Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten Deck 2

There has been word that Deck 2 has been cleared of threats, and the maintenance elevator leading down there was repaired by someone.

Even more, there were rumors that Chris Redfield? One of the 'heroes' of Raccoon City who was known for rescuing the President's own daughter was rumored to be on the ship now as part of a Joint-UN Rescue Team.

It all sounded too good to be true, and it probably was.

Still, the opportunity to delve further into the ship was too good to pass up. Whatever answers you sought, were no doubt within reach of you on Deck 2.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell had arrived at Deck 2 armed with his standard issue FBC gear. He was armed least slightly? Dangerous. He was running low on bullets so the slightly part was added for good measure. He had his P90 unslung and raised, searching the corridors and looking around for whatever information the command might need back home. This was absolute madness of him for rushing ahead of things. But then again this is the same guy who tried to hardcore parkour down a fire escape and smashed his head.
PrestigeAndrei Don't forget the time where he tried to fight off a horde of Zombies and Lickers by himself.

Andrei Kirov is following this brave and shining example of confidence and self-sacrafice down into the lower decks, the man's hand gripping tightly around his shotgun as he walks along behind him. Unlike Caldwell his gun isn't raised into an obvious attack posture, but instead his gaze shifts back and forth in the darkness, letting his goggles do the work of helping get perspective on what exactly he is seeing.

The man's fingers tap lightly every so often at the barrel of his shotgun as he moves. Once and a while he'll pause to glance behind himself.. but otherwise it isn't clear where they are going. "So ah, how tall do you think this guy is?" He'll mutter to Caldwell in the dark.
Kalin Mikhailov Hearing the news of someone who may be able to, in some way shape or form, possibly get Marcus and himself out of the ship, Kalin understood the necessity to look better into it. He would have come along with Marcus immediately, but given the ways of the doctor, he is now alone. This whole situation would be far worse had he not found a sharp knife and a bottle of Vodka... then another bottle of Vodka.
HUNK The shadows stretch before the glow-eyed shine of the Umbrella commandos. They move in quiet concert, assembling into predetermined and rehearsed positions, seeking tactical advantage through a combination of blind angles and ample cover. The paths toward the laboratories have been cleared of infected. One man is not with them-- a red-eyed spectre haunting the night, his presence marked only by the bloodied light that reflects from his insectoid mask.

HUNK's words are whispers in the dark.

"The girl was useful. Some survivors have begun to make their way down. Bravo, I'll direct them to you. Keep a lookout for the D.S.O. agents."
Rain Ocampo Alpha squad has combined with Bravo to provide more firepower to the blinds and angles, but Rain is not amongst them. She's found a shadow, not unlike HUNK, to watch the battlefield. Her battle rifle is balanced on her knee with her black armored hand wrapped around the stock. The glow of her multi-eyed mask hidden by a hood pulled up over her head.

"I'll be waiting." She says in a whispery voice.
Kitten The corridor is eerily quiet, a single flickering light on the ceiling casting shadows everywhere as it buzzes; that sound and that of the voices carrying through the corridors the only noise that could be heard.

Where Rain and HUNK waited in ambush was a perfect killing field, and it is Andrei who notices the two shadows being cast up ahead; both looking like macabre visions of death to the pragmatic or some would say; cowardly man.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will immeaditly move a hand forward to try and tap William's shoulder then, lifting a hand up flat then as he lifts his chin and points ahead of the both of them. There is a second of hesitation in his posture as his otherh and draws his shotgun closer and slowly he moves to flip the saftey off of his gun.

Andrei is not a brave man, and regardless of whatever William's plans are.. Andrei litertally moves to press himself up against a nearby wall and make himself appear as flat as possible. William and the Russian might have to fend for themselves if they get caught out in a field with lots of bullets or something! Though there is a second or two of further consideration as he moves a hand to his backpack, the soft unzipping sounding out as Andrei moves to tug something out.. just in case.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell stops and looks over to Andrei, blinking and slowly following his lead. Moving himself flat against the wall. Maybe he saw a zamber or something? Or a ambush waiting for them? Whatever the case, Caldwell follows Andrei's example and keeps his P90 at the ready. Waiting for Andreis next point of advice. William wasn't the brightest man but he was a lot braver then Andrei. He simply waits.
Kalin Mikhailov Kalin, unaware of things as he was, still got to look at Kirov and Caldwell move against the wall. One of them certainly found something... unseen. Which wouldn't be hard given the situation. Thus, the russian man got himself against the wall. To surely stay as hidden as his peers.
Rain Ocampo Rain's battle rifle jumps up from her knee and slips into the curve of her right shoulder, tracking something moving along the ceiling rather than the group coming into the killing field. "Heads up." She hisses into comms and opens fire. The flash of her muzzle and the snap hiss of her weapons report cutting through the gloom. The flash itself illuminates the Black Widow's dark silhouette.

