Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's still raining, and cold. Sheets of heavy rain pound down upon Paris in a relentlessness wave. It's not to pretty outside, and for that not many have been out. On this day Emma had class, and now it's just past dinner (for some). For her, having come in from that rain and after a long day of study there was a need to relax, to think. So she set up shop, if you will, in the pool. A part of it is like a hottub and that's where she is sitting, relaxing in the heat and bubbles, head back eyes closed. Sitting on the ledge by her is a glass of red wine and a half filled cup.
Silent Night The pool, a marvelous place to be, pecially if yours is an indoors one like the one found at Chateau de Night. Today, in an attempt to find peace of mind and relaxation, Archene is on proper pool robes as he walks over to it. As he sees Emma, he can't help but smile and wave at her, "Hello, hello, Emma." Even as he talked with her, he removed the robes, revealing himself to be on red speedos.
Emma eShaemus is there, relaxing by the water with no desire to go in. He shuffles up to his paws and woofs at Archene happily, going to greet him. Emma opens her eyes and lifts her head, that long red hair damp around her. "Hi - hi, Archene. Had tha same idea, hm?" She says this as he too seems dressed for the pool. "Lo - long day yerself?"
Silent Night Archene goes to an open shower by the pool, where he briefly showers himself before walking over towards the hottub. He sits not to far from her before smiling at her, "Ever since Markus came back, I've needed to fill in a few too many papers. Things should be calming down soon enough though." He chuckles quietly, "College as tiring as usual?" He looks at her briefly, before resting his arms at the hottub's edge.
Emma "I'm- I'm glad Markus is okay. But can ya believe it? Zombies, again. What small hell that had'ta of been." The memory makes her pale a little because it was a most horrorfying experience. "Why paper work?" And to his question there is a small nod. "Aye, but I - I knew that goin' in, medicine isn't no easy ride."
Silent Night "Didn't I say he'd be able to keep up with things?" Archene smiles, "But yes, that has made me worry a bit. I may need to intensify my investigations on the matters." He sighs quietly, "Paperwork for the bodyguard Markus had, and general investigations." He smiles lightly, "And medicine is really like that isn't it?" He smiles, "Glad to see you like it."
Emma "Oy, he - he said he died." Emma frowns at that. No matter how use to it you get, death is never easy. "I do like it." Grabbing her glass she sips her wine, grey-green eyes looking to Archene with curiosity. Gently putting the glass down she bites her lower lip. "I - I was wonderin', what do ya do exactly? What are ya investigating? What did ya - ya hand that lady?"
Silent Night "Sadly, he did. I think I'll be sending him to contact the man's widow as soon as he is in a better frame of mind." Archene smiles at Emma lightly, his face turning a bit more solemn at her questions, "Are you able to keep secrets?" He asked quietly. It'd be easy to notice that there were no servants and such at the pool.
Emma "Widow?" Now her frown deepens. "I'll-- I'll like'ta send some bakin' along with him, hope tha woman and kids, if he has'em, will be okay." Emma shifts a bit in the water, going to face Archene with a more serious expression. Her long red hair flows around her a little in the water. Bare shoulders show more freckles "Aye, I can."
Silent Night "No kids, he had no family left besides her." Archene smiles softly and nods, "Just have it ready in a day or two. I'm sure she will apreciate it." As she faces him with a serious expression, he can't help but smile, "Mostly, I just take care of Tricell's cosmetic managers. Given that I lack a businessman's acumen, I can at most direct them around so they don't step on each other's toes. I'm mostly investigating Umbrella around the the world, but more specifically around the Americas, specially after the incident with the Heaven of the Seas." He smiles, "I just gave a girl a good payment for her trip here. Whomever sent her wanted someone expendable that couldn't be traced back to them. No reason to not give her a good pay for the delivery. As for the contents of the package... It isn't something that I can truly talk about right now, sorry."
