Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei Even as pandemonium surged on many of the decks there was always a chance.. and opportunity once in a while for a moments respite and Andrei was taking one of these pleasurable moments of silence to start going through the pockets of a deceased individual. From the looks of things it was a zombie shot, though there was no signature blaaap to go with it. Indeed, it isn't clear who had killed this unfortunate victim of looting and to be honest, Andrei didn't really care.

Even as he crouches by the corpse, his shotgun sits on his knees, balanced carefully as he looks through the pockets. Oh look a wallet. He'll open it up, slide out a credit card or two, a twenty dollar bill and move to place it in his shirt pocket.

Yes a shirt pocket. Andrei Kirov was wearing a wet suit.. and a gas mask.. and his night vision goggles. He was also wearing a hawaiin print shirt and khaki shorts to go with it. No doubt to make the man all the more approachable. He doesn't say anything right away as he does his looting, but the occasional sound of humming betrays how utterly thrilled he is with the little bits of cash he is coming across.
Yoko Suzuki Meanwhile, Yoko has been scampering around from deck to deck, looking for food and water. Unfortunately, it seems that her luck is coming up poorly, as she's barely been able to squeak by in terms of supplies. She's lost a little more weight than before, and while she's keeping herself nourished with what she can find, it's obvious that she's in need of food. It looks like starvation might get to Yoko before the undead do.

Still, Yoko refuses to give up, and she continues to move across the decks, looking for any kind of food she can find. After coming empty handed out of a couple of rooms, she peers inside another room and is lucky to find a bottle of water and an uneaten sandwich. Wrapping the latter in a nearby plastic bag, she deposits her findings in her backpack, before heading back into the hallway. As she does, she draws her revolver and holds it in front of her as she advances down the hall, hoping that nothing tries to ambush her.
Prestige William Caldwell While all THAT is occuring, Caldwell is advancing down the hallway armed with his P90, making sure the area is clear of undead before moving forward. He grunts to himself as he manuevers down a corridor and arrives at the sign of looting. Why was Andrei pickpocketing a dead corpse? Oh well..not really his problem. He'd do the same if he found some money. "Err..Andrei? You all good here?" he asks, peering around with his P90, making sure they don't get attacked from the side or the rear. Penetrating people from the side or the rear was his job.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei won't look up right away from his work, clearly he isn't perturbed by William's approach. Either the man is suicidal or he had seen him coming and only when Caldwell speaks does Andrei respond aloud. "Hey Kamikaze. I'm just killing some time while Cowgirl goes and finds a rather rotund man by the name of Mister Hopkins." Andrei mutters as he moves to toss the wallet to the side as the man moves to stand up, shifting his posture then as he moves to rest the shotgun against his shoulder as his hand lifts up slightly. "So, ah, You might want to brace-Curves- Er, the CO is dead." Andrei mutters before he shakes his head and sighs softly.

Andrei for his part might turn his head to catch sight of movement behind him of Yoko's approach down the hallway. It is rather dark and difficult to see after all.. and the man's lips twist into a frown, though it is obscured by his gasmask. "What have you been up to?" He inquires of William
Yoko Suzuki Upon spotting Andrei, Yoko immediately freezes in place, her gun having been put into her pocket in advance, since she'd seen humans up ahead and didn't want to be perceived as a threat. She raises her hands slowly to show she's unarmed, and for a moment, she says absolutely nothing at all. When she hears Andrei speak to William and realizes he's not talking to her, Yoko breathes a sigh of relief. She lowers her hands a little, but keeps them visible.

