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Benny It is pissing rain outside, so much so that Benny didn't feel like going for a jog and so he finds himself calling up Emma to see if she wants to go to the Catacombs with him, since she said she would give him a more personal tour that what a tour guide would give. It took some courage since it isn't long after the indoor pool incident at the Chateau De'Night and he's still a bit embarrassed by that whole affair, but he's gotten past that now.

He's waiting by the entrance to the Catacombs, wearing the same waxed cotton jacket he had on before, he's changed his graphic t-shirt to that grey Batman one he wore before, he's wearing designer blue jeans and his usual adidas sneakers. He is holding an umbrella up, one of those black one's with a wooden J shaped handle and checks his watch once more. He would have offered to pick Emma up but he took public transit today since he didn't feel comfortable driving here with it pissing rain and he also didn't have a rental car anymore.
Emma Admittedly, Emma was a bit surprised herself. She felt like a total dumbass too, bonking heads, dropping her wine. Yeah, the girl is smooth - or not, let's say not. It didn't help that laughter at it all made her all the more flusteted (Thanks Markus!). But, she did say she would show him around, and outside of awkwardness such as earlier time spent was fun.

With the rain she was running behind. Eventually the red head appears, hopping puddles in her converse shoes. A bright blue umbrella is held, whick keeps the rain off her. Nearing there is a shy smile given to Benny. "Ah -- ah, 'ello. Sorry I'm late, Shaemus chewed up one'ov my rubber boots? had'ta find somethin' else."
Benny Benny spots the red hair first and then see's the rest of Emma with her blue umbrella. He smiles warmly back at her, looking a little sheepish but not that bad considering how shy he usually is. "Hi Emma. That is alright, I was getting worried and was about to call you to make sure you were okay. Glad you could join me on such a dreary rainy day though. I have some spare time today so thought I might as well do some sight seeing rather than sit in my hotel room watching tv or playing video games." He blinks when you mention Shaemus ruining your boots. "Oh no, I didn't know he still did that. Poor boy, must have some anxiety still." He then motions for you to follow him over to the front doors, opening them for you and then heads to the cashier to pay the entrance fees for the both of you. "My treat since you are going to save me money on foregoing the tour. Thanks again Emma."
Emma eEmma returns the warm smile with a bit of a laugh. "Wo - worried? Why?" She looks around a little, while sweeping her hand through her red hair. "What - whatever could happen ta me?" But maybe for a moment she forgot about the whole kidnapped and near killed thing. Nodding in thanks as he opens the door her umbrella would be shaken out quickly. "Ya - ya sure?" She stammers when he says it's on him. "An' well, Shaemus, I dunno, maybe. Likely."
Benny "I didn't know if you were stuck in traffic or maybe something came up where you had to cancel silly." Benny replies in a polite tone and doesn't want to say the word accident because that might be bad karma on a day like this. "Of course I'm sure. In fact I already just paid." He gets two tickets and then lets Emma lead the way into the Catacombs since she's already been there once at least and she's the guide for this tour. "He'll be fine, he probably sensed you were going out without him so he chewed up your boots to prevent you. How are you two doing at Archene's place? It is so big and nice there. It is amazing really."
Emma "Ah-huh." Emma replies in an amused tone, to his comment about running behind or something. "I'd- I'd of told'ya if I couldn' make it, silly." Before she even has a chance, he has paid. "Thank ya, Burce." Saying this with a smirk and nod to his shirt to the part about Shaemus she is quiet a second. "Normally he - he doesn' get so workedu up when I leave, he did taday. Odd really." Don't dogs sense things? Still she turns and nods for him to follow, to the entrance to the catacombs. "Ready ta learan 'bout tha dead?"
Benny "Hey, your in med school and you have a busy social life. Sometimes even smart people forget stuff." Benny replies with a smirk and chuckles softly when you call him Bruce. "I'm a fan of Batman but certainly not Bruce Wayne, but thanks for the compliment since he's rich but he's also moody and not exactly a happy fellow." He blinks when you bring up Shaemus but then nods when you ask him if he's ready for the tour. "Yes, I'm ready and maybe when the weather is better we can bring Shameus along with us, maybe go visit the Eifel Tower or something. I think he would like that."
Emma "Well, ya gotta think 'bout Bruce. Never gettin' noticed for what he does, sacrificin' his own personal wants for helpin' people. I can see why he'd be a bit moody'n all." She shrugs a little. "But I see yer - yer point too. He can be." As they would go into the catacombs, the temperate drops, it's damp and ominous. Skulls, other bones line the walls. One can feel death in here, in the cold endlessness of death. "I'd lova ta go to the Eiffle tower." Emma adds with a smile. "So would Shaemus. Now, yer wantin' me ta bore you with endless facts now?"
Benny "Well, he's a complex character and in many ways flawed but is those flaws that make him more relateable to people." Benny replies like the comic book nerd that he is and he seems to be enjoying the tour so far, as he looks at the skulls and stuff lining the walls. When the temperature drops a bit, he zips up his jacket and sticks his hands into his pockets. "Bore away, miss Emma. Give me a history lesson on this place and why it is so morbid. I mean why would they bury so many people down here rather than use a traditional cemetary?"
