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Ashley Graham Ashley Graham is having lunch al fresco. That's what it's called, right? To have a small meal and some sparkling wine seated in the unusually warm September day? Either way, that's what she's doing. She absolutely looks the part, today, wearing a grey pleated skirt and a black tailored vest over an ivory long-sleeved and high-necked blouse. To top it off she's wearing a stylish grey beret over her luscious platinum locks, which have been pleated and hang over one shoulder. She finishes the ensemble with black tights and black booties on her feet.

In front of her sits a half-eaten pastry and fork, and a glass of sparkling white wine. Both of those, however, are tertiary and secondary, respectively, to the giant textbook in front of her, and the spiral notebook too. It appears that the girl is sipping wine and studying as she sits enjoying the sunny day.
PrestigeAndrei Next to AShley, or really at the table next to her, sits Andrei Kirov. The man's attention focused elsewhere on what is clearly an english language newspaper. The man's hand slowly lifting to turn the page as he listens along. A small cup of coffee sits next to him half consumed. The coffee was losing heat quickly. Andrei's attention was carefully considering the words before him. Eyes scanning the papers contents.

Dressed 'normally' for once, Andrei was wearing up a button up dress shirt with a loosened tie around his neck. A pair of slacks. Dress shoes. Yup that is about it. The man looks business! He had managed to get his beard under control and was again clean shaven.. and his black hair given a nice trim. He likley looked presentable now, though he doesn't make to move any at all.

Upon reaching perhaps a.. relevant and interesting article. "Havn't figured it out yet? Do people get paid for tips? Anonymous ones?" Andrei will idly wonder as he flops the paper to the side, that voice eerily, and familiar.. if unmuffled.
Ashley Graham The blonde looks up from her studies. It's on the tip of her tongue to ask 'I'm sorry?' in confusion for the man's strange statement. She even has that warm, pleasant smile all ready to go. But she doesn't say the words. Because there's something off here. Something that shouldn't be, in a situation where a stranger is simply speaking to her about something she's not paying attention to.

The voice is different, but it's the tone that Ashley truly recognizes. She spent several days at least with a man who spoke like this one does, with the same airs. It's different, and it's hard to place something she's only known from a situation a world away here, in the Parisian sunlight.

Her brows draw together slightly in concentration. This doesn't make sense ... until it does. And she blinks, eyes widening slightly when recognition finally flashes across her features.

"Depends on if the tips lead to anything," she finally manages to offer. And then? She smiles. If nothing else, realizing who he is and that he's alive and here seems to please her.
PrestigeAndrei "What if its about interesting things?" Andrei offers rather dryly as he folds up the paper for the time being, his eyes shifting to cast a quick glance aside at Ashley then. There is a light shrug as he lifts his coffee then, moving to take another sip before he places the cup down. "Also, I should just add, I was just idly thinking. Apologies if you thought I was trying to engage you in some sort of.. long term.. eh, whatever." Andrei offers then mirthfully.

Sure Andrei will know who he is talking to, it isn't hard to place that nose, or those eyes after all. "Guessing your some sort of tourist here? We locals don't take kindly to tourists."
Ashley Graham Ashley is sitting in a smart outfit wearing a cute beret at one table, with a thick textbook and a notebook open in front of her. At the table beside her, Andrei is sitting with some cooling coffee and a newspaper. The two seem to be talking, and while Andrei appears disintereted, Ashley looks pleased.

"Well even in an idle passing thought, the usefulness of the tip is still important," she points out, finally reaching for her sparkling wine and taking a sip.

Her brow quirks in the man's direction and her smile grows more into an amused smirk. "I didn't take Kirov for a French name," she says to the man, when he indicates that he is a local. "Though Graham isn't either, but I've lived here for a few months now. I suppose that makes me more of an Ex-Pat than a local."

She sips her wine again and then her big blue eyes flash over the man's form. "You're alright, Mister Kirov?" Yes, he's a mister now.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei gives a light lift of his shoulders as he moves to place his coffee cup down onto its saucer home. A light clink betrays the man's inexperience with such proper etiquettes. Or perhaps, and more likley he doesn't care enough. "Unfortunate then, guess I'll have to find some money elsewhere. I've always been pretting good at miming." He'll mutter then as his finger oves to scratch at his cheek.

"And my name isn't Kirov. It's Spenstar. Christian Spenstar, a well renowned name of a man of legend and grace around these parts." He'll respond dryly as he looks aside. "But I understand your sentiments and can at least say that I am quite well. Yes. Though I wonder why you are asking such things of a man you don't even know! You must be truamatized!"
Markus Berger While those two are talking a certain Doctor Berger just happened to pass by the Bistro... which immideately caused him to have some kind of Deja Vu considering he rembers a Jack's Bistro back in a certain city that got nuked not that long ago. Enough reason for him to enter on a whim, stand at the door and idly look around while being oblivious to just who else is present.

For those that are familiar with him, which would be at least two present people, he doesn't look much different than he did on a certain doomed ship... black leather clothes and all. Even his sunglasses are the very same and how those have survived is likely a riddle for the ages.
Ashley Graham Ashley doesn't try particularly hard to hide her own tone when she responds. She'll play along, but she's not buying it in the least. "Well, forgive me, Mister Spenstar. You're quite right; I don't know you. You must forgive me, as I mistook you for an aquaitence of mine. But I can see the difference now. He's far sassier and quick witted. For a moment, you reminded me of him, but no. The mistake is mine." She seems like she might say more, like she might go on. But then Doctor Berger is starting to walk into Jack's.