"I'm with TerraSave," Yoko says, pointing to the logo that's been attached to her favorite green jacket. "I'm just trying to find some food. I'm not here to cause any trouble." She doesn't realize the two are with the F.B.C. just yet.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell blinks and tilts his head "Kamikaze? When did I get that name? And since when are we using codenames?" he asks, obviously a tad bit confused. He stares hard at Andrei "You're...joking, right? The woman leading us is dead? At least tell me you got the mission equipment off her, yeah?" he asks. When asked what he's been up to "Oh you know..shooting zombies, getting lost, trying to survive, the usual." he slowly turns to Yoko and gives a wave "Hey there. No worries, we're not gonna hurt you. Continue on if you want." he adjusts his wetsuit and checks over his P90, making sure it's fully loaded then turns back to Andrei "Sooo uhh..what do we do now?"
PrestigeAndrei "The missions scrapped. The Chinese managed to capture her when they landed men on the ship. You got that name when you started shooting everything when we first got here." Andrei responds rather amusedly, head shaking then. "Don't know how it happened. Mission is scrapped now though." He'll turn to face Yoko then slightly, still keeping his shotgun pointed at nothing in particular except the roof as he looks at the woman from afar, his chin ticking up at the sight of her as he offers simply. "You work with Cowgirl? Ashley and that Hopkins fellow right?" Andrei inquires as his tone is always just a little too light-hearted for the situation they are in.

"Well, now that Umbrella is here killing everybody and we can't blow the ship.. the new plan as I see it is as follows. One- figure out what is going on here. Two- destroy the signal jammer. We can't extract at this second. Three- Kill some Corporate Mercenaries." He'll take the time then to sigh after saying all that before he lifts his shoulders, finger tapping against the side of his firearm, just above the trigger.
Yoko Suzuki "Y-yes, I work with Ashley Graham and Mr. Hopkins," Yoko replies politely. "Now, if you'll please pardon me. I don't want any trouble." Yoko ducks into a nearby suite that is still open and begins to rifle around quickly for anything that could be of use. She does find a small, but usable blanket, which could provide useful in case the heating goes out on the ship.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell nods to Andrei "Alright, I guess." he sighs to himself "Can't exactly go back without a success can we? We'll be thrown in jail or executed or some stupid bullshit." he shakes his head "I'm sure Wesker will understand." Caldwell takes a deep breath and slowly releases it "Guess you're right. We have no choice but to take out Umbrella before Umbrella takes us out." he looks over at Yoko "As I said, we're not here to cause trouble. Carry on if you want." he offers Yoko a brief smile before going back to his ready stance, looking around the ship for mercs or zombies of any sort.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei starts giggling, yes giggling for a second than. "Heres the best part about taking out Umbrella. They don't even know we exist. And sense we arn't going to blow up the ship anymore, might as well put that C4 to good use, eh?" Andrei offers cheerfully as his head turns to follow Yoko as she moves away. "Before you get too far away, you should talk with us, Miss." Andrei responds then again rather cheerfully, again.. awkwardly so. "We are likley your only way off this ship and helping us complete our mission might be the only way you don't end up dead or as some Umbrella experiment. Your choice though in the end."

He'll take a second to look at William than. "So, we've got Major Stadler working on trying to reshape the charges.. and I think there are is another american governmental agency on the ship who seems amiable to working with us. They sealed up the bridge." Andrei mutters under his breath than. "I think thats how the chinese and Umbrella ended up landing on the ship but for the time being, I'll chew them out for it after we get out of this alive. Any questions, Kamikaze?"
Yoko Suzuki Meanwhile, Yoko is still looking around the suite, having come up with a few small snacks and what not, but other than that she's barely found anything. With a sigh, she heads back into the hallway, but doesn't go for the next room just yet. Instead, she sits against a nearby wall, sighing to herself as she hugs her knees to her chest. It's plain to see she's rather annoyed with how things are going, coupled with how the bioterror attack ruined everything... and then the evacuation was interrupted by Umbrella.
Prestige William Caldwell William stares blankly at Andrei. The man really has lost it. "I guess..." he looks over at Yoko and offers a light wave to her "Stadler can reshape charges? Nice. What do we plan on doing with them? I guess blowing up their transports?" he rubs his chin for a brief moment "What am I supposed to do in all this? I don't really know what you want me to do besides shoot the fuckers in the face."
PrestigeAndrei "Two things. The charges will be used to blow them up. Not their transports. Help thin out their numbers a little bit." The man states rather dryly then as he moves a hand up to scratch at his throat for a second or two. "Second, we need to go down to deck five and seven and look through waht is going on there. MAjor Stadler discovered a security card that will let him open up some restricted areas. We need to capatalize on this and at least have someone to blame and information on what happened." Andrei notes before he turns his head to the side and tries to look at wherever Yoko had gone.

"Hey, Girl. Did you hear me?" He'll offer rather directly then before he shakes his head. "Doesn't she want to get off this damn boat?" He'll mutter under his breath before sighing. "Ah.. and just real quick.. Stadler can't really work with charges too well, if you think you can do better.. please try."
Yoko Suzuki "I'm... I'm sorry... I..." Yoko trails off as she realizes that Andrei most likely has a point. "Look, I do want to get off this ship, but there are other members of TerraSave here. Like Mr. Hopkins and Miss Graham. I don't know where they are, but I can't leave them." She sighs as she finally opens her knapsack and takes out a small bag of peanuts, which she downs quickly. After eating the peanuts, she looks to Andrei again. "I'm... Yoko Suzuki... TerraSave. If you can help me, that'd be great."
Prestige William Caldwell "So we blow up Umbrellas commandos and then we get the hell out of here, yeah?" he asks. That was a smart idea. "Gotcha.." he says, nodding. "I have a hunch this is Umbrella's doing. Why else would they come here? If we can't get information we can just pin the blame on Umbrella. No harm in that right?" he looks over at Yoko and frowns "Yeah..don't think I can do much better. I think it's better if Stadler works on it. He's the brains of this crew, right? I'm just the muscle." he nods to Yoko "We'll try to get you and your TerraSave buddies out of here, but you gotta work with us and help us get out of here too, got it?"
PrestigeAndrei "You got it." Andrei responds with a grin then as he snaps his fingers and points his hand at William then as he smirks. "Exactly, and hopefully whatever is stopping us from calling extraction will be caught up in the explosion." Andrei offers then as he shrugs his shoulders slightly. "But that breaks down our primary goals for the time being. Some secondary concerns are gathering all the people able to help us with our mission of securing information on what the Umbrella team wants so badly that they are willing to kill everyone, including U.N aid teams. " Andrei mutters, "The fact of the matter is hard evidence would be for the best. No one wants another Raccoon City fiasco where we accuse a woman of engineering the whole thing.

Andrei will turn to face Yoko after that as he offers simply. "Cowgril and Hopkin's will not be left behind. We can insure you extraction, and help you get everyone involved out.. but we can't do that right now. If you are willing to help us complete some of our mission parameters.. help us gather hard evidence that would free up our bullets in putting down the people trying to kill us."
Yoko Suzuki Taking a drink of water to complement her snack, Yoko stands up and nods to the two men. "All right, I'll help you out. Tell me what I have to do. I may not look like I have much combat experience, but the truth is I've been through Raccoon City, and I know some things about fighting." A pause as she zips up her backpack. "Do you have any leads on where I should start looking first? I'm good at crawling through narrow spaces so that might be helpful as well."
Prestige William Caldwell "Alright, understood. I assume it's from the control room on this ship, how else would they be jamming our signals?" he nods to Andrei then turns to Yoko "We'll help you get off this hellhole, don't worry." he looks over at Andrei "Any ideas Andrei? I'm not exactly the leading type but I can offer some insight. Like maybe we could use her to get into some air ducts and have her take a snoop around. Does the ship even HAVE air ducts though?"
PrestigeAndrei "It does. One of the D.s.o. Agents is using them to crawl around and move about without being caught. They currently have sealed up the bridge, so wherever the jamming is coming from it isn't the bridge." Andrei notes as he gives a slight sigh and reachs a hand up to rub at the back of his head, clearly itching under that suit it seems as he continues with his muffled words. "But that might be a possibility to scout them out. We also need to assemble a group to head down into the lower levels.. where the outbreak first started mind.. and figure out the cause. A small team will be needed for that, and I think Cowgirl and I are at the very least ready to go. If either of you are interested that is also an option." Andrei notes as he gives a small chuckle.

