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Kitten It's been 2 days since Zoey Hunter departed the United States of America for the first time. She had been hired by a very 'government' looking man, cheap black suit, shades and a military haircut to deliver a package to France.

It must have come as a surprise. Certainly there were better qualified people, but maybe she was being sent because she was relatively unknown.

She had been paid $1000 US upfront for her troubles, being told the rest of the money would be paid upon delivery of the package which would be given to her in Paris when she landed.

Even her taxi had been handled, the driver dropping her off outside of a large country estate outside of the city of Paris; the man never even speaking to her.

All she had was her wits, a mysterious brown box, $1000 US dollars and the name of the man she was to deliver the box to; Sir Archene Night.

The gates of the Chateau towered ominously above her.
Hunter She hadn't been in Denver long at all when she had been approached by the mysterious man asking her to deliver a package to France. Ordinarily it would be a simple delivery in the city... usually someone's online order. Yet here she was, in France, with 1000 smackaroos and a package that felt oddly mysterious. The fact everything had been handled for her was suspicious, but... she really needed this money. Hunter basically lived off the streets, so this could let her get her foot in the door to actually getting a place of her own.

The huge building loomed above her and she couldn't quite recall ever being close to a building this big. Her parents' house hadn't been small, but this? This dwarfed it by at least 10 times over. The man who she was to deliver this to... did he live here in this huge place? What was his name... Mr.Night. Archene Night, if she recalled correctly, which she did, because it would be silly to forget the name of a client. Carefully, with her hood up, Hunter knocked in the door of the mansion. She hoped she wouldn't regret this.
James Scott Several minutes after the taxi leaves a suspicious looking teenager approaches the gate. He's dressed in a black Crombie coat with a crimson interior, a simple white button-down shirt, a pair of slim fitting Levi jeans held aloft by black suspenders, and a pair of greasy black Dr. Marten boots. Overall he looks quite like a skinhead, even sporting a 'Cut Here' tattoo across the base of his throat.

It quickly becomes apparent that he was invited though, as he produces a card and is promptly granted entry to the estate grounds. He arrives behind Hunter as she knocks on the door, hands stuffed down into his pockets. "Hey there." he speaks up, accent clearly American, Colorado to be precise. "Place is pretty big, huh? A little rich for my blood, which might be a little hypocritical considering I stay in a penthouse." The teen offers a warm enough smile though, "I'm James, by the way. Probably should have introduced myself before I started talking."
Emma From behind them both is the wound of woofing. Repeated happy woofing. It's Shaemus, the massive Newfoundlader dog. He is leaving the stables. Behind him comes Emma. She was with her horse Peachy. Thumbs are in her back pockets, red hair is falling around her. There is a dancers grace to her walk.

"Oy, Shaemus!" Calls out the Scottish lass, her accent clearly that. "Slow -- slow down ya crazy animal!" That's when the people are noticed at the front door, one being James, who gets the wave. The other is given a curious look.
Silent Night The gates of the mansion were usually open in day hours like these, though vehicles were stopped before going in. A pedestrian whether one that was already on the list to go in, or even one that simply must deliver a package personally to Archene Night could easily get in.

As the door is knocked, it doesn't take long before an older gentleman with already white hair and a very, very well-kept buttler suit opens the door, "Mister James, you may come in. Sir Night, will soon be coming downstairs. You may wait at the living room." The man politely motioned inside to James, before addressing Hunter, "Now, Miss Hunter, I was told that you have a package for Sir Night. If you please come in, he will briefly be with you to discuss the matters regarding it. So please, come inside as well."

The inside of the Chateau looked as rich as the outside, had checked black and white floor and lots of marble whether it was by the stairs that lead to the upper floors or at the corners of the larger foyer. Said foyer also had a rather comfortable L shaped sofa, for those wishing to rest on it while waiting.
Hunter It became very apparent very quickly that she wasn't alone. Not even a minute after knocking on the door, a man came from behind her. His accent was familiar, American, which she found odd for the place they were in, but then again she was also American so how could she judge? He seemed... nice enough, at least at first glance.

"Ah, hello!" she began weakly, "It's...well yeah, it's pretty big, I gotta say. Biggest place I've ever seen, really." After he introduced himself, she nodded politely and awkwardly held out a hand. "Nice t'meet yah, James. Name's Hunter." She spoke in accented English, a lilt that could have been Irish.

