Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov had perhaps one of the most annoying jobs on the planet. Now he has one where he goes around on a dangerous ship and shoots people. At least Gary isn't eating his fucking lunches anymore from the fridge! Yet this profession had some downsides as well. One of them was the part where they are supposed to figure out what is going on in the bottom of the ship. Opening the lower bulkheads had not proven as fruitful a possibility as Andrei had hoped to be honest. Thus, without much further to go on, during one of his scouting missions he had come across what appeared to be a series of doors and rooms that were sealed off up top.

Thus, Andrei decided upon finding these oddly sealed off offices near the top of the ship.. that he would enlist the aid of one young woman. Ashley Graham. She was brave.. and had meat on her bones. All the traits that Andrei needed in a real partner. Someone that a zombie could really sink their teeth into.

So slowly Andrei will walk along on the top deck, moving towards where he had found the offices that would eventually lead to the maintenance tunnels that hopefully will take them where they need to go. "So, these rooms over here.. looks like they are locked or.. something." Andrei mutters under his breath as he moves along. "I uh.. need your quick fingers to do a bit of fine work. Can't get Stadler to do it honestly. Man is busy making bombs so that leaves you Cowgirl." Andrei offers dryly.

The man walking with Ashley is wearing currently a most unusual ensemble. There is a T-shirt.. stained slightly with blood. In the center is a yellow circle with a monkey inside of that giving a thumbs up. Cheeky bugger. A pair of athletics shorts.. Oh and an armored wetsuit, gasmask and nightvision goggles. Throw in a nice looking beanie the man had taken, also spattered with a bit of blood and that completes the surreal outfit and escort.
Leon Kennedy Remember when the ship came to a 'sudden' stop? Yeah, that was Leon Kennedy's attempt at becoming a pirate captain, turning the throttle off in the bridge so that the ship wouldn't collide into the mainland and leak zombies onto the unsuspecting world. Well done for that, anyway. The next step of his brilliant plan to save the galaxy is going less well; the idea was, secure the bridge, obtain the blueprints of the ship, determine the source of the outbreak onboard, recruit some survivors for assistance, and strike out into the lower levels.

The only problem with this plan so far has been finding survivors. Leon's found lots of bodies on the lower levels, heard some screams, blasted some zombie heads, even found an odd hand, but no helping hands thus far. Since it seemed like these things were coming up from the lower levels, he and his partner have decided the survivors can only be higher up; that means one of them needs to hold the bridge, that crucial area, while the other ranges forth in search of trustworthy assistance. The new DSO agent has been covertly prowling the decks, looking for just such capable folks to drag down to his subterranean lair- er, the bridge, and then onwards into the lower levels to Save the Galaxy. Nighttime finds him emerging onto the top deck, blinking in the moonlight, his bulletproof vest strapped over a white linen shirt with blue embroidered pineapples running down it in two vertical lines, a pair of sturdy chino khakis, and boat shoes. A custom M92F gleams duly in his hand, kept at the ready as he peeks around the corner at the approaching Andrei with his monkey shirt, eyes narrowed in the darkness. Was that Stadler he just mentioned...?
Ashley Graham "I really don't know how much help I'll be," Ashley reminds the Deadpool-ish fellow beside her. She looks a bit more standard, herself. A white blouse, relatively clean, tucked into high-waisted 1940s style ochre pants and some fashionable flat shoes. She has her platinum hair braided back, and otherwise seems well but for a few flecks of blood and a blue and black bruise on the side of her face that, while ugly, is starting to fade. She's armed with a golf-club, and when her hand moves a silver charm bracelet glitters on her wrist in the half-light provided by port windows in different open-doored rooms or at the end of the hall. "I mean, I can give you an essay on the basics of Miranda warnings, but picking locks is rather far above my paygrade." She's used to doors being held open for her.
PrestigeAndrei "Well don't worry, worst case, you can break it down with your shoulder." Andrei responds rather amusedly as his lips twist into a frown. "After all, any girl who has been in a rodeo isn't some little wallflower who can't break down a door by herself." He'll dryly note as his hand reachs up to rub at his chin, even as his shotgun remains lowered slightly, held in one hand before he moves to grip the barrel firmly as he moves. The man in the wetsuit soon shifting his gaze to look straight ahead as he walks along.

