Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten After a fair bit of exploring and searching around, Andrei manages to find something of great value; a maintenance tunnel that has been hidden in the central deck of the ship. While locked, Andrei manages to pry it open and given the concealed location; it is unlikely anyone was expected to find it.

The way down is dark, taking you down at least several decks through a myriad of ladders and corridors, until you're able to land on solid ground before a security door with a keycard reader of some kind.
PrestigeAndrei Ladders and Stairs. Both wereEmployees of the umbrella corporation. Gravity also was complicit here! Andrei was the sort of man to hold grudges and he knew that with every step down into the depths. As he hops off the last rung of the ladder, he'll move to unshoulder his shotgun, holding it lazily off to one side by the grip in one hand, muzzle just shy of dragging against the ground as he sighs softly, inhaling slowly before looking over the shoulder at his air tank. "Why the.. fuck am I still wearing this thing?"

There is a grunt then as his eyes shift to get a better look at his location before catching sight of what appears to be a door. Stepping closer he'll stand before it, finger tapping at the grip of his gun. Clearly he is looking for some sort of visible door handle before he reachs aside into his bag to pull out what appears to be a small featureless keykard.

"Stadler. If I die becuase of this..." He'll mutter darkly before perking up as he swipes the card. "Well, you'll be out of a keycard. Thats what you get for taking so long with the explosives!"
Kitten The keycard, surprisingly or not surprisingly depending on your perspective works and a british computerized female voice announces, "Access Authorized. Distress Signal has been sent to Umbrella Prime. Please be advised that Executive Action may be taken."

The door in front of Andrei opens up.

If he had been keeping track of where he had travelled, he was somewhere under the pool on Deck 13 in a place between the decks themselves.

In the large room he had entered was a single helicopter, fueled and waiting. There were even controls to open up the 'roof' of the area he was in so that the helicopter could be launched.

He had found a way off the ship.
PrestigeAndrei When Andrei heres the words over the intercom he'll just snort slightly though in his mind.. this incident certainly deserves a bit of dry ice smoke becuase his mouth nearly hits the floor. Or as far as it can go while still wearing his respirator. "Oh.. Ohoho.. ha..Oh fuck yes! I am so.. out of here!" Andrei offers with an insane amount of glee in his voice as he steps towards the center of the room though he hesitates if only for a second.

Quickly his gaze will cast about the area as his fingers tighten around the grip of his shotgun. "Can't go yet. Not yet." He'll mutter under his breath as he looks about. "Not that I even know how to fly one of these things. In a hurricane. Shit." He'll mutter under his breath as he moves to lift his free hand and scratch at his throat as he approaches the coptor now.

"This.. this is going to be good."
Kitten After some searching around, Andrei is able to find what serves as the ignition or key for the helicopter, an Umbrella Safety measure. Thank god for Andrei the Captain was the kind of man who left it in the helicopter, but he never made it off the bridge...

...This meant Andrei could not be left behind, no matter what; he was the one who had the literal 'keys' to the getaway. The chopper could probably hold six to eight easily without being over the weight limits.

It was Andrei's secret to share or keep for himself.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will take the time to pull the key from the ignotion before giving a look over the vehicle in question. He'll have slid into the cockpit for only a second to check things over before he is stepping out and moving away.

"Well at the very least I'm getting the fuck out of here.." Andrei grunts under his breath before he giggles maniaclly, still moving towards the ladder.

He'll hesitate for a second than as he moves to look over the doorway before he shakes his head. "BEtter keep this quiet. Don't need to make waves.. until escape is inevitable."