"Something moving in our direction."
HUNK The gunshot echoes through the quiet halls, the only clear sound besides the group's footsteps and the occasional groan of the ship as it tosses in the waters, a tomb for machinery and men. It is the weeping of ghosts. Without speaking, HUNK raises a hand, signaling to Rain, and pointing to a corridor breaking off-- he's going to reposition himself while she shoots, and move to flank them. So long as she's distracting, he can target the rear and harry them into moving ahead, guiding them into the awaiting 'ambush'. Andrei alone, perceptive as he is, will notice the brief flash of red moving through the dark and disappearing.
Kitten The flash of gunfire is a sure sign that others are up ahead, but there is little time to ponder that for Kalin, Andrei, & William.

They hear the sound of something loud walking through the corridor, the stomping of boots, and a groaning inhuman growl that continues for several moments. The shadow it cast was ominous and foreboding; that of a massive man.

A man too big to be a human.

It was one of Umbrella's finest bioweapons, a T-101 Tyrant-type. The design upon which Nemesis was based. For everyone here, it was the first time they had encountered such a thing.

It was terrifying.

Further up ahead in the corridor, the black chitinous-armored creature that Rain had fired at dropped from the ceiling beside one of the surviving USS Soldiers and grabbed it with a large pincer-claw, severing the man in two.
Prestige William Caldwell William, as brave as ever, stands his ground and aims his P90 at the Tyrant heading straight for them. He grits his teeth and sprays rapidly into the beast, yelling out "Go go go! I'll cover you!" he begins his slow retreat away from the Tyrant as he continues spraying at it. Hoping that the USS is preoccupied for the time being while he does his business with Big Tall and Ugly.
Kalin Mikhailov If not for the recent Vodka, Kalin was sure his blood would have frozen at the sight of the tyrant. This wasn't something that he could use a knife against. There aren't enough bullets to waste on it. Maybe, these other two could do something about that. Maybe... maybe. With that, he runs. He does look back to be sure that the thing is more focused on the people shooting at it. But given zombies, anything is possible.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei upon seeing the Tyrant feels steel in his bones but he also has something called a will to live. This is what drives the man so as William yells for him to flee, Andrei just shakes his head and reachs a hand up to tap him on the back. "I swear to god if oyu die down here I'm going to tell everyone you died like a bitch."

With that he'll then start sprinting away, sliding into a corner or into an intersection and getting lost into the shadows.. and just trying to remain unnoticed
HUNK As the black-chitin monstrosity falls from the ceiling and bisects one of the commandos, HUNK's response is immediate: he trains his carbine on the creature and aims for its most vulnerable spots, firing off a quick burst of lead that bloodies it greatly. Elsewhere, he hears the sounds of the survivors calling out to one another, and the telltale steps of a Tyrant. The response from Rain finishes it off, leaving the group in a pool of bloodied shadows. "The B.O.W.s are outside of the laboratory," he observes, mentally adjusting their plans-- this warrants a more rapid escalation of their plans. "We need to seize the t-Abyss samples. Move, and let them handle the Tyrant."

The corpse of their companion isn't so much as glanced at.
Rain Ocampo Rain sees the hand motion directed at her by HUNK before he heads off around the bend to take a different angle, but her weapon never moves away from the black creature trying to leap upon them. She dodges back a little to use the corner of a wall as support and fires off two rapid fired shots with deadly accuracy. One pierces through the center of the BOWs chest, the other goes through it's right eye.

"Tango down."

Rain motions for Black, Alpha teams medic, to come over and get samples and trains her weapon down the hall where the other survivors are dealing with the Tyrant. She does not fire on it or them.
Kitten At the end of the corridor you were all in was the prize that had been sought on this ship by FBC, DSO, and USS alike; the research laboratory where all of the problems on the ship had originated from. Hunk is the first one to reach it, since he was already headed there; the Grim Reaper always focused on the mission at hand.

One of the Umbrella Soldiers as directed by Rain goes to take a sample of the dead licker, while her other squadmate remaining covers him. The other three move in with HUNK towards the laboratory.

The Tyrant continues to rush towards the approaching group with an inhuman roar, no doubt going to impact with someone soon. There almost appears to be... something riding on the shoulder of the Tyrant.
Kitten Will/Andrei/Kalin - 3 Actions to get to Lab Door.
Rain - 2 Actions
HUNK - 1 to open it
Rain Ocampo Rain makes her way towards the lab at a run, motioning for her squadmates to follow once they've collected the blood sample from the Licker. Upon reaching the doorway, she turns and kneels down with her weapon up, flips the designation on the battle rifle, and opens up on the hallway like a can of franks and beans.
Kitten A small bikini-clad figure with dark hair covering her face LEAPT off the shoulder of the Tyrant, leaping directly towards William Caldwell as she screamed inhumanly, "HELP ME!" Fortunately for William, she sails right over his head and impacts the wall.
PrestigeAndrei From his little spot in the corner, Andrei is able to see everything go down as crazy as everything is. There is gunfire everywhere.. and Andrei will take note of something odd in the distance. A keycard reader. Andrei had one of those!

Taking the time than, he'll drop to the ground and start to crawl on his belly. The man was well skilled at wiggling and turing around corners. There is nothing for the man to do after all except survive.. and get the mission done! With ice in his veins and cowardice in his mind. The only reason why he was doing this was to justify getting the fuck out of here.

He'll hold his shotgun in both hands as he crawls and slide up to the wall near the doorway, just staying around the corner.. somehow having not gotten shot nor noticed.

