Umbrella Surveillance System
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Trixie At last, the mission team is back! The initial surge of relief, however, is tempered by the fact that not everyone came back, and everyone who did was put in decontam for hours to days the second they got off of the helo. The briefing room was the next stop after that. All of this means that Trixie has barely seen the returning heroes, let alone had a chance to talk to them.

She passes the briefing room on the way from point A to point B, feeling only slightly more relaxed than she'd been before the team had arrived back. The faint sound of voices from behind the door causes her to pause beside it for a moment. She hugs her elbows against a sudden shiver, then hastily starts on down the corridor once more.
Rachel Foley The sound of steps echoing down a ship deck might not do the other girl any favors.

Standard-issue boots - not the ones Rachel had spent a fortune on, because she heard they were "tactical" - step, somewhat unsteadily, after Trixie, along with the feeling of being watched.

"You okay?" Rachel's voice, oddly perky - even when it was screaming as she got attacked by BOWs, or being held at gunpoint.
Trixie Trixie jerks to a stop, accompanied by a soft gasp, at the sound of the door of the briefing room opening behind her. She looks back over her shoulder, half-turning to study the statuesque woman behind her.

"I think so," she says at last, turning to face her fully. "But I think I should be asking you the same thing," she adds, genuine concern in her voice as she starts back toward Rachel.
Rachel Foley For her part, Rachel's leaning against the bulkhead on a shoulder, eyes hidden under those luxurious locks of hers. (How much did she spend on conditioner...?) She gives a little dismissive wave of her hand. "I appreciate the concern... honestly, though? I still don't remember too much," she says, shaking her head. "Don't tell me I screamed a ton during the op, did I?"
Trixie "Actually, I totally have no idea. I'm one of the Response Corporals that wasn't picked for the op," Trixie replies softly. "Been going crazy on full alert almost since the team left the ship. Now our people are home, but not everyone came back, and nobody seems to know anything about what happened. Or at least nobody's talking, if they do. It's so frustrating..."

She studies Rachel's apparel for a moment as she comes to just a little out of arms' reach. "That's definitely not one of our uniforms," she says at last. "It's the only thing I've ever seen that was uglier. No offense."
Rachel Foley A light laugh comes from Rachel, giving Trixie a grin. "Oh, God, I know. It's the ugliest shade of blue I've seen... I swear, I think the Chinese made it this awful blue as a punishment. They gave me a bigger uniform so I didn't, uh, 'distract' the other prisoners, according to them," she says, still grinning. "Even then, well... if I had a needle and thread, I probably could pull the look off." she REALLY talking about fashion after a ship full of the undead went down in flames? "I'll change into something chic once Medical stops fussing over me. ...speaking of which. Which was is Medical?"
Trixie "Um, yeah... I could totally see that being an issue," Trixie replies, with a soft, sheepish giggle. "I'd offer to loan you something, but I don't think anything of mine would fit you. Ummm... Medical... I might need a moment. Even after almost six months, I still get lost on this boat. But I think it's this way," she adds, impulsively taking Rachel's hand and tugging her along after her.

"I'm Trixie. Trixie Mackenzie. I don't remember seeing you before," the redhead admits, blushing a little. "What should I call you?"
Rachel Foley Rachel blinks (not that it's visible to anyone...) as her hand's grabbed and she's taken along for a ride, feet plodding after Trixie. "Rachel. Foley works, too, but I prefer the name that doesn't remind me of a horse. Some people call me Rach, but that's up to you. Nice to meet you, Trixie - one think I /definitely/ remember is that we haven't met. And don't worry about it - I've got a wardrobe waiting for me once I get a clean bill of health."
Trixie "Foley reminds you of a horse? I don't get it," Trixie says, momentarily confused. "But Rachel's a pretty name. I had a squadmate named Rachel, back in Raccoon City High." She can't help a shiver at the thought that her squadmate is probably dead now. "Um, I think it's just around this corner up here, on the left..."
Rachel Foley "Foal. Baby horse, basically." She keeps mum on the mention of Raccoon City - lots of people involved in the bioterrorism business were understandably still touchy about it, still following after Trixie.
Trixie "Oh, I get it now! I think..." Trixie replies perkily, then blinks, thinking over the blonde's reply. Without missing a step, she leads Rachel around the corner and... finds them both in another corridor little different than the one behind them, with no sign of a sickbay or medical ward anywhere. "Ummm... guess that /wasn't/ the right way. Maybe it's around the next corner..."
Rachel Foley "Don't feel bad, I'm jinxed when it comes to directions on ships," Rachel says, putting on another grin. "I may have jinxed you by accident..."
Trixie "If so, I forgive you. Though I doubt it, since I'm not exactly a tour guide for this boat, either," Trixie says wryly, with a grin of her own. "Let's see... why don't we try /this/ way?" she says, tugging Rachel further along the corridor they'd turned into. "Why's medical looking you over so hard, anyway? That is, if you're allowed to tell me. Scuttlebutt's been making noises about nondisclosure forms before the op."
Rachel Foley "Uh, will they throw me in the brig if I tell you? Because it was just what you were getting debriefed for, but I don't blame you if you're being cautious. The CIA's like that."
Trixie Trixie pauses, blinking. "Except I /wasn't/ getting debriefed. I wasn't selected for the op," she says softly, turning to face Rachel and resting her hands on the blonde's shoulders. "Are you sure you're feeling okay, sweetie? Maybe we'd better ask directions to medical," she asks, concern in her eyes.
Rachel Foley "Oh." She blinks... which would be visible if it weren't for half her face being covered by that hair. "Wait, weren't you in the room?"
Trixie "Nope. Not even for a second. I thought about knocking on the door, but... I just couldn't make myself do it," Trixie says, shaking her head slowly. "The thought of those nondisclosure forms totally changed my mind."