Ashley and Andrei are sitting outside the bistro on the street eating, which someone forgot to put into their mini-set, so that's on me. So when Markus begins to go inside, Ashley rises quickly, her mouth forming a slight 'o' of surprise and shock. "Doctor Berger!" She calls to him, energetically. And happilly. Very happily.
PrestigeAndrei "That is bullshit! No one is quicker witted and sassier than I!" Andrei responds then as he points at Ashley then, getting quite loud as he leans over towards the woman. He'll move to jab his finger into her shoulder. "I graduated first in my class! Granted I had to kill half of the people to get that far but I was first dammit! Sass College doesn't take half-assed attempts at being absurd!" Andrei mutters before he moves to cross his arms.

"You are just a most horri-oh.." Andrei's attention will shift to Markus as he sees the man walk by, his eyes shifting to follow the man, and then he'll glance up to Ashley then. "What? Find your one true love? Listen, I was involved in a rant here."
Markus Berger The good doctor quickly reacts to seeing and hearing Ashley with a smile and a wave as he forgoes entering the Bistro in favor of joining her... and whoever the ranting fellow is. "Good to see that you are well Ashley. Hope I'm not interrupting anything?" With that said he glances over to the ranting fellow whom he actually doesn't recognise. You know, lack of gasmask, muffled voice and so on.
Ashley Graham Ashley does take the time to throw a little smirk in Andrei's direction. "I'm sorry, Mister Spenstar, did I strike a nerve?" She's not sorry, she's amused as all hell. But that gets set aside in order to give Markus a firm, friendly hug when the man approaches. "Sit, please!" she urges him, moving to settle down once Markus' hug is over. "How's your arm? Oh, Doctor Berger, this is Mister Spenstar." She makes a quick and brief introduction, but this at least she makes believable.

"Mister Spenstar was just regailing me with the difficulties in his educational background. In truth, it sounds almost too much to be believed, though naturally I would never accuse anyone of being a liar without distinct proof. But I do wonder if we won't hear him talking next about his commute, 15 miles in the snow, uphill both ways, to his classes." She turns expectantly to Andrei with a lovely, sweet smile on her features.
PrestigeAndrei "That is nonsense! The commute in Paris is quite easy to school. The public transport system is incredible." Andrei mutters as he lifts his finger again to jab it at Ashley once more. Even as his attention focuses primarily on the woman beside him, Markus for his part enjoys the attention that is furitive, suspicious glances every so often. "Christian Spenstar. Adventurer, Lover, and currently unemployed." He'll offer then to Markus, leaning forward towards Markus, hand extended.

"The princess here is just harassing me, I think. She is quite agressive." He'll state. "Very mean and cruel that one!"
Markus Berger "Markus Berger. Scientist, friend of Ashley, not unemployed." Also not buying anything anyone says out of principle. With that said and thought Markus briefly shakes the mans hand once gets out of Ashleys hug and sits down nearby, smirking. "Yes, she truly is, right? Terrible, really. You get used to it though. I at least did."
Ashley Graham Ashley seems entirely unoffended by any of this. She just smiles, amused, and for some reason still looking endlessly pleased, while all this is going on. "I can't remember the last time I was called Princess," Ashley muses, sipping her wine once again. It's legal here! "Moreoften people pick up on my slight Texas twang as a basis for a nickname. But I certanly can't be offended by the new reference."

She looks over at Markus again and her smile grows. "Naturally you got used to it. You're the calmest, most selfless creature I know," she says, with true fondness for her friend. She motions down a waiter and orders another glass of wine, and then gestures to Markus. "Unless you and Mister Spenstar here would care to split a bottle instead?" she offers.
PrestigeAndrei "Don't Drink. Have to be prepared for the unexpected." Andrei responds easily enough, his hand waving off Ashley's request before he looks to Markus again, siging softly. "Wherever you working Hiring? I'm quite good at.. well a few things." Andrei mutters as his lips purse for a second, his hand lightly wrapping against the table as he observes the man for a second. "She said you were a doctor right? A doctor of physics? Macroeconomics? MEdicine?" He'll inquire then as he watches his every movement. "Bet you are in all sorts of demand."

Andrei won't bother looking at Ashley then when he finally adds, as an aside. "What? So people call you.. Biggun? Or.. Ten Gallon? Or?"
Markus Berger "Firstly, no. Secondly, Doctor of biology amongst other things, including medicine. Well, don't have a doctor for the later but I'm decently educated." Not bothering to elaborate further the doctor just leans back and glances over to Ashley with a smirk. "Curious now as well."
Ashley Graham "I'll leave it to the more than capable imaginations of two such gentlemen." She puts a touch of stress on the phrase gentleman, as if to point out that the only imaginations that she's given permission for them to use are the gentlemanly ones. Though based on the quick look she gives Andrei, that warning was meant mostly for him. After all, isn't Doctor Berger already the perfect gentleman?

Ashley allows Markus to order what he'd like then while she just takes another glass of sparkling for herself. And then she sits back, the legal textbook in front of her entirely forgotten, and listens with amusement at Markus and Andrei talk.
PrestigeAndrei "I only have a dirty imagination, so I'll leave it up to you too, Dr. Berger." Andrei offers rather mirthfully as he lifts up his hand and waves away the thoughts. "Wouldn't want to ruin the perfect opportunity for people watching.. or catching up, or whatever this whole thing is." He'll state as he motions between Berger and Ashley then.