Andrei was a ghost. A spooky spooky ghost.

Good Job William, SAVE US
Prestige William Caldwell William grabs hold of one of his C4's and primes it, unbundling it from his pack of 2 and slam dunking it at the Tyrant, he charges off and yells "FIRE IN THE HOLE" moving it like bernie the fuck away from the tyrant and the hentai girl to which there is probably about to be a big bewm
HUNK Complete the mission at all costs; that has been HUNK's credo his whole career, and it's the reason he has never failed. He is efficient in movement and prioritization, en route to the laboratory even as the licker's sample is being collected, resulting in his arrival there first. Entrance into the lab is secured-- and through his ghastly lenses, he sees the layout of the laboratory. The shattered test tubes, the strange machines, the sealed chambers with broken and unbroken containment cages; the mass of wires and generators and grand computer monitors, and pulsing sacs of veined flesh, and the blood, always blood. "Gremlin, download the information from the computers. Caesar, secure bio-mass samples from the experimental B.O.W.'s containers. I will take the t-Abyss and initiate the self-destruct."

As the survivors of Bravo fan out into the ruins, HUNK himself makes his way to a secure cold-storage locker. A number is punched into a keypad and followed by the swipe of a card; with a metallic hiss, a shelf opens, a cool pale mist rolling like smoke waves, and HUNK secures the remaining vials of t-Abyss and all related viruses the lab crew had been working with. He fits them in, one by one, the transport case on-site, and proceeds to the main computer. There's a rush of keystrokes and a monitor turns bright red.


A short while later, the laboratories' back-up generators click, and the area is bathed in red emergency lights. A pleasant woman's voice announces the imminent destruction of the lower decks.

Mister Death is already gone.
Kalin Mikhailov Kalin runs! Full of Russian pride, in fact. Just as an enemy begins shooting his way. Running past an enemy like that will probably... be not good at all. Bullets to the back are never healthy. Thus, he attacked to stab the enemy in between the ribs, twice. It is a simple knife, not a glorious one, so it is understandable if it doesn't disable them. After all, he does have to get the hell out of there, soon.
HUNK As HUNK makes his way through the ruined and abandoned lab to an attached sub-module, the two Bravo survivors with him, he broadcasts across the Umbrella frequency for Rain, Alpha, and Command: "Command. This is Bravo Leader. I have secured the t-Abyss virus. The lab's self-destruct will soon complete. Prepping sub for launch."
Kitten The Tyrant looks confused as the explosive charge sails past its head and falls into the notch behind its armored limiter coat and head. It doesn't bother trying to get the device off but instead charges, hitting Caldwell directly in the chest and breaking several of his ribs.

The heroic former S.T.A.R.S. officer is tossed down the corridor.

Two of the remaining USS try to lay down suppressing fire against the Tyrant, one of them has a Tyrants fist smashed through his chest. The other has her head crushed.

The explosives beeped, as the timer on them ticked down.
Rain Ocampo Rain is suddenly beset upon by the knife of Kalin, which is mostly eaten by her armor. Her foot comes up to try and push him away, but finding no seperation, she lets her rifle drop on its tactical sling and whips her shotgun up to blast him in his leg as it sweeps into position, carrying right through to connect with his gerbles.
Kalin Mikhailov As he gets a kick to his chest, he groans slightly. But nothing that the man cannot survive. In fact, he is even unmoved. He takes a shot to his leg, with a shotgun. In fact, he is just bleeding and will limp. He then takes a shotgun to his private areas, it hurts. Kalin feels pain. THERE SHALL BE REVENGE!

Shouting pervese curses in russian, Kalin throws down his shades before beginning a considerable flurry of stabs. And thus, much stabbity happened. Much, much stabbity happened. For that moment, ever since he came to this place, he first forgot of Martha and focused on the moment. It was rejuvenating.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is one of the most cunning and stealthy bastards out there. He'll be a shadow admist all the vials and lab equipment. When HUNK calls for his men to join him at the exit.. wherever that may be, it is Andrei who might but just the slightest wrinkle in that plan.

Poor Gremlin, he didn't even really get a chance, He might feel the sensation of something hard pressed up against his back.. and maybe the first round of pellets shredding his guts.

With Gremlin now looking just a bit more deceased, Andrei's hand snakes into the man's pocket and then he'll slowly try and sneak backwards, holding Gremlin up as cover as he moves, trying to stealthily use the man, whistling as he goes.
HUNK The blast that drops Gremlin snaps HUNK to attention lightning fast. He whips around and one-arm aims his carbine, his other securing the suitcase stacked with t-Abyss samples to him. There's zero time wasted in target identification; the agent opens fire, a series of bullets tearing through the marionette corpse of his former ally. It's a hailstorm of bullets that shatters the lab, ripping into the USS commando, shattering vials and setting electronics to spark. The muzzle flash brightens like a mini-sun as he tracks the fleeing Andrei, who has broken into open flight to escape with the data-- and for all the devastation HUNK has wrought on the lab, and despite the fire that punched through the dead commando and smashed into Andrei's own chest, the thief doesn't die and manages to escape back toward the danger.

