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PrestigeAndrei Even as things started to get worse, Andrei always knew that there were ways to keep himself just a bit more sane. New clothes, always new clothes. So he was riffling through the assorted clothing and suitcases left by passengers, to some extent taking bits of food and water he might scavenge.. but also spending quite an inordinate amount of time on clothes.

Looking this good takes work in a wetsuit after all, and though Andrei is wearing a diffirent Hawaiin print shirt than the day before, and this time a pair of Khaki shorts.. the few momments of peace he has alone give him a chance to try and find a new ensemble.

At this exact momment in time he is currently crouched over an open suitcase, his shotgun resting on his legs, holding up what appears to be a gray t-shirt with a yellow circle on the front. A winking monkey with a banana peeled in one hand illustrated atop the circle. "The fuck is this?" He'll mutter under his breath.

"I fuckin love it."
Ashley Graham When this is all over, perhaps Andrei and Ashley can bond over shopping. OH EM GEE CLOTHES! Ashley needs some new ones, herself. During the chaos last night, she was lost to the other groups, and perhaps even presumed dead. In truth, she managed to run from the disaster that was the rescue, and holed up in an empty room where she curled up in shock and cried herself to sleep.

But it's a bright new day, though by the time one reaches deck 8 the brightness is far lessened, but still there. Some swaying open doors provide light from their windows, or port holes at the end of either side of the deck. So no, not much. But enough.

Ashley's still pretty, despite everything. Her bright platinum hair is now dingy, and braided back in a tight french braid. The bruise on her face is actually healing and has shifted from green and yellow to dark blacks and plums. It looks worse, but is actually better. Her clothes are caked with blood, and the girl looks a bit feeble. But she's doing her fucking job, dammit. That's what matters.

Wielding that same golf club, which is also bloodied by now, Ashley moves along the hall which, for a blessed moment because the player is distracted, is empty. As she moves, she closes doors that had been left open. When she comes to already closed doors, she'll pause and knock very gently with her knuckle. Shave-and-a-hair-cut. No response? She'll move on to the next one.
PrestigeAndrei "The fuck is there?" Andrei will respond rather dryly upon hearing the eventual knock at the door of the room he is in. Well considering he is in it curerntly, the man might as well claim it is his. "I asked room service not to disturb me, what kind of hackneyed crusie are you running? Why is the power out?" He'll state in a rather gravley tone, though it is hard not to keep himself from snickering at his cleverness. "Fuckin scoooore." He'll whisper as he moves to fold the shirt and throw it over his shoulder, even as his hand moves to lift up the gun on his knees and stand up.

"What do we got?" Andrei mutters under his breath then as he moves to stand to the side of the door then, waiting quietly for a second or two as his lips purse for a momment. Considering Ashley isn't exactly calling out.. the man is inherently suspicious and so he flips the saftey of his shotgun off as he prepares for whatever might be waiting for the man.
Ashley Graham "Adrien?" Ashley's voice speaks back, quietly. He can tell she's likely turned and pressed herself against the door so that her voice doesn't carry and alert anyone that shouldn't. Or anything, although anyone is now fairly terrifying too. Perhaps it's no surprise that even through the door the blonde recognizes the man's voice. She only knows him by his voice, after all.

"It's Ashley Graham," she informs him, still quietly. "I'm not bitten," she says, matter-of-factly. Because he's going to ask and it's a fair thing to know. "Is Mister Hopkins or Major Stadler with you?" she asks, a touch of tremor in her voice at the thought of the two men.

Ever notice that, Andrei? Everyone gets a Mr. or a Title except for you.
PrestigeAndrei "Who?" Andrei responds rather dryly as he moves to the door then, still not standing directly in front of it as he grabs it by the door handle and swings it open so that Ashley can see an empty room. The man is clearly being overly cautious given the circumstances. Yet no doubt the behavior is justfied as he keeps the gun to his chest than. "So Ah, why don't you come in here and close the door real quick?" He'll offer with his muffled voice as his eyes drift to look through the crack in the door out towards where he assumes AShley might be.

It would be real shit if they were using the girl to get at him after all and he didn't even know if she had actually been able to escape.

