Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night Today could be a completely normal day in the Chateau. A calm and indeed normal day, with no glasses being broken, people shouting, mysterious packages or loud Queens's music permeating through the second floor.

In fact, today Archene is just sitting at the living room with a newspaper by his side at the couch and his laptop on well, his lap. He hasn't moved from there since the middle of the night. The newspaper was, of course, brought to him by some of the staff which heard from him to 'not call him unless he was needed for something requiring extraordinary haste'.

All in all, a normal day, however.
Markus Berger The day is about to reveal itself as a whole bit less normal as abruptly there is some Queen music hearable a decent bit away for a short moment only moments before a certain Doctor Berger briskly walks into the living room with a plate of fries in his functioning hand. The same Doctor Berger thats supposed to still be either missing or dead. "Well, just the man I've been looking for. Good day Archene."
Silent Night Archene looks at Markus for a moment... then another moment before saying, "Markus, it is good to see you back. How was the vacation?" He just... smiles. His mind is more wondering when the man came back because issues in regards to whether or not this was 'the real Doctor Berger' would never come to mind after the man came around like that.
Markus Berger "Zombies, Mutants, Umbrella, their commandos, interfering Chinese military getting slaughtered by the former, American Special Forces on an investigation and the whole damn ship now being on the ground of the ocean with next to everyone being dead including Mikhailov. Wrote up a report for you and our boss last night." With that said Markus sits down on the next best comfortable seat where he puts the plate on his lap and begins eating. Glorious hot and fresh food...
Silent Night "I see, glad to see you are in one piece in that case. I'll be reading it throughly later today. As for Mikhailov," Archene sighs, "This is what I get for trying to give someone a nice last assignment." He closes the laptop before taking a better look at Markus, "Enjoying the fresh food?" He chuckles quietly.
Markus Berger "Sure I do. Even luxury food gets stale after a week or more... and cold." Markus just grins as he quickly finishes his plate, since the man doesn't just eat the fries... he downright devours them. "As for Mikhailov, he was slaughtered by some mutant after he investigated the lowest part of the ship and we were trying to escape with some FBC folks. Some female Umbrella Commando was killed down there and quickly mutated into a spiderlike mutant that chased us, ripped off his arm and then killed him. Damn Umbrella, I'd at least expect enhancements that wouldn't cause spontaneous mutations, but they seem to love their viruses and mutants so much that everything ends up like that." He puts the plate away and shrugs. "Anyway, at least know the shortened designation of two of the new anti-bioterror groups around, namely the DSO and FBC, and I got a letter from Umbrella America that needs decrypting. Its attached to the report I wrote up yesterday."
Silent Night "Interesting, hopefully they aren't getting such viruses into their commandos while they are alive just to ensure that monstruousities appear even in case of death." Archene shrugs briefly, "I will be sure to safely decrypt it. In regards to Umbrella America, I've gotten some information while you were away." He pauses for a moment as he looks at Markus, "It seems that Umbrella is focusing quite a look of resources in research at South America. Given how certain areas there are still very isolated, it shouldn't be too hard to stay away from the eyes of the public when they want to. And also found out that they are looking for something other than a virus called t-virus or the 'Progenitor Virus' it is derivated from."
Markus Berger "Hmm, makes sense. Nobody would notice anything happening down there. Makes me wonder what they got from the ship and if they brought it there. They likely extracted something from the lowest deck and I'm betting its samples of the virus-strain from the ship." The doctor pauses and looks at Archenes laptop for a moment before he raises a brow, likely having an idea. "I believe I should get around to writing up a database for Tricell and us, listing the virus-strains, zombie variations and mutants we know."
Silent Night Archene nods at Markus' comments, "That is likely." He hmms at the idea of a database, "Sincerely, I would be thankful for that. While from what I've noticed that the Vice-President only wants to get a greater share of the market and go up in the company. I'd personally be happy to have a complete list of what we have dealt with. You have my support in that."
Markus Berger "What the Vice-President wants isn't really anything I care about when it comes to that. Umbrella is still one of the big three, sitting on lots of research we could make better and less destructive use off and they aren't going to stop anytime soon with their research and the ensuing fallout. So, a database is going to be more usefull than not for all of us. Anyway, I'll get to it later... after I got my arm fixed up at least." Thats about as blunt as the doctor gets to admitting that he wants to get his hands on Umbrellas research for both profit and for the sake of SCIENCE.
Silent Night "I see, I see. Glad to know that this is your opinion." Archene grins briefly, "Hope you get your arm fixed soon though," He takes his laptop as he stands up, "I should be getting to my room now, I need to rest before checking your report and meeting some managers later today."
Markus Berger "Allright, I'll finish eating, rest some more and then get to work." With that said Markus does just that as he keeps eating his French Fries for the next... long while. No need to rush anything.