Umbrella Surveillance System
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Barry Burton     Late afternoon continues to settle in around the RPD. Officers have just undergone shift rotation and are midst discussing their upcoming assignments for the evening as dayshift is beginning to clock out. Giving ample opportunity for a few people in the upper ranks to slip away unnoticed.

    Barry Burton having finished up his recent paperwork and reports, decides its time to have a face-to-face with his superior about some of the recent events that have been occurring over the past few days. Knocking on the door to Albert Wesker's office (Yep, he has an office in this version, not just a large desk on one side of a rather cramped room!), Barry waits patiently for a reply, glancing around the hallway on the second floor. He nods to a few officers who pass by, offering them a smile and even a high-five to one of them. Nothing to worry about right?
Albert Wesker The singular invocation of "Enter." is voiced in tones both professional and familiar; it's far from uncommon for Wesker to be working long hours like he has been after recent events, and everyone in the squad would know his door was always open. Proverbially speaking. Literally, it's closed, but unlocked, and Barry would find the Captain seated at his desk, which is currently occupied by an abundance of hardcopy files even as Wesker himself peruses a computer screen.

"Burton, good. Have a seat." Wesker invites more cordially, "I was hoping you'd be by sooner rather than later." Implying business of his own, perhaps-- but Wesker's posture punctuating the observation is attentive rather than forthcoming, leaning forward slightly and shifting some weight to the arm on his desk. "What's on your mind?" It's politesse more than necessity; one imagines the same basic thing is on -all- of their minds.
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    Upon hearing permission, Barry reaches down and opens the door before him. The burly man nods to Wesker as he enters, offering a monotone reply of, "Sir." then proceeds to close the door. Sgt. Burton doesn't appear to be particularly comfortable about being alone with The Captain in his office, especially given the pair's present arrangement. Still, he musters up the courage needed and takes a seat before the Captain's desk.
    Barry glances up to Wesker as he folds his arms, bearing little expression about his face as he continues, "I felt it necessary to bring you up to date on a few things."
    Barry reaches into his jacket and tosses a little black book onto the captain's desk, bearing the "Umbrella" logo upon it, "I retrieved this little bit of info from one of our officers. I convinced them to provide it to me given the circumstances, telling them I would speak with you personally to handle the matter and see to it was given to the proper authorities. After that, where it goes, is out of our hands and I feel its best we get our stories on the same page."

Again, Barry doesn't appear pleased about what he has to do but for what's at stake, he'll do anything.
Barry Burton Barry Burton says, "Also, I apologize for being late with all of this. Unfortunately, I had to be careful about it all. Last thing I think we both want is something slipping out about .. All of this."
Albert Wesker There may be nothing pleasant in reminding someone the danger those they care about are in when dealing with an adversary with reach and influence-- but really, Wesker is just looking out for his team, telling it like it is. At least, from a certain perspective. Wesker nods once to prompt Barry to continue, his face serious as the words come out-- or perhaps as that deceptively weighty volume drops onto his desk. The Captain slides it over and opens to page one, taking a moment to skim through the data and details presented, to catalogue his thoughts, before he murmurs, "From the downed UBCS team we found? How long have you known... -this-.. was on the Mountain?"

The evidence, the implication of experimental weaponry and straight-up monsters in the laboratory that fell seems dire indeed. "Where did you get it?" Wesker pauses his flipping perusal to digest an entry or two more fully.

"Your instinct is right-- we need to be on the same page. This just supports my fear that we're all in danger-- perhaps the city itself. We need to work together, circle the wagons." Like he told Rebecca. "-Someone- wanted Bravo to be a total loss, Burton." Stand together, or be picked off by... things. It's a simple equation, isn't it?
Barry Burton     Burton waits a little longer, giving Wesker time to briefly review the report provided to him an not looking to say a great deal. He obviously had the chance to review the report himself in great detail, having had it in his possession for sometime now but even then most of what is listed there escapes him, even potentially frightens him more about what ever Umbrella is actually doing in their facilities.
    As Wesker proceeds to barrage him with numerous questions, Barry continues to wait patiently until he finishes, nodding to The Captain. He doesn't know exactly how far The Captain's influence reaches but he does know that its far enough that he needs to stay in line. However, the burly man manages to at least find some comfort in the fact that Wesker appears have the safety of the city and his team in mind. He proceeds with the latter half first, "Agreed. Given what has been discussed and even the fact that Chris remains missing at this point, someone else must be pulling the strings.. and rather sloppily I might add."
    Barry motions up to the television, "I mean you've seen the cluster that's been occurring since that rally yesterday afternoon, right?", he inquires rather plainly, quirking a brow and awaiting a response.

