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Emma What happened to Summer? One day, it was lovely, then the next, not so much. Now fall is here, and it came suddenly in the night. So today is cloudy, cooler, and it's rainy. Which for Emma, is just fine, because if anything it reminds her of home. The rolling hills of Scotland! Where rain and fog and such, is nothing new. And this lifts her spirits some. It's a nice reminder. As for what she is doing, of all places there is a spot by the window that she found. And on the table are her books, a note pad, all that. It's a good time to sit and study, with a cup of tea and a snack. Hell, Shaemus - her massive dog, is even in here (as he is allowed). He is sitting under the table chewing on a bone as his master studies, which is what she does more often than not. The fun life of a med student and all.
Richard Miller Richard Miller wanders in out of the rain, shaking a bit of the water off of his rain slicker and nudging the hood back. @_@ With a sigh he glances around the place and is not too surprised to find it sparsely populated. Now, mind you, if he gets Emma's attention at all, he'll perk up visibly and offer a shy wave of sorts while trying to look friendly with a smile. Either way, he meanders his way over to a stool to get the attention of anyone at the bar. He's intent on some gin, dag nabit.
Emma Feeling the draft come in as the door opens, it draws Emma's attention. Looking up from her studies, she spots Richard, and seeing as he smiled her way, he'd get a shy one in return. Then looking back down to her books, the red head would flip through some pages, and take notes on a few things. Seeing that her tea is empty during a brief break, there is a frown. "Oy." She says, because she loves tea. Looking up and seeing that it is a bit busy there is a push of her chair as it comes out, and she stands to go to head to the bar so she can order another tea pot of hot water.
Richard Miller Richard Miller pays for his gin as it's delivered. Not being a totally couth type, he takes a swig from the bottle and looks reasonably content for just a moment. Noticing Emma walk up, he instantly flushes rather red in the cheeks. He barely recognizes her but...she's super pretty and demure, thus that he's seen. That'll do it! He stammers a bit as she approaches. " was.... I'm so sorry. I for...*clears his throat* Forgot your name... It's me, Richard! We met...briefly." Sounds like a bad pickup attempt thus far :P
Emma The people behind the bar are busy, and Emma turns to look at Shaemus, who is happily resting under her table. He is a good, well trained, massive beast of a dog and there isn't much need to worry here. Looking to Richard, again he'd be given a shy smile. "Aye, tis fine." Says the Scottish lass and goes to extend her hand, which is delicate yet soft. "Emma, by tha way. Been a while - how, how ya doin?" It's been a while indeed! Finally, someone comes with a hot pot of water for her to refresh her tea.
Richard Miller Richard Miller manages to gulp just once. He takes her hand gently (Ohhh so soft - damn it Richard, stop acting creepy) and nods. "It has been a while, huh? We never really got too well acquainted. I'm Richard....uh..if you didn't" He forgets to let go of her hand for a second, although he's being quite light with his touch...but he quickly releases her when he DOES notice it, his cheeks burning red. "I'm doing ok. How...about you? I heard you had some trouble for a while there. Are you ok now?..." A concerned tone alights his shaky nerd voice.
Emma "Aye it's - it's been a while." Emma nods slowly, looks down to her teapot of hot water, when he mentions the stuff about being missing there is a small frown, but since she got to Paris, there has been plenty of therapy which has made it all easier to cope with, and accept. "Better, aye. I - I had a lotta deal with, ya see. But I got myself some help, an' am doin' better now." There is a smile, because she feels better, after months of work, to get where she is at. "Care ta - ta join me? I could use a break from studyin'n all, the stuff tends ta - ta blend in together after a time."
Richard Miller Richard Miller turns even REDDER, if that was possible. Doing his impersonation of a Lobster being boiled! He stammers a bit once again, which isn't really an answer. He clams up, takes a deep breath, offers a big smile and nods. "I'd love to join you, Emma. Thank you." He erms at his gin bottle but...he paid for it. He shrugs a bit and grabs it, sliding off the stool and waiting to migrate over to Emma's table. "I...hope you don't think me a lush. Things have just been stressful...and...." He kind of trails off there, looking ever so hopeless, as usual.
