Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger It has been at least two weeks if not more since a certain ship started its illfated journey only to disappear along with anyone on-board. Of most importance to the people living in the Chateau de Night being that Markus has not been heard from since then.

On the other hand, on this particular cloudy day that might change as someone is approaching the gate. Some bearded fellow clad in dark leather clothes, carrying a large bag over a shoulder and with his right arm in a sling. While also in general looking like he had a rough time.
Emma No lie, Emma has been worried. But helpless, all she could do was hope all was okay. She also had plenty to do. Like study, and study, then study more. Being a med student offered little time, especially when exams were coming up and tests had to be done on cadavers. Taking a break, the lass decided that Shaemus was in bad need of a walk. And he was, the poor massive beast having been cooped up more than he should have been due to his masters studies. Shaemus, being the busy bee, hops around happily, enjoying the fresh air. He is first to notice, or see, someone walking towards the gate. Emma, seeing her dog suddenly run that way frowns a little. "Oy - oy, Shaemus!" Calls out the Scottish lass, going to follow. But her steps come to an abrupt halt, seeing the finger approaching. Is it.. could it be..? Moving forward with a bit more speed, she calls out: "Markus?!"
Markus Berger Its indeed Markus, although he looks more like he did after Raccoon City which is likely saying a lot. Still, upon seeing Emma and a certain ball of energy known as Sheamus he picks up his pace while trying to wave with his still working hand briefly as to now let the heavy bag on his shoulder slide down. "You have no idea how glad I am to see you Emma... or anything here, really."
Emma Shaemus is there to greet Markus first, and in doing so, would woof and jump at him all excitedly. As for Emma, she sighs in relief at seeing Markus. "Down, Shaemus!" She commends, but he doesn't back down to much. She'd move to go give Markus a tight hug. "I'm - I'm glad yer back!" She says, happily, because she was so worried. "I heard yer ship went missin', I was so worried. Are -" Before she can even ask if he is okay, eyes take in that he looks much like post Racoon, and his arm is in a sling. Her jaw drops. "Wh - what happened? Lets get you inside. Looks like ya need'ta rest."
Markus Berger Markus concedes to getting hugged and tries to hug back as much as he can with only one arm, especially since he moves his obviously messed up arm out of the way. "Short version... zombies, mutants, Umbrella, Umbrella Commandos, Special Forces and a ship that is now on the bottom of the sea with a few thousand dead people." He really does sound as tired as he looks.
Emma "Zo -- zombies? Umbrella?" Emma pales some, and she goes to take his bag, if he'll allow, so he doesn't carry any more burdens. "Come - come inside, yer needin'ta rest, have some good food, and talk. I wanna know all that happened." She thought they were done with zombies, seems not. Shaemus goes to nudge Markus, in a supportive sort of way and then when given a command, turns to head towards the house.
Markus Berger Emma would quickly find that the bag is indeed quite heavy, although its contents were a matter for another time... and some of them for the Chateaus armory. Still he does nod slightly and heads towards the Chateau itself since there are more comfortable places for a long talk than outside during barely tolerable weather. "Will tell you. Lets just say that it falls under a fullblown Outbreak... again."
Emma Emma doesn't seem bothered at all that it's heavy, she'd rather help. So the walk back, is fine by her. And Shaemus waits at the door as they approach. The talk of another outbreak causes a deep frown, outlined in straight out fear. "I - I can't believe ya had ta face that, again. I thought it was done with." The bag is shifted a little, her long red hair swept over her shoulder to be kept out of the way. "Ya survived, I'm glad for that. I just ca --- can't believe it, again." When the door is approached it'd be opened by a servant for them. "Lets get some right good food in ya, and somethin' warm ta drink and we'll talk."
Markus Berger Markus just quickly enters while also taking the bag back only to quickly head towards where his room would be, although not before having one request. "I'll meet you in a bit while I dig through my things and get myself cleaned up some. Mind getting us both something to eat in the meantime?"
Emma "Aye, I'll make somethin' up! Go get cleaned up some, meet me in - in tha livin' room, comfy there." Emma would give another smile. "Just glad yer - yer back safe." Then she would go to prepare some food.
Markus Berger The doctor would reappear about half a hour later in the living room where he just sits down on the most comfortable seat he can find, now with his beard and hair shortened down to their usuall length and the man himself wearing a clean set of clothes. Still doesn't mean he is purely relaxing as he has his laptop placed on a table and a phone lying next to it.
Emma Busy in the kitchen, Emma had put together some food. Fries - because who doesn't like them, with that some cheese curds, roasted beef and gravy. So itsa poutine! A hearty cozy sort of dish. She'd come in and put the plate in front of him. It's a decent size too. "Here ya -- ya go." Her own plate is put on thr coffee table too, a pillow is grabbed to sit on, so she can sit on the floor. "So, wh -- what happened?"
Markus Berger "Thanks a lot. You're an angel, you know that?" Having quite different priorities than one would assume the doctor just smiles at Emma for a brief moment before he quickly starts to eat, at least as quickly as he can due to the lack of a working arm. Fortunately he does stop after a few minutes and a quarter of the food being downright devoured to actually look back at Emma and answer. "Well, it started when rumors spread about someone on the ship having gotten his or her throat torn out by someone. Then people ended up infected and sealed into the lower decks until on about the third day after it started the ship was overrun by zombies and various horrifying mutants. Sometime later some special forces of the so called FBC showed up to investigate... an american group it seems, two members of the so called DSO were there, apparently also americans and then the chinese showed up as well. The later quickly got slaughtered when they were trying to evacuate any survivors as Umbrella attacked with their own special forces. Fact is... Umbrella apparently had something in the deepest part of the ship. Knowing them and what happened on it they likely were storing or developing something on the ship. Ultimately the ship sank, countless people died, my bodyguard was ripped to shreds when one of the Umbrella folks mutated into a giant spider mutant upon her death and went after us and I along with some other people crashed into the ocean with a helicopter we hijacked. No idea what happened with the others since I was rescued on some beach in the middle of nowhere. Took quite a bunch of calls to Tricell to get me back to France ASAP." With that said he immideately goes back to eating, since not having to scavenge for anything edible is a welcome change after the time on the ship. Especially since the food is hot and fresh.
Emma Emma doesn't touch her food she is speechless, jaw dropped as she listens to this story. "Unbelievable." Stammers the lass, yet she does believe it. There is a growing fear in her eyes too. "Fuckin' Umbrella. Who is the FBC and DSO again?"
Markus Berger "Good question. American special forces apparently in some way or another, but thats about all I know. Two were there undercover beforehand, the rest showed up later apparently. Honestly, I only got two informations out of this mess myself. An encrypted letter from Umbrella and some photos of a certain supposed top terrorist having been on the ship." Markus just points at the table, where the phone displays at least one picture of Alice and there is a letter lying next to his laptop. "Will have to call Tricell to help with the decryption."
Emma Emma pales a little, she looks down to her untouchrd food and then up to Markus. "I -- I got a letter, from .. I don't know. Said some woman named Black Widow was killin' off survivors, of Racoon." Perhaps her fears are not unfounded now. "Who - who was tha terrorist?"
Markus Berger "Forgot the name. Its the one that has been claimed as a main suspect of the Raccoon City Outbreak by the media, but personaly that might just as well be just Umbrella shoving blame away to god knows who." The pictures on the phone Markus placed on the table do in fact show a woman whose appearance do in fact match the appearance of the supposed terrorist Alice. "Man, got to get ahold of Archene as soon as he shows up. Lots of things that need to be done. Also, as for that Black Widow... considering that I have seen some dead Umbrella commando turn into a giant spider mutant upon biting the dust I'd guess that one is dead. Unless Umbrella got more of that sort around." With that said he quickly gets back to eating.
Emma Emma goes to look at the picture and nods a little, remembering that face from the news before. "Maybe." She replies, picking at her food, she has never been a huge eater. "Maybe yer - yer right, but if Umbrella still has them nasty things afoot." There is a shake if her head. "But ya - ya survived, and here, home same." He's given a smile. "Archene'll wanna hear all 'bout it. Anyone else ya know that survived?"
Markus Berger The doctor just shrugs helplessly. Two weeks trapped on that ship and he doesn't really have anything to show for it. Not even names. "I have no idea. I have heard that some others survived, but I don't know any names. Especially since the other people I did encounter were all part of the Special Forces groups. Unlikely that any of us would ever get ahold of those guys."
Emma There is a small nod. "I - I am sorry yer vacation got so ruined, ya really needed it, I know. But I'm glad yer safe'n all. An' I guess this shows we're nat so far away from Umbrella and their dangers."
Markus Berger "Yes, Umbrella is as bad as it has been before, but for now there is once again nothing we can do. Anyway, I'll just finish eating and lie down. If you see Archene, tell him that I'm alive, need to talk with him and probably will need him to get me to a doctor to get that arm handled. Good night, I guess." With that said he actually takes the half empty plate and a fork with him and leaves... likely to his room.
Emma Emma nods a little. "Whenever ya want, I'll take ya for tha arm, as I know who does best in hospital." She suggests with a smile. "Get some rest, I'll talk ta him."