Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield It is another dreary, rainy day in Paris, black clouds fill the sky and there is a strong wind gusting. Chris decided he would rather brave the rain that sit in his apartment since he's already slept the day away yesterday after returning from his last mission. He called Carlos up to see if he wanted to hang out and join him for coffee since he hasn't really met his new team mate yet.

Chris is sitting at a table inside Jack's Bistro and has a cup of hot coffee in front of him, with a newspaper on the table that he's reading. He's got his leather jacket draped on the chair behind him and there is a plate in front of him with a half eaten muffin on it.
Carlos Olivera Carlos had been making his home in the same hotel room that he had been set up in upon returning from his assignment in Columbia, figuring out creative ways to hide the multitude of weaponry that his assignment and... professional commitments required him to keep about. He had been staring blankly at the room service menu, debating between the list of things that he had eaten several times over by now when he had gotten the call from Chris, which saved him from the same old, same old. Dressing casually and slipping his sidearm in the band of his pants, Carlos had made his way down to the indicated Bistro.

The hispanic man stepped inside the Bistro, dark eyes peering around at those seeking refuge from the weather before they find Chris and he makes his approach. "Chris Redfield," he greets with a slight smile.
Chris Redfield Chris stands up when Carlos enteres the Bistro, putting his newspaper down and extends his hand towards the Hispanic man. "Carlos. Glad to finally meet you in person. Jack has told me good things about you and your work." After shaking hands, he motions for the man to take a seat and you notice that he's got a firm grip not quite hand crushing but pretty close. "Thanks for joining me. So how are you doing? Getting settled yet in Paris? I haven't really gotten used to this place yet myself but it is starting to grow on me a little." He takes a sip of his coffee and then glances around the bistro. "This is a pretty nice place though. It ain't Starbucks or like those diners in New York but it has charm, kinda like this place I used to go in Raccoon..."
Carlos Olivera Carlos takes the offered hand easily, his own grip pretty solid though it is clear he is not trying to hurt Chris by any means. His palm is rough and calloused, evidence of a physical lifestyle. Carlos moves and sits into one of the chairs at Chris' table and he shrugs his shoulders. "I am settling in as well as anyone expects me to. I see a lot of travel time with the organization, so I've learned not to get too attached or at ease in any one place. You never know when you're going to be sent somewhere else." At the mention of Raccoon City, Carlos doesn't say anything, and just watches Chris instead.
Chris Redfield "Yeah, we are both use to military life and before I joined S.T.A.R.S. I was the same way, always travelling and never getting really attached to any one place." Chris replies after his pause when he spoke about Raccoon City. If he was bothered by it, it doesn't show on his expression as he's got this stoic neutral poker face down to a science almost, part of his personal charm or whatever you want to call it. "I heard a bit about what happened on the ship. Glad you were able to fly out and help with the rescue op. Don't really want to talk to much about the details here though, you can debrief me in more detail at our next meeting. I just wanted to meet you before hand since we didn't get a chance to yet." He looks at you with a measured gaze, not judging or offensive but steady. "Thanks for visiting Jill with Jack by the way. I appreciate it, she's been through a lot and we have to be supportive."
Carlos Olivera Carlos nods his head slowly at the mention of the Rescue Op. "Yeah, I was a little surprised when the UN called for me to go, but those people needed help, so I couldn't imagine not answering the call," he says, also adding a nod in reference to the discretion regarding a debriefing. Carlos returns that evaluating gaze for a few moments in silence, letting the quiet stretch between them before he nods his head. "Jill is my friend," he explains simply. "Of course I'd go visit her when I made it back."
Chris Redfield "Yeah, I called Jack during my last mission after I found out some intel about it. I was hoping that you could go on short notice and you didn't dissapoint." Chris replies in a sincere tone and nods when you mention Jill is your friend. "Oh, that's right she was the one that recommended you to Jack for recruitment. I'm probably going to go visit her soon and you are welcome to join. She's probably going stir crazy at the hospital. So how did you two meet if you mind me asking?"