As if on que, someone else arrived... multiple someones, one of them being a dog. Almost instantly, Hunter's face lit up as she spotted the hound, grinning as if on reflex before remembering where she was. WHen the woman offered a curious look, Hunter offered her an awkward wave in return. She didn't get to say much before the door opened, however.

The term 'Miss Hunter' rang oddly in her ears, but she decided not to comment on it. She was riffraff, a street urchin. Miss just didn't sit right with her. Quietly she entered the mansion when prompted, making sure to wipe her sneakers at the door. Everything was just... so damn rich here! Marble? Just what was this guy's dayjob?! Uncomfortably, Hunter decided to stand and let the others take the sofa if they wanted to.
James Scott James takes the offered hand with his own slightly larger calloused one. "Good to meet you hunter." He lowers his voice and shoots her a grin, "You have a pretty voice." When Shaemus and Emma make their appearance he offers a wave, clearly he knows them.

When the door is opened he gives the older gentleman a polite nod, "I appreciate it." It's his first time in the building as well, so he takes a moment to look everything over. "Hard to believe he went from Raccoon to riches. Bet there's a designated smoking room where you have to wear a smoking jacket." He doesn't take a seat himself, but he does fold his coat and place it on the back of the couch. In doing so he reveals his arms, which have a number of scars, some of which appear to be human-sized bites.
Emma Emma is a few paces behind them, watching what's going on. Shaemus had been pulled back, so the others can go in first. After she'd follow, giving a nod to the guy who got the door. When they head for the living room, she does the same, offering a shy smile to Hunter in passing then looking to James. "How'ya do -- doin'?" Asks the Scottish lass, going over to where her stack of medicl study books are, opening the top one to where it was marked and going to sit in a chair. Shaemus woofs at James, in greeting, and then looks to Hunter curiously.
Silent Night As Emma came in, the head buttler bowed his head slightly to her, "Welcome back, Miss Emma." Not long after, coming from the second floor, in what can be in the least considered a needlessly expensive suit and sunglasses that costed as much as the suit, there was a nearly 7 feet tall man. For those who watch European TV, maybe of other places too, it may even be recognizable that the man was Archene Night, recently knighted by the Queen of England and male face of the Jeune Vitalite product line by Tricell.

"James, don't paint me as being that pretentious. I don't smoke, and just hope that others do the same around here. Plus, the breeze outdoors is better for that. Archene chuckles as he talks friendly with James. As friendly as it comes as least. Miss and Mister were just appropriate terms to address people in general, even if they look like a street urchin, if someone is coming to Archene with a package. Then he should have a look at it, in the least. "I'll be with you in a moment, James. Just have some business to deal with it seems." He gave Emma a wave and a smile.

He walked over towards... Miss Hunter. It was an interesting way to call the person. None the less, he gave her a smile, and without minding the James and Emma nearby, he says, "Well then, Miss Hunter, I'm Sir Archene Night, pleased to meet you." He smiles offering Hunter a hand, "I've been told you have a package for me." The least that can be said is that... maybe he wasn't aware of it until he was told about it a few minutes ago.
Hunter The tips of the teenager's ears slowly heated to a light red colour as James complimented her voice. This man was very forward, and she didn't quite know how to handle it... but she also couldn't stop herself from peeking at the scars on the man's arms when he took off his jacket. Those... were those HUMAN bite marks?! Those were DEFINITELY human chompers; she had been in fights with drunk hobos before and they liked to use their gnashers when they were losing. Looking at the man she knew that he was much too posh to be fighting hobos... so then where had the bites come from? Not to mention the other scars. The thing that caught her attention the most was the words 'Raccoon City'. In fact, her gaze sharpened unnaturally quickly at the mere mention of the city-turned-crater.

The woman, who she had overheard as being named Emma, allowed the dog into the house, which she thought was weird given the many breakable objects. When the dog looked at her, another large grin spread across her pale face. Hanging around and living on the streets meant you met stray dogs. LOTS of stray dogs. She had a veritible soft spot for them in her heart after having had such close contact with them.