There's an empty click, and HUNK drops the carbine, leaving it to its inevitable fate. He draws his pistol and continues on to the sub, not pursuing Andrei. Protecting that information would be beneficial -- it is not the mission.

"Command. An unidentified man has escaped the laboratory with sensitive data. I cannot pursue with t-Abyss. Recommending immediate air support." If the man can't get off the ship, he'll drown, and the data is lost; but if he can... it's not ideal.
Kitten As Kalin and Rain are engaged in their wicked battle of the fates between one another, the B.O.W. codenamed 'Hentaigirl' moved in closely and screamed at the pair, "HELP ME" Her face split open and two tentacles with sharp needle tipped edges and suction-tips shot out towards Rain and Kalin.

Kalin manages to avoid it, but Rain is impaled through the chest, Hentaigirl screaming at her again, "HELP ME!"

The Tyrant grunts as he drops the corpse of the Umbrella Security Soldier he had just killed and begins to reach around its back trying to dislodge the explosive.

As it does so...

The timer on it reads: 00:10

Rick had just come down the Maintenance Elevator as this was all happening, unable to travel down earlier because of it being at max capacity already.

What the fuck had he walked into... at least he had cover near-by.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell charges towards the elevator. Going at SANIC SPEED. "MOVE MOVE MOVE. THIS PLACE IS GOING TO SHIT FAST. RUN RUN RUN. GETTHEFUCKINTHELEVATORANDREIRIGHTNOWHOLYSHIT" and pants as he enters the elevator "Hi...Rick..How ya doin?"
Rain Ocampo Rain is dodging, firing, using her weapon to deflect attacks, surviving, and then the world turns on its ear... the Girl sneaks up on her and Kalin, so engaged with one another, and she's suddenly impaled with a barbed tongue blade straight through her black armored check. Hoisted up a little off her feet... Rain raises her battle rifle and pulls the trigger at point blank range on the girl...


As the girl falls, so does Rain, whe swipes the weapon out like a baton to smack her attacker right across the jaw and dive at her, further driving the barb deeper into her chest to latch onto the girls throat after ripping her helmet off to clatter across the floor.

Anyone close enough sees a pale woman, black veins, and dark hair with wild white eyes.

Was she human?

Doesn't matter.

After tearing the Hentai girls throat out, Rain slumps back onto her back and sucks in deep, agonizing breaths and watches the world fade into darkness.
Richard Stadler All right. A detachement of the team (in so much you could call a detachement two people) was already down in the underdecks, doing some searching. It had taken some time for the elevator to recycle, but Rick was heading down to assist. He was more confident than he had been since things went /really/ south at the extraction. Even had an actual rifle now, along with some... other things he was looking forward to decoding back at base. They just needed to wait for extraction, after planting explosives. Granted, it was a big 'just', but it was still a plan. And hopefully, there would be some sort of evidence they could extract from it.

Almost down now. He only had one clip of ammo, but it was something, and if he conserved, he should be able to get through to the rest, cross load-


And Stadler has to spend the first half second just staring at what was going on in that corridor. Including a very huge man and a /lot/ of people shooting. As well as William running /right/ toward him. "Shit. Shit, shit, shit." He says, quickly stabbing the up button back again as soon as William is in. He didn't see Andrei down there, or anyone else /past/ that Tyrant, and that's what he's concerned about.

"God fucking hell. you want to tell me /what/ the fuck happened down here?"
Kalin Mikhailov Dark hair. Pale skin. Black veins. White eyes. Kalin is distracted enough to pay attention to that... and her guns. The entrance was close enough... one of the people he came with was already in the lab, even if the woman was to come back after getting that, thing through her chest they would at least have a lot of weaponry on them.

He took her by the colar of her armor and dragged her as quickly as he could into the lab. Hopefully whatever she shot won't come after. There is no way he will waste time looking at something that nearly stabbed through his chest.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell continues catching his breath, speaking in gasps of air " down there...Umbrella commandos. Tyrant, weird tentacle bitch....Blew up Tyrant, Tentacle bitch is still alive. We need to get Andrei out of here." he continues catching his breath while slowly holding himself on one of the elevator railings "Explosive is about to blow. Don't go out there."
HUNK With Gremlin dead, and Caesar having been killed during the fighting near the laboratory, HUNK finds himself alone as Rain battles. He descends down a steel stairwell, boots thunk-thunk-thunking, suitcase clutched to his chest and pistol in hand. The on again, off again red flash of the warning lights and blaring klaxons signal the impending destruction of the facility and the imminent flooding of the lower decks, prompting a calm haste in the man-- he comes off the webbed grating and slips through a sliding vertical doorway into a small, attached chamber built to house the miniature submarine attached to the Heaven's side.


Hunk turns a wheel and opens a hatch, slipping into the vehicle. He seals it and sets the t-Abyss samples down, moving to the vehicle's front computer and activating it. With a hiss of machinery and gears the submarine detaches, a rush of bubbles serving as obstructive aegis as he vanishes into the abyss. He seats, letting the auto-pilot direct him toward the nearest Umbrella pick-up point, a small shelter near the mainland, and sits back in his chair. In the cramped darkness of the submarine, his mechanical breathing ends as he detaches the mask, turning it over in his hands and gazing at the now-dimmed crimson lenses.

