Umbrella Surveillance System
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Laura The bridge offered a nice vantage point over the long silent battlefield, the storms battering the ship and the the dead on the deck. At that rate, it was unlikely that the gear would remain for long, who knows how many guns and other nice stuff had already washed over board. Or would, with every passing moment. No-one alive looked to be out on the deck, so one'd think it's nice and clear to go and grab for something with more heft than the pistols they'd been finding so far.

Maybe the zombies were less of an issue at the weather too, and anyone sane would certainly stay indoors. Hopefully trying to hold in their lunch. Laura wasn't one of those it seemed, as she slipped out onto the helipad, the wind and rain offering their harsh OH HI to her face.
Fong Ling Ling had been observing the bridge since her encounter with Andrei on the lower levels of the ship, waiting for some sign of who was holding it. When Laura finally emerges, she sticks to the shadows and stalks the woman down to the helipad, walking softly with her weapon at the ready.

Certain that Laura is alone, she keeps her weapon vaguely pointed towards her as she steps out from under the stairwell, calling out to Laura, "Identify yourself."
Leon Kennedy DSO's been holding the bridge, bitches. They got there first with the most, and they've had it under their control ever since, taking it in shifts to hold the place down. Leon'd been out the night before to go up on the upper levels looking for survivors while Laura kept the bridge, and now while she's headed out onto the helipad, he's stayed behind. Or he did until he decided that the storm was making things too dangerous for his partner to be out there alone and he left the comfort of the locked room to venture forth and make sure she's okay.

"Laura?" Leon calls at the voice through the rain and the wind. "It's me, Leon." Because obviously Ms. Fong is talking to him when she asks for an identity, and the storm has the sounds garbled enough that he doesn't recognize the voice as being that different.
Laura That certainly was unexpected, the dark corridors hiding a stalky-stalker whom now had their gun aimed at her. It could've been /worse/ for certain, as she obviously wasn't one of the Umbrella. She drops stopped, lifting her hands a little from her hips, startled. Her silenced pistol slung to it's straps on her hip, "Whoa there--", she replied. "Er, Laura's the name.", she replied. "Laura Herron.", she added.

"Careful back there, buddy. I'd rather not get shot today, either.", she called back towards Leon. "You're with the Chinese?" Or rather, /were/ with the Chinese.
Fong Ling "Agent Fong Ling, Ministry of State Security." Ling replied to the pair, stepping back closer to the wall so she could get a better look at the pair of them, noting Leon's use of her fallen comrades weapons most notably.

"So yes, I am with the 'Chinese', and I presume you are with the American Team who is illegally onboard this vessel? I ran into one of your comrades, he offered to defect and give away state secrets when he thought I could mean him harm." She laughed despite the grim nature of the situation, "Are all American Agents so cowardly?"
Leon Kennedy At the mention of getting shot and being 'illegally' onboard, Leon's sidearm quietly leaves its tucked-spot in his pocket. "Agent Kennedy, Division of Security Operations," he calls back, keeping his eye on the Chinese operative. The Americans are sort of flanking her, since Leon took so long to come after Laura. "We're legal passengers on this cruise, operating under the direct authority of the President of the United States. We're here alone, I don't know about any other Americans. What I do know is that at this point, someone owes me a complimentary mimosa and a trip to Cancun," he remarks blithely, ignoring the insinuation of American cowardice. "Sounds like that someone is Umbrella, from what I've heard. You know anything about that?" Since, rumor has it, they're the ones who took out all these Chinese commandos up here.
Laura "Geez, the point of being a /secret/ agent is that you don't blabber it to the first person that comes along.", Laura comments after Leon. He obviously wasn't taking the gig seriously at all! "But yeah, what he said. I didn't know about the illegals you mentioned until yesterday when I was trying to look into whatever was going on in here.", she continued on, might as well spill all the beans at that point, since none of that really mattered if none of them make it out alive especially without some co-operation. She did a low laugh at Fong. "That sounds like Andrei that I met earlier. He wasn't all too into his.. whatever his job is. Think he's an exception. Atleast I hope he is, or we're all fucked.", she snorts, clearly not too impressed over her earlier meeting. "Sorry about your, er, comrades, tho. Rotten way to go."
Fong Ling "So investigation, not espionage, like this Andrei and his men. Not that it matters now." Ling replied as she allowed her rifle to loosen in her hands, "Our mission was to evacuate any survivors and to determine the cause of the bioterrorism incident on this vessel. The appearance of the Umbrella Corps." For lack of a better word to describe them, "Has cemented the idea that this ship is somehow associated with them."

