

Archene swore he saw another figure rushing out of the fire, but there was no time for that.

Hitting his head as he rappelled up the shaft, Archene could see the choppers in the distance as he raced out of the mountain tunnel!

Boy did he feel dizzy though.
Silent Night Archene opens his eyes widely as he notices Harry being attacked by undead. He ignores it all as he keeps running. As the creature is hit by debris, he even tries to speed up despite being on his limit.

Once out of the tunnel, he looks at the choppers. He doesn't think twice before running into one of them, hoping to get onto one as quickly as he can.
Kitten Archene must have had a concussion because once he gets in the chopper, the dizziness gets worse and the poor intelligence operative passed out without another thought or word on his mind other than the fact that he was safe.


Luck was on Archene's side. He happened to pass out in the same chopper Markus was about to get on.


An hour later, Archene wakes up in the chopper. It's landed on top of the Umbrella building and he sees Markus walking away.... Unknowingly, the other man had saved his life.