"And considering your current salary is in candy and bullets I don't think you can't get paid much less." Andrei continues as he lightly steps down towards the doors in question that will no doubt lead to the most dangerous place of all! The tunnels!
Ashley Graham The top of the ship has a lot of moonlight. From one side, one level down, one might hear the occasional gunshot. Umbrella, most likely, executing either zombies or innocents depending on how far your paranoia goes. But does it go far enough to notice that the swinging door to the dining area is no longer attached to the hinges? That now, at the sound of voices, three humanoid forms appear through the doorway?

Their forms end at humanoid. One, a latino busboy, has blood all down his crisp white button-down, and two knives still stuck into his body. The next behind him appears to be a woman in a fine gold evening dress, with her neck twisted at an odd angle to show that it is, in fact, broken. The third is a man in a cheap suit, with a nametag reading "Pierre". Pianist, maybe, for the night's entertainment? Either way, he is riddled with bullet holes. But they all have one thing in common: they're all pale, with red around their dead eyes and hunger in them too. They push through the door quickly, moving fast. R-Virus, for any experts in the room.

And they know there's fresh meat.
PrestigeAndrei Even as the door is busted open, Andrei doesn't even blick twice. He'll move to try and grab Ashley by the arm and tug her out of the way of.. well out of the center of the deck to whatever could be found. Perhaps a pile of corpses.. Perhaps a pile of suitcases. Regardless the instant things seem to go south.. Andrei spooks. He spooks fucking FAST.

He'll dive, with or without Ashley and start wriggling and crawling his way up to a wall. His Monkey shirt is going to protect him or he is going to die dammit!

Of course just in case there is the resounding coincidence he might get caught.. the soft click of a saftey turning off betrays that he still might be here.
Leon Kennedy When the door breaks open, Leon's eyes dart towards it, even as the figure he's been watching steals away into cover. The DSO agent doesn't waste much mental space worrying about that for now; he's got more immediate concerns. The custom 9mm handgun in his hands pops up in front of his face with the casual ease of a practiced marksman, reflecting years and years and years of training despite his young age and short service experience. Mr. Kennedy, dearly departed, would be proud of the way he easily sights in on the first zombie's head, and with hardly a squint at the nightsights painting large dots on the former busboy's face, Leon depresses the trigger smoothly toward the rear and the handgun barks loudly. It's bite is worse than its bark, and half of a cranium depresses as blood sprays out the back of the busboy's head. Pierre, with his cheap suit, gets an extra lapel hole for a new red blooming boutonniere before the next slug blows a chunk out of his eye socket.

This is how they met Leon Kennedy.
Ashley Graham "You're the secret agent here-" Ashely begins to chastize Andrei for (jokingly, she assumes) insinuating that she'll be opening the door before he will. But all of that gets swept to the side as Ashley, herself, gets swept to the side. Yanked, perhaps, might be a better descriptor. Still, she's kind of like a rag doll; when Andrei grabs her arm and dives, she falls with him, ending up tangled with the man for a few moments. It's the sound of the safety of his gun getting clicked off that causes her to roll off him entirely. She reaches for her own, tucked into the back of those stylish, flattering pants.
y the time she's turning, she already hears Leon's shots. Perhaps she can't make out the man himself in the hustle of it all, but she does hear the shots and see the running forms of the undead drop like stones. One, then another. Wordlessly, even from the safety of their cover, Ashley lifts her own weapon and points it in that general direction. There's one woman left, in the gold gown. It's a nice gown, if a little dated. Sequins are rather dated, after all. The nice thing is, they won't show the blood as much. For there's about to be a lot of blood.

Ashley squeezes off one round. It penetrates the woman's neck from the side, given the fact that Team Andrashly dove to one side an the zombies chased Leon in the other. Arterial blood sprays like a sprinkler across the already dirty deck. The next shot does worse, rather than better, ripping through her shoulder.
Ashley Graham Two down, one to go. Bleeding from numerous wounds (or rather, dribbling blood because the heart's not pumping anymore to cause an active bleed), the woman in the fine dress roars at the moon like a werewolf. It's almost like a rage in these creatures, that they only want one thing and when they don't get it they show their true rage. This woman has that rage now.

The rounds were enough to distract her sight to the other side of the deck, where Andrei and Ashley are hiding. But Leon's easier to spot with his lower roll and out in the open. So she turns and roars and charges at the DSO agent again.
PrestigeAndrei The good news is that for all the danger that was just here a second ago, it all seemed to dissapate quite suddenly. Even as Andrei slides up to his feet, remaining crouching and near the wall, his fingers griping tightly around the barrel of his shotgun then as he mutters under his breath. "Looks like you two got it.." He'll respond amused then as his eyes shift to look towards the distance at the man undoubtly about to be ripped into by another zombie if he didn't do anything.