"Glad to hear you arn't bitten though. That would be really awkward. You know the part about you turning into a zombie. God, don't you just hate zombies?" Andrei offers cheerfully, lips twisting into a smirk, unable to resist making terrible jokes with victims and tragedies involved.
Ashley Graham "You're the most sociopathic non-killing non-soldier I've met in my life," Ashley comments as she does slip through the door, very quickly. Perhaps a bit too trusting? But then again, what options really exist for her, right now? Not many. Once the door is closed and locked, even with the chain latch, she finally turns to look over the faceless man she's come to know so very slightly. And he's got new pants. And a new shirt. And another on his shoulder. "Going to a fashion show for old Jews?" she asks, eyes flitting up and down the man in that way only women can do without seeming creepy.

And then she flinches, a little gesture of silent self-chidding. "I'm sorry. I meant: are you alright?" That's much more like it. "You're not hurt, not bitten or shot or burned or anything?" She once-overs him again.
PrestigeAndrei "Only Emotionally after that cruel zinger you tossed at me. Damn Cowgirl." Andrei responds then as he moves to lower his shotgun then as his eyes drift from the door than back to Ashley.. than back to the door. "I take offense at that by the way. I value all human life quite a bit. I just value mine a whole hell of a lot, you know?" Andrei mutters as he steps towards the center of the room again, once more moving to one of the suitcases as his hed turns slightly to look back at the young woman now standing nearby.

"Good that you made it out though, and all that. You are after all, as of this point, the cutest person on the ship, so having someone nice to look at and talk to will definetly make this all the more fun." He mutters as he once again is taking to crouching, reaching down to pick up odd bits and bobs from the bag before him. "You are alright?"
Ashley Graham Well at least that makes her laugh. Chuckle, more like, but for the situation that's pretty close to rolling on the ground with tears in your eyes. It was a good burn, wasn't it.

"Yes," she finally nods, watching him move. "I'm alright," she assures, finding his schtick amusing today, apparently. She moves to lean the golf club against the wall, and then slowly sit on the side of the bed, watching the man at his looting. She heaves a soft sigh of relaxation. Being alone, no doubt as Andrei knows, can be stressful. So she lets her face fall into the hands for a moment, then runs her palms across her skin and flinches at the touch of the bruise. She looks up at the man again.

"You can see now why we were all so afraid of you before, can't you? We thought you were them," she says, no doubt referencing the commandos that have just come and screwed every pooch in the place.

The blonde pinches her hands between her knees and sighs, looking toward the wall in thought. "Your team, the rest of your people? Do you know if they're alright?"
PrestigeAndrei Abdrei just turns his head slightly to cast a curious look over at Ashley. Her words illicting at first just the slightest shrug of his shoulders. "Whether they trusted me or not really wasn't important to the mission, Cowgirl. Now people really don't have much of a choice with regards to that now. Unfortunate as it is for everyone involved." Andrei recites rather dryly, that tone lacking any of his jokes and amusement as he continues to slide his fingers through folded shirts, placing them aside and carefully movingdeeper into teh suitcase. He won't find much of anything useful beyond what he has already..

So it is on to the next bag, or the dresser drawers. Fuck it lets go for the dresser. He'll stand at that point to approach and tug out one of the drawers and begin sliding things around, things thunking a bit.

"CO is MIA, possibly dead, I think I'm going to miss her. Not that we spoke much. I'd like to think we would of got on real well eventually, but I think she hated my guts. Who knows anymore." Andrei mutters before turning his head ever so slightly so as to keep Ashley in his vision.

"You probably will need to know this. We tried to call for evac. It isn't coming until we break down whatever those operatives have jamming our communications. We arn't likley going to get court martialed becuase the U.N. or thegovernment might blow this ship up.. if Umbrella doesn't do it themselves.. but whatever, Mission is scrapped and we still can't get out."
Ashley Graham "I should imagine most everyone would want to blow up the ship. Umbrella particularly. Although Umbrella's involvement at all is as good as a fingerprint," Ashley says from her place perched on the side of the bed, seeming terribly uninterested as Andrei fusses through things, looking for whatever it is he might be looking for.