    Following that, Barry moves to answer Wesker's other questions, "Honestly, I did not know much about the situation until I was confronted and asked about how to handle this. Being a senior member on the force has its perks, you know." commenting along side a bit of a grin before continuing, "As far who, well..."
    Burton goes quiet for a moment, fighting with himself on the inside but knows that is a battle likely not worth winning at this point, feeling Wesker will find out sooner or later. He glances back, following with a deep breath, "Officer Valentine provided this to me late last week. She was confused on what to do with the information, saying she found it during your expedition to find Bravo team. As stated before, I convinced her to provide it to me and now I am bringing it to you."
Albert Wesker "Umbrella funds this department, supplied most of our gear." Wesker observes matter-of-factly, his voice still low. "But I never would have expected the -Chief- to so plainly try to isolate Bravo from rescue. Sloppy indeed. It also begs the question of -why-. With this kind of hazard in Arklay..." the Captain gestures to the logbook, "S.T.A.R.S. may be the only thing standing between travesty and catastrophe." And they all know what happened to the commandos Umbrella sent in to deal with the situation.

Wesker leans back in his chair, tapping a fingertip on his chin and studying the images of the protests stoically. "It's hard to tell them with any confidence that they're wrong, isn't it? Patrols have put down a number more infected predators, and we have to accept the possibility something else got out, even as... thorough as it sounds like they were, up there." The way he says it, Wesker might prefer the re-use of 'sloppy' to 'thorough'. Someone hit that mountain with a very large hammer; more than once.

"No wonder Valentine was so wound up on extraction." Barry's likely right: with or without his input, the Captain would sniff the source out. If indeed he didn't already have his guess. "We need to keep what we know quiet, deal with this ourselves until we know more. Anyone else we pull in makes it more likely the operation springs leaks." Unlike Jill, Wesker clearly doesn't trust Uncle Sam to ride in and make this better.
Barry Burton     Barry simply nods as the questions roll through Wesker's mind. He's always found that to be a norm about the captain that he's noticed over the course of his dealings with him: him verbalizing his questions and thoughts aloud. However, the burly man does manage to quirk a brow at the mention of Chief Irons, "Perhaps the chief is trying to cover up something that someone on Bravo Team could know about?"
    Barry has been part of S.T.A.R.S. for sometime and conducted a few investigations on his own but the detective work has never quite been his strong suit, obviously.
    Nevertheless, Barry can't help but agree with Wesker on regards to Umbrella. After all, Its not exactly good to tell the one funding your operations that there is something amiss without something solid. The burly man nods towards Wesker once more as he discusses their next move in brief, "That sounds like a plan. I have a few ideas that can keep the teams at least busy for the time being until you decide what is next. After all, a lot of the force, STARS and RPD included, are on edge after Rebecca returned from the mission. I am thinking of running a few training simulations in the KillHouse off site to help reorient our officers on basic protocol and maneuvers during a crisis situation. More of a refresher course, if you will just to give them something to do."
    Barry looks back up at Wesker and inquires, "By the way, I heard you met with Chambers and put her on temporary suspension. Is this true?"
Albert Wesker "Perhaps their helo was meant to crash, to put them at the center of it. We won't be able to give the wreck a proper forensic analysis while it's lodged in the snow, and who knows what the thaw will melt away." Something that also seems a bit too convenient, really. "Perhaps it's simply that once they were out there, and made contact with the... things out there.." it takes him a beat to settle on the generic disdain to refer to them. "They weren't supposed to report back."