"Command. I have escaped with t-Abyss. The ship is sinking. All other human resources have been killed."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei at this point in time is huddled up against one of the side walls of the lab when he hears Caldwell sceraming his head off and this gets the man's attention. He'll start bolting to the doorway, somehow timing it so that Kalin and Rain are not killed in the door swooshing closed then. He'll cast a look over at Kalin then like he has grown a second head.

"The fuck? Are you thinking wi-" A small grunt as he lifts a hand to touch at his chest and shakes his head. It looks like his blood-dried monkey-print t-shirt has a new pool of blood and it's source isn't from Gremlin.

"Fucking Christ' He'll grumble out before he moves to slide his hand into his pants to tug out what appears to be a silenced pistol and holds it out to Kalin. "Use this until we get the fuck out of here.. crazy mother fucker.. and I swear to god.. if she can't walk, she stays down here too."
Kitten Upper Decks

A small mercenary strike force had been dispatched by the cowardly, but still alive Billionaire Warren Price to rescue the TerraSave survivors he had left behind. The men are paid not to ask questions and they are among the best money can buy. They don't ask questions, they grab survivors they were paid to and load them onto a helicopter.

Those people, may have had no clue how lucky they were to be saved.


Within the lab, a calm female voice announced, "Two Minutes Until Self-Destruction." A holographic image of a girl in all red appeared in the lab near Andrei and Kalin, informing them, "You're all going to die down here."

05 - 04 - 03 - 02 - 01 - The explosive William Caldwell had thrown at the Tyrant counted down.

The hallways filled with a massive explosion as a firestorm consumed the ships deck, the sealed bulkheads and special elevator Will and Rick were in preventing the fire from heading into the rooms.

It does however cause enough explosive force to crack the hull of the ship, splitting the lower decks and causing water to begin rushing in...

When the firestorm fades, the Tyrant is consumed and the hallways are already beginning to fill with water...
Markus Berger Doctor Berger was with Richard to meet up with anyone who headed to the lower Decks, but what he saw he did not expect. Namely the entire havoc that is going on, William running into the elevator and... everything else, pretty much. More than enough reason for him to stay where he is and shuffle further into the back of the elevator. "Knew that anything important and trouble would be down here, but... seriously. The hell is going on here?"
Rain Ocampo Rain is fading quickly. Nobody survives a gaping wound to the chest that pronounced... She's clutching at her weapons while she's being pulled into the lab by Kalin. It's only once the door has been slammed shut that she finally relaxes, letting herself give in to the darkness that's threatening to overcome her.

A slow breath... another slower deep breath that catches and is released in a drawn out sigh leaving her chest still.

Rain Ocampo is dead.

Then she twitches. A snap of her head tot he side at a near deadly angle. Her body twists and she's up on her hands and knees... Her head cranes to the side enough that it would break a living person's neck. Mouth hanging open, her tongue lulls out and splits... it forms into a pair of mandibles that click together. Her back arches and snaps audibly... A pair of long appendages extend out from the back of her armor as her entire form shifts, twists, and adjusts to accomodates the growth of ''four'' new spendly bladed, barbed, extensions from her hips...


It's a warning.. whatever humanity was left in her, and there wasn't much, is suddenly replaced by chittering as her tongue tears apart and starts clicking together in chittering and hisses from her throat.

Black, seeing his squad leader, someone whom he's fought beside since before Raccoon City, runs over to check on her... she reaches out with both splendly fingered hands and grabs him by the head, pulls him closer, and bites right into the side of his face.

Her lower body elongates, turns, cracks, and busts out into a spider bulbous hiden quarter.

Webbing sprays out to encircle him, quickly spinning him into a caccoon of silken thread.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's attention is elswhere, mainly on Rain for the time being, or what might be left of the woman as he steps back. His head will turn slightly to look at the floating red female then from the corner of his eyes. "Don't got a lot of time. Give me an offer." Andrei responds as his fingers fiddle with the shotgun as he looks over Kalin. "Quickly now. And Mercenary." He'll offer to Kalin then as he casts a glance aside.

"You brought her here. You Keep her busy." He'll grunt then as his eyes shift to look over to the hologram for a second as his fingers move to his side, pulling out shells and moving to reload
Kalin Mikhailov After accepting the gun, Kalin just cursed his wish for some proper weapons. He got one, but not from whom he was trying to take it. "However you wish!" Kalin then proceeded to curse in Russian. His legs hurt, it hurt in between his legs. All this damned thing hurt, good thing that Doctor was away at least. That man would certainly just have attempt to punch these things. Thus, with the borrowed gun Kalin began shooting hat her. Humans die to a good knife but beyond her last words, there were nearly no humans in her, maybe just a mouthful of human. As for the holographic human girl in red... he had other things to worry about for now, Andrei should be able to take care of that.
Richard Stadler Stadler has no choice but to secure the door of the elevator when Caldwell mentions 'explosives'. "Goddamn it, I hope you too tried to sitck together." He swears, the door closing as the computer starts to tick down, bit by bit, 2 minutes until detonation. "Ahh... was that the bomb? Because-"

No, that wasn't it. Because the explosion was much quicker than that, and /much/ closer. Though the strong force of it, one could be excused for thinking it was /supposed/ to sink the ship. And it very well might, given the water that was filling the deck they were on. Maybe the bulkheads would hold... if they hadn't opened every deck for zombies along the way. This ship was quickly becoming uninhatiable, and they needed to go. Now. All of them.