It wasn't long before the lord of the mansion had made himself known and... shite was this man tall. He had to be at least 7'! He carried the air of a celebrity about him and, even if she didn't know him, he looked vaguely familiar. The teenager waited patiently as he talked to James, lowering her hood to reveal her deep red hair and to bring her steel-green eyes into the light. She looked surprisingly young, especially with that lopsided grin on her face due to the dog in the vacinity. WHen spoken to, she nodded politely.

"Uh.. hello, Sir!" Was it okay to call him that? Did she have to use his full name? She wasn't sure how titles worked. She shook the man's hand, her grip firm and somewhat calloused. "Ah, yeah, I have a package for yah. If y'could just sign here, I'll uh... be outtah yer hair in no time." Hunter pulled out a slip of paper. Even though she was hired by someone outside her company, it never hurt to cover one's ass.
James Scott "Hey there buddy." James greets Shaemus, giving the dog some scratches. "Been pretty well, sorry about running off the other day. Got a call from work, had to hurry in." When Archene comes down the stairs he offers the tall ass man a salute.

"Was just hoping I could get high inside. But I doubt your help would appreciate that." Yes he called them the help, but to be fair he doesn't know any of their names. He ends up taking a seat on the couch and going through the interior pocket of his coat and producing a plastic bag full of what appears to be homemade suckers, "Anybody want an edible?"
Emma Shaemus may be large, but he is a puppy at heart. When James gives him attention his doggy tongue hangs out happily. His master, seems at home here. She watches James and Shaemus with a small smile before looking to Hunter. "Ya -- ya wanna give him a treat?" Asks the lass, in her shy, sweet way. Standing and grabbing a treat out of the bin, the Scottish woman goes to hand the carrier a treat if she'd take it. "Any -- any trick'll work." Then Archene is here, he gets a wave and smile, before heading back to her seat and grabbing her med book, setting it on her lap but not reading it. Of course, her grey-green eyes watch this, curious over what the package is.
Silent Night "It is alright, James. I know how a job can pull people away at times." Archene nods at James, "I hope we manage to get a talk later, to catchup. Didn't get a good chance to do that last time." He chuckles before he focuses on the currier.

Archene's hand weren't exactly calloused. Though they had some rough feeling, most of it has gone away due to certain cosmetic products. "Ah, I see, I see." He nods at Hunter... and really doesn't seem to mind at all being called just Sir. If anything, he looks happy for it, "Oh, you are free to stay about for a meal if you wish, or sightsee outside." He speaks offhandedly, he takes out a pen... actually, it is just a normal black Bic. Those that don't cost a dollar. He proceeds to take the slip and sign, "Now the package, please." He extends a hand towards Hunter, certainly waiting for the package, "Though, I have a few questions for you. After I have it." He smiles rather friend for a nearly 7 feet tall man!
Hunter While Archene conversed with James and signed the slip of paper, Hunter accepted the dog treat to give to Shaemus. As if it were a natural movment, the teenager knelt onto one knee and gently patted her thigh with one hand, emitting a very soft whistle. One hand held the treat out casually, offering it to the dog without needing to do a trick. The smile on her face grew and she gently reached out to scritch underneath the dog's chin. With some caution, Hunter leaned her head down to rest her forehead on the dog's forehead, murmuring softly to the pup. "Yer a good boy, yeah? Ain't no need fer tricks, not fer a smart guy like you!" Her voice was low and raspy, but also held nothing but fondness for the dog. It almost sounded like night and day compared to when she was talking to people; perhaps she just got along better with dogs?

Once Archene had signed the slip, she pocketed it before carefully handing the man his package. Not even she knew what was in it, but it raised alarm bells that he wanted to ask her questions.

"O-Oh, ah... questions?" She looked around a tad nervously. "I can answer some stuff, yeah... but I shouldn't intrude on yer meal, Sir." She suddenly felt very small and out of place. The way she was dressed, her mannerisims... none of it fit in this place.
James Scott "Yeah, being on call can be a pain in the ass, but it sure beats the hell out of not working." James takes one of those suckers and pops it into his mouth, the rest get stuck back into his coat pocket. Time spent getting high wasn't time wasted.