She reaches up to lightly brush Rachel's thick forelock to one side with a gentle hand. "Maybe you couldn't see so well through all this hair. Not that it's not totally to die for, but doesn't it make it hard to see when it falls into your eyes like that?" she asks gently.
Rachel Foley "I could have sworn you were in there, but..." She rubs her face, sighing. "Maybe I do need that trip to Medical."

If anything, at least Trixie can finally see Rachel blink. "No, actually. There's a trick to it, but you have to get your hair /just/ right..."
Trixie "Oh! Rachel, I'm /so/ sorry. I've probably messed it all up, too, and..." Trixie blinks, too. "Wow... /dreamy/ eyes," she observes softly, momentarily spellbound by the blonde woman's baby blues.
Rachel Foley "You're fine, I've got a trick to it," she says. gets the feeling seeing her with her eyes out was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. "Depending on what situation in, someone not seeing your eyes either makes you look mysterious or no-one special... though the latter doesn't apply to me."
Trixie "Probably not." Trixie smiles wryly, the spell broken. "It /would/ be kind of hard to picture you as just another face in the crowd. But I think I like your eyes better this way."

She gently takes Rachel's hand once more. "Let's keep going. If we run out of hall, at least we'll know we're getting somewhere," she suggests, leading the blonde woman toward another junction.
Rachel Foley "Heh, true. Even when I've got hair over half my face, I still get men swarming me in droves." She's not the humble type, it seems. "Anyway, lead the way." And the marching of feet returns.
Trixie "Leading," Trixie replies impishly, lightly squeezing Rachel's hand as she speaks. Within a minute they reach another hallway crossing their own. Trixie looks to the left, then to the right...

"Jackpot!" she cries. The hatchway leading to the medical ward is only a few yards down the corridor to their right. She picks up her pace a bit, in a slight rush to get her new friend to the help she needs.
Rachel Foley Rachel hurries behind, pace unsteady. She didn't look like she had a concussion, but given what she'd been through in the past few days... well.
Trixie Trixie feels some of Rachel's unsteadiness through her hand and arm. She turns just as they reach the hatchway, to support the wobbly blonde on the threshold of the medical bay. "Steady, sweetie, we're here," she whispers, gently supporting her with a light hug. "Will you be okay by yourself? I can stay with you until they're done," she offers softly.
Rachel Foley "No, I'm good. I don't think they'll find much. I could go for some sleep, though, Chinese prisons aren't well known for their room service." A slight smile crosses her lips.
Trixie "Chinese /prisons/? Ohmigawd, sweetie, what'd they /do/ to you?" Trixie asks, the light hug becoming a strong one, supportive and sympathetic. "No wonder your wardrobe's so awful!" Such an ace at priorities!
Rachel Foley The way Rachel's freezing up might smack a little too close to rigor mortis. "I, uh... yeah. Long story."
Trixie "Maybe I'd better not ask, then," Trixie murmurs apologetically, though she holds Rachel for a few moments longer before releasing her. Just to make sure she's a little steadier on her feet now. Of course.

"I'll come back by in the morning, just in case you need anything," she adds as she releases Rachel. "Here's hoping they give you a clean bill of health very soon."
Rachel Foley "Oh, if you've got gossip. I've got it. Even if it's in a totally different language." That slight smile again. She's standing up straighter, at least. "And thanks. We'll talk again soon." She glances at the door leading into medical...
Trixie "Are you sure you're okay by yourself?" Trixie asks softly, looking at Rachel for a moment, then into the medical bay. Gently she takes the woman's hand in a show of support.