After the explosion abates, Stadler presses the door open button, into the sloshing water. Calling out down the corridor. Just one person and a dead woman. That should be easy. "Kirov! Are you alive down there-" He starts...

Before the woman... undies. Hard to really describe it. Certainly she transforms... as if something crawling around down there had given it it's spirit to eat more flies. Much... Bigger... Flies.


Stadler brings his rifle up, not ready to atagonize it just yet. He needed a plan before that thing came here. "Caldwell. At my side." He reaches around with one hand, handing something to him... he's probably used to it. "I've got another set of explosives. Deriviteve, but I think we might need to repeat that... and hurry."
Kitten "There's darkness everywhere when the sun goes down." The Red Queen AI replied to Andrei before fading out of sight. A minute had almost been wasted and the ship was set to self-destruct whether or not you had escaped. There was no negotiating with a computer.

There was no negotiating with Rain either, who was likely to make short work of anyone in her path... like poor Black.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei after the AI disappears just grunts and looks down at his stomach. "Fuckin.. Serious? BAIL, FUCKIN BAIL! Bail bail bail!" Andrei will just start sprinting to the door, swipe the card and run, RUN RUNRUNRUN as fast as his legs can take him, trying to just jet past Rain, hoping that Kalin might get eaten instead of him, the man's gun held in front of him as he just starts making his way through the cracking hulls and hallways.

"I have keys to a Heli! SAVE ME!" He'll shout as he starts running as quickly as he can. His voice sounding rather froggy now and raspy from all the panicking and couple of bullets to the chest.

Run run run run.
Markus Berger What is happening is less confusing to the Doctor since he is aware of all the things Umbrella is involved in... including the mutants, although not by much as he swiftly raises his recelty looted Assault Rifle to aim at... whatever that thing is now. Just in case he, Rick and Will aren't getting back up any moment now as he punches the button to get back up, because screw heroics. "Kalin! If your ass is down there, get it out of there!"
Kalin Mikhailov Kalin being a righteous and highly specialized bodyguard justs curses a whole lot as he runs away along with Andrei. HE BAILS! AND RUNS! HE DOES HIS SECOND BEST RUNNING ATTEMPT EVER SINCE HE GOT INTO THIS SHIP! BALLS HURT AND ALL ELSE BE DAMNED! Kalin runs! "DOCTOR! I'M COMING!" He tries, as hard as a man running for his damned life can.
HUNK As everyone on the ship fights for their lives or flees the inevitable crush of the saltwater tides, HUNK gazes out a front panel. Umbrella's immortal Grim Reaper is silent as his vessel travels on and on, in the blackness of the sea, lighting bits of coral and schools of fish and more plants than he can name around him. He is unaware of Rain's transformation.. but Umbrella is watching, through their connection to the laboratory's security cameras-- up until it all blows, they can, at least, tell that something happened. Management will no doubt be interested in that outcome.
Richard Stadler Oh, God, Andrei was still alive, with the queen of all spiders in one's nightmares right there between him and the elevator, down a single corridor that Rick couldn't shoot down without killing Andrei in the process. "Don't lie to me, Andrei, or I'll toss you over the goddamn side!" Hey, maybe he did have keys to a helicopter! Not like many of them were good pilots (he thought), but in the air ten minutes from dropping into the rolling ocean was better than exploded bits acting as chum for the fish, anyway. If they could get out.

Andrei wasn't going to leave him a clear shot, was he? Or the Doctor down there. He was collateral damage, certainly, but he was still a goddamn soldier, and he was certain he's come in handy. If they got out. 1 Minute.

"Book it, damn it!" Oh, and there was the spider monster. Well, if they were all on one side down here, maybe they stood a chance.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell raises his P90 and gets into a crouched stance "Andrei get the fuck on this elevator RIGHT NOW." he yells down at him.
Kitten The team of survivors makes it into the elevator and no doubt, there was more than one person pressing that up button once everyone was inside. The doors close, the elevator musak begins to play as it rises all too slowly towards the upper decks.

Below, you can hear the sounds of the ship cracking as it begins to split from the bottom but you also see something below the mesh floor of the elevator pursuing you up....

It was Spider-Rain.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell takes a peek down the elevator and sees a Spider-Queen heading straight for them. "Oh fuck..OHFUCKOHFUCK WE NEED TO GO FASTER. RIGHT NOW. SHE'S GAINING ON US." he aims his P90 over the edge and begins to unload into the spider womans head hoping to slow her down. "Fuckfuckfuckfuck." he says quickly "And the ship is sinking! We need to go. NOW."
Rain Ocampo Don't. Look. Down.