Emma "I'll - I'll have it ready." Emma says and then listens. Shaemus is near asleep by the hottub. Yes she noticed no staff was here, it was why she asked so openly. "I - I don't know if all that is true." Not that the red head doesn't trust him, it's that she senses there may be more. Having been in the hot water a while she moves out of said water and goes to sit on the edge, her legs dangling in the water. She is wearing a bikini. "What - what did ya hand that lady? I get tha feelin' yer skirtin' tha topic a bit."
Silent Night Correction, a wonderful bikini. Archene is undistracted by such forms of female persuasion. He sighs at Emma, "Have I ever lied to you, Emma?" He smiles lightly, "While I may not tell you everything there is to know, I only ensure that you don't know too much for both of our goods. I hope that this is enough for now." He smiles softly at her, "If you are asking what I gave my boss, it is just some data I recovered that Umbrella had been using for possibly evil purposes. Markus had reused them for merely profitable cosmetics." He smiles, "While some things can be used for war the like, few things can't be re-used for the better of humanity, right?" He smiles softly.
Markus Berger Home is where the food is... or the pool. Likely both reasons why Markus is lingering around the Chateau for the majority of time except for two recent visits to Paris and why he is entering the area clad in pool robes and smirking. After all, he didn't get to enjoy the pool on a certain ship for that much before all went to hell. He has got to catch up on that. "Hello folks. I believe I heard my name?"
Emma Emma is sitting on the edge of the hottub, her long red hair damp falling around her, in that bikini too. Her legs dangle in the water, the bubbles from the tub dancing around her lightlt freckled legs. Grabbing her glass of wine, a small reluctant nod is given to Archene, after there is a sip of her red wine. Shaemus perks up when Markus enters, stands and goes to greet him with a wag of his tail. "Aye, I - I get that. Just sorta.. feel like I'm on tha outside, tryin' ta find tha truth under all tha lies." There is another frown, and another sip if her wine. "'ello Markus." He is given a wave with a small smile. "Anyone else want wine?" There are a few glassea behind her. Then looking to Archene she nods a little. "How do ya - ya know for sure they aren't gonna turn ta the likes of Umbrella? Make somethin' evil?"
Benny Benny has an open invitation to visit his friends at Archene Mansion, palace or whatever it is called since nowadays but he still feels like he has to call or text the master of the house before he just pops over. So that is what he does, he called Archene and voila, he was welcome to join them. He's not dressed for the pool however, wearing clothing befitting of the fall weather here in Paris.

He's got his black waxed cotton jacket, a plaid collared button down shirt with the buttons undone so it reveals the white graphic t-shirt underneath with Spiderman in a webslinging pose on the front, blue jeans and adidas sneakers. "Hey, everyone. How goes it? I got kinda lost when you said you were in the pool area...and umm...didn't know it was a pool party. Hi Archene, hey Markus, Hi Em...woah..." His cheeks quickly flush red when he spots Emma in that teeny bikini, sipping wine on the edge of the hot tub and he quickly looks to Archene and Markus as he finishes his sentence. "Emma. How are things? I'm sadly over dressed it seems and no I'm not going to borrow anybody's shorts or bikinis thank you very much."
Silent Night Archene is sitting on the edge of the hottub, of his Chateau - that's what they call it nowadays - his wet brown hair tied back. By chance, he is in some red speedos, quietly sitting a thid of a hottub away from Emma as he talks to her. As he hears her words he says, "This is the first time you really asked this openly. It'd make things complicated if I were to just throw information at you while only assuming what you'd like to know." He sighs quietly before giving Markus' a wave, before lying down his arm on the hottub's edge again, "Welcome back, Markus. Andyes, your name was used twice. Thought you'd appear by sooner." He looks back at Emma and smiles, "Already had my daily glass, thank you." He smiles at Emma, "Because I work for them, in a position where I'm the one that would be making sure evil things aren't found out." He smiles, "It'd just come down to how much I'm trusted."

He looks at Benny, "You can just get some shorts at that closet," He points, "You can keep them," He grins, "It won't be borrowing. But really, all has been going, as well as it could. Markus is alive at least."