Sure Andrei will take the time to level his gun towards the Rage beast.. but he will also make sure to flip the switch to his NVD, and turn on the lights so to speak to make sure he can more distinctly tell the outline of the new hero who is here to save both of them. Mainly Andrei obviously. The man needs to be rescued clearly.
Leon Kennedy Someone else is shooting at the remaining zombie, but again, Leon doesn't have time to think about that. He has time to move back from the roaring, charging zombie, and to center that little dot on her head. The dot is all fuzzy, but the woman's screaming face is crystal clear behind it, and Leon pulls the trigger two quick times, the first ruining whatever's left of her hairdo and the second sailing off into the night. Godspeed, stray bullet. The slide locks back, and Leon shoots it back forward without really thinking about it. Maybe now would be a good time to figure out who he just 'saved.'
Ashley Graham As the last one drops, Ashley rises from her hiding place, slowly lowering her M9. Still, she casts another glance to the doorway from wence the three escaped. Nothing, no sign of other movement or attackers. So, after that awkward moment of quiet after the sound of the last shot has faded across the ecohoing waters, she flips the safety on. All of this is done before she turns on Andrei and lifts her hand to punch him in the shoulder. Hard. Well, hard for an 18 year old who is 110 pounds soaking wet. Wet with blood.

"You jerk!" she declares, and perhaps her voice will carry to their savior. "How many guns on you, and you can't even be bothered to try to help?" She glares. Oh, does she glare. Of course her glare likely misses the mark. It doesn't occur to her, at all, that they might have just come across an Umbrella operative or someone worse in the fighting. Naive and trusting, she certainly is.
PrestigeAndrei "Man, I am glad I gave you a gun. Not right at this second obviously becuase you seem upset, but you what.. hit that zombie like twice?" Andrei responsd rather cheerfully as he moves to lift his shotgun then as he holds it on his shoulder. The other hand now free, is moving to rub at his arm as he grumbles slightly. "That hurt though, I think you might of infected me.." He'll tease then as he chuckles softly.

Though soon Andrei's attention is shifting away from Ashley to their new savior that had in the end been the source of the three deaths, or redeaths of the undead this evening. "You got a name, sir? Or the name of your surgeon?" He'll intone as he moves to step away from the wall then, still keeping his gun on his shoulder, and thus pointed to the wall behind him.
Leon Kennedy Stepping out from behind the deck furniture he'd ducked behind to trip up the charging zombie that's faceplanted on the deck, Leon drops the magazine from his pistol into his hand and jams a new one up into the handle. He doesn't have a holster to put it in, and he just holds it in his hand instead. It's not ideal, but they didn't come prepared, really. "Leon Kennedy," he calls to Andrei, but something about that feminine voice seems oddly familiar. "Who's the girl?" Because yelling 'Is that you Ashley?!' seems like a bad idea if it turns out to not be Ashley. Makes you seem a little crazy.
Ashley Graham Ashley just makes a scoffing sound of displeasure in Andrei's general direction. She tucks the gun back into the waistband of her pants, at the back, and covers it with the buttondown. But there's a voice behind her, and it gives her cause to pause. The man has a name. And Ashley has a respond.

"Jesus on the Cross," she breathes, saying it like a swear. Slowly, she turns to face Leon. And then it's all the emotions. She looks at him, with her big blue eyes and her bruised face. She at least, by now, had the advantage of knowing, or at least believeing, that Leon was here. So it's not a total shock.

"Who's the girl?" she parrots at Leon. There's tears in her eyes, making them all gleamy. Thankfully it's dark and it's likely no one will notice. She stars at him for a moment, and then finally takes the few quick steps needed to cross the space between them so she can throw her arms around him in a forced hug, grumbling as she does so. "Who's the girl ... Jesus Christ, who're you!" That may not make sense. You can't blame her though, she's all female emotions at the moment.
PrestigeAndrei "Who? Her? That is cowgirl." Andrei responds rather dryly as his finger taps against the grip of his gun as his eyes drift closed if only for a second as he sighs heavily. He'll mutter under his breath then very softly. "Are we seriously doing this fucking now?" His gaze will shift than to the woman at his side for a few seconds before he shakes his head then, stating rather loudly. "When you two are finished, I'll be trying to figure out a way to break down this damn door, take your time... and all that."

He'll state as he moves to step past Ashley and towards Leon though he'll stop just short of the man and move to approach a door that is nearby, looking it over as he starts to kick it with his shoe as he moves to start jostling and jiggling the handle.
Leon Kennedy "Shit," Leon whispers. The voice was familiar for a reason, it /is/ Ashley, apparently. He'd know that teary hysterical voice anywhere. "Ashley? ...oh shit." This /is/ the same cruise she left on, the one he'd spent the last weeks praying she wasn't on. And now he's gone and not immediately declared that he knows her.

"Ashley, it's me." Obviously. "It's Leon." He said that. "I- I didn't know you were here." It's a lame explanation, but it's the start of a good one, if she's going to ask him about it. Gun still in hand, he's taken a few halting steps forward, knowing she's got a gun and she's been shooting it. He remembers the last time she shot things. Living things.
Ashley Graham Perhaps it's that she's just shot that gun again. The last time she shot one, other than at ranges since Raccoon City, was ... well, Leon knows. It wasn't good. But for the moment, Ashley has her arms around Leon, and is clinging to him. It's a romantic moment, or a cute moment, or a disgusting moment. Particularly the latter, if you're poor Andrei.

Ashley then takes a half step back from Leon then, and swings a punch at his arm the same way that she did to Andrei a moment earlier. But Andrei moving beside her distracts her from whatever she was about to say to Leon.

"Don't open that door on your own!" she commands, the adrenaline still takes it's effect so she commands a man in a monkey t-shirt and a gas mask. And then she looks back at Leon, and moves to punch his shoulder again. "Tell me you didn't come here for me!" she says, yelling in tone if not in volume. She stares up at him with teary blue eyes. It's this weird mix between sadness and gladness and fury. Women are complicated.
PrestigeAndrei As this incredibly romantic reunion is on in the background.. it isn't hard to imagine this tear jerking moment might be a bit put off a bit by the sound of just constantly jostling the doorknob as he grunts softly. "Stil locked.. What? Don't mind me!" He'll respond as he waves off AShley before he continues with his work. A loud thud then sounds out as Andrei knocks his shoulder into the door then.. and then again. The door doesn't give and the man just grumbles under his breath.

Is this the part where they kiss?
"Fuck it." BLAAAAAM Andrei lowers his shotgun, places it right up to the door and pulls the trigger, emitting a massive bang as the pellets shred through the doors lock and Andrei gives a slight resolute nod. "Here we go than." He'll mutter as he makes his way inside the office hallways, pausing near the entrance way as he waits for Ashley and Leon to finish up.
Leon Kennedy The agent's hand presses Ashley's head gently to his body, the other holding her against him in a fervent embrace. "I kept hoping this wasn't your cruise," he murmurs, before she punches him. He still clings to her a little when she steps back to swing, but it doesn't seem to phase him that much. "They called me up the day before the cruise and told me we were going, to investigate a possible biohazard threat," he tells her, after she punches him another time. "I'm here with another DSO agent named Laura, we have the bridge." All up to speed.

Curious eyes dart sideways as Andrei decides to start shooting doors open. "Who's your friend?"
Ashley Graham Ashley seems to take Leon's explanation at face value. Why wouldn't she, so trusting as she is? "Thank goodness," she sighs, the fury fading from her look at the man before her. "I heard you were here yesterday. I thought you'd come here for me, and I was going to kill yo-"

But then there's the sound of Andrei's shotgun. It causes the blonde to start, to step back into Leon's embrace for safety and security and affection. It only lasts a moment. A lovely, lovely moment, a brief moment of peace.

And then Ashley groans. "Kirov," she sighs, moving to disentangle herself from Leon to head in the direction of the gunshot. "Federal Bioterrorism Commission," she explains to Leon, looking to him once over her shoulder longingly even as she marches toward the noise. "Kirov?" she calls gently as they approach him. "Are you alright?"
PrestigeAndrei "I thought I told you to do your romantic interlude?" Andrei calls back as he moves to lift up his shotgun, moving to fiddle with his backpack and unzipping a side pocket then as he turns to look out the doorway. "I just saw a rat. Or a door." Andrei mutters then as he moves to flip his saftey back on then as he chuckles softly, again sarcasm dripping from every word.

"I don't think we'll be getting much done here today, so we'll just.. or I'll, if you two want to kiss. You know, no pressure." Andrei offers as he turns to look down the hallway amongst all the offices, humming softly under his breath than, voice muffled still by his respirator.