Rain is climbing up the elevator shaft with surprising ease with added appendages, keeping up with the ascending elevator even. Her human upper half sneering as she stabs forward with one of her four spindly spider legs straight through the underside of the elevators floor and into Kalin's left leg. It's like she remembers being stabbed. All those people earlier. Maybe she bribed (I can't wear white anyways) Red to let her become a monster to take out her vengence?
Richard Stadler Ohhhhh, fuck. That was to be expected. Really, it would; anything created by the T-virus lived to kill the good and wholesome of the world, such as the people on the elevator. Or maybe she was just hungry and they were the only warm meat nearby to consume. Maybe she held a grudge. Maybe they were going to spend the last fifty seconds of life in a silk cocoon with inners slowly liquifying . Oh, no. Not that. Stadler was certain of very little in the next 20 seconds, but he knew /that/ wasn't going to be the case here.

Stadler quickly grabs his exposives. Sets the timers for five seconds. Doesn't activate it yet. They needed to be all the way up, or this would be a certain way to commit suicide. Not on the floor. He wasn't bending down to trigger it. Given these explosives, he could place it on the side of the elevator, and it would do... well. It would do the job.

Don't look down. Don't imaging the spide skewering his sneakers, right into his leg, slicing him in half. Just set the goddamn timer.

"When that door opens, turn left, and run. Run as fast as you can. Helipad. Jump over the railing, if you have to." He sounds calm. He's not. His voice shakes with a minuate wobble, his hands stead only because the buttons for the explosives were big.
PrestigeAndrei "Your joking right? You are flying the damn thing right?" Andrei responds rather dryly as he lifts a hand to point at the man, even as he then notices what appears to be a giant spider reaching into the car. Without taking the time to consider his actions.. or the sound, he'll quickly grab his shotgun by the barrel and point it down. "Deck thirteen. Central. Down some small hallways and rooms. Just.." BANG. "Don't fall behind. " BANG!
Richard Stadler Rick pauses for the briefest of moments. Helicopters went on helipads. He don't know /why/ he was fixating on that. But there wasn't a helicopter there /last time/, not one that would fly. So why the hell was he thinking that? Oh, man, that'll be one for the afteraction report! They'll laugh, and joke, and then go land somewhere in France for a nice steak dinner, far, /far/ away from the ocean. It'll be /great/.

Timer set. Thumb near the activator. Hand on his own rifle as he points it down.
Markus Berger The good doctor meanwhile is also just shooting downwards at 'Oh god, what the hell is that thing' as he just hopes that they are going to get up fast enough to start running away ASAP. That thing is definitely too tough to kill... especially under given circumstances. Which are as bad as they can get. He will need a vacation. Which he will spend holed up at home.
Kalin Mikhailov Screaming for his damnable life, Kalin, who has now lost a arm - luckly it was not his knife arm. Sadly, Kalin has ran out of whom to curse. He can't even curse the spider. He is sure it was the woman he sav- attempted to acquire weapons from. He looks down at the monster, numbed to the fucking pain the in arm... or lack of arm. He was sure... he was going to die... He could only mutter the words, "Bitch." He uses a hand at the attempt to stay standing despite the supposed pain that should be killing him. He armless or not, he was going to run the hell away from here as soon as possible. He was going to survive this. He had to, for Martha.
Kitten The elevator dings and the doors opens up as it reaches Deck 12. It was a straight shot to the stairwell from here and up to Deck 13 where the hidden tunnel leading to Andrei's helicopter was waiting.

Rick's explosives were tearing through the corridors, insuring nothing living or dead survived. For a brief moment, it even seemed like Rain was going to be consumed but she was relentless and remained hot on your heels.

With his missing arm, Kalin was just going to be too slow to keep up with the others.

Even as they're making their way through the hidden tunnels, Rain is right behind them; tearing the walls apart to get to them.

Andrei manages to open the door, a helicopter sitting in a hidden helipad beneath the pool. Once activated, the roof will begin to open.

Rain was right there with you though and Kalin, had just been too slow...
Kitten Obligatory sad music. I liked this piano cover: I want it in the log
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will lead the group through all the tunnels and through to where there is a nice.. pristine looking helicoptor. The man the entire time is fiddling with his bag as he goes, clearly leading the back and running ahead of the group as he pulls out the keys. He'll move to open the door, hop into one of the pilot seats and shouts out. "STADLER, get in front, help me fucking... get of f this thing!" he'll shout out before looking to Markus and William then. "AND KEEP SHOOTING THAT FUCKING THING!"

Open doors! Open! The key goes into the ignition and is turned to no doubt start the rotor and prepare the helicoptor for lift off. He waits implatiely for the take off zone to clear.. and all that fun stuff
Kalin Mikhailov Kalin knew better than anyone that two arms are required for running. Losing an arm can reduce one's speed considerably. How does Kalin know? How does a former soviet not know how to run? He sped as much as he could as she shouted, "DOCTOR! TELL MY WIFE! HER BREAD IS HARDER!!" There was not much more that he could do than to face the monster, with a knife in hands he turned around. May that be his Final Glorious Stand... or maybe not, maybe he could knife it to death or near death, again. At least, he could try to slow it down.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell continues moving at top speed towards the helicopter, he yanks open the helicopter passenger seats and hops on board, taking a crouching position and raising his P90, opening fire on the spider queen as she rushes towards them, "Fuck...We're gonna lose the Soviet! Hey Kalin! Catch!" and with that he tosses an unarmed explosive towards him in hopes of blowing up the she-bitch if he was going down.
Rain Ocampo Slow it down? Shit, it's like all the Black Widow wanted WAS Kalin. It's as if some trace element of her humanity remained enough that she wanted vengence and finding it sustained her enough the others migh well escape on the wings of her fullness.