Emma Emma sort of.. raises a brow a little, seeing that he is turning so red. "Ya - ya okay?" Asks the woman, worried he may suddenly be ill or something. But when her invitation is accepted, there is a nod. "Okay then." There is a touch of amusement in her tone, before she turn to go back to her seat, assuming he'd follow here there. Shaemus would look up briefly, and then go back to resting, the rainy day likely making him a little bored. Looking to the bottle, the shy lass shakes her head and laughs in her natural sweet sort of way, "Na, yer no lush. I'm - I'm Scottish, we are born with booze in our veins, ya'know. "
Richard Miller Richard Miller sure DOES follow her. I mean....something...less creepy...look, he follows over to her table, ok? :P He offers the big ole puppy a smile, soft coo's and a wiggle of the fingers. "Heya boy. Hi. Aren't you enormous? Yes you are. Y-...he's not interested." Rubs the back of his head. Shrugs a bit n.n; He gently lowers himself into his seat and grins over at Emma. "Oh. I see. I was going to ask if you were of Celtic decent. Well, cheers then." He playfully holds up the bottle. "Oh, um, would you like any? You looked covered on the tea but..."
Emma Emma doesn't notice the details much, she is sitting. Shaemus would sniff at Richard, go to lick his hand and then lay back down. "Do - don't mind him, rainy days can make him dull'n'all." She closes some books, because so many were open and cluttering the table. "Aye, I - I am, pretty noticeable?" A hand motions to her red hair, and well the Scottish accent and all too. Eyeing the gin, yet again she laughs, and looks down a bit shyly, smirking a little. "So - Sorry Richard, more of a Scotch of Whiskey kinda gal, Gin is for girls." Eyes move up to him, because, she is trying to make a joke, and it very well may of failed.
Richard Miller Richard Miller is good with that, dog wise. Gives him a light pat as he goes to lay back down. "Eh, no worry. It's a good day to be lazy anyway." He blinks over at Emma as she asks she's noticeable. He absently replies, "Noticeable? You're...beautiful..." He blinks, trailing off...and turns tomato red once again. He looks away and babbles. "I'm sorry! I was" He stops, peering back over at her...and pouts slightly. "You're teasing me." He then smiles again in his usual, shy manner. He's probably hoping she'll skip over his verbal slip there n.n;
Emma Wait, what? What just happened?! Emma -stares- at Richard. Did he just say that. Blinking a few times, her cheeks go a little red, she looks down shyly, and bites her lower lip. Maybe she isn't use to hearing that. "Th - thank you." Stammers the lass, because well, she doesn't seem to be. It is flattering. Rubbing the back of her neck, when the conversation turns to gin that's when the lass finally looks up, and laughs a little. "Aye I-I am, gin isn't that bad, actually. I'll drink it sometimes myself, ya'know. Couldn't re - resist. I got four older brothers, that's what they always say."
Richard Miller Richard Miller quickly nudges the topic away, as now they're both red and stammering like high school students n.n ...That was a good reaction though... ... AHEM. He nods a bit at that one. "Ah, yeah. I don't have any siblings. Only kid....I'm sure if I had any, we would have teased each other a lot like that too." He laughs a bit, takes another sip out of the gin bottle and...just looks a little lonely. Better now, though!
Emma "Four - four older brothers, I got tricked a lot ya'know." Emma laughs, mostly to herself, and the memories. "Once they found a snake'n hid it in my bed. That was.. awful." There is a shudder, but yet another laugh. "I - I sort of got'em back, though." As of yet, she doesn't tell, and instead looks concerned at seeing that lonely look on his face. "Ya okay?"
Richard Miller Richard Miller hms? He looks up and tries to look comforting. "Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Thanks for worrying though." He rubs his chin. "A snake in the bed. Ah, childhood. What...." He trails off, flushing a little, but he keeps his smile together and tries again, "What exactly did you do to get them back?" Yeah, he wants to know now. :P
Emma "Well," Emma grins a bit bigger now. "My - my one brother, had a date, an' I sort of, put itching powder in his shoes before he left." A hand rubs her forehead, as there is more and more laughter. "I also, uh, put it on his coat, an' in his wallet. Just enough ta nat be seen, ya know. An' from there..well he ended up near naked in tha restaurant on this first date." Oh, what an image!
Richard Miller Richard Miller laughs a bit at first and it seems to get worse as he realizes what she did. He shakes his head a bit and takes another sip of gin, before setting the bottle aside. He seems to be getting SLIGHTLY tipsy, but he's probably alright. "You, Emma, have a secret naughty streak in you." He doesn't saying anything after that for just a second...and then it dawns on him. His eyes widen and he waves his hands. "I didn't mean NAUGHTY. I meant naughty like...there's a playful kid in you" Well, so much for that. While he tries to unknot his tongue, he just quiets down a bit c.c
Emma ! Emma, she -stares- at Richard, what is he.. her cheeks go red, she looks down and pours herself a cup of tea. Looks like she isn't the only one who has the ability to shove her foot in her mouth sometimes. Grabbing the teabag and putting it in the hot water, there is, after a second a nod, with a look back up to him, that's a little amused. "Ya - ya learn ta take care of yerself when ya got older brothers, like that. They were always playin' pranks on me, drove mama mad." She shrugs some, pushing the conversation on. "Yer an - an only child, yer sayin'? I couldn' imagine, that'd be.. odd."
Richard Miller Richard Miller mmms. He nods, possibly a little sadly at that. He looks...lonely perhaps. A bit as though he...maybe had to go through life focusing on science because people always confused him. Lack of family and all that. Ah well. He smiles weakly. " would have been nice to have more family around. My parents kind of detached from me when I got into college anyway, so...I was mostly on my own."
Emma "I -- I can't imagine." Emma says, frowning at that news. "I come from a very close family, ya'see, hell when I moved away my parents flipped." There is a small, awkward laugh there. "Ya have no friends or nothin' here? Why are -- are ya in Paris? Whadda do?"
Richard Miller Richard Miller erms. He offers kind of a weak shrug. He takes another swig of his gin before moving it back out of the way. "I guess I just kind of rolled out with the rest of the team. I thought...I thought that gig with Umbrella was going to finally get me somewhere, know, I guess my lack of drive and blah approach to everything kind of left me high and dry while everyone else kept doing great things. Moot point now I guess...
Emma "I -- I kinda get how yer feelin'." Emma admits, with a frown. "Seems like -- like everyone is goin' forward, with all this great stuff, and yer tryin' ta climb back up that mountain, an' keep feelin' like yer slippin' backwards. That's how it - it is for me, ya'know. Havin' ta start over, and seein' everyone move forward. A bit heartbreakin', really."
Richard Miller Richard Miller hms? He looks interested. A kindred spirit here, perhaps? "What do you mean? Has your life stalled out as well?...I mean, in light of everything that's happened, I don't know how we can even ASSESS life as we knew it anymore but..." He stops for a moment here, pondering...then, "If I'm prying too much, please let me know."
Emma "Yer -- yer not pryin'." Emma says, with a kind smile and shake of her head. "I feel stalled, aye. But, such is the way of life, hrm? It -- it ebbs'n flows, just gotta try ta.. pick back up'n move forward'n all. It's what I've been doing." She extends a hand, to the bottle of gin, quietly asking if she could have a sip. She is a girl, thus can drink it, right? "I've - I've had alotta time ta work on what's happen' ta me, I found a good therapist, who I still se. I am not blind enough ta think I can get past it on my own, ya know? I needed help, doesn't mean it isn't hard, just means.. ya learn ta fight with better tools."
Richard Miller Richard Miller has no issue, of course. He nudges the bottle over to her. He doesn't respond for just a moment, pondering over the information...and finally, ever so meekly he pries slightly further. "I'm sorry, Emma. I don' may have told me before, but I'm not entirely sure what's going on. There's...all of THIS but...did something....happen to you?" He looks very concerned but simultaneously shy about asking this personal questions like this...but so far she seems kosher with it, so...
Emma Emma holds the gin, and looks at it, then slowly looks to Richard. "Wha -- whatever happened, happened. In Racoon, it'll be part'of me, aye, but yer never just that." It's all she says, because there is no desire to really say more. "We -- we've got a chance ta move on, best take it, ya'know? Grown'n learn, do somethin' better than we did. Never easy, often worth it."
Richard Miller Richard Miller nods slowly. He smiles warmly. Perhaps the alcohol has loosened his tongue. "I haven't known you...SO long yet aren't just beautiful of look but also of mind and heart, from what I can tell at least. I think you'll probably do great things someday, Emma." He sighs softly. "Better than anything I'm going to do, other than getting hurt by BOW's."
Emma Emma goes red, again. "Na -- na, yer to nice, ya'know. I'm just tryin' ta make my way through this world'n all, it is never easy, as they say." She shrug, and sips from the gin and looks down shyly.