"Oh, c'mon Hunter. As long as you don't have anything else to do you should spend a little time with us." While it's nearly impossible to make his eyes out from behind those glasses of his, his smile was warm and inviting. "We'd love to have you." he bites his lower lip, perhaps to make his double entendre a bit more obvious. "Besides, Shaemus always likes making new friends."
Emma Shaemus is all happy and wagging his tail when Hunter gives him attention. Emma watches this with a smile, eyes moving between her dog and the woman. When James isn't so subtle she lifts her medical book up, perhaps to hide her face. The front saying something about deadly diseases. "Aye you - you should stay, I cooked some desserts taday, like'ta have someone else enjoy them." For a second she peeks over her book.
Silent Night Archene accepts the box with a warm smile, placing it on a little 'center' table that stood in front of the nice sofa. "See, no one would mind you staying around." He chuckles quietly, "And really, besides who are you, and who sent you here with this." He pulls a little stack of bills, all of them of just 10 euros... but if one sums them all up, should be nearly 300, "This though, is just for you coming around so, politely to bring the package here." And in no way an incentive to help Hunter speak as much as possible as quickly as possible...

He hmms looking at Emma, "What did you make this time?" He frows an eyebrow, by the smile, he is more than happy to hear that there will be desserts.
Hunter That... was a difficult question. Her expression darkened slightly. "Ah, well... y'see, confidentiality is key in this line o'work, yeah? On top o' that, would you believe me if I told ye that I uh... I don't know?" She scratched the back of her head sheepishly. "Some bloke in a suit an' shades, shaved hair, all serious like. Gave me cash up front t'get on over to Paris t'give ye this package. Didn't really say anythin' else." As for who she was? She really didn't like talking about herself, and it showed. The teenager shifted uncomfortably on the spot. "As fer me? I'm ah... well, I'm from Denver. Well not from Denver I--" She paused, taking a deep breath to compose herself. "I went to Denver after... after the Raccoon City incident. I'm just a courier, borin' all around."

At the repeated offers to stay, Hunter's ears tinged with red once more. Why were these folks so welcoming? Was it because this was Europe? No one had ever been this welcoming back home, not even the street kids she had run with. "I uh...well I reckon I could stay fer a bit..."
James Scott "I grew up in Raccoon City myself. Was attending the college there when the shit hit the fan." James moves that sucker from one side of his mouth to the other, almost as if he's debating sharing or not. "The place wasn't great and the people sucked, but it was home. Where I met these guys." He takes the glasses from his face and hooks them onto his shirt. Apparently he's wearing a pair of red contacts with slitted pupils even though it's a little early for Halloween.
Silent Night "That is understandable, and the second answer is believable. You don't really look like the kind of person who'd be coming here to actively harm me." Archene smiles before nodding, "And people so vaguely dressed, probably just don't want to be identified." He shrugs before seeming to stare more intently at Hunter as she mentions Raccoon City, "Then you are one of the lucky ones to come out of it alive. Did you manage to leave it before everything started?" Archene tilts his head slightly before glancing at James, "Though that explanation cuts a bit on explanations, it really was where I met the two of you." He nods a few times.
Hunter Harm him?! Hunter looked up, all the way up, to the face of this 7' statue. She didn't think she could harm him if she tried. When the topic of Raccoon City came up, she shuffled nervously again. "N-No..." Her voice was quieter now. "My parents... they went to the city fer a business meetin' the day before... well, before everythin' happened." She felt like she didn't belong here, with these people who had obviously suffered so much. They had been there, had lived it. She had only been a secondary victim and only by circumstance. Without realizing it, the teenager gently laid a hand on Shaemus' fuzzy head, perhaps in an attempt to make herself feel better.