But there's no good news in what he says, and the impact of it shows with a frown on her face. It makes her flinch, and she touches the bruise on her cheek again.

"I'm very sorry about your C-O," she says, finally looking over at the man again. She does look truly and honestly sympathetic. And then she looks down at her hands again, focusing on keeping herself in check. She fails. There's a little sniffle from the girl, and she pointedly turns a little further away from Andrei so he can't see that there's tears slipping down her cheeks. Nothing to see here! She smears them away.

"So what do we do now? How do we know where or how they're messing up your communications? Can't you just bounce off another satelite or something?" IT Help Support she is not.
PrestigeAndrei To floral. Too big. Too big. Too big. too floral and too big. COme on didn't someone bring an awesome tie or so-TIES!?

"Why didn't I think of wearing a tie?" He'll grumble before he turns slightly and sigh. "Cheer up, at the very least, we arn't going to die today. Or tommorow, and at the very least, they don't know I exist. Great thing that actually." Andrei cheerfully mutters.

"Honestly? I got no idea. Theres this woman named Laura crawling around in the vents who said she and Leon might know where things are. If they can't pin point where they might hide a jammer.. I'll probably just take to blowing up half the ship anyway just to try and fuck with em." Andrei responds cheerfully enough as he continues to pull clothes out of the dresser and look them over.
Ashley Graham Know that scratching sound when a record pin slides off the track? That's pretty much Ashley's face right now. "Leon?!" she says, sounding absolutely astonished. Flummoxed. Flabbergast. "Leon Kennedy? Do you mean Leon Kennedy, from the D.S.O.?" He's dead. He's an absolute dead man. There's no saving him now.

Andrei will likely see all of this flashing over Ashley's face, who is not paying good enough attention to herself right now to keep any thoughts at bay. Ashley rises suddenly and quickly, perhaps enough to give Andrei a start. She takes a step or two in his direction. "Did you see him, did she say anything else?" Because how many Leons operate in the world of bioterrorism?
PrestigeAndrei "D.S.O.? That like some sort of anti-perspirant? The woman said she worked for some sort of agency and said we shoud work together." Andrei responds rather dryly as his lips twist into a frown behind his mask as he turns sligthly to more visibly face the woman, preparing for something.. anything. People who get excited tend to get dangerous. "All I got was a first name. He some badass that I should be aware of? Kill twenty men with his bare hands?"

Andrei just tries to appear rather calm at this point, even as he is soon lifting his shotgun just slightly, making sure to hold it properly, not pointing it at Ashley, but again there is caution in his apperance as he considers her words. "Listen, if you want to go fight through the undead and the umbrella operatives, I think you can find him. He is the one that stopped the ship and took over the bridge after all."
Ashley Graham Ashley is many things. One of those is a slightly dramatic teenager. Legal, but only just. So she flops her ass back on the bed and puts her face in her hands, straining as she stares down at the floor. She just stares down, perfectly still in her little tantrum, and just stares. Trying so hard to get her head to do what it's supposed to do, which is think coherently. "I'm going to kill him," she finally says iwht a sigh. "Jesus, he's in the bridge and I'm going to kill him." Fear and unhappiness overtake Ashley again, and there's more tears, and a wimper in her voice. She wets her lips and swallows, but it's clear she's upset. Like super upset. Like whoah with the feelings.

At last, she lifts her head and looks over at Andrei. "The DSO is the Division of Security Operations, enacted by Adam Bentford after my father stepped down. It's an intelligence agency focused on bioterrorism." She sighs and wets her lips again. "And Leon is my boyfriend."
PrestigeAndrei "Oh. That's awkward becuase Laura referred to Leon I think almost refferred to the man as her husband. Huh, they must of been in deep cover." Andrie responds as his hand reachs up to rub his chin before he chuckles softly. "Regardless, I'm sure you two will be able to have a romantic reunion on the ship. Maybe there will be some fireworks to go along with it. A few stars on the top most deck.." Andrei offers as his voice seems full of amusement even as he moves to lean back against the dresser before him, moving to shoulder his shotgun, letting theb arrel rest against his shoulder as his eyes drift from Ashley to the doorway again.

