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Emma It's a terrible, terrible day. Weather wise, that is. Heavy pouring rains, they hammer Paris with an unreasonable anger. The clouds are heavy and dark, speaking of a relentlessness that could last all day, or more. To top it off, the air is cold, now that fall is here the weather turned fast and hard.

Emma, she was shadowing a doctor all night in the hospital. Part of the training to become a doctor. It was a long, crazy night. One that left her tired, and worn. Such a state is accepted however, because she knew going in that sometimes long days and nights happen. The unexpected was the rain. So here she sits, in soaked scrubs in the bistro, with a cup of tea and some hot food. Every now and then her grey-green eyes look out the window, a bit titedly, and then go to a book on the table. Because studying never ends.
Hunter Hunter had dealt with rain before. When you basically lived on the streets, the weather became your greatest enemy and also your greatest ally. Having said that, what she wasn't used to was the fact that she was in Paris while it was raining. This meant she didn't know the nooks and crannies where she could escape the weather, nor could she speak the language to really get a good sense of where she was. Of course she had a pocket full of money; she could just get a hotel room... but that didn't sit well with her. If she could save the money for when she got back to Denver, it would do her a lot of good, better than here really.

On top of the rain, it was damn cold. The teenager's breath misted out in front of her as she breathed, the cold biting through her now soaked hoodie like it was ripped paper mache. Rain and cold meant that, as much as she wanted to be practicing her parkour, it just wasn't safe. Rain made it slippery, and the cold made her hands numb. Combined, it was a recipe for disaster. Instead she walked the streets like a regular sane (or insane given the weather) person, which was at least 2x slower than she was used to. With her hood up and shoulders hunched, she carried something in her hands.... it looked like tupperware. The tupperware Emma had given her the extra desserts in. Dutifully she had cleaned them meticulously and intented to return them... perhaps when the rain let up. Hunter passed by a rustic looking shop that she barely gave a glance to; by default everything here looked way out of her price range for saving up what money she could.
Emma Emma is eatinf a good breakfast, pancakes, bacon, eggs. But she isn't a big eater either, and having not realized the size of the meal, it's daunting. There is a look to the floor, Shaemus was at home. Mind, she'd not of fed him human food. So going to her tea while sipping at her tea, slowly drying and feeling warm the lass rests back against the chair and looks out the window, her mind just unable to process any more. That's when Hunter is spotted walking by, in the pouring rain. With her free hand there is a knock on the window, loud enough to hopefully get the girls attention. And if it is gotten, she'd wave for her to come in and join her at the dryness within.
Hunter The sound made her jump and, by reflex alone, scoot away from the window. Wide eyes scanned the area before falling on the window and noticing someone sitting and waving. Was that...? Sitting in the shop was none-other-than Emma. Huh. Returning the tupperware was going to be a lot easier than she first anticipated. It was a bonus that she wouldn't have to go back to that fancy ass mansion and feel like a delinquent among scholars.

Hunter slunk silently into the shop, standing at the front for a moment to get the excess water off of her clothes. Much like a dog she shook her head violently, doing her best to keep the mess contained to just the doorframe. The hoodie she wore sagged under the weight of the water and her cargo pants didn't fare much better either. Hey... at least it was warm. The street rat quietly made her way over to Emma's table, standing there awkwardly for a moment before scratching the back of her head. "Ah... hey there, Emma. How goes?"
Emma Emma is a kind, compassionate soul. Seeing how soaked and assumingly cold Hunter must be she frowns just a little bit. As the girl heads to her table, a foot is used to push out a char, that alone being the offer for her to sit. Tired grey-green yes focus on her then, with a small shrug following. "Tired I -- I had a long night shadowin' tha doctors at tha - tha hospital." Emma is soaked too, not as bad as she had time to dry a little bit. "Ya - ya look like yer soaked to tha bone, come have some.. breakfast with me, I could use some good company."
Hunter Hunter wanted to scoff. Good company? That was a good one. She had spent her life being equated to the opposite; a troublemaker. A delinquent. Overall, bad company. Instead she did her best to smile and took a seat. Without missing a beat she placed the wet but spotless tupperware on the table. "Thanks fer the desserts. I cleaned the dishes up real nice, promise." Her voice was earnest, as if her reputation was on the line over a few pieces of tupperware. Taking care of things others loaned you was important!

At the mention of breakfast, Hunter looked at the remainder of Emma's meal with an almost primordial hunger. Had she been this hungry when she walked in? Even so, the teenager shook her head. "I ain't all that hungry anyhow." Her stomach promply rumbled angrily, betraying her and leaving her to fend for herself. The tips of her ears burned red.
Emma Eyes fix on the dishes, she honestly didn't expect them back. Not because she thought they'd be taken without care but just because such things tend to get lost easily. There is a bit of a smile when Emma goes to take them, and a nod in thanks. They are put on the floor next to her bag, so room is left on the table. Her open book has a diagram in it, of the intestines with what looks like actual pictures. Yet she forgets it's open and lifts a brow while regarding Hunter. "Oy, I - I think ya good a - a good appetite on ya." There is a kind smile as a waitress is waved over. "Wh - whatever she is wantin' miss, on my tab." And so the waitress would look at Hunter, awaiting the order.
Hunter Before she could stop her, Emma had flagged down a waitress. The red in her ears burned that much brighter. As if it weren't bad enough that her own stomach had betrayed her... for a moment all Hunter could do was stare at the waitress. Did she have to speak French? She didn't know any French! Finally she blurted out, "Uh...bacon an' eggs?"
Emma "An -- an, add some pancakes." Emma adds, to the waitress and then looks at Hunter, with that same kind yet shy smile. "They - they are nearly as good as papa's, ta be honest. Nearly." Eyes drift to her food, there is a lot. Likely she will wrap it up and take home the rest. Or something. Who knows. Lookin back up to Hunter her head tilts a little. "How ya - ya doin'? Outside of soaked."
Hunter Hunter tried to look anywhere that wasn't Emma or the waitress, at least until her ears returned to their normal colour. The teenager pulled her hood down to reveal her auburn scruffy hair. "Oh y'know... wanderin' the streets an' lookin' at the sights. Paris is... well it's kinda pretty. Never been outtah the States before." She neglected the part where she found a place to sleep under a bridge last night. Keen eyes took in the textbooks and she too tilted her head inquisitively. "Medical texts? Yer trainin' t'be a Doc, yeah?"
Emma "Aye, lots'ta - ta see here." Emma says in a simple eay. "I - I liked Denver a lil' better'n all, but," A pause, she sips at her tea and then puts it down, now going to lead into the doctor stuff. "Aye, I am. Not an easy thing." She -is- wearing scrubs. Wet scrubs. "Wanna help people, ya'know? Gotta figure out if I want trauma or what, tho." She shrugs, eyes te hair a second. "Where ya - ya stayin' in Paris?"
Hunter Wanting to help people. It was a new concept for Hunter. Even with the kids she ran with back home, most of the time they were looking out for themselves first and the group second. To want to become a doctor was a difficult path and she knew that she personally wouldn't be able to do it. Not smart enough.

At the question, she froze. Where was she staying...? "Uh, well...ah..." instinct had her scratching the back of her head sheepishly again. "... last night I slept under a bridge so...uh...under a bridge I s'pose?" She hoped it sounded convincing. After all, it wasn't like she really hated it.
Emma Emma is quiet a second, and then nods. "Well," Begins the Scottish lass. "Yer - yer comin' ta tha chateau, when done. Get a good shower'n some clean clothes, tis the least I can do ta help ya." Her tone is kind, sweet, but also firm, suggesting she'd not debate that this'll happen or not.