Markus Berger "Not only alive, I also got my arm fixed up. Good thing that my injuries tend to heal a whole bit faster than they should." With that said Markus discards his robes, showing to be wearing black swim trunks and that he has a large, definitely new tattoo on his back as he heads over to a shower before just literaly jumping in the pool after a short shower. The rest can have the hottub part, he wants the pool.
Emma Shaemus moves from greeting Markus, to going to Benny and hopping up at him, barking and wagging his tail. Emma's free hand reaches down to run her fingers through the water, in a thoughtful way while listening to Archene. "Ya - ya know, I've been doin' a'lotta thinkin' lately, 'bout a'lotta things." A pause, and Emma shrugs a touch. "Thinkin' I need ta get an idea of what's goin' on so I can better plan my future." Then eyes move from the water and to Markus, spotting that new tattoo. "'ey wh - when did ya get that?" She didn't even know he had one. Then to Benny she looks, and raises a brow, noticing him go red, and talk to her without looking at her. Confused, her head tilts some. "Ya - ya okay, Benny?" There is more concern in her tone than anything. Putting the cup down she'd go to stand out of the pool fully, and talk a few steps his way. "Got a - a fever or somethin'? It's awfully cold out." Looking to Archene, and then Benny again there is a shrug. "I'm sure if ya - ya don't want shorts, if yer feelin' well, Archene has a speedo."
Benny Benny gives Shaemus a rigorous behind the ear head rubbing and kneels down to get his face licked affectionately by the big friendly dog. "Hey Shaemus, that's a good boy, how are you big fella? I'm drowning here in dog licks so I don't even need a dip in the pool but thanks for offering Archene." He replies in between getting licked by Shaemus and stands before he gets tackled to the ground by the newfoundlander breed. He still avoids looking at Emma, instead kinda shifting his eyes towards her face while keeping his body facing Archene. "Oh, I'm fine Emma thanks for asking. No, that's okay I'm not really that great of a swimmer anyways and I just came by to say hi to you all." He looks towards Markus when he jumps into the pool, "Geez, hi to you too Markus. And uh did you say glad to be alive? I think I've missed quite a bit lately." He blinks.
Silent Night "Glad you got that fixed up, and..." Archene looks at the tattoo in Markus' back but doesn't comment on it before he looks at Emma, he sighs shaking his head, "Think I wouldn't tell you something that is actually directly relevant to your future?" He half simles before sighing over to Benny, "Oh yes, quite some things. Umbrella seems to have done something again, this time got the Cruise Markus was vacationing on to become the test site of some new bows. His bodyguard died, among others."
Markus Berger The doctor looks towards Benny for a moment before he swims to the edge of the pool closest to him. "I'll summarise. The cruise ship was overrun by zombies and B.O.Ws, the FBC and DSO showed up to investigate, then the chinese military showed up and were slaughtered by Umbrella Forces who showed up at around the same time. Meanwhile on the lowest parts of the ship was something which Umbrella was after. Likely virus samples. So, yes. Umbrella happened, a couple of thousand dead, the ship is at the bottom of the ocean and I along with some others crashed into the stormy ocean in a helicopter in a botched escape. Spent half an eternity floating before I washed up somewhere in China."
Emma Emma is looking at Markus and Archene a second, thinking. She nods to Archene some, moving some hair over her shoulder while doing so, in an idle fashion. Water drips on the floor around her, but in the pool area, that's nothing unusual. "I know, Archene." But something is left unsaid, because Markus is telling his tale, in short form. There is a shudder. "Ya - ya lived through it twice, Markus, amazin'." Unlikely that should would of. Turning to Benny, and seeing how he seems to be avoiding her, there is a deep brown. Hands are put on the back of her hips, she leans forward a little. "Ya - ya sure?" There is concern in her tone, her big grey-green eyes looking at him. "Ya, ya mad at me or something?"
Benny Benny blinks when Markus tells him what happened and he shakes his head in disbelief. "That is crazy...holy shit! So Umbrella is still actively using the virus and experimenting. Those bastards. Well, I'm glad you made it out alive Markus but sorry to hear about your bodyguard. My condolenses to you and his family." He sighs and then looks towards Archene and Emma, "I can't believe that we survived Raccoon City and return to civillization but can't escape from their shadow. So, have you guys gone to the government or talk to the Police about Umbrella? I mean they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this sort of thing." He blinks when Emma asks him if he's mad at her, then shakes his head. "No, that's silly why would I be mad at you?" He focuses his eyes on Emma's face and turns his body to face her's now. See he can do it!
Silent Night "You thought htat maybe they'd stop that just after Raccoon City?" Archene briefly sighs, "I also got information about possible future plans, but nothing concrete yet." He looks a Benny before sighing, "Benny, Umbrella has more than enough money to go around any 'baseless' accusations. You saw how it went in US. They won't be getting away with it, but it isn't like governments will be able to stop them given the bureocracy and corruption. Even if some people's prices are high, Umbrella'd have more than enough money to resist against any accusations that lack in-depth physical proof."
Markus Berger "Not to mention that there were some commandos from the US government there as I just said. They sure as hell got further than I did, so there isn't anything any of us could say they didn't allready know." Markus shrugs slightly before he begins to swim a bit further towards Archene and Emma direction. "Also, Archene got a point. They are filthy rich and every man has their price. Otherwise they also wouldn't be able to keep throwing around military-grade equipment and commandos."
Emma "I've - I've got some things goin' 'bout Umbrella as well." Emma admits, softly, shrugging a little bit. "I'd still lika'ta know yers." Saying this to Archene, she isn't going to push, and let info come as it may, if it does at all. "Umbrella is fuckin' mad'n powerful." It's sad really, it shows in her frown just how daunting it seems to be to take down such a giant. To Markus there is a nod, with a sigh. "Aye, aye." But the wheels are turning in her head, that's seen in her grey-green eyes. "Perhaps there be a sorta.. battle or somethin' startin' we're not seein'." And then, she looks to Benny, brows lifted a bit. "Yer - yer havin' a hard time even lookin' at.. me, so wondered if I upset ya somehow, or somethin'." She shrugs helplessly.
Benny "Oh right, the government was already there on the ship. Duh." Benny replies to Markus and then shakes his head once more as Archene and Emma tell him more stuff about Umbrella. "Super powerful mega rich corporation that has created a super virus that could destroy the world. Sounds like some crazy comic book if you ask me." He sighs and then looks towards Emma's face once more, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "No, not mad at ya. Honest." He then looks towards Archene and Markus. "So, what else do you know about Umbrella. I mean what is their agenda? It doesn't make sense, first infect a whole city and now just go small scale on some cruise ship? Were they traggeting someone specific or just working on some new stuff?"
Silent Night "You do?" Archene smiles at Emma, "I hope that you can share that with us sometime." He unhindingly smiles before turning to Benny, "The answer for that, I'd leave with Markus, but just considering how these events happened? Sincerely, it is unlikely that they are trying to target anyone in special and are merely doing research. There are far better ways to get a single individual killed. Or any group of individuals."
Markus Berger "Yes, that looked like recovery of research and clean up. As we all have seen first hand they love their thorough clean ups." Umbrella commandos, B.O.Ws and Nemesis being the living or dead proof of that. Following that Markus looks between Emma and Benny, briefly considering pointing out something before shrugging and grinning from ear to ear. "Also, Emma... Benny is a guy and you are a very attractive young woman in a very small bikini. Do the math and you might figure out why he is trying to avoid looking."
Emma Emma nods, accepting that he isn't mad, and then laughs in her soft sweet sort of way and goes to pat Benny's arm, "Ya - ya finally get'ta be Bruce Wayne then!" As he is speaking about comic books and mass evils, and in a very real way, it's happening. Looking to Archene there is a small nod. "Of course." With a bit of a grin she turns, and goes to walk back over to where her glass of wine is and reaches down to pick it up. That's right in time for Markus and his little observation. Her cheeks flair red then, eyes widen and move to Benny quickly followed by shyly looking down and tucking some of that long, damp red hair behind her ear. The glass too, slipped from her hand, given the condensation from it, and suddenly the shattered glass is on the floor with a puddle of win. This only adds to the red of her face, the wine hitting her bare, freckled feet. "oy." Is all she says, softly.
Benny Benny nods to Archene, "That makes sense. I mean they have freaking zombies, mutant french kissing brain gecko thingys, some Juggernaught with miniguns and rocket launcher and now secret commando ninjas....great." He looks over at Markus when he speaks. "Oh, so they experiment on a live cruise ship, see how fucked up things get, then go collect the data, kill all the witnesses and then blow the thing up? That is so sick and demented. Evil and so wrong on so many levels. Bastards." He then blinks and his face turns beet RED with embarrassment at Markus's honest scientific-like observation skills - DAMN YOU MARKUS BERGER! "I' talking bout..." Then Emma drops her wine glass shattering it and he leaps into action with his cat-like reflexes to grab a towel off a chair and start cleaning it up. "Oh my, is everyone okay? I'll get fault!" Pick up glass, pick it up FASTER!
Silent Night Archene nodded at Markus, to -all- of his comments. Finally someone had said it. Onto normal matters, "Them being as evil as that is the reason I'm attempting to do something against them after all." Archene sighs before looking at Emma, "And if you keep breaking those, I might end up getting you plastic glasses." He chuckles quietly, "Just be careful to not step on any glass, please." He smiles, remaining still in the pool. One shall never question where his eyes may be looking. Yes, he is always with his shades.
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile is just bursting into laughter at the whole situation. After all, this is way more hilarious than Benny dodging the questions and being awkward because nobody states the obvious and Emma being oblivious. "Worth it... hahaha... totaly..." Fortunately before he keeps talking he draws in a sharp breath to try to reign in his laughter. "Seriously Emma. You are a beauty and everyone who says otherwise lies, but good old Benny here isn't being graced by your presence nearly every day. Definitely not used to the sight. So..." And with that the sentence is just left hanging in the air as he just bursts into barely contained laughter again.
Emma There is really no way that Emma can't not be red now. Right when Benny goes to hurry in to help clean up the mess, she leans down to pick up the pieces of glass. But it's all bad timing, or good timing? Depending on your outlook and what you find funny, because she'd lean down at the same time and.. bonk her head against Benny's. "Oh, fu - fuck. I'm - I'm sorry!" She says to him, making all this worse! And then Markus had to add his two cents again. Looking up to him, then Archene, and then Markus once more while one hand rubs her head cheeks are all the more red. "I ---" She doesn't know what to say, and hiding would be her option, if she could. "Th - thank you." Again she looks down, shyly, because HOLY CRAP WHAT'S GOING ON! But the flattering does make her smile to herself while picking up some glass.
Benny Benny gets his head bonked by Emma, ouch and he rubs his head, his face still beet red and stammers. "So okay? No, no I got this. You should stand still, lots of glass still on the ground and I've got shoes so I'll be fine." He continues picking up the loose pieces of glass as best as he can, fumbling with the towel around Emma's bare legs and bikini body. He manages to clean up most of the glass and then shoots Markus a /look/ the kind of look that an embarrassed kid that got caught with his hands in the cookie jar type of thing but is still being defiant about the truth. He then looks at Archene, "Yeah, plastic glasses are better especially around Emma and she's got a hard skull. Ouchie." He tries to jest and then looks for a garbage can. "Oh do you have a vaccum Archene? There is still some small pieces of glass I couldn't get." He wants to run up the stairs as fast as he can once he points him in the right direction.
Silent Night There is, of course, a garbage can nearby. "The cleaning closet should have on, first door that way to the left," Archene pointed a way out of the indoors pool area. He really wasn't reacting much to the whole incident, no one hurt, no problem for him.
Markus Berger Not seeing anything else to really talk about, what with the hilarity dying down and nobody having any real details about Umbrella to talk about the Doctor just starts to float around the pool on his back. "Well, that was something."
Benny Benny nods to Archene, putting the towel with the glass into the garbage disposal area and then rushes off to get the vaccum cleaner. his cheeks still flushed and all.