"So a Doctor of Medicine? Do you specalize at all in anything in particular? Brains? Monkeys? Giant cancerous tumors?" Andrei will inquire as he shifts to lean back in his seat, eyes focusing intently on the man then as his fingers do not stop tapping slowly atop the table beside him.
Markus Berger The doctor just smirks even more at the question what he specialises in. "Believe it or not, but I'm developing cosmetics currently. Even helped bring a new product on the market not too long ago. Not exactly what I ever wanted to work on but it pays well at the very least." With that said he leans back a bit more in his seat and crosses his arms.
Ashley Graham "Cosmetics?" Ashley asks curiously. Then she grins at the man. "I had no idea," she admits, because in truth she never really got around to asking what it is Markus is doing after his time at Raccoon City. "It must be a far cry from the hospital. But how wonderful! You'll have to tell me which company it is you're working for." Because naturally Ashley will patronize them with her extensive, extensive business. Women and their makeup.

And then she turns to look over at Andrei, smiling once more that sweet, lovely smile. "And what is it you do in your employment, Mister Spenstar? Your trade or specialty, I mean."
PrestigeAndrei "About Seven or eight months ago I was a park ranger? Now I just sit in a small room and fiddle with random shit. As I said, I'm inbetween jobs right now and looking. Preferably something not dangerous." Andrei mutters as he moves to prob his chin up with his hand, elbow pressed onto the table as he looks between the pair.

"Cosmetics huh? A doctor working on cosmetics?" There is an almost an immediate look of suspicioun that touches Andrei's face, though it is quickly supressed underneath a myriad of emotions. Curiosity and Mirth mainly however. "So do they make you test the product? Gotten good with the eyeliner I hope?"
Markus Berger "Well, my old place of work kinda got a nuke dropped on it. Literaly. Friend of mine then decided to pull a string or two to get me a boring but well paid job. Also, no. I'm a german from the Ruhr. I got the duty to my home to look scrunched up at all times. Bonus points if I look like I just crawled out of a Zeche. Not to mention that I got people to do that for me." The doctor definitely is not going to give any straight answers or play along with anything today. Not that its putting a stop to his quite visible amusement anytime soon.
Ashley Graham "A Zeche?" Ashley asks, apparently her knowledge of German is far from even rudimentary. In the way she spoke to that waiter, though, it's clear her French is coming quite along. Necessity, most likely, has a lot to do with that.

"I am terribly sorry to hear that you're currently between jobs, Mister Spenstar. Are you interested in returning to working as a park ranger, or would you prefer to take this opportunity to make a change?" She's so pleasant, just now. Pleasant smile. Pleasant questions. Pleasant tone.
PrestigeAndrei "How will you know if they make a persons eye's really pop unless it is with your own face?" Andrei responds as he lifts his free hand up to point at the man, again moving to jab the digit at him. "Where is the fun in it? Ever try painting your nails and going out in public? It creates such odd responses really and I'm quite a fan of doing that personally. Seeing people's response that is. The nail painting isn't bad either to be honest."

"A change? Depends on the Change! Change of clothes?" He'll look down and give a slight eh.. "Change of Scenery?" Aglance about again. "Eh.. Change of Company?" He'll eye Markus and Ashley for a second. "Could be better.. oh wait you mean a job? Oh, I'm sorry, a job that brings about change? So what like a... politician? Or..a wealthy tycoon? How about a wealthy politician? Are you offering me that job?"
Ashley Graham Ashley heaves a gentle sigh, shaking her head. "A personal change, Mister Spenstar," she indicates, giving him a dissapointed little shake of her head. "For you and your life." Because his life needs a change, perhaps?

She tilts her head a touch more as her big blue eyes travel over the man in thought. And then she smiles. "Do park rangers carry firearms, Mister Spenstar? I imagine not here in France at least. Your question made me wonder just what I did have to offer, and in truth all I have is a pistol I came across not too long ago. Hardly a job for a pistol in France, though. I really ought to surrender it to the authorities to have it destroyed, since I don't have a license for it."
PrestigeAndrei "Oh come on, I'm a charming bachlor visiting Paris on someone else's dime!" Andrei responds as he moves a hand to press against his heart, shaking his head. "I mean, what could be better!" He'll respond as his eyes focus intently on Ashley now instead of Markus, the latter escaping his curious gaze. "Why would I want to do a change though?" He'll inquire as he moves to offer out a hand then towards Ashley.

No he won't respond to her words about having a gun that she needs to get rid of. No he won't pretend or explain his gesture, that hand is just offered to her, expectantly, his left brow ticking up.
Markus Berger Markus himself just keeps sitting where he is with a smirk. Way too amused by the bickering to actually say anything himself. For now.
Ashley Graham Ashley, still lovely, looks at the man. She looks down at the man's hand, then back up at the man once more and just continues to smile. So sweet, this one could break hearts quite easily, she could. She pauses to lift her now refreshed wine glass and she brings it up to her lips.

