Umbrella Surveillance System
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Jill Valentine It's been Six Months since Raccoon City and in that time, the small operation that was the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance had been following dead leads and trying to prevent future incidents like Raccoon City.

After his release from US Military Custody, in part, thanks to ex-President Jack Graham; Carlos had been recruited into the BSAA where he had been assigned to follow-up on a lead in his native Colombia about a Cartel that had been able to get ahold of a t-Virus sample but it had turned up dead.

Jack had been working on his own affairs, trying to get the BSAA some funding or support outside of the limited UN Oversight they had. He had been successful in Russia, after the ill-fated mission of Chris and Jill's that had left the young woman in a hospital in critical condition.

Since then, Jill had been moved to a Paris Hospital and Jack and Carlos had been sent word by Chris that they should all meet up. (Permission from Chris for that)

Jill's hospital room is fairly nice, having been paid for by the United Nations; so she is at least afforded her own private room as she lays in the bed looking positively dour at being stuck here.
Jack Graham Jack is just off his plane into the Paris and arrives in an unmarked black SUV with Carlos in tow. The entire trip he's been looking at files on new recruits and potential monitary ventures to fund their little rag-tag group. A pair of spectacles rest on the bridge of his nose, looking a lot like the Former President than a tactical advisor and retired military.

Upon entering Jill's room, Jack makes his way over to her bed and takes a seat to look over her chart. A little frown and a quiet sigh as he regards the downed soldier, "How you doing?" He asks, glancing up at Jill.
Carlos Olivera Carlos Olivera was dealing with a major case of jet lag after his trip from Columbia where he had been dealing with the Cartel to Paris. His eyes were more than a touch bloodshot, and despite the fact that he had recently showered in his hotel room, he still had a haggard appearance. He had left his rifle back in his room, but slid his sidearm inside the inner band of his pants at his back. Trusting on not being patted down as he goes to visit his friend, Carlos made his way to the hospital and then began navigating the various hallways and elevator to make his way toward Jill's room.

The sound of his boots striking the tiled floor can be heard moments before Carlos rounds the doorway and peeks his head past the frame. Offering Jack and Jill a tired smile, he says, "Hello Jill. It looks like you are doing better than I had feared." As he approaches to stand on the opposite side of the bed from Jack's seat, he looks toward the man and offers him a nod of greeting.
Jill Valentine Jill had been watching television when the pair of men arrived within moments of each other, the special on the news currently covering the mysterious disappearance of the cruise ship 'Heaven of the Seas' which had been operating out of Las Islas del Paraiso in the Caribbean.

So far, the media had no word on why it had disappeared but speculation was running rampant on possible causes ranging from piracy, to tropical storms. The Ancient Aliens guy had even been quoted as saying 'It was Aliens'.

Sitting up in her bed and muting the television she smiled at Carlos and Jack, "Hey Carlos, Hey Jack." Adjusting the bed with the control so she didn't have to exert too much effort, she lied and said, "I'm doing amazing. This is way better than going on a Cruise. How about you both? Any news, good or bad?"
Jack Graham "Yeah." Jack glances up at the tv, now muted, and frowns a little. "We need to get some intel on that." He says the obvious, since that's what they're all here for anyways right? "How long they say you'll be held up in the bed?"
Carlos Olivera Carlos backs until he can ease into a lean on the plain white window sill, sitting with his back to the window so that he can see the other two. "No news on my end worth mentioning. Columbia was a dead end, so just a waste of my time. Other than being jet lagged, I am making it along just fine." He nods his head as Jack poses his question toward Jill's well-being to indicate that he is curious about that topic as well.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield calls Jack Graham on his cell phone. When Jack answers he says, "Jack. It's Chris. How goes? I'm still trying to follow up some leads on Umbrella. I think that will help shed light on Alice as well. UN security council still sounds pissed at us, well me. They almost shut us down, but thanks to you and Zima they are giving us another shot. I wont let you or Zima down or Jill. Oh and say hi to Carlos for me."
Jill Valentine Jill tried not to frown at the lack of good news, at least there was no bad news, right, "A couple months probably, I guess I'm just lucky to be alive after what happened." She didn't blame Chris at all, she had told him to go after Alice instead of fighting the Umbrella commandos, "At least you got to visit back home, right?" She asked of Carlos, her eyebrows raising as Jack's phone rang.
Jack Graham Jack nods to Jill and pats her arm when his phone starts ringing in the pocket of his blazer, "Hey Chris." Motioning with a point to the hallway so Carlos and Jill can talk while he catches up. "Hey, I know how to butter their roll. If time in the office taught me anything, it was bueracracy." He jokes off handed, "Huh... alright.. but while you're hunting for the dinner dress, take a look and see if anything comes up about the cruise ship? We might need to book reservations."
Carlos Olivera Carlos nods his head. "Yeah, I guess that was good. Though it would have been better if it hadn't that sample hadn't been dead when I got there. What about here? What's been going on on this end of the world?" he asks, his voice dropping as Jack takes his call.
Chris Redfield Chris sounds like his usual self on the phone, ever stoic but only people closest too him would be able to tell he might be a little tires by the slight lag in his responses. "Cruise ship? Right, the Heaven of the Seas, the one that went off course and drifted into Chinese waters. Funny you should say that actually, because I'm just getting some intel on that. If Carlos is back from Columbia, we could use his help too. Barry and Rebecca arent available so it might just be the three of ua." Chris pauses and then replies after he hears you talking to someone else. "Oh sounds like you might be busy with company. Did I catch you at a bad time, Jack?"
Jill Valentine Jill wrapped her arms around her chest as best she could, grinning a little at Carlos, "Chris and I had a little more luck then you. We broke up a potential Bioterror attack in Moscow, unfortunately your old friends in Umbrella Security Service crashed the party." She sighed, "Remember those pricks from Raccoon City? Yeah, they're still operating and without impunity apparently. They killed the Russian special forces helping us out AND the bioterrorists."
Jack Graham "That's the one." Jack says into the phone, smiling politely, even friendly, at someone who seems to recognize him in the hallway. They do him the favor of not approaching when he points at his phone and gives them an apologetic shrug, then continues. "We'll probably have to secure private entrance to the party. Keep looking into it, I've got a hunch that the two things are related." It's hard not to think so after what they've all been through, right? "Nah, I'm with Jill and Carlos.. soon as you get back from having a free day, you should stop by." He jokes, "Seeya around Chris. I'll let the guys know you're on the hunt."
Chris Redfield "Copy that Jack. Thanks and tell, Jill I say hi and that I hope she is feeling better. I'll give you a sit rep when i know more. Take care be safe and thank you for navigating the political field for us, you are a great asset and to be honest i'm really glad you volunteered to join us." Chris then hangs up on the secure line that he had and looks at his weapons that he has laid out on the bed of this run down motel that he has holes up in, while he secures the last strap of his body armor. Just a few more leads to follow up on.