"So the government has two agencies fighting bioterroists? Lovley. They didn't even give his partner a decent sidearm to fight these things with." Andrei notes with an obvious amount of amusement. "AH, I did forget to say, Stadler made it out alive. So did Dr. Berger."
Ashley Graham Ashley's all of the emotions for a moment, so just give her a second or two. She covers her face with her hands again and sighs, shaking her head. "Maybe it's not him then, I don't know. He would have told me," she says, seeming entirely sure of this. But then they always are, aren't they? Silly women.

She does lift her head to look up at Andrei when he mentions Sadler and Berger, and she sighs a sigh of relief. "Thank you," she tells the man, and it's a gratitude that's heartfelt in the way she says it. But then she goes back to looking at the floor. "If he's trapped up there, either way, we have to help him," she finally decides, sitting up and looking at Andrei. "That's where all the shipboard communications are anyway, right? That must be what they're doing. If he's trapped in there, there's nothing else to be done but to get him out."
PrestigeAndrei "Dont worry, Cowgirl. He can get out of there if he wants. He can actually probably just crawl through the vents. Or worst case.. we'll just plant a few pounds of C4 on the ceiling of the crew room.. and pull the trigger and see what is still kicking." Andrei offers rather simply as his shoulders lift then. "Keep in mind.. that while Umbrella may be better equipped and have a far easier job.. and know the layout of the boat.." He'll hesitate for a second.

"They do not know that I am here, or Chandler and Savage. I think The Kamikaze might be dead unfortunatley." Andrei mutters before he continues. "But regardless, We've got major firepower, explosives and the element of suprise. Let us not waste it except on a killing blow."
Ashley Graham In it's own way, Andrei's little pep-talk seems to be assisting with the young woman. She heaves another sigh and nods to him, shaking out her hands as though shaking away the negative energy. Yoga and chi! Those hands grip the edge of the bed and she nods a few times more. Calming breaths. Calming breaths. And then she's back to some form of self-control.

"Alright," she agrees with him. "But we don't blow anything up anywhere until we know where Leon is." That's a Rule now, based on her tone. Then she continues, biting on the lower right corner of her lip for only a moment in thought. "So what's the game? Set up for some sort of gureilla war down here? Draw them down and blow the ship?" She's not serious, she's just spitting out what she thinks he'll say. Anything to get the conversation going. Because Ashley is ready to do something, anything. Adrenaline has given her the choice, and she's chosen fight.
PrestigeAndrei With Ashley's now more resolute posture he offers a lift of his shoulder than before he smirks. "I know where Leon is, Ashley, He is in the bridge. That much is certain, Laura said so herself.. the problem is if he can get out of there on his own or if we have to help him break out." Andrei then turns his gaze to the doorway. "But you got the basics of it. We pick off their members, using bioweapons, explosives and old fashioned lead. We loot the corpses, get as much ammunition and guns as we can.."

He trails off than as he considers.

"We need to also destroy the jamming device and insure that the current.. what is it..." Andrei hesitates for a second. "Whatever has happened here needs to be uncovered, hard evidence. So that my team can justify callign extraction you see."
Ashley Graham Ashley listens, nodding slowly and biting on that lower right corner of her mouth again. It's her thinking posture, it seems, and she's thinking hard. "Well," she says slowly, thoughtfully. "If Leon's already in there, and if this Laura knows how to connect with him? Let them handle the transmission. I can go back upward, get anyone who's left from TerraSave or civilians, and start have them collecting data. Videos, photos, that sort of thing."

There she looks up at him, pausing, and indeed she seems apologetic. "I've had some training," she tells him. "And if we were just dealing with the infected, then maybe. But I'm not a soldier, nothing like it. I don't think I'll be much help to you in a war." But she does look sorry for it. Because that whole plan leaves Andrei and his folks operating as gurilla fighters.
PrestigeAndrei "Don't worry, you will be putting that gun I loaned you to use, Cowgirl." Andrei retorts rather simply as his fingers tap at the drawer behind him, resting one arm atop of it even as the other steadies his gun, eyes drifting closed. This is the benefit of glasses or masks.. people can't tell when you arn't paