Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's later now, with a set sun and clear sky. The chateau is pretty quick, many of the staff having gone for the day. There is a living area here, one for people to hang out, or visit, and all that. The lights are on, and standing in front of the couch, watching the tv is Emma. On the coffee table in front of her is an open letter, with the envelope saying 'Dr. O'Connal' on it. And the news is on, talking about a missing ship. Clearly this redhead is drowning herself in her scotch, which is what she is drinking. Eyes are a little red, and there is a nervous air about her. Somethinh has her unsettled.
James Scott "Well, this is where Archene lives. A little rich for my blood, but guess that's what Umbrella's secrets will buy you." James stops to look over the entrance before giving his head a slight shake. He's dressed like the skinheads of old, a black Crombie overcoat over a short-sleeved button up, a pair of slim fitting Levi jeans held aloft by suspenders, and a pair of greasy black Dr. Marten boots. After a moment of staring he finally heads up to the door, reaching out he raps his knuckles against it a few times.
Emma A household staff member goes to get the door, he walks by the open doorway to the room Emma is in. Jumpy as is, it gives her a start, and a little on edge as well, she feels the pressing need to go see who they are letting in. So she follows the older guy, as he goes to the door, sipping at her glass of scotch. "I'll -- I'll get it, Lucjin." Says the redhead and she goes for the door, to open it and peer out through the crack. When James is spotted she relaxes and opens the door more. "Hurry, get in here!" Eyes then look past him wearily.
James Scott "Little on edge?" James arches a brow, but he does comply, moving in so Emma can shut the door. "Everything alright?" He reaches up to rub at the back of his neck, not quite sure what's going on or how to handle the situation. Perhaps he doesn't know Markus is on that ship.
Emma Emma would grab his arm, and go to tug him into the living room area. On the news is the topic about the ship, and the storm. There is another sip of her scotch. Also knowing that Archene is private there isn't to much worry about being heard. "I got this -- this letter, taday." Begins the ginger. "Sayin' an Umbrella agent is huntin' down survivors, killin' them." Another sip of her drink. "She -- she looks like my old roomates girlfriend, Rain. 'xactly like'her."
James Scott James goes along with Emma, being tugged into the living area. "Rain is? Fuck, they're serious then. She's probably the best combatant I've ever seen, why she's in charge of Alpha team." He moves to take a seat and rest his chin on his fist like The Thinker. "She's on a mission right now, but I'd keep Archene or somebody else capable with you while you're out."
Emma Emma can't sit, only paces some and drinks her scotch. Motioning to James to pour himself a glass if he wants. "I -- I talked ta her and Nixie, not tha details but my worries. I wonder if they suspect.." Stopping, eyes look to the tv. "Ya'know, we're all tagerts now. Mission what mission? Also, Markus is on that ship." Oh how the worry and fear circles
James Scott "Not sure." James leans forward to pour himself a drink as well. "I'm sure Umbrella has bigger things to worry about at the moment." He doesn't elaborate on how he knows all these things, rather he takes a sip of the scotch. "Markus will be fine, he's a resourceful bastard. He'll survive until the ship makes it to land, then we can worry about extracting him."
Emma "Ya want'ta wait?" Eyes focus on James, then there is a shake of her head. "We can't get in an' if we don't help he could die. Trapped." Yeah she is annoyed at this situation. "How -- how do ya know so much?"