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Emma It's not the most friendly of nights. The clouds are heavy, and from them pours rain. It falls in heavy, cold sheets. Fall is now here, and it came in full force. Everything is soaked, puddles are hard to avoid. So for that, most have found their way indoors. The streets are rather dead.

The bistro is pretty busy. People hang out this eve, talk laugh drink and eat. The atmosphere is laid back and fun. One of the patrons is Emma. She is staying out of the rain. With her is Shaemus - who is allowed in here. They are at a table, she has a bottle of guiness and some stew. Her pink coat is hung on the back of her chair. As she eats Shaemus puts his head on her lap for a pat. Which he gets, but from there she needs to wipe off her leather pants.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei isn't the sort to eat inside in Paris! Except it started raining and now the man was making his way into the bistro, dripping wet and looking rather annoyed all things considered. Dressed in a simple dress shirt and slacks, the man feels so much cleaner after a good scrub and shave. His hand will move to press against his stomach as he moves about, but otherwise well.. Things seem much better.

There might be a quick glance to the side as the man takes note of Emma in the room, his attention shifting slightly to focus upon the woman and her canine companion. A beat or two, and then he'll instead of seeking a table for himself move to approach. "It is fate that I have seen you here today! Halfway across the world and destiny has brought us back together, my beautiful companion!"
James Scott James was getting tired of all the rain, it made everything feel so somber. Perhaps that's why he picked one of his more outrageous outfits, red plaid golf trousers paired with a black trench coat, gloves, aviators, and a simple newsboy cap. He closes his big red umbrella and slips into Jack's Bistro, eyes moving to Emma about the time Andrei approaches.

"Hey Emma, sorry I'm late." he offers the redhead a wave as he brushes past the other man to actually sit at the table. "You know this guy?"
Elza Walker It's rainy out there and it's not the best of weather. Meaning that walking around Paris is not something Elza Walker wants to do right now. Instead, she's decided to check out someplace to chill out with a hot drink (oxymoronic, ain't it?) Also, she's ditched her racing jumpsuit for something more casual.

A brown jacket with a red sweater underneath, along with blue jeans and brown boots are what Elza's wearing as she makes her way into the bistro. She stops briefly to close her umbrella before looking around to see if there might be anyone she recognizes here. Granted, she's only been in Paris for a couple of weeks, but who knows who she might bump into here?
Hunni      Even if it was FBC business, for Hunni this trip was as close to a vacation as they'd come for a while. It wasn't home, either one. But given one was Japan and the other was now a lifeless ruin? She'd make do.

     The asian woman is dressed in civillian clothing, enjoying the difference of weather but still wearing her jacket over her shoulders. It was a comfort thing, or rather the sidearm beneath it was.
Chase Dalton Upon arriving back on dry land, Chase decides he's hungry, and thus makes his way to a quaint little Parisian bistro. Before he settles in, he compacts the umbrella he'd been using to shield himself from the rain, and clips it to his belt, just in case some punk decides to try a snatch-and-run. He begins perusing a menu, his mind awash with the sights, sounds, and smells of Paris life. The rain didn't bother him all that much, really; on the contrary, he felt it offered a complimentary sensory input to the food. He sports a casual outfit: a nice pair of black shoes, blue jeans, a white shirt, and a black blazer. A mid-range watch adorns his right wrist, and a pair of dog-tags hang from his neck.
Cecily     Cecily isn't far behind Hunni. She's garbed in her usual. Not a paragon of Parisian fashion this one, in her tank top and pants. Just a simple outfit for a simple woman, but her white fox-eared beanie is also telling. Beats being on the ship all day, too. Her fingers lace with Hunni's as she glances inside, "Mmmm? A good place for lunch? It's not the beach, but..." she gives the other woman a sideways smile. She did promise something about a beach, some time ago.
Emma Emma looks up from her food, looking up to Andrei as he approaches her table. He -is- familar. Idly a hand rubs the back of her neck, cheeks go a little red. "Ah -- ah, hi." Mumbles the redhead a little, then looking to James. "Not - not a problem. Ya not met, ah? Christian right?" With a motion of her hand she intrudes James to Andrei. As more people enter her grey-green gaze moves their way, watching the two women and the man enter.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's attention will shift to James Scott as he presses on by as his hand reachs up to rub at his chin. There is a look of intense focus then before he finally snaps his fingers and points at James Scott. A big grin and.. well it he is laughing then as he almost shouts out at the top of his voice "NUTSHOT! oh-fuck man, oh god, I'm so glad you are able to walk straight." He'l giggle then before he coughs into a clenched fist and tries to look serious.. though whenever he looks at James Scott he just starts erupting into barley concealed snorts and giggles.

"Yah, Good to meet you. Names uh.. Christian.. uh.. Spenstar?" There is clearly hesitation as he wracks his brain. "What are you two doing in Paris?"
James Scott James clenches his fist, teeth grinding as he places Andrei. "I'm not out here using an alias. That's for sure." He puts his umbrella aside and takes the hat from his head. "But, yeah. Emma here patched me up afterwards. She's the reason I'm not dead." With his hands freed up he leans back in the chair, right hand dipping down into the pocket of his coat.
Hunni      "It's a start?" Hunni offers, blinking in suprise at the small collection of familier faces and familier antics in the bistro. Truely it is a small world. Squeezing Cecily's hand she takes a step away towards the bar, signalling to the tender for a drink but lacking the French language. Bilingual she may be, but this wasn't one of them. She'd have to stick with English or now!
Elza Walker Meanwhile, Elza has taken a seat not too far from the others. She hasn't noticed them yet, instead is in the process of ordering a coffee drink. She's studied French in high school, so she knows how to speak in English and French. After ordering, she sighs and runs a hand through her blonde hair. It's somewhat wet from the rain, and she's not feeling too good about it. Yet, some might recognize her as being a famous racer.
Cecily     Cecily stays close to Hunni, following her to the bar. She's still not exactly a social butterfly, never was, even less so after.. everything. "I didn't pack a swimsuit... was hoping I could find one shopping here, too," she states with a smile, kind of in her own little mental place. "What's good to eat, you think? Closest thing to French cuisine I've had was the continental breakfast at the hotel.." she laughs, recalling a croissant and some eggs.
PrestigeAndrei "Oh, that would explain how you escaped.. I highly doubt you could of walked anywhere once the adrenaline wore off." Andrei offers, again unable to stiffle the snickering and amusement in his features or his voice. "You are so kind though, Emma, right kind. You should of seen the hail of bullets.. and.. just the one, My god.." He'll again compose himself before clearing his throat.

"Who said I was using an Alias? This is my god given name, had it officially changed and everything." Andrei offers with a nod. "Now, I'm here on vacation, hanging out.. seeing the sights. Do either of you speak french? This has been a rather awkward visit for me considering.. I don't even know where to get a phrase book!"
Emma "Aye," Begins the Scottish lass, as she moves to stand. "I -- I did keep ya alive, like yer lucky charm." When Andrei mentions how kind she is, there is a small smile. "I - I speek french, fallow me, if yer wantin 'a drink." Taking her empty guiness bottle, she'd go to head to the bar, walking with that dancers grace of hers.
Chase Dalton Chase glances around the room, casually eyeballing the patrons. He calls for a cafe au lait, and a few scones. Once his snacks arrive, he begins sipping his drink, and nibbling on the scones, keeping his wits about him all the while.
James Scott "If you mention that one more time though, I'll shatter your orbital floor." James lowers his voice, it's not the shouting of a teen trying to show off, it's a promise from somebody that's had to deliver more than once. The teen doesn't stand though, rather he just turns his head to look at Andrei. Sure enough there's a dull red glow coming from behind his shades, similar to the way his eyes glowed after he was shot.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's eyes will of course be following Emma, though he'll quickly move to turn his gaze to look at James then. His brow lifts, giving the man an almost suprised expression before a wry smile twists its way acros his lips. "Goodness, Charming arn't we? I suppose not everyone comes out with their humanity intact." He'll offer softly as a hand reachs up to obscure his lips as he steps away from the table to follow Emma.

"You keep odd company Miss, Suspicious folks!" He'll cheerfully state. Sure he might catch sight of Chase near the counter, his eyes studying the man from afar, he might even give the man a nod, but he won't initiate conversation quite yet. The other three.. well he isn't nearly as familiar with them.
Emma Emma just makes her way to the counter, looking over her shoulder to Andrei at his little comment. Her grey-green eyes move past him to James and then back him. "We - we went through hell togetha. We all got ou - our issues." There is a shrug. Having ended up close to Chase her eyes move to him. There is a small, kind yet shy smile given to him. "Ya - ya need me ta order for ya?" Her accent is clearly thick scottish. Shaemus licks James' hand and then decides to adventure. He happens by Elza, stopping to look at her with a wag of his tail and woofs.
Elza Walker At first, Elza isn't paying much attention, but then she hears the dog woof, and she turns to look. With a smile, she says, "Well hey there!" She reaches down a hand for the dog to sniff. "Aren't you friendly?" She asks.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's attention will shift to Emma's dog as he finally makes his way away from the table nearby Scott, lifting his shoulders as he walks along. "Sure, I'll take.. something filled with caffine. Havn't had a good cup of joe in.. well several weeks honestly. All cold shit. HAve you ever brewed cold coffee? Dreadful stuff." A beat then as he taps Emma's shoulder and points to Elza then. "Your dog is bothering someone."

Andrei offers that more as a joke than an actual observation of her dog misbehaving, a small smirk touching at his lips. "He is almost as big a flirt as I am. Makes me proud."
James Scott James works his jaw, arms crossing. "Gonna beat his ass. I can fucking feel it already." After a moment he pushes up and heads over to where Shaemus wandered to, dropping to a knee to scratch the large dog. "Hey, he's not bothering you is he?" he asks Elza, flashing a warm smile.
Chase Dalton "Oh. Thank you," Chase responds, smiling to Emma. "I've got some coffee and scones on the way. If you have any suggestions for other things, though, I'm open to them." The thick Scottish accent piques his interest as much as noshing on the local cuisine. Not often he gets to enjoy such things.
Emma "Huh?" Emma turns a little to look over shoulder, spotting Shaemus with the blonde. But James is there and it seems her dog is being taken with good grace. "Thi - thinkin' all be fine." Saying that to Andrei with a shrug she makes am order at the bar, for herself, another Guiness. Who knows how many she has had, but that Scottish blood runs thick and so does alcohol tolerance. When her drink comes the red head regards Chase again with her small shy smile. "Gu - Guiness, or whiskey'n scotch." Yet her tone had some humour. "If yer no drinker, tea." Shaemus continues to want attention from Elza, wagging his tail and trying to lick her hand.
Elza Walker Giggling as the dog licks her hand, Elza smiles and spins around in her seat to pet the dog on the head gently. "Well hey there, puppy!" She says with a giggle. "I have always wanted to own a dog, you know. I just love dogs!" She pets Shaemus some more.
Chase Dalton "Whiskey, beer, gin, scotch, ale, wine.. Alcohol's all good in my book." Chase shrugs. "I do tea, too, when I'm not looking to annihilate my liver." He grins. "Gin'n'tonic's fun, any day of the week."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei lifts his shoulders in response as he looks and watches Ezla and Shaemus now, his head tilting to the side as his lips purse for a second. There is a glint of curiosity in his eyes, but he doesn't seem to approach, more observing a dog. "Maybe I should get a dog. Seems to be quite an ice breaker." He'll mutter out under his breath before he looks to Chase then as he speaks again.

"Goodness, enjoying your time in the big city it seems." He'll offer idly to the man with a small smirk. "Don't get too comfortable though, never know when they might spring the snails on you!"
Emma Emma grins some, laughing lightly at what Chase says. Her drink is held up as if in toast and then she takea a sip. "Yer - yer not from Paris, right?" She asks him, and then turns to look at Andrei, tilting her head a little while leaning against the bar a bit. "Ya just want'ta have one ta - ta get tha ladies?" It's asked with a shy smirk, as Shaemus continues to enjoy attention from Elza.
James Scott 'Cool.' James thinks to himself, pushing up onto his feet he move away from Elza and Shaemus back to the table. Taking his seat he leans back, hand dipping back into his coat pocket to wrap around the cold metal knuckles stashed there. It was going to be one of those days.
PrestigeAndrei "What? No, come on. I want a dog for the companionship, and the responsbility. Clearly. The flirting is just a side benefit. Do you think I could get him to take like a box of choclates or clipped roses over to someone?" Andrei responsd as his hand reachs up to obscure his lips, cupping his chin as he gives a slight hum. "That would be quite interesting I think. Amazing." He'll mutter as he steps towards Elza and Shaemus now, looking more towards the dog to be honest.
Emma "Yer - yer not usin' my dog'ta pick up women." Emma says to Andrei, chuckling a little then sipping on her drink.