"I'm real sorry about yer loss. Losin' a home is hard." At least that was something she could relate to.
James Scott "I'm sorry for yours as well. Losing family isn't ever easy." James offers Hunter a smile, though this one is a bit more sad than the others. "At the end of the day all you can do is keep moving though. If you'll be in Paris for a while you're more than welcome to crash at my place if you like. Beats the hell out of staying in a hostel."
Emma Yay, Racoon City talk. It needs to be talked about but Emma frowns, remembering the horrors. Unknowingly a hand comes to her neck, the bruises long gone but the memories still there. Bringing her hand down she sighs a little. "Yer -- yer the reason we're alive, you'n Markus." She says, and looks to James with a nod. "Move forward, indeed." Shaemus haa returned to his side and put his head on his masters lap, which get a pat. "I'm-- I'm sorry for yer loss." This is said to Hunter with a kind smile. "Ya alwaya gotta chance ta find new people ta fill yer life with." Closing her medical book with a snap she pus it down and stands."Ma -- maybe we need some desserts now? How 'bout we ruin dinner?"
Silent Night "Yours desserts are always lovable to have Emma, if you may, Emma." Archene smiles softly at her before saying, "And really, it was only due to everyone working together that all of us made it out. I only provided transport out and a safe location while in there." He sighs before nodding slightly at Hunter, "My condolences for your family." He moves over to the couch to sit down, as lightly as possible to not mess up to suit probably.
Hunter Hunter looked at the floor. Hearing about even the slight details they mentioned, she couldn't even begin to imagine what it could have been like. What her parents had gone through. What had their last moments been like? Had they fought to get out, like these people had done? Had they just given up? She would never know. Every trace of her parents had been obliterated in that blast, and it left nothing but questions that she would never be able to find the answers to. The teenager squeezed her eyes shut. In reality she hadn't really had time to grieve. She kept telling herself that she wasn't close to them, that they were always at work so it shouldn't hurt so much. But it did.

At the mention of desserts, she nodded her head meekly. "It'd be rude t'refuse... I'll have some, if ye don't mind that is."
James Scott "Sorry for bringing it up." James shifts his gaze towards the ceiling, crunching the medicated gelatin from the end of it's stick. Sometimes he forgot just how much it all weighed on some people. He lost the only person he cared about before the outbreak, he outright hated his mom and older half-brother, so there wasn't much pain there for him. If anything he was happier being in Paris and learning about his parentage.
Emma They said that she was the heart of the group right? Emma, even if within feeling that tidle wave off known horror of Racoon, smiles to them. "Aye, let - let's get some food, hm?" With that dancera grace, the red head would go to make her way to the kitchen, assuming they would follow. Shaemus would nudge his new friend happily having her along, like the rest.
Silent Night Archene, at most got a breath or two, before standing up to follow Emma. Leaving the package back on that one table in the living room. He stops brielfy as he passes byy James and Hunter, lightly motioning for them to come along.
Hunter Hunter reached down to softly scritch the top of Shaemus' head when he began to nudge her towards the kitchen. SHe murmured something under her breath to the dog, something about being 'one hell'uva pupper', before nodding and silently making her way to the kitchen. Even the kitchen was grand, more grand than any other she had ever seen. There were appliances here that she wasn't even sure what they did, nevermind if they were necessary or not. She was used to living off what she could get; a cheap burger, a bottle of water, sometimes gravy and fries if she could muster up the extra cash. SOmething told her that these desserts would be delicious.
James Scott James Scott pushes up to his feet and follows after everyone else, hands burried in the pockets of his jeans. "So Doc, what'd you fix?" he calls over to Emma, though he doesn't seem overly curious.
Emma The kitchen is big, but full of natural and artifical light. It's clean, with big appliances. There are a few staff in here, but they keep up with their work. Emma knows her way around here, she loves to cook. Though the chance doesn't come often sometimes to clear her head from studying she'll bake. Which is what she did recently. "I'm no doctor yet. Workin' on it. I - I made Undy sticky toffee puddin', which is a Scottish dessert." Clearly because she is Scottish. It's put on the counter, then she takes something else out and puts it down town. "An' a freah made apple pie, good ol' American tradition."
Silent Night Archene signals for one of the people of the staff to bring the plates and cutlery who just leaves them as a neat stack by the wonderful sweets made by Emma. He looks from James to Hunter before unstacking the plates so that there are four side by side, "I'd be happy to try the pie, too long since I've had a taste of American tradition." He chuckles quietly.
Hunter Hunter had never had toffee pudding before, and had only ever had apple pie maybe twice in her life. Whenever her parents would buy sweets to make up for not being around, she would wave it off and refuse to eat them out of spite. This, however, was a different situation. Hunter politely waited for the others to get their plates and utensils before taking her own. Carefully, she took some of the toffee pudding and one small slice of the pie. Silently, she took a bite of the pudding.