"Wonder if they got any neat things in here? Adrian Monk is on the case." He'll respond then, making his way down the hallway, peering in open doorways or through frosted glass windows.
Leon Kennedy "That's not why I came, but I'm glad I did," the agent tells Ashley, as she holds tight to him.
"Your friend is a wise-cracking OCD detective with a monkey on his shirt?" Leon murmurs curiously, following along behind Ashley, jogging for a moment to catch up with her as they both catch up with Andrei. "I'm DSO," he mentions to the other man, stepping inside, weapon still in his hand as Andrei starts to head down the hallway. "Are there more FBC on board? We could use the help."
Ashley Graham "Yes, you've rather figured him out quickly," Ashley says, giving Leon a quick smile before pausing behind Andrei once she's found him. Good, it's dark. Andrei might not see that the apples of Ashley's cheeks are flooding with color. Perhaps. One hopes. "Nevermind where and when we kiss," she informs the man in the monkey t-shirt.

But there's the formal introductions to be made, and Ashley was raised to make things like formal introductions. Even now. "Leon Kennedy, this is," she pauses, thoughtfully. "Well he goes by Adrien. Adrien, this is Leon Kennedy." There, now that's done. "And it's too dark to go spulunking, and you know it. We should get out of here until morning, in case we've attracted any attention." Apparently with Leon behind her, Ashley has become more confident, more self-assured of her ideas.
PrestigeAndrei "We met. Like thirty seconds ago. You were there actually." Andrei notes as he kneels down for a second upon sighting what appears to he a.. well let us say deceased individual. A hand will soon go fishing through the man's pockets as he pulls out a wallet and starts to flip through the last remenants of the mans identification. Cash and plastic are filched and that pack of his is moved to be opened and his misbegotten goods thrown inside.

"There are currently three agents assigned to this task. A fourth a passenger." Andrei will state then as he moves to stand again, still going through the wallet slowly, humming softly as he goes. "CO died when the chinese chopper taking her out of here got shot down by the Umbrella hit-squad running around here now."

He'll turn then, tossing the wallet over his shoulder and making his way back towards Ashley and Leon after getting his loot. "Sounds fine to me. Any preference on where we hold up for the time being?"
Leon Kennedy "My partner is holding down the bridge," Leon replies, deciding not to go down the rabbit trail of when/where he and Ashley may or may not kiss. The news of the CO getting taken out draws a dark frown over his face, much more so than the sight of someone looting a dead body. That's just what happens in these situations, it's not that disrespectful. They wouldn't have time for it even if it was, and Leon shrugs off whatever moral qualms he might have with the activity. "Sorry to hear about your CO. We haven't been able to make contact with our field support since things started going off the rails. Something's jamming us. I broadcasted a mayday on the radio, maybe that's what brought the Chinese in." Although that doesn't seem to have helped. "Ashley's right, though, you shouldn't stay out here in the open, and tonight isn't the time to go dropping down some maintenance shaft. They're slower in the day, at any rate."
Ashley Graham "Doctor Berger has some rooms down on eight," Ashley explains, looking back at Leon for a moment, then forward to Andrei. "I settled him in earlier today. His arm is still a disaster," she adds, with a sigh of displeasure. The man's a machine, if only they could use him. "I know it isn't ideal, with a lot of infected down there. But Umbrella won't go down that far either, not at night, so I think it's a better place for us. Infected aren't going to come through a locked door." She looks between the men, as if seeking approval for the idea. "Should we go, then?" she asks, big blue eyes moving from Andrei to Leon and back again. In these looks, though, they settle on Leon a touch longer.
PrestigeAndrei "Seems like fun." Andrei responds rather amusedly then as he offers a nod in response to Ashley, his grasp tight around the grip and barrel of his shotgun then as his eyes drift over to Leon for a second then, lifting his shoulders slightly. "Umbrella has been jamming communications for a while now. I've suggested to Major Stadler that he take the time to rewire the explosives we were going to use to blow the ship as directional. Then we'll just start blowing things up until we knock out whatever is jamming us.. and no doubt take down a few operatives along the way."

He'll move towards the door and out onto the deck then as he looks about. Thank god for night vision goggles, it lets you catch everyones features quite well after all! "I'll inform you of F.B.C.'s mission parameters as of this second. Origonally we were here to destroy the ship. Find out what happened with hard evidence. Rescue survivors on a case by case basis. First part is scrapped, and a new issue has presented itself. We need to thin out Umbrella so I don't feel like I'm about to get shot any second."
Leon Kennedy "If Umbrella is on board, that complicates and explains a couple things," Leon remarks, nodding shortly to himself. The handgun still resting against his palm is comforting weight, almost as much as seeing Ashley there, and he runs his index finger over the slide. "I knew we've got some nasty copassengers, but we weren't sure who was shooting at the Chinese the other night. If it's Umbrella, they're probably going to want the bridge. Markus, too, if they know he's here, but sounds like his location is bound to be a little more... nebulous than the bridge. I don't think that's a good place to take you." 'You' meaning 'Ashley'. "Where's Berger's room? Aft or fore?"

He nods at Andrei's explanation as well. "Sounds like our goals overlap, for the time being. I'm getting as many people as I can off this thing, when we get a chance, but evidence is our primary objective as well."
Ashley Graham "Center of the deck, on 8," Ashley promises, looking back up at Leon with wide, blinking eyes. "What do you mean, take me? You're coming down, aren't you? At least to see Doctor Berger." Not that talking to Doctor Berger is likely a particular chatting partner for Leon, just now. But Ashley still looks bewildered all the same.

And some recognition of what Leon means flashes in Ashley's features. She's shaking her head quickly. "No, no. I'm staying with you," she informs him. As though she were the one protecting him. "You'll come down, with us." Because she's in control here, right?
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just thinks this is all adorable as he stands off to the side, his left brow lifting, though his expression is obscured by the amusemnt clearly playing in his features now. His lips will twist then into a frown as he tries not to look too impatient. "Listen why don't we all just go somewhere nice and quite. Or Romantic. Doesn't matter where, so long as we settle on a place yah?" Andrei offers as he looks down te deck both ways, humming softly. Being on top of the ship was obviously a bit disoreienting in a way.. his gaze never really stopping from shifting about.. looking for possible threats.

"For the time being though? Not exactly the words that I would like to hear. They don't.. fill me with hope for example." Andrei offers before he lifts his shoulders then. "regardless, yes.. there are things to do."
Leon Kennedy "/If/ Berger has a safe spot on eight, then we should head down there," Leon replies, not bothering to argue with Ashley right now. It's better to save that for once he's got her where she belongs and then have the fight, so as to avoid having it twice. "Although it seems quiet up here now that those three are down. No more have come out to bother us." It's encouraging, but the top deck is also entirely exposed, from a tactical standpoint and from the air, which is apparently now a concern. "If not, then twelve seems like the safest spot to hole up. Where are the rest of you? You said there were more survivors."
Ashley Graham Ashley seems to relax when Leon at least indicates that he'll come with them. For now. She sighs, and the relief is palpable all around her. "He's on eight," she assures them. "I promise. I put him there this afternoon," she says with a glance after Andrei. "And that's where he's going anyway now," the blonde says as an aside to Leon, moving to hurry after Andrei.

"Twelve may not be much safer," she tells Leon behind her as she moves. "Umbrella's been moving down. They've got a good handle on the upper floors for now. We'll be better off downstairs." She looks back over her shoulder at Leon and gives him an encouraging smile. See Leon? Ashley's here, it'll be fine!
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's expression continues to sour ever so slightly. "IF we are going to go anywhere.. we should go to floor eight yes?" Andrei mutters under his breath as he lifts his hand to motion to the man. "The Crew Elevators and Helipad are connected to deck twelve.. both of which I suspect Umbrella has a vested interest in protecting." The man notes as he motions vaugley westward for a second before he gives another grunt and sigh.

"We can continue talking about deck nine though. I heard there was a casino there. Might be me misremebering though>" He'll offer idly then, finally cheering up and letting sarcasm take over.
Leon Kennedy "Let's get going, then," Leon agrees, heading along with the other two. There will be lots of time for him to fight with Ashley and Ashley to fight with him, right now all three of them need to get to somewhere safe. "The casino was on... I think it was nine, yeah," the agent remarks, nodding. "Shot some craps, played some blackjack. I made a hundred bucks. That was a good night."
Fong Ling Booted footsteps can be heard approaching the group, no doubt carrying just as well as the conversation that is occurring. Approaching with an assault rifle held in a combat position pressed against her shoulder is what appears to be one of the Chinese Special Forces who had been mostly massacred by Umbrella. More surprisingly though, she spoke English and quite well, calling out to the group, "Identify yourselves!"