Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma This morning is rather nice, partially cloudly but also warm. The chateau is as busy as normal, people tending to lawns and animals, or cleaning, or various other things. Such things that Emma just isn't used to. Often she is trying to help out where she can, but is always told no. After such an attempt this morning the lass has buckled down to study. Well, try. She has a big test tomorrow, and there is a lot to cover. But something has her distracted. A letter, and the news. She's sitting in the living room with her books open but watching the television instead.
James Scott James decided to come back over to try and chat with Archene, but instead found himself being led into the living room to wait. Archene was a busy man after all. Upon spotting Emma he offers a wave, "Hey there. How's it going?" Today he's dressed a bit more normal, sporting cargo pants and a simple black t-shirt. He's clearly not meant for all the opulence.
Emma Shaemus, who was laying at her feet gets up and woofs to James, going to greet him with a happy wag of his tail. Emma looks over to James, there is concern in her eyes. "Mar - Markus is on that missin' ship." Yeah she sounds worried and looks back to the screen. "An' a storm is rollin' in, makin' it hard ta even try ta find the ship."
James Scott "Damn." James drops to a knee to scratch behind Shaemus' ears. "I'm sure they'll all be fine. Once the storm passes I bet they'll be able to spot it and send in helicopters." he lies, offering Emma a reassuring smile. "Markus is a tough bastard, it'll take more than a little rain to kill him."
Emma Shaemus happily accepts this attention, pushing close to James. And with his tidbit of truth, there is a small nod. "Yer - yer right, he is tough, still, wanna help'n all, thinkin' about how I can't is makin' me feel awfully useless." There is a sigh? her grey-green eyes move to him. "Got more.. news taday too, a letter, sayin' a person named Black Widow is huntin' down survivors." A pause, she frowns more. "Tha description sounds like my roomates old girlfriend ta be honest." Yet, there is fear in her tone. "It's an Umbrella operative."
James Scott "Black Widow?" James perks up a bit. "What kind of name is that?" He gives his head a slight shake before going back to scratching Shaemus. "Didn't know Nixie swung that way. Maybe that's why she didn't like me staying there. Worried I'd make a move on you before she could." He lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug, "Guess she never saw Benny coming."
Emma "Aye, Black Widow. Ya - ya think we need ta worry? I'm clearly not tha fightin' type. Why would Umbrella be huntin' us?" There is a shake of her head, as if trying to get rid of fears. "Aye Nixie did, they were.. loud at times." There is a small smirk, which fades into shock as she stares at James. "Whadda'ya mean by Benny comin'?"
James Scott "The only person that can't tell you like Benny is Benny. Just like the only person that couldn't tell I liked you was you." James doesn't look up from petting Shaemus. "I wouldn't worry about her too much, you're surrounded by people constantly here, a few of them are the fighting type. I'm sure it'll be fine."
Emma Emma 's cheeks hint with red, and she looks away to the television, watching the news about the missing boat and the storm. "I - I think yer assumin', I'm pretty sure he doesn't look at me like -that- ya'know." When James mentions how he liked here, there is a brief pause and a frown. "I didn' get it for a while, no. But, yer.." Eyes move to him. "How long have ya liked me? Why? I don't think I'm yer typical type."
James Scott "I was planning on asking you out before that car hit me." James admits. "It doesn't matter though, it's in the past." He adjusts so he's sitting down rather than kneeling, but he still doesn't look Emma's way. "And for what it's worth, I don't have a type. The only other person I ever liked just used me, she was dating my brother Chad anyway."
Emma "Ya were?" Emma sounds surprised, even blushes a little. "James, I've -- I've done tha bad boy type before, it.. turned out'ta be real bad." There is a look of distant hurt on her face. "Ya know I'd never use ya, right? I'm- I'm sorry ya were used, that's never right."
James Scott "Yeah, I've done a lot of shitty things. It's a good thing you didn't trust me." James pushes up onto his feet and gives Shaemus one last scratch behind the ears. "Let Archene know I came by to see him if you will."