Another of her eight legs stabbed at Kalin as he dived towards her, and he almost made it, he almost got the blow that would have elevated him to heroic martyr... but then she just kills him.

Speared through his abdomen, Rain pulls him in just close enough that he's face to face with the upper part of her spider body as he disappears into the caccoon of webbing sprayed on a twisting body between all of her appendages.

She chitters at the elevators, the escaping heroes, even HUNK who left her behind despite being completely unable to quantify that element of her past... She's a monster now. Her layer is below, eggs ready to be laid, she crawls back down into the depth of the ship that will shortly explode with her prize in hand.
Richard Stadler Stadler slams on the activator of the explosives, and there was that countdown. Five seconds. And then he ran, ran as fast as he could. If there was anything behind them, it was dead. Nothing coming after them...

He looks behind him. No. No. Oh, sweet Jesus, no. There was nothing to do now. But run. Run as fast as he could, again. Try to escape death in the form of a monster once more. Fire his assualt rifle in bursts behind them as they run. "You better be /right/ about this-" He yells, as they go down the corridor... and through a door. Where there hell had this been? No time. No time to ask. Kalin was still behind them, and they couldn't take him with them. Another one consumed by hell that came behind.

And then... it stopped. Returned to where it came. Like an animal. Maybe there was some study to that. Natural instincts, wholly inhuman. And it would die here.

Like the rest of them.

Leaping into the helicopter, Stadler sat down, and looked over the unfamiliar controls. Mind locking up for a few precious seconds, before he took a shaky breath. "I... god, I think you need to... to pull the throttle. Collective. Turn up the collective." Oh, God.
Markus Berger Markus just kept running straight to the helicopter and jumps in just barely after William where he quickly scrambles to just behind the pilot seats. Wouldn't be the first time he had managed to get a helicopter working. Somehow. At least enough to nod towards Richared and hopefully point out what else needs to be done to get this thing running... hopefully.
Kitten The roof opens and Rick is able to roughly get the helicopter off the deck and into the air, nearly crashing into the observatory on his way out and ending the escape in a fiery crash of doom and destruction. Fortunately, he doesn't.

Unlike the highly trained rescue pilot who had flown in on a specially modified helicopter for the TerraSave Rescue, Rick was not highly trained as a pilot; nor was he in a chopper outfitted to fly through storms.

The winds battered the helicopter, tossing it around as Rick fought for control.

The ocean loomed dangerously below.

If there were any survivors still on the ship, one could only hope when those warnings of a 'self-destruct' were broadcast; they had found some way off...

The ship had already been sinking when you took off, thanks to the FBC explosives; but after the self-destruct detonates you can see every section of the ship consumed in a series of explosions.

Lightning crashes down from above as the helicopter is sent drifting dangerously close to a massive wave that almost crushes it.

The altitude warnings begin to beep.

Rick is unable to pull the chopper up.

You see the ocean looming before you as the helicopter smashes into it!

....unconsciousness and darkness are all that await you from here.
PrestigeAndrei "I knew you'd fuckin fail me Stadler!" Andrei grunts out as they are about to crash. "I was so close! So God damn close to making it out of here!" He'll state even as he braces himself for impact..

Thank god he had a wetsuit and a rebreather and had the forethought to put those damn things on.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is thrust about the helicopter as the winds go thrusting around them. He holds his stomach and groans "I think i'm gonna be sick.." turns out old dinner and heavy winds and helicopter thrashing do not mix. And then he is sick, he loses his entirety of his meal last had and passes out against his seat
Markus Berger "Oh god no..." Thats all Markus manages to say as they all crash into their likely doom in the form of the ocean. Just another thing he is going to hate with a passion from this point onwards as he goes unconcious quite quickly. If he survives...
HUNK Out of all the people involved in the final great fight, HUNK is not drowning. It's pretty great.
Richard Stadler The helicopter lifts up. Slowly. Slowly, but much faster than Rick was comfortable with. The very fact that he didn't know what the hell he was doing had only one advantage; he didn't know how close he came to dying suddenly from the crash. And maybe he'd never know, if there wasn't a sattilette play by play. But they were able to get off the ship. Watch it disappear below them, rolling in the storm, before being engulfed in a massive series of explosions, the concussive fourth shoving the helicopter upwards, bouncing everyone in the helicopter.

They'd survived... for the ten minutes Stadler thought they had. He forces the stick, reaching into a pocket, shoving a folded paper to Andrei. "Wet suit. Put it inside your goddamn wetsuit!" He yells. Grunting, trying to pull up, like you saw inthe movies, but it didn't work.

The last few thoughts he had before smashing into it was... He didn't know if it'd be a good thing, or a bad thing, to go to death with his family waiting for him. God, he wished he was more deci