Kneeling down to check over one of the corpses near-by for Ammo, she sighed as her former comrade was empty on ammo, "Thank you for your kind words Laura. They were soldiers at least, trained for this." She looks over the corpses of all the uninfected civilians, "The rest they slaughtered, were not. That is something they can never be forgiven for, even in their deaths."
Leon Kennedy She was upfront with them about her identity, Leon returned the favor. He's not the sneaky-sneak kind of agent, anyway. That's Laura's bit. He's more along to assist and in case shit hit the fan. Shit has definitely hit the fan at this point.

"If we run into them again, we'll stop them." It might not be that simple, but those are his intentions, anyway. "They need to face justice for this, and we need to get to the bottom of what's going on here before they decide this ship is disposable." Ships are easy to sink, after all. "It sounds like we're in common cause, then, Agent Fong," the American mentions. "We could use the help." Gray-green eyes study her carefully, watching as she searches the fallen commando's corpse. His sidearm still hangs loosely in his grasp.
Laura Laura nodded, "We got source that said there might be some biological research going on. I've been trying to find out the source and some evidence to pin against whoever's behind it.", she glances out towards the helipad, "And evidence to prove those really are Umbrella now, I guess.", she let her hands lower down. "Something solid, since they have a really good hold of.. everything, in spite of it all."

The mention of unforgivable brought in the vivid memory of the black multi-eyed helmet and the knife slitting the throat in cold blood. A rotten way to go, indeed. She shuddered, grabbing onto a railing by her side as the ship took a hit from another large wave. She glanced at Leon, and then at Fong again, nodding. "Yeah, we appreciate any help we can get. And we'll help you the best we can. He'll make sure of it, he's a big softy with a golden heart.", Laura chuckled softly, easy for her, given that she hadn't just lost a squad of friends. She wasn't entirely sure to place all her trust on the Chinese woman just like that, but the circumstances certainly called for it, and the Chinese mission seemed to be on the right cause with the evacuations to begin with.
Fong Ling "Agreed. Working together will serve us all better, than working against each other. I have an uneasy feeling about the man Andrei, if it is indeed the same man we are referring to. I am not sure they have altruistic intent, given I witnessed them run during the attack when they could have provided cover for the civilians." Ling had done just that, as best she could on her own anyways, watching the FBC Agents run away like the cowards they were.

"We will need to devise a plan of action, it is unlikely my government will send a second rescue attempt given the disastrous failure of the first. This ship will not be allowed to drift either." One way or the other, someone was going to destroy it, "So perhaps, knowing that, we should consider this storm a blessing."
Leon Kennedy "It's not /golden,/" Leon retorts, rolling his eyes a little. He's not naive, really. He's just confident that he'll be able to handle any breaches of trust later down the road. It's hard not to take the cheap shot at the Chinese government she's set him up for, but in the interests of international cooperation, building camaraderie, and making the US look like the good guys, the agent bites his tongue, shoving his handgun into the borrowed holster he's retrieved off a body. "I ran into this Andrei guy last night. He hid in the corner while three zombies were running at me. Whatever he's here for, it's not to help survivors. We'll need to keep an eye out for him." Crossing his arms over his chest, he shakes his head slightly. "I don't know that he's hostile, but it sounds like his goals might not align with ours. Maybe not at all."

Nodding back over his shoulder in the direction of the bridge, he calls to both women. "We've secured the bridge. Once we've got what we can out here, we should get back there, look over the blueprints and see what we can come up with. You might know something we don't."
Laura "Keep telling yourself that, Leon.", Laura smiled. It was mostly a tease, but no way she was saying that out loud. "But yes.. They are the second best armed group here, not that you'd notice. Best they've done is unseal the lower decks to give Umbrella something else to think about aside from just us and whatever it is they are here to do. But their guns would come in useful going deeper in, and atleast he claims they are to look into the source as well.", she shrugged.

"If your government is taking example of ours, think the ship will go up in smoke after the storm clears and a missile can be launched..", she commented to Fong. "Not sure how long these storms usually last, we might not have too much time to get off someway... Think our 'colleagues' might have something for that, unlikely they've swam too far in, even if they have wetsuits."
Fong Ling "They presumably came from the American Submarine that was warned away from Chinese waters, our Navy has been keeping an eye on its progress since then. It's unlikely it could provide any escape for them, in the Ministry of State Security, we would call an operation like theirs a suicide mission. The kind of mission where great honor is afforded, but nobody will ever know your name or your deeds." Ling said as she moved to another corpse, looking for ammunition which she was sorely lacking, the gunships had contained most of their spare equipment.

"These storm can last anywhere from a few days to weeks depending upon the severity, unfortunately that is the extent of my meteorlogical expertise." It should be noted that Ling had impeccable English for a Chinese operative, no doubt lending further credence to the fact that the People's Republic had infiltrated many foreign nations.

No wonder America was so afraid of Chinese spies.
Leon Kennedy "At any rate, the faster we can get back to the bridge and come up with a solid next step, the better," Leon decides, moving forward to help go over the corpses for extra supplies. It's grim work, but someone has to do it, and with the storm raging, many hands will make for lighter labor. The American pockets another handgun with some rounds still in the magazine from a body, picking over the pockets looking for more, but all he finds is a crushed candybar and some sunscreen. At least this guy was ready for the higher UV index.
Laura "That makes things interesting then, since they won't have an out either.", Laura nodded, frowning. "Guess that leaves looking in deeper and hoping for something new to come up."

She too braved the weather, keeping steady with the sways of the ship. Her eyes caught something towards the bow, snagged on the scupper. A good fortune in a shape of an extra assault rifle. She slung it over her shoulder, looking about for more, but no such luck. She patted through few bodies for more supplies, but with less luck. "Don't think the 'illegals' were sent for a suicide mission, atleast they don't act like it.", she said as she approached Leon again, holding out the assault rifle to him. "This might suit you better."
Fong Ling Ling mutters the equivalent of a Chinese curse when Laura finds the assault rifle and hands it to Leon, mostly because she was here searching for the ammunition in those guns, "Agreed, I will meet you both back there. I need to continue confirming which of my comrades were Killed in Action. You should be able to see me from the bridge." With a sigh, Ling went back to noting the Chinese Soldiers that were killed while searching them for much needed ammunition.
Leon Kennedy Taking the assault rifle in question from Laura, the agent runs over it visually, then checking the magazine for ammo and proper seating, nodding once before he slings it on his back. "Never shot one of these before," he mutters curiously, already itching to do so, the gun nut. No one outside of China knows that much about these particular rifles, after all. "You ready to head back to the bridge?" he questions of Laura, glancing over at his partner. "I should get back there, even if you're wanting to keep looking."
Laura Laura nods at Fong, "If you're sure we can't help.", she says, glancing overhead at the bridge and nodding to Leon, "Yeah, we better have a lookout on the bridge, anyways. I'd hate for Umbrella to move in like giggling schoolgirls through the open door while we're down here.", tho it was highly unlike for any of them to giggle for any reason whatsoever. "Should drag in another mattress from the crew quarters, too, just in case.", she added in, glancing at the rifle. "Neither have I, but I guess you'll get more out of it than I, and there's not too much ammo to go around, it looks.", as evident by Fong's frantic search.
Leon Kennedy "I can do that," Leon offers, since he's bigger and almost definitely stronger than Laura, and that means it will be easier and faster for him to deal with while she finishes up out here, if she's of a mind to. "She seems alright," he mentions more quietly to his partner, nodding at the Chinese operative. "Keep an eye out, of course, but I think she'll help us." And then he moves off toward the stairs, heading down to the crew area to secure that extra mattress and maintain their hold on the bridge.
Laura "Well, our goals may align for now.. She might be out for whatever bioweapons they are cooking out here.", Laura whispered as she slipped inside as well, glancing behind her to make sure that Fong wasn't at an earshot. "We can't let the Chinese get samples. Just be careful if we get that far, because that's when our goals might differ.", in her opinion, no-one should have any of the samples, bio-weapons research has been banned for a good reason... But for evidence, they needed to get something for the labs to analyze and hopefully tie to Umbrella in a solid way.
Leon Kennedy "Obviously," Leon replies, nodding as they step in from the rain and the wind, running his fingers through his longer hair. Longer than most men, anyway, and he flicks the excess moisture away from his fingertips. "But from the sound of things and the number of dead commandos out there, we're not going to be able to do this on our own. Not without some serious sneaky-sneak skills and secret tunnels that I don't know that we have. So for now, let's keep an eye on her and see if she's trustworthy for this part of the mission, at least." Making alliances. The US will look so good, cooperating with the PRC's agent like this. The UN will be proud.
Laura Laura nodded, "Yeah, I'm not saying that we can make it alone, and we'll certainly need her.", she replied, brushing her palm along her bodysuit to wipe off the excess water clung to her armor. "Guess I'll try some of your optimism for now.", she flashed a quick grin, climbing up the stairway to the 11th deck, leaving Leon to handle mattress as he grabbed one. She proceeded to the bridge windows, and Fong seemed to be still there. She stuck to the window, keeping a lookout from the vantage point above.