Wesker nods ready approval for the rest, "Redoubling the training regimen is wise in general. I want everyone at their best; sharper than they've ever been, Burton. I'll run drills myself if need be, and I've been narrowing down the sections of city that appear to have lingering... rabies problems by zeroing in on high concentrations of missing or killed pets and bite incidents from Animal Control's files. RPD can likely handle the sharpshooter patrols, but there's no reason S.T.A.R.S. can't practice their craft; and get a closer look at what we're dealing with, here. As to Chambers..."

Wesker pauses a moment, considering once more, finger tapping on his chin before the hand is laid to rest upon his desk, "We agreed that the scene looked bad for her, streamlined a statement to make it look a bit better, and I suspended her for appearances, pending the investigation. So far, the department isn't trying to pin the incident on her, as far as I can tell." But certain steps are necessary when one officer's knife is lodged in another's skull. "Forensics on Dewey's corpse would clear her, but we can't trust that to come out." So Wesker is hedging his bets; and crossing his fingers no one wants to draw -more- attention to the situation.
Barry Burton     Barry nods to Wesker who quickly approves of his request to engage in additional trainings with the team. The captain has never been one to let things linger obviously unless something truly needed to be and Sgt. Burton knew that, ", "Consider it done. I'll make proper arrangements and maybe see if we can't get some of the better half of RPD on the roster as well. See if there is anyone else is capable for the team."
    As Wesker makes his comments regarding Rebecca, Barry once again becomes curious, quirking a brow at the forwardness of it all. Part of him did not expect The Captain to be so forth coming with the reasoning behind personal changes. At least part of him could believe that he was at least doing it for Rebecca's sake and her safety.
    The grizzled older man nods and continues, "Ok.. I get it. So we're doing this partially to protect her and keep a lid on things but unfortunately, that also puts us in a bind as it keeps her out of training and without our best medic. To resolve that, I would like permission.", not that he needed permission, "to conduct side operations with Rebecca outside of the squad to help ensure she is kept up to speed and is ready, just in case something happens.", then he forms a smirk about his face, "After all, you did say you wanted 'all hands on deck."
    Barry looks around for a minute before continuing, breathing a heavy sigh, "What about Jill and Chris? Jill is a bit of a wreck at the moment. I've heard rumors she's getting officially reported as if eyes are on her as well. Conversely, we did not find Chris' body and knowing him as well as I do, he wouldn't go down that easy. He's gotta still be out there."
Albert Wesker "I'll gladly file the papers to clear her for training. And after that, if all stays quiet, she'll be back behind her desk and then on active rotation." There's no argument made to the points Barry raises; indeed, it seems Wesker more or less entirely agrees. There's a reason he didn't let the rookie leave without a sidearm, and it certainly didn't amount to mistrust of her capabilities. "I'll talk to Valentine, try to see where she's at. And if she's got any insight into eyes that may be on her." One more piece of confirmation that they need to be very careful.

"I'd happily agree that Redfield got out-- if he had made contact by now. The rangers have found no survivors or signs of more casualties, but we can't discount the possibility that he's buried in the snow out there, somewhere. ... or that another team came through later and picked him up. He's a loss, but right now our focus has to be on shoring up our teams with the officers left, and anyone in RPD that, as you said, meets the criteria. Leave the mountain to the search teams, at least until we find a lead more promising than the one we've got." A blizzard-ensconced wreck. The decimated ruins of a facility.
Barry Burton     Barry listens closely to Wesker as he comments on the matters at hand. For someone holding the burly man under their thumb, The Captain is being awfully encouraging and open about his present plans. The whole thing makes him feel suspicious about there potentially being something more. Nevertheless, he is not in a position to question those matters, as he has his own worries and tasks that need to be done.
    "Sounds good. It appears we have a plan at least about how we are going to approach things. Its not necessary but if you could keep me informed about your engagements with Jill that would be greatly appreciated so we're on the same page with things and vise versa as well."

    Barry stands up, sighing slightly at the request to leave the rest of Chris' potential search to the search teams but begrudgingly nods, "Well, you have a point there so alright. I'll leave this in your hands then, sir.". before proceeding towards the door to his office.
    Barry reaches and grasps the doorknob, stopping for a moment as he gazes downward. Obviously, something is on the man's mind but even the gruff Barry Burton is at a loss for words. "Another day.", rolls through his mind before gazing back up to Wesker, "Have a good day, sir.", then proceeds to leave the office.