Emma Emma lights up. What a nerd herself. All that useless info about this place can come to use! With a bounce on her feet, and a fluid turn to face him her smile is big. "Oh! That's a -- a great place ta start! Ya - ya see, in the 17th century Paris was overflowin' with people. So much so, that graveyards had bodies poppin' outta'dem! Not only did it smell but posed a high risk of disease. From old tunnels in tha 13th century they decided ta dig up and remove all tha overflowin' bodies, an' move'em here. Which is considered ta be the worlds biggest grave yard'n also one of tha mosy haunted places in Paris!" What a nerdy brain she is.
Benny "Ah, so now that makes sense. It was out of necessity they had to move the bodies down here. Morbid and spooky but it explains a lot." Benny nods and follows Emma through the catacomb tunnels as she explains things. Comic nerd meets historical facts nerd.
Emma "Tha catacombs are - are a few hundreded miles long too. We're only able ta see one mile worth." She stops and looks up. "Watch yer head." Because there is a low ceiling they need to duck under a bit. "Tha - tha people that put their bodies here, damn I can't recall their name, had a - a fondness if ya will, for tha dead." Yeah, gross. But she moves on. "During world war two tha Nazi's an French used these tunnels too."
Benny Benny nods and then ducks his head when you tell him too, he doesn't want his noggin knocked again so soon or he might get a concussion or something. "Hundred of miles? That is crazy, that would mean I don't know how many bodies are buried down here then, hundred of thousands easily. Woah." He follows along with you as you explain about world war 2. "Oh they used the tunnels during war time? Probably to sneak around or use it as transport for supplies and stuff, right?"
Emma " It's estimated ta be between 6 and 7 million bodies." Emma says, moving to hop around a puddle, her converse just missing it. "Aye." She nods to his question and theb stops, there is a wall of skulls they are walking by. "They eventually ended up brinin' dead'n here right away, see there," She points to a skull. "I'd say that was a child no older than ten, lost in tha never-ending pile of bones." There is a frown, it is sad, to her.
Benny "Woah, over 6 to 7 million. That is way more than I first guessed and I can't even fathom that many to be honest." Benny says in a hushed voice as if speaking loudly might wake the dead or something. He starts glancing around, thinking he see's something moving in the shadows but it is probably just his imagination or is it? He's already slightly paranoid so being down here doesn't help matters, but if this is Emma's second go at it he's gotta to be brave! He looks over at the small skull that Emma pointed too and then he gets sad, thinking about his Kungfu students who didn't make it out of Raccoon City. He goes silent for a while, just following along with Emma and listening to her facts about the catacombs.
Emma Emma spends her time around death, half her studies are on cadavers. Still this place moves her, but months of therpay has helped her to be stronger, to grow. "Aye it's- it's a lot." She frowns a second and motions upward. "If yer ever wonderin' if yer above one of these tunnels, look for buildins, if there are no big ones, likely yer atop of one of these tunnels. An' heavy structures would collapse it."
Benny "Oh, that is good to know. Thanks Emma." Benny replies in a soft voice as you comment about the buildings above ground in relation to the tunnels. He's been through D.S.O. training, survived Racccoon City, been a cop for seven years but the loss of his students will haunt him for a good long time it seems. But this pain will make him grow stronger and it already has because instead of running away from the fight against bioterrorism he's become a defender. He won't let another Raccoon City happen if he can help it, not on his watch and that is what motivates him to keep fighting. Turn a negative into a positive. "I don't know if would come down to these tunnels again Emma. You've already taught me so much about them and it isn't you, don't think that. It's just kinda depressing and your a lot stronger than me to come here again on the account of me."
Emma Emma stops, looks over all the bodies. There is a silence in the air, not the heaviness of death, but of emotional weight. "I'm not that strong." She says, whispering those words. In them so much is unsaid, many pent up things. She turns then, away from him with what could be seen as hiding and begins to walk down the tunnel. "We're nat ta far from tha exit. When it's nice we'll go to tha Eiffle Tower, it's a real nice place, amazin' ta see really."
Benny Benny blinks when you start walking away from him and he follows along not far behind you. "Emma, I didn't mean to offend you and I really appreciate you taking me down here for a tour." He curses himself silently for his lack of tact but that is one of his flaws, he's clueless and a bit of a social nitwit. Okay a lot of a social nitwit. "Yeah, I can't wait to see the Eiffle Tower. But uh if you already have seen that too, it is okay if you want to skip it. Don't feel obligated is all I'm saying."
Emma "Sorry." Emma says. "Just, it's--" She shakes her head and laughs awkwardly rubbing the back of her neck. "It isn't e - easy for me either. I still get nightmares, wake up cryin' inta my pillow, or Shaemus tryin'ta comfort me. But, it doesn't, won't stop me either. I'm not strong, I'm tryin' ta face tha reality of the world we live in, and push forward." It's hard to feel strong when you're constsntly struggling uphill, everyone else moving on to great things and her nose being stuck in a book. As is life. Turning again with a nod she slides her hands into her back pockets. "Aye, tha Eiffle Tower. When it stops rainin'. Lets get back ta that chateau, I'm sure I got a ton'a food and desserts ya can devour." She says this with a genuine laugh.
Benny "You are doing fine Emma. You made it to med school, you are living in Paris and you've got close friends to support you. A lot of people don't have any of that but they still move on. So can you." Benny says in a soft tone and puts a hand on your shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze if you let him. "The chateau it is then." He smiles at the mention of food, of course he does. "You said the magic words. Lead the way Emma." He follows you to the exit and will hail a taxi because public transit is just too slow when you are hungry, which he constantly is because of that damned fast metabolism of his.