Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei How long does it take to settle on a place to sleep for the night in a zombie infested crew ship? Apparently Thirty two minutes and seventeen seconds by Andrei's count. He failed high school algebra once though so don't count on him being accurate. Regardless, even as Ashley and Leon move away, Andrei seems to of peeled off from the lovers to make his own way down the highest deck, going beyond them on the stairs and to the elevator.. then taking another set of stairs down to the bottom deck. his pacing slow and methodical as he moves to tap at the barrel of his shotgun.

"Utterly insane." Andrei mutters as he moves along, still dressed in a monkey T-shirt and athletic shorts over his wetsuit, looking like a total buffoon who may be missing a few screws. The hypocrisy of his statement is in fact lost on him. "Got to figure out how to get down into those holds and figure out where this damn thing started.. " He'll grumble. "Standler, when I get back down to deck 8 after this I pray to god you finished those bombs." He'll chuckle a little bit then, "Or I might get a bit.. explosive." Another giggle as he moves. "God, I'm glad I can keep in such good spirits even though I'm probably going to die."

Man, IT IS DARK down here by the way. Thank god for Night Vision goggles and a shotgun.. and the spine of a small child. They were not using it and frankly, at this point its a good luck charm. No seriously though, Andrei is not feeling good about things down here. Whats that a corpse? Just step around that into the inky black darkness!
Fong Ling Booted footsteps can be heard approaching Andrei, no doubt carrying just as well as the conversation that is occurring with Andrei, and Andrei's imaginary friend? Approaching with an assault rifle held in a combat position pressed against her shoulder is what appears to be one of the Chinese Special Forces who had been mostly massacred by Umbrella. More surprisingly though, she spoke English and quite well, calling out to the group, "Identify yourselves!" A pair of NVD goggles were clipped over her face, glowing green in the darkness of the corridor. Luckily she wasn't Rain!
Licker The darkness can play tricks on you, especially when you ''know'' there are things bumping in the shadows. Every length of darkness could be one of the undead sitting dorment waiting for someone to get too close... every doorway could be the hive of a monsterous abomination born of nightmare.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will remain unmoving for the time being as he turns to look at the approaching greenery. He will take the time to once over look at Fong Ling from afar. His hand will remain gripped around his gun then as his muffled features remain rather obscured, though there is fear in the mans eyes. How does one approach fear? "I.. uh.." His eyes will scan her closer, trying to get a better look at the woman, even in the dark though her outfit.. well it doesn't scream about to shoot him in the face.. which means.

"Wait!.. I uh.. Prepared for this!" Andrei mutters under his breath then as his lips purse. In the most horribly pronounced Chinese that anyone could ever understand. "Don't shoot! We are unarmed!" A beat then. "Wait no, that.... that isn't it.. ah fuck that isn't it. What is the singular? Doesn't matter." Andrei states before he lifts his shoulders.

Better to play at fear than worry about the likley possibility he might be shot, or worst still, that he might get eaten alive. His head will turn slightly to look down the odd doorway or two as his brow furrows. "I'm Adrian Monk, Detective and debutante.. can we uh.." He'll get quiet then as he thinks he see something move and hesitates visibly, frowning, his fingers starting to tap at his gun's barrel impiously. His legs tightening already to begin to sprint away.

Things are so very wrong here.
Fong Ling Ling took aim ahead of where Andrei was starting to shuffle off to and fired off a round from her assault rifle that echoed through the corridor loudly, "Don't move!" Her English was not-accented and she seemed to speak it quite well.

Weapon aimed at Andrei's center mass, she asked again, "Who are you? Don't make me ask you again." The red dot laser trailing up between Andrei's crotch and his chest.
Licker The shot rings like thunder and echoes off metal walls in the dead silence of the mostly abandoned halls.

A silence that becomes deafening when the ringing dies down and is replaced by something altogether more terrifying:


Lots. of. Moaning.
PrestigeAndrei That get's Andrei's attention, the man litertally seems to jump with a start, and stand still in place for all of twenty seconds. Really quit impressive given how much he fidgets. "Adrian monk! Sent here on a top secret mission to determine the cause of this outb-." a beat then as Andrei's head turns slightly. "Listen, I really, really don't want to get eaten, man so if you are going to shoot me, do it now?" He'll try not to run, but it's clear the man is starting to fidget as he turns his head this way and that, looking down hallways, even as his gun remains not pointed at Fong ling all the while. He tries not to be too imposing considering the situation, but there is tension in his posture, and voice.