... and simply stared at her plate for a moment. How could something so inconspicuous taste so delicious?! The wonderment similar to a small child on Christmas was plastered all over her face as she took another bite, savouring this one more than the last. After a few moments and when her face wasn't full of dessert, she turned to Emma. The teenager offered the Scottish woman a warm, genuine smile, lopsided but full of nothing but good will. "Emma, these're delicious! Yer fantastic!"
James Scott "Unfortunately I'm gonna have to enjoy it through y'all. If my trainer found out I was eating sweets he'd knock the teeth out of my mouth." Probably more literally than James would like to admit, the Grim Reaper was the last person you wanted to play games with. It's about this time his demeanor changes slightly and he moves to learn against a counter as the edibles he'd been eating over the last hour finally kick in.
Emma Emma takes a piece of the pudding, becsuse it's normal to her. When Hunter gives such a compliment her cheeks redden a touch, and grey-green eyes look down shyly. "Ahh - ah, thank ya. To kind. I, grew up on'a acreage ya'see, papa is a cook. We - we tended it ourselves, he taught us ta cook off tha land'n'all. Eat all - all ya want, we're ruinin' dinner afta'll." She glances up to James, looks to Archene and then back to James. "Want some fruit or somethin'?" She asks him.
Silent Night Archene gets a bit of pie in his plate before eating it. He seems more than happy with it though he doesn't voice his compliments too much, just glad to watch Emma's reactions with the other ones, "There is no such thing as ruining dinner. Only having late desserts for lunch." He chuckles quietly, "And you know where to get the fruits, Emma." He slowly finishes the pie, glancing at a clock in the wall before letting out a soft sigh and focusing again on the pie.
Hunter Hunter, as politely as she could, demolished 3 slices of pie and 3 servings of the pudding. THe look on her face was one of pure enjoyment, as if something like this was a luxury. Looking down at her plate, the teenager's ears burned red in embarrassment. Facepalming, she mumbled, "Gunna have'ta run extra after this."

When Archene looked at the clock, she did too. What she saw made her nervous; it was getting pretty late... she had already overstayed her welcome. She still had to figure out where she would be staying, but even then, she knew exactly where she would be; the streets had never let her down before, and she knew many tricks of where and where not to sleep. It would help her save for a ticket back to Denver, and it would let her explore European architecture. "I uh... I should really get goin'. It's late an' I've already eaten too much o' yer sweets." She said sheepishly.
James Scott "Yeah, it is getting late." James agrees, more than a touch stoned. His attention moves slowly over to Hunter who he considers. "You got a place to stay the night? I know we're literally strangers, but I've gotta work tonight, so you're welcome to crash at my place. Building has security and the best view in Paris, so it's a bit safer than crashing at a hostel or a park bench."
Emma Emma grabs a container and puts a piece of each dessert in and slides it to Hunter. "Ta - ta have later." Says the red head with a smile. Seeing as everyone is looking at the clock she does to. "I need ta - ta get a paper done too. We - we're studyin' up on heart conditions." There is a glance to James, then to Hunter. "Come back ta visit, ya'hear."
Silent Night "And I have a meeting to participate, while it is late over here, I need to get ready for a meeting. It is always early enough for a meeting somewhere." Archene sighs, leaving the plate dirty for kitchen staff to take care of. "Hope you don't stay up overnight writting it, Emma. And James, we still need to talk. Hope you get a chance to come around again tomorrow or the day after." He smiles before saying, "And Miss Hunter," He grins slightly< "I hope you enjoy your stay in Paris. Thank you for the delivery." Does he even know what is inside that package?!
Hunter Hunter awkwardly shook her head but offered James a smile. "Thanks fer the offer, but I'll be okay on my own. Ain't got this far by relyin' on people, so there's no point in startin' now." He seemed a bit off... just what was in that sucker? From the looks of it, she thought she might know what it could have been; she had seen it used and abused a lot on the streets, but there was no way to tell for sure.

As Emma offered her another portion of dessert for later, the red in her ears lightly dusted her cheeks. It felt like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "Thanks, Emma. This'll be jus' as good in the mornin' as it was tonight."

Finally, Archene spoke up and she nodded. "Don't know how long I'll be in Paris, since this delivery was all I had. I hope ye enjoy whatever's in the delivery?" She offered, almost questioningly; she wasn't sure what it was and she wasn't sure what posh people got delivered to Paris by unknown American teenagers.