Before she speaks, though, she flits those innocent big baby blues up in Andrei's direction. "Why Mister Spenstar," she says, smile growing just a touch. "I'm sure I haven't the foggiest idea at all." She says it to him, and to his hand. And then she sips.
PrestigeAndrei "Hand it over." He'll respond rather dryly then as his eyes focus rather intently on Ashley once more, there is no joking anymore, only a very serious tone. His expression darknes then for a second before he offers simply. "I doubt you'll be needing it anymore, Cowgirl." He'll mutter out, his eyes soon taking to glaring. "IF you want to keep it, then our company here better be sproutin some sort of tentacle or probiscis from his neck in the next thirty seconds."

A beat then as his hand remains stationary, and Ashley's impish behavior is now.. perhaps not taken as seriously.
Markus Berger "Which I won't. I have been checked head to toe several times for anything." The doctors smirk has abruptly died down a whole lot to the point of non-existence as he simply stares at Andrei, his arms still crossed and the man himself leaning back in his seat.
Ashley Graham "Adrien," Ashley says, dropping any pretenses, now. She seems almost relaxed to be using his real name. Or his realish name, at any juncture. She still seems endlessly amused. "Are you all done with your little game already? I thought you'd go on at least a little longer." She sips her wine again, settling back and looking over at Marcus. "Doctor Berger, you do remember Mister Adrien Monk, late of the Heavenly Abyss?" That should be enough introductions for most people. So she turns and looks back to Andrei.

"I'm not carrying an M9 in my handbag," she reponds him. "I'll have to go home and get it. Though of anyone in Paris, I assure you the last one to be sprouting anything will be Doctor Berger." Just in case the eccentric Andrei did start looking at Markus funny.
PrestigeAndrei "The deal was that you'd get to hold onto that peice for as long as neccessary. I hope you will go out of your way to return the fire arm to me. Quickly." Andrei responds then as his head shifts to look at Berger for a second, there is no change in his rather annoyed look then before he continues, rubbing at his forhead with his hand. "Dr. Berger." A beat then as he looks back to Ashley, lips twisted into a frown.

"And why wouldn't you? I always carry some form of gun on me at this juncture." Andrei offers very simply as his eyes narrow. "I'd assume you'd be smarter than that at this point.. given all the shit that has gone down now a days."
Markus Berger "Well, some people don't expect doom and death to descend upon them at any moment. Although after what happened I'm one of those now though... still not carrying anything with me myself though." The doctor just stares at Andrei for a moment before he gets up from his seat. "Anyway, you two can keep bickering since I'll have to leave. I've been lingering longer than I intended to and I have got work to handle back home." He begins to leave although he briefly glances towards both of them. "By the way, Ashley. I'll send you an invitation to visit me and my friends at our place at some point. You will love the place. Secondly, keep an eye open and perhaps buy Jeune Vitalite. Its good, I got to know. Also, if any of you needs me for anything... I think we will meet soon enough again." With that said the good doctor begins to leave to wherever it is he lives... somewhere.
Ashley Graham Ashley turns her full attention to Markus, moving to wave to him as he makes his escape. "I would absolutely love that, Doctor Berger. Thank you kindly. As always, I am so very happy to see you again." She looks and sounds like she means it, to the bottom of her heart. She gives him a wave and watches the man go before, at last, she turns her attention back to Andrei.

She's like a sour patch kid. Markus brought out all her sweetness, and Andrei? Well he brought out all the rest. "An M9 wouldn't fit in my purse, even if there were conceal-carry permits available in Paris," she admits, evasively. And then she sighs. "Don't frown at me. How on earth was I to know you'd come and read your paper next to me while I was doing my homework?" Yeah, she still does homework. She's that young. "Your weapon is fine. I cleaned it and everything."
PrestigeAndrei "I was half expecting to see it in some Pawn shop, or perhaps used as a murder weapon." Andrei responds rather dryly even as he moves to look at Markus as he moves to stand. There is a lift of his hand and a slight wave to him as he dips his chin. "Don't die or nothing." Then his attention shifts back to the woman at hand! "Yes, it is fate, we were destinied to be together, one true love and all that. I can feel my heart tightening in my chest and my soul aches to know your touch.. but right now, I really just want my side arm." All that romance is offered with just a tinge of sarcasm of course as he leans slightly to the side and closer to Ashley.

"Arn't women supposed to be psychic or something? Come on!" He'll tease as he pokes at her. "Where do you live? Or reside? I'll come by and take the gun back. Break in if you arn't there. Promise I won't take nothin else or any pictures."
Ashley Graham "I'm no murderer," Ashley says with a touch of a frown, flushing slightly in the cheek region. But he gives her plenty of other material to work with, so very shortly she's moving past that particular notion and on to one of the eight other ones she has to chose from, in this particular moment.

"I'll meet you, and bring it," Ashley assures the man. "It's generally considered unwise to tell a man who offered to break in to your house where you live." She pauses for a moment, pursing her lips, and then picks up her glass of wine and takes a sip. A deep sip. "What is all this about looking for new employment anyway, Mister Kirov? I imagien the FBC is quite busy, just now."
PrestigeAndrei "That is Sir Monk to you, Miss. Don't you know that around these parts I'm considered Royalty? Or was it nobility? Who cares." Andrei responds dryly as he moves to poke at er shoulder again. "And furthermore, who says I would do anything nefarious to your house? Maybe I'd light a few romantic candles. Change the sheets with silk. How much do you think a hundred and one red roses cost? I think I'll need a lot of rose pedals." He'll mutter out as he then lifts his hand back to tap at his lips.