"Come on, you want me to defect? I'll do it. I know so many secrets. Tons of em! Didn't even like the American Government anyway!" Andrei recites quickly as he looks about ready to honestly start trying to bolt to the exit.
Fong Ling "Do not be afraid." Ling said to Andrei as she heard the sound of moaning coming from the hallways, "Those are likely the Type-1 B-O-W. They are slow moving and easy to avoid, I have trained extensively in combat against them." It was almost like a recitation, given she was a Chinese Agent it was no surprise she would be precise.

Aiming her weapon away from Andrei she began to approach the man non-threateningly, "You are however, the most cowardly example of an American Agent I have ever met. If I didn't know better, I would say you are a mercenary."
Licker The sound of approaching moans grows louder from one end of the corridor. They're still a ways away, a few dozen yards, but it's unmistakable that they're drawn to the sound of conversation and the previous gunfire.

What's more, something just off to Ling's right shifts, and a long rubbery appendage shoots out and nearly wraps around her wrist. Had she not noticed it...

The sound of a low hissing is heard ''feet'' away in the darkness.
PrestigeAndrei Once Fong Ling's gun is no longer immediately trained on Andrei, the man relaxes for about half a second. There is even a big sigh to go along with it.. but then he remembers the next most pressing threat and the knot in his stomach gets bigger. "But you do know better! You found me out! I'm a coward. Sleep with the lights on and everything. Have a stuffed bear named Toast. You'd get along I bet." Andrei responds rather still intent on making his way out of here then as his head turns slightly to look behind him and then over Fong Ling's shoulder and without a second thought lifts the barrel of his shotgun over towards Fong Ling, angling the gun over her shoulder in order to blast the form moving to attack her but it appears to be just a tongue then as his eyes furrow slightly.

For once then, he'll sound less like he is about to shit himself, or run away screaming.. but actually genuinely serious. "We need to leave. Quickly." A few steps back towards the entrance, slowly angling his gun towards the darkness and ready to pop off a shot in a veritable second. If he hits tongue, whatever! He only doesn't immediately run because Fong Ling is in front of him.. and she has bullets, and looks more tastey!
Fong Ling The gnashing tongue almost caught Ling by the wrist but she rolled away from it towards Andrei before pointing her rifle in the direction the attack had come from, "You are correct Agent 'Monk'" Ling replied mockingly at the name she had been given, "That does not appear to be a Type-1."

"I assume you know military tactics? We will perform leapfrog tactics to retreat to the stairway. I'll have your back." Ling said with full honesty, "But I expect you to have mine."

Falling back about ten feet, she crouched on one knee and took aim at the Licker and opened fire with full automatic on the strange mutant.
PrestigeAndrei "Woah, I.. I havn't bought dinner first!" Andrei responds rather. "To be honest, I don't know anything, I'm just the guy they had carrying all the explosives." He'll whine softly as he steps backwards then, quickly backing up, he won't take his eye off the Licker.. even for a damn second, his eyes focused intently on the foul beast ahead of him. Fong Ling was there too, and she needed to stay in front of him. Yes, even though he has a shotgun!

With Fong ling firing off a few rounds though, it's clear that Andrei doesn't have much choice in the matter either.

All it takes is two quick compressions of the trigger..

The pellets fly wide and all over, about, even as he starts to backpedal as fast as he can then, letting luck and momentum take him over stray corpses or.. ledges or cracks.
Fong Ling Ling watches the assault rifle bullets score multiple hits against the Licker only for it to leap at her with blinding speed. Rolling backwards and out of reach of the creature, she lifted her rifle again and watched as Andrei's pellets tore into it, "Nice shot, if only your pet bear had been here to see it."

Opening fire again, she watched the assault rifle rounds tear through the creature before it could leap towards her again.

It seemed like it might have been dead, and that was all the re-assurance she needed, "Clear!" She shouted towards Andrei before running towards the Stairwell.
Licker Things could not have gone any more poorly for that unfortunate abomination. From start to finish, its attack was a snooze fest of misopertunities and unspoken bad luck. Even its ill fated leaping attack on Ling, swiping claws at her just as she springs out of the way to plant several shots right in the side of its face.

It twitches a few times, then lays still with one long drawn out breath.

Which only brings attention to the ''dozens'' of zombies that have used this skrimish to close the distance. They're not moving quickly, but they are ''coming''.. and they are not going to stop doing so.
PrestigeAndrei "Don't you dare leave me here!" Andrei will shout then as he watches what he assumes is a licker slump down, or turn into a fine blood sauasage. With that he'll turn and just start sprinting towards the stairwell of the boat, moving as quickly as he can, taking every action and step to try and propel himself forward. It isn't graceful, more a mad scramble towards the stairwell as he moves.