"But yes, there is a lot of moving parts now and getting out.. and not getting court martialed have us going in two diffirent directions at this very second." He'll remove his shotgun from his shoulder then, holding it infront of himself, the barrel pointed to the floor as he offers a sigh. "If you have any suggestions beyond that though.. or how we should go about it, do ask?"
Yoko Suzuki "I'm really sorry, but I'm not good at making tactics in a situation like this. Honestly, I think I'd be better off following orders from one of you two?" Yoko seems a bit uneasy, but at the same time she seems eager to obey anything that's told of her. "I mean, you two seem to have military experience, while I'm just a civilian..."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell nods to Andrei "Gotcha. So maybe it's in the lower decks? Probably some sort of virus spreader down there as well. Shouldn't be too hard to miss, right?" he sighs to himself "We're pretty fucked, aren't we? We have to get information, find out what caused this, and also avoid getting shot or bitten at the same time. This is lovely." he relaxes his P90 on his sling. "We need to get to the lower decks first off. If we can meet up with the DSO and get what information they have that'd be lovely. It'd clear up the board on where we need to search. The lower decks are priority though. Whatever the fuck is going on is going on downstairs."
PrestigeAndrei "Again, Exactly." Andrei responds with a slight nod of his head in response to William's words as he glances aside then down the hallway. "Stadler and I already opened up the lower hulls to let out some of the hordes. They thinned out Umbrella's numbers a little bit.. though unfortunatley the danger of being attacked has only increased." Andrei mutters before he shakes his head then again.

"Regardless, Miss, if you are able to come with us down into Hull 5 to explore and figure things out.. we might be able to move on to the next stage of the operation. Rescuing D.S.O. will be done after the agent I've come into contact with reports back. We'll plant a few charges on the ceiling above the crew quarters.. and detonate it.. then storm in while they unseal the doar to the bridge. It'll be rather spectacular. I think Umbrella is currently making camp in the Servants quarters.. or crew compartments.. becuase it cuts us off from access to the helipad and puts them into position to use the service elevator which takes them directly down to the lower holds."
Yoko Suzuki "Is that so?" Yoko asks, in regards to Umbrella making camp in the quarters. "That makes sense I suppose. But yes, I'l go down to the hull with you. I do have a weapon but I don't have much ammunition. I'm guessing I should stay behind you two?" She seems a bit uneasy with this part. "Because I want to help out, but don't know how well I'd fare in a fight."
Prestige William Caldwell William smiles to Andrei "Nice job. That'll give those bastards something to do besides chase us, though the infected could be a problem later down the line." he sighs and looks over to Yoko "Whatever you say, Andrei. We gotta speed this up because I dunno how long Umbrella wants us on board this ship before they decide fuck it and blow us up with a submarine or something. They won't even care that their own guys are here." he leans against a nearby wall and yawns "Haven't had a decent nights sleep in ages. Starting to get worn out..that and food is scarce..Dunno how long I can keep this up for." he nods to Yoko "Any help you can bring is more then acceptable, and here. Take this. I found it earlier." he holds out a knife for her "It's not that much but at least you won't be defenseless when that revolver runs out of ammo."
PrestigeAndrei "Alright. Well, worst case, we got our plans together.. we have about as many hands as Umbrella does to do them. Let's try and get things done, aye?" Andrei offers as he turns then to make his way down the hallway a few steps as he pauses for a second to hum softly. "You should go find Stadler's estate room. Lock yourself in the room there. That is where I have gotten a few quick hours of rest. For the time being though, both of you should keep an eye out.. and Kamikaze.." He'll hesitate for a second. "I'm not going to tell you what to do with your kit, but I gave Cowgirl my side arm, if you find someone willing to help but unarmed.. I might suggest you think of doing something similiar."
Yoko Suzuki "Stadler's estate room? All right, I'll note that." Yoko nods a little. "For now, just tell me what I should do, and I'll do my best to obey you." Yoko seems a bit more resolute than before. She's hoping by using Stadler's room, she can get a better quality of rest than before.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell nods to Andrei "Got it." he sighs and mutters "Could do with a nice sleep, unless Umbrella busts down the fucking door on me." he nods to Andrei then turns to Yoko "I guess if you have someone who needs a weapon, should give them that knife, yeah?" and begins to walk off
PrestigeAndrei With that out of the way, Andrei will turn and continue down the hallway, moving to what appears to be the stairwell on teh far side. The soft click of his saftey going off will betray his intentions as slowly, sneakily he'll make his way down to the bottom of the stairs.