Emma There is a small sigh as Emma listens, and another shake of her head. "James, come'n sit and we'll talk okay? Be - Because, ta me, yer like two people, one who wants'ta care an another who doesn't give a shit. Mostly yer this - this wall, I do think there is more to'ya, ya can start trustin' ya know."
James Scott "Doesn't have anything to do with not trusting you." James sighs quietly himself. "There's just a bunch of shit I'd rather not remember. As far as I'm concerned it died in Raccoon City with the people that did it." He doesn't move to sit, rather he just crosses his arms. "You came from a big happy family, I don't think it's something you could wrap your head around."
Emma "I know." Emma says. "I came from this happy life. Good lovin' family, but, doesn't mean I - I can't feel, sense tha pain. I saw enough shit in Racoon. And - I've made some mistakes myself in tha past." Emma is quiet a second, and rubs the back of her neck. "I dated a not so nice guy once. Ta be rebellious, it backfired." That's a hard admission for her. "I still wanna listen, help. I may of never walked that before, but I can still be here ta help and support."
James Scott "Mom loved drugs more than I did. Fucked anything that moved. Fought. Had a temper." James clenches his fists. "Sound familiar? I think her favorite thing to do was beat us for her shortcomings. Belts. Cables. Wire hangers. Whatever she could get her fucking hands on." He moves over to take a seat now, but for the most part he just seems empty now. "Like I said before, I may be in the wrong for it, but I'm glad they're dead and I'm glad that city is gone."
Emma There is such sadness, and compassion in her eyes. Such a horrible tale. "I'm sorry." Emma offers gently as he sits, processing all this information. "I -- I learned that, often a parent like that, was shown how ta be like that. It's not right though. Never is. I can see why - why yer happy." There is a pause, and if allowed.. she would give him a hug. A supportive hug. "Ya can make tha decision ta not be that persob, yer strong. And better than you the life ya think ya were given, just try ta see that."
James Scott James doesn't object to the hug, but he just pats her back rather than returning it. "I think she resented my father and Umbrella. I wouldn't be surprised if she never wanted us in the first place." It's not like he ever asked to be born in the first place. "I think I'm gonna go. I've said too much."
Emma "Ya not sayin' to much." Emma says softly, pulling back from the hug. She tried. "Why did she hate yer dad an' Umbrella?"
James Scott James simply shrugs. "I don't know. We didn't exactly have a relationship where we talked." With Emma pulled back his hands clench into fists once more, his nails biting into the flesh of his palms. "Am I really bad enough to be grouped in with the guy that hurt you?"
Emma "Ya know she had hate, meant she had pain." Emma says, and looks down to his hands as they ball up. Slowly her eyes lift to him again. "No." It's a simple, honest amswer. "But yer hurt, tha others, myself, we've tried ta be there for you, to always get shut down. Yer hurtin', there is nothin' wrong with that. But ya gotta really heal yerself, ya'll never be happy otherwise. I think ya need that, an' deserve it."
James Scott "Yeah." James pushes up onto his feet. "For what it's worth, I killed three men for you." He brings a hand up to flick his ear that has a chunk missing from it. "When Benny tried to run away, I went to push forward. When Benny froze over some zombies, I was in the warehouse. I might come back later to talk to Archene. But I don't know." And just like so many times before, he turns and starts walking away. Clearly he's shared more than he's comfortable with.
Emma A second after James stands, Emma does as well. His words make her pause, jaw dropped a little at this small 'story' of the events that happened when she was taken. Before she can say anything else he is gone and the red head slowly sinks to sit back on the couch, sit back, and putting her hands through her hair. While lost in thought a foot is brought up to rest over other leg, but it hits her book, which hits her glass of water which topples to the floor and crashes with a bang. The silence is broken. Looking to the shards of glass and water, there is a frown, as if something symbolic was in that broken glass. Sighing heavily, she says but one word, embodying how she is feeling in that moment. "Fuck."