He'll pause at the bottom of the stairs then before looking them over and than Fong Ling.. and try and make his way up them. "I hate stairs! I hate this boat, I hate Zombies, I definetly hate Umbrella, God, this place is my own personal hell!"
Fong Ling Ling didn't leave Andrei behind, waiting at the bottom of the stairs for him even as she watched the zombies slowly approach, "You certainly do complain a lot, but I can share in at least a few of your dislikes."

Beginning to walk up the stairs, she said to Andrei, "There must be thousands of them on the ship, those poor people, on a vacation and killed." One by one she traversed the stairs, remaining alert as she kept her rifle at the ready scanning the area for any further threats.
PrestigeAndrei "Fuck them, their dead! I'm more worried about me. Somewhat about you, but mainly me!" Andrei shouts as he continues to try and just jolt up the stairs before he eventually runs out of breath and lowers his hands to his knees and just starts to pant and grunt. "Fucking.. stairs.. working for Umbrella, I just know it. Gravity too, Son of a bitch."

Andrei will then have enough stamina after a few gasping breaths to turn his head to look back at Fong Ling as she comes up the stairs behind him. Yes he ran past her, and no he isn't proud of it. He didn't think anything of it honestly. "Alright.. so.. where.. are were we?"
Fong Ling "If this ship is indeed an Umbrella Research Lab, then you would be correct. The stairs are working for Umbrella." Ling replied with a grimace as she looked at the bloodstains in the stairwell, "We are in a Stairwell between the decks." She seemed quite serious in her reply, lacking much of a sense of humor at the situation... or perhaps she was making a joke? Either way she didn't seem anymore pleased by her situation than Andrei.
PrestigeAndrei "Right... yes stairwell. This is why you are the special forces agent.." Andrei breaths heavily then, though by this point his chest has stop rising and falling so quickly that it looks like he is oxygeon deprived. "Now before I introduce you to the family and offer you a chance to get off this boat.." Andrei pauses then as he looks Fong Ling over.

"You are my long estranged wife, we married in Vegas.. and your mother didn't approve of our union. We seperated but kept sending eachother really nasty postcards on New years day. Chinese, not American"

He'll sound rather sarcatic through it all though, and he'll move to lift up his shotgun and rest it on his shoulder even as he takes a few steps up higher. No doubt to make sure he is a bit further away.
Fong Ling "While I appreciate the offer, I can take care of myself. When the storm passes, my people will send reinforcements to the boat, or they will destroy it with all of us onboard." Ling replied matter-of-factly as she leaned against the wall, resting a hand against her stomach which was no doubt rumbling from a lack of food since her arrival on this accursed ship, "You should return to your friends before anyone fears for your safety, I must continue to search for any signs of my team and the Umbrella Corps."
PrestigeAndrei "You sure? I was actually kind of feeling a bit lovestruck but if that is how you want it done.." Andrei responds as his shoulders lift slightly, his hand rubbing at the back of his neck. "There are nearly eight of them and well, more than one of us. You sure you don't want to stand side by side? I mean, not all of them are terrible." Andrei states as his tone implies some level of curiosity.

"At the very least we might be able to trade some supplies about?"
Fong Ling "Thank you, but no. I am adequately supplied for my mission." Ling replied with a forced smile as she flipped the NVD goggles off of her face. She was too well-trained to ever admit weakness, it was the way of her nation; let alone to show weakness to a foreigner.

"I would advise you and your group stay clear of the Umbrella Corps and avoid gathering in large groups. It only makes you more vulnerable." Gripping the rifle in her hand again as she eyed the latest Deck they had passed she said genuinely, "It was nice to meet you Agent Monk, perhaps our paths will cross again."
PrestigeAndrei "Avoid them? I plan on blowing up half the ship to kill them." Andrei says rather darkly then before chuckling softly as he moves alongside Ling. His gaze will shift to cast another glance aside them. "Do let us know if you need anything. We have been here.. for uh.. a few days and got quite a bit of food horded. All you need to trade is your body, and your gun. Mainly just by positining your body between me and Umbrella and all that."

Andrei will shake his head then as he pauses, waiting for Fong to leave after they eventually go up enough flights to reach the eight floor. At that point, he'll lift his hand to wave and nod. "Yah, maybe we'll see eachother again later, Stranger."
Fong Ling The offer of food was tempting, God knew Ling wanted it; but she would not give in. Nodding to Andrei she headed up towards Deck 9, off in search of any surviving Chinese Soldiers and the Umbrella commandos that has been responsible for killing them.