"I don't like getting shot at, or killed, Cowgirl." he'll grunt out as his eyes narrow for a second. "Not my cup of tea, never was."
Ashley Graham "I'm sure whomever remains of the Capetian Dynasty will be glad to hear they've found a new relative," Ashley answers with another little sip of her wine. Ah, sigh.

"I'm sure my boyfriend would love to come over to find my house decorated for a nice evening in," she teases back, unable to hide her smirk entirely. "Leon's fine, by the way." Since Andrei hadn't asked yet. Surely he was going to, no doubt!

But when he talks about getting shot and killed, her frown returns again. "So you've left the agency? What will you do now?"
PrestigeAndrei "Don't tell them that. They might shoot me!" Andrei states as he presses his index finger against his nose then, as if to indicate a secret before he continues speaking very softly. "They wouldn't give me six months paid leave, so I'm just takingit anyway. Hopefully they won't try and kill me if I come back, or don't." Andrei mutters as his arms lift up over his head to stretch then as he gives a big yawn.

"Yah sure, whatever.. good for him." Andrei offers while still yawning then as he seems to relax ever so slightly. "Who says I wasn't doing it for him anyway?" He'll grumble out softly
Ashley Graham "I assumed you were. Bros before ... well, I've heard something akin to that before," she says, deciding that this is not a scenario serious enough to draw a swear from her. So few scenarios do. Still, she frowns, watching the man. "I should think you've earned some leave, surely," she answers, somewhat emphatically. She believes strongly in his right to take six months paid leave! She'll fit right it, here in France. "You did a wonderful job."

There she pauses, biting gently on the lower right corner of her mouth in thought. "Thank you," she says at last, gently but with great conviction. "I'd have died if not for you."
PrestigeAndrei "Everyone would of died, were it not for me." Andrei responds rather dryly as he grumbles out softly as his eyes drift closed. "But did I get the credit for that? No, Stadler does, man gets lucky, having the highest rank and eveyrthing.. all the credit goes to him." He'll mutter out as his eyebrows furrow together and his eyes close for a second, teeth grinding sligtly. "Who goes into the scary tunnels and dark rooms and fights giant monsters, squids and Private Security Commandos? This dude." He'll jab a thumb at his chest. "Who gets all the good stuff? This dude." Andrei sighs then before he lifts his shoulders. "Whatever. Six Months. They can pay me or I'll find new employment. Simple."

Andrei looks rather focused on that then. "I've got to go see some paintings. Find true love.. discover a hidden ungerground fighting ring. Go find some meusem out in the woods.. all this random crap."
Ashley Graham Ashley listens, frowning as she does. "I'm glad to hear Major Stadler made it out alive," Ashley says gently. "He's a good man; he was one of the two who was my salvation, back in Raccoon City." Of course, the most credit for that one goes to a man other than Stadler, though that goes unsaid for now.

She does look sympathetic, for what that's worth. "I'm sorry. That's not right in any fashion; you were out in the depths more than anyone. I know that for a fact, I saw you." She sighs gently, shaking her head. "I don't imagine I could write a letter of recommendation or appreciation to the FBC, could I? It would be the least I could do."
PrestigeAndrei "What? And betray the fact that I may have gone a little bit off script? Bah." Andrei harumphs then as he crosses his hands over the back of hsi head and leans back in his chair then, clearly balancing himself atop of it then as his eyes drift closed. "Whatever, I'm sure something more interesting will come along eventually. Something that pays better or whatever. Give me good vacation days too. Money. Also less likley to die." He'll exhale slowly thn before he shifts to look at Ashley again. "Sounds like fun right?"

The pair are currently on the sidewalk outside of the Bistro, one enjoying a cup of coffee.. the other some wine.. and trying to look all happy and cheerful.. totally tourists right?
Ashley Graham Tourists or students? Ashley has a big legal textbook open in front of her, but it's been all but abandoned, by now. She's wearing a cute skirt and vest set, with an ivory blouse, black tights, black booties, and a grey beret perched atop her platinum locks. She's watching Andrei, who sits at the next table on the street, with curiosity and concern.

"How did you get mixed up with them, anyway?" she finally asks, holding her glass of sparkling wine with one hand, her other dragging the tip of her index finger idly around the rim. "It seems like you were miserable with every aspect of what, I assume, the job would be."
Chris Redfield Chris has a rather rare moment that he's not in meetings, off on a mission or dealing with matters of world security. Coffee. That is what he needs right now and he heads off from his apartment for a nice stroll to clear his thoughts and get some caffine.

He's wearing a brown bomber style leather jacket, the kind that pilots wear with the little fur lined collar, a green button down dress shirt, faded blue levis jeans and black doc marten boots. There is a New York Times newspaper tucked under one arm and he walks up to the counter to place an order, "Coffee. Dark, black and in one of those tall cups not those latte wide cups please." He says with a distinct New York american accent and when he gets his cup of coffee, he takes a seat at a table near to where Ashley and Andrei are.
PrestigeAndrei "Experience. Also got in on a good recommendation." Andrei responds as he waggles is fingers at the thought. "Just think of it, Ranger Monk, Used to give instructional lessons on staying out of the woods where the dangerous animals roam." Andrei mutters as he looks aside to the woman. "Do you think I was prepared or signed up for that kind of job? Terrible stuff that." Andrei grunts as his lips twist into a frown for a second.

The english from the nearby man will catch Andreis attention though he doesn't turn to look right away, instead keeping him in the corner of his eye as he talks. "NEver even fired a gun till well, this year really."
Ashley Graham Ashley glances over at the vaugely familiar man who settles in nearby. She watches him, curiousity apparent in her big blue eyes, before Andrei's words draw her attention back to him. "I would have liked to see that," she tells the man, a beaming smile growing across her features as they talk.

"But something must have attracted you to the work to draw you in, to have you say yes," she observes, tilting her head slightly as she watches the man. She seems keenly interested in his face. And then? She smirks again. "I thought you'd be younger, to be honest."
Chris Redfield Chris takes a small sip of his coffee, then sets it down on the table as he opens up his newspaper, going right for the sports section first it seems. He seems to be paying particular attention to the baseball section.

He never really glanced around the cafe to really notice anybody, content to just be a regular customer but he can't help but overhear a little of the conversation between Andrei and Ashley. So far it is rather innocuous and what most couples or friends would be chatting about, so it doesn't really garner his attention. Sounds almost like a first date to be honest.
PrestigeAndrei "Oh? I had a number of videos. Some of Forest Fires, others on pollution.. think we had one on not drinking the water too.." Andrei trails off then as he tries hard not to look too offended by her comments. "What do you mean 'younger'? Did I for some reason lead you to beleive I was like some teenager? Like you?" Andrei inquires then as he gives a slight snort. He'll move to then lift up by this point his now cold coffee to take a sip and give a grunt. "Reliving old horrors this." He'll mutter.

"IT was a paying job and I was recently unemployed. That was what attracted me to it. I didn't exactly have the forsight to realize that it wasn't a paper pushing job. They want experienced people doing that sort of junk after all." YOu know.. the shooting zombies and what not part. Andrei's attention will occasionally shift to look at Chris, but the man isn't in that awkward point or stage at a first date..

You know where you order a salad without dressing awkward point.
Ashley Graham Not yet, anyway. "Please," she scoffs. "I'm eighteen." Yeah! She's all adult and stuff! "You just sounded very young, energetic, vivacious. Most people are flattered to be called younger." She manages to smirk at that, but that smirk starts to fall as the topic shifts. "So you were at Raccoon, then? Unless there's somewhere else to get that kind of experience." Ashley sighs softly, her smile fading and her eyes falling. Raccoon City is a shroud that falls over everyone, unfortunately. Ashley's fingers play over the glass again for a quiet moment.

"Well, if you are spending the next few months on sabbatical, there might be an opportunity for you in volunteer work." Oh dear, that doesn't sound like a well-paying, easy-living opportunity. "TerraSave is trying to do some good work." And there's the pitch.
Chris Redfield Chris is flipping through the pages of his newspaper but then stops when he hears the words Raccoon and Terrasave. He casually sets down the newspaper, takes another sip for his coffee and turns around in his chair to look over towards Ashley and Andrei's table. He recognizes Ashley now but doesn't know Andrei, raising his hand up to give Ashley a small wave and then says, "Miss Graham. Sorry, to interrupt I didn't know you were here and didn't want to be rude not saying hello. Enjoy your drinks."
PrestigeAndrei "I am energetic and vivacious all the time!" Andrei responds impishly as he moves to rest a hand at his chest. "Though I may have been a bit more so than usual.. you know.. due to the fact that I might of gotten killed. Fear tends to do that to people. Fear and Hunger. Also the stimulants I may or may not of been taking. Listen there were a lot of factors at play here." Andrei notes as his eyes drift closed. "Eighteen, so thats what like? Seventy three in cat years? Yah your an old bint by this point I think. Got to trade in for a new younger sidekick." Andrei snorts. "Two things. How much does it pay, and what are the hours? I think I misheard you when you said 'volunteer'."

There is a beat then before he offers rather simply. "Cowgirl, do you know half the people in this city or what?" To Chris he'll offer a nod and a smile. "The name is Alexander Mclean, my friend's call me A.J."
Ashley Graham Ashley gives Andrei a little look and a shake of her head. "Age isn't a defining factor in what makes a good sidekick," the blonde points out, turning her attention when she hears her name. Her brows lift and she peers in Chris' general direction. She blinks at him for a moment, and then whispers a soft 'oh.'

"I'm so sorry," she says, speaking honestly. "I remember your face, but I don't remember your name. Forgive me." No doubt she remembers him from the bar in Denver, though she didn't make the connection then between the man and the end of her time in Raccoon City. That does not seem to have changed. "I was just trying to pitch my friend here on the virtues of Terrasave. Are you familiar with the organization, sir?" she asks of Chris.
Chris Redfield Chris nods back to Andrei, "Nice to meet you Alexander. I'm Chris, Chris Redfield but everyone just calls me Chris." He offers a small smile to Ashley and turns his attention to her. "That's okay Miss Graham, no offence taken and I do know about Terrasave from my sister Claire." He doesn't bring up the rescue or the hotel bar in Denver at this time, either not wanting to embarrass Ashley or more likely not wanting to traumatize the girl by bringing up old memories of Raccoon City.
PrestigeAndrei "Don't join, they get stuck in all sorts of dangerous places. Organization is cursed I tell you. Cursed. One time at bar and grill I saw.. you sould of seen it.. eggs had gone bad and they signed up for a scrambled egg eating contest. They kept it going. Insanity I tell you." Andrei mutters out as he waves off Ashley's words dismissivly then. "Crazies. The lot of em."

And then Chris admits to having a sister in the organization. "Okay so most of em. Especially that one though." He'll point at Ashley with his thumb then before he continues. "Chris Redfield? Really?" He'll offer then giving the man a suspicious glance. "So uh, go on any vacations latley? Kill anyone?"
Ashley Graham "Oh, Claire's your sister? That's right, that does sound familiar now," Ashley says, apologetically. "Please, feel free to join us if you'd like. Mister Monk, or that is to say Mister Spenstar or ..." the blonde finally sighs and looks at Andrei with a look of displeasure. "AJ, was it? He's been cut off, he's had a little too much to drink, this afternoon." One hopes he has, anyone. Otherwise that's just how Andrei is normally. Oh dear.

"And TerraSave isn't crazy. I didn't hear you complaining about the last time we crossed paths, after all." Didn't she help? She helped a little. A teensy bit. But then Andrei plows ahead, asking about killing people and vacations. Ashley just throws Chris a pained, apologetic look, and then she takes another deep sip of wine.
Chris Redfield Chris replies to Ashley, "I'm sure she said nothing but horrible things about me but most of them aren't true." He says to the Ex-President's daughter with a very small smirk on his face but when he looks over at Andrei, he's got that stoic expression and raises an eyebrow just slightly. "Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about." He seems to be measuring the man now, A.J., Spenstar or whatever his real name is. He then glances back towards Ashley, when she gives him that pained, apologetic look. "Thanks for the offer but I just came to have a quick coffee and read the newspaper. Please don't let me interrupt you further. You two enjoy." He then turns back to reading his newspaper and having another sip from his coffee.
PrestigeAndrei "You didn't realize how stressed I was last time! I spent like fourteen hours straight playing a game where I had to take little soda cans with anmes on them and make them into a group of eight. IF you weren't there.. that would of made things much easier! Then I wouldn't of had to worry about life and death and all that!"

Back to Redfield then he'll offer very simply. "Really now? Becuase I'm looking for a Redfield, man killed like.. seven or eight people in cold blood. Called himself Chris Redfield and everything."
Ashley Graham "Groups of eight? What are you on about, Adrien?" Ashley asks, this time just going with her selected name of choice among all of those she has been privy to in the last few days. But what Adrien says does draw her brows up high and she looks back to Chris, looking confused and bewildered. She does want to see how the man handles this, at the very least.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield lowers his newspaper, glancing back towards Andrei with a neutral expression. "Listen, I'm not that guy and I know for a fact I'm not the only person named Chris Redfield on this planet. So if you'll excuse me, I'd like to finish my coffee and newspaper." He then turns his attention back to his newspaper, laying it flat on the table now after folding it in half to read an article about the New York Yankees.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just lifts his shoulders in response to Redfield's words before he snorts slighty. "Sure, 'Hero of Raccoon City." Andrei mutters under his breath as he moves to push up, his eyes drifting closed, running a hand through his short hair before he glances aside. "Play a game where you get to choose who lives and dies, Cowgirl, its quite fun. Real traumatic too that!" He'll tease before he makes his way away from the Bistro. "You can pick up the tab for me right, Cowgirl? Thanks. I'll be by to pick up whats mine later."
Ashley Graham And then Andrei is making his escape. "Adrien!" she says, rather surprised at the man's going. But she lets him, settling back with a sigh and a shake of her head. "Good Lord above," the blonde sighs. She turns and looks back to Chris, once more looking apologetic.

"I'm very sorry about my friend. He's had a very difficult time of it lately. I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it," she says, accentuating her point with a ten million dollar smile of sweetness. See, everything's fine here! A pretty smile will surely smooth it over, right? "He was involved in Raccoon City. For all of us who were it can still be difficult." Since it's no secret that the former-President's daughter was part of that mess too.
Chris Redfield Chris glances back towards Ashley, giving her a nod. "Nah, it's okay. I seems like I may have indirectly cut short your interview or recruiting drive for Terrasave. It should be me apologizing." He then watches Andrei as he leaves, not commenting or maybe not even hearing what the man muttered under his breath as he leaves. Choosing who lives and dies, never an easy thing but sometimes you are only given a split second to decide and then you have to live with the consequences whether it was the right thing to do or not. "Cowgirl?" He looks at Ashley not really seeing the connection to the name. "Never pegged you for being a fan of Westerns." He brings the coffee cup up to his lips taking another sip and then asks. "You leaving or would you like to join me?"
Ashley Graham "If you wouldn't mind," Ashley says, amusement sprinkling across her features at Chris' observation. "It's either you or my prelaw textbook," she teases lightly, folding the large tome across the notebook and moving to rise to join Chris' table, leaving her half-eaten pastry but bringing her glass of wine. Oh yeah, drinking at 18 up in here!

"Cowgirl," she explains, as she sets her items down out of the way and moves to sit, "is a name I've earned because of my twang. I thought I'd gotten rid of most of my Texas drawl but it still comes out from time to time," the girl explains as she sits, smoothing out her skirt once she's done so. Fairly fastidious, this Ashley is. "At least he's consistent in what he refers to me as," she teases, lightly.
Chris Redfield "Least, I could do considering the circumstances and I've heard a lot about you from your father. He's a good man, I'm glad to have him working with us and he's been a great help since he's joined." Chris replies after standing up to pull out a chair for Ashley when she joins him. He's not the dumb jock some people make him out to be, although it is a reputation he often gets at first glance until people get to know him.

"I see. You've hidden it quite well and your studying law, that's right, Jack did tell me that. So that guy, calls himself Alexander and then you call him Andrei. What's he all about?" Chris asks in a matter of factly tone and then glances around to see if he's still lingering about.
Ashley Graham "Oh, you're with ...?" Ashley begins, but shakes her head. No need to announce every agency she has ties to in one lunch sitting, after all. "I see. I'm glad, I know Father was very much eager to be a part of things, to truly make a difference." Her smile of pleasantness and warmth begins to fade into one of forlorn sadness, but only just. "He has a lot of guilt from everything. He shouldn't, but you can't tell a person that. They can't just change how they feel." Ashley sounds like she speaks from experience.

But look, they can talk about other things. Law! "Yes, I was a law student in Raccoon City," the blonde explains. "That's how I got stuck there. I had initially planned to go into politics like Father, but after everything I've shifted my focus to international law. Corporations, warlords, organized crime ... they're all going international, so in order to go after them I'll need to be prepared to go international too." Ashley Graham, Hauge Prosecutor. Or something. "Is he ... that is to say, is Father doing well to your eyes? Does he seem in better spirits since he joined?"
Chris Redfield Chris nods, when Ashley stops short of saying the agency name of where he and her father work for. "Yes." He also doesn't want to announce in public who he currently works for not that anyone knows what the heck they do anyways since they are still in their infancy and the full name is quite the mouthful and would probably draw strange looks by people nearby.

He sets his newspaper aside, leaving it upright on the story about the New York Yankees, how they have gone over the luxury tax yet again with their enormous ridiculous player salary. "Well, that is a honorable vocation and the world needs more people that can help on the policy and international law side of things that really understand what is going on." He pauses when you talk about guilt. "Yeah, I can understand that." He takes a another sip from his coffee, nearly done half of it already and sets the cup down on top of the newspaper so it doesn't get blown away by the wind. "He seems to be doing very well from what I see. I speak to him often and he's one of the hardest working most dedicated people I know."
Ashley Graham "I'm very glad to hear it," Ashley says, and in truth she does sound honestly relieved by Chris' words. "It still feels strange, somewhat, but I've noticed that there's something about becoming an adult that makes children worry far more about their parents than, I think, either side ever imagined when the whole arrangement started." Birth and such. She smiles softly at the little observation, and takes another sip.

"May I ask how you found yourself with the organization, Mister Redfield? As I understand it, the whole system is rather exclusive." The blonde has enough sense to keep her voice low but conversational rather than conspiritorial, and perhaps she lets just enough of her accent slip back in to distract any potential foreign eavesdroppers from the words. Little things the Secret Service briefs you on when you move into the White House. But oh, that was so long ago.
Chris Redfield "Yeah. He'll be fine and I don't think things would be running this smoothly without him to be honest." Chris replies to Ashley's comments and there is a small almost imperceptible touch of sadness revealed on his expression when you mention parents but it is gone as quickly as it came.

Chris shrugs his wide shoulders to your question, "I'm not entirely sure to be honest. I guess just having the fortune to be in the right place and the wrong time I suppose. I'm not sure if it is that exclusive, more of a need to be small because we are just starting out and lack funding for expansion beyond what we have. So what about you? How is Terrasave working out for you?"
Ashley Graham "You'd call it the right place, even at such a time?" Ashley asks, unable to hide just a touch of amusement at the thought. After all, for her at least, there's only one wrong time to be talking about. And a wrong place too. She sips her wine again, sitting back comfortably in her seat to cross her legs at the knee subtly beneath her pleated grey skirt. She listens as Chris speaks, eyes on his face and meeting his when they flash her way. Not flirtatious, just comfortable.

"TerraSave is interesting," she finally admits, biting gently on the lower right corner of her mouth as she considers her answer. "I was part of a team that helped secure a large donation, recently. I suppose that could be considered a 'win' of some propotions, but as to tangible results? Little as of yet, I'm afraid." She does seem rather disheartened about that. "It will come in time, I'm sure. But patience was never a virtue that I could generally attest to. A nice lead on where to look next wouldn't be discouraged, I'm sure."
Chris Redfield Chris gives another small shrug, "Sometimes the coach calls you up to bat from the bench to be a pinch hitter and you didn't get a chance to warm up or even look at the scouting report. But you knew you were on the team, even if you don't play often and have to be ready." Yes, he used a baseball analogy, sue me for being a fan of America's favorite past time. He doesn't shy away from Ashley's gaze, holding onto it when he speaks to her and he's got that New Yorker air of confidence about him when he speaks.

"Well, that's good to hear and I'm sure Claire will be glad that you help to get more funding for the group." Suddenly his cell phone rings, he pulls it out and answers it. "Hi, it's Chris. Understood. I'll be there right away." He hangs up the phone and looks at Ashely apologetically. "I'm really sorry, don't mean to be rude but I have to head off to a meeting. It was nice chatting with you and I wish you well on your studies. Take care." He finishes off the rest of his coffee, picks up his newspaper, stands up and tucks his chair back into place, then heads off.