Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger The entire ship may have descended into even further chaos with the additional hordes of zombies lurking about and Umbrella having decided to drop by for a visit, but even all those can't be everywhere at every moment. A convenient fact that right about now allows a certain Doctor Berger to catch his breath as he leans against the door to one of the many rooms attached tho the hallway.
Ashley Graham "Doctor Berger," a breathless voice comes from behind. If he looks, in the half-light of the eerie lower decks of the ship, is a familiar shape. Platinum blonde hair braided back. A clean white blouse. Ochre-colored 1940s style pants, and a bloody golfclub in one hand. Ashley Graham moves quickly to Marcus, moving to step around him and to hug him with one arm, avoiding his broken one if she can, in a gesture of honest relief. "Thank the Lord," she sighs, shaking her head. "Thank the Lord. I was worried terribly. Kirov said you were alright, but you never do know."
Markus Berger After a moment of tensing up out of surprise the Doctor hugs Ashley back. After all, she is the only friendly face on the entire ship he genuinely trusts... or likes. "Glad to see you too Ashley. Although unless someone gets communication back up and us all some reinforcements... Well, we won't be allright for much longer..." He doesn't get much further as to say that as the newest bout of swaying of the ship makes him nearly stumble. "Disregard that... with this weather nobody will be coming."
Ashley Graham Ashley has noticed the swaying. And is she looking a little uncertain because of it? No, no. Surely it's only the light. She sighs as she releases the hug, stepping back and looking over him with a smile. Already she's shaking her head. "No, the FBC that's still here has a plan," she tells him, encouragingly. She's so trusting, isn't she? It's alright so long as there's a man with a plan!

"There's some DSO people here. Leon, my boyfriend, might be with them. Though how and why I have no idea," she sighs, biting on the lower right corner of her mouth and glancing away. "But I'm told he is. Anyway, the DSO is working on communications, while the FBC and I are supposed to set up some sort of gureilla warfare down in the depths against the Umbrella operatives. The rest of the passangers need to document what's happening. Look for proof of how and why this happened, take pictures with cell phones, that sort of thing." Everybody has a job. It's all so neat, isn't it? And yet Ashley, breathless from her tale, looks so damn gulliable and hopeful.
Markus Berger The doctor just shakes his head as he looks past Ashley down the hallway and tries to keep standing steady despite the ship doing its best to annoy him in that regard. "Well, the fact that I got to see this happen is probably allready enough for me and my friends. The thing is, until someones manages to figure out what is in the depths and things out both Umbrella and the infected enough there isn't much else to figure out up here... I think." With that said he sighs and rubs his temples with his still working hand. "Anyway, yeah... I heard that. Was there when that bit was planned. Thing is that someone needs to figure out how and where they are jamming communications, disable it, call for help and then survive until this storm is over... Personaly, figuring out what is the source of all this is only secodary or tertiary for me."
Ashley Graham "You saw Leon?" She asks, hopefully. But before the man can answer she shakes her head at him. "No, tell me later. You need rest. Come on, let's find a place for you to settle down before you fall down," she tells him, speaking with sadness and concern. She moves to the closed door beyond Markus and taps shave-and-a-hair-cut once, and then when she hears nothing, she moves to press her way in, gesturing for Markus to wait behidn her as she moves to press inside.
Markus Berger "No, I didn't. Just that partner... forgot what her name was." With that said the doctor falls silent again as he leans back against the wall while Ashley checks the nearby room. At least if there is some danger in there he can just barge in and start to punch things so there isn't that much harm in letting her go ahead. Maybe.
Ashley Graham "Laura," Ashley provides. "I didn't meet her, but Kirov told me."

It doesn't take long to clear the room, and Ashley soon returns to push the door open further, encouraging Markus in. "Come in and sit down," she says, trying to give him a gentle, helpful smile. Inside is a room that's been ransacked, things knocked over from the storm and from people looting for valuables.

"How's your arm? Is there anything I can do?" She hovers a bit. She's a hoverer-er. She's a worrier.
Markus Berger Markus quickly does as told as he enters the room and sits down on a sofa there. As to the question about his arm... he slightly moves it a bit causing him to grind his teeth before quickly stopping. "Not really. At least one bone is messed up, but I can still use the arm. Mostly. Just hurts like hell which makes using it a literal pain." At least he has the typical german stubborness to actually try that... and not be stopped dead by it.
Ashley Graham Ashley closes the door and latches it. Twice.

She turns to the man and smiles. It's dark in the room, but they can just make out the shape of the other. "Well, lie down," she encourages. "I'll go out and see if I can't rustle us up something for supper," she says, her Texas showing.

She gives him another encouraging smile. See, everything's going to be fine!
Markus Berger "Just be very carefull before I got a repeat from last time. Don't know if I can repeat that." With that the doctor just leans further back into the sofa, not going to lie down fully since he at least wants to be able to get up quickly if he has to. "See you later. You encounter trouble, you get back here quickly and we get out of here." At any other point he would worry about Ashley going out on her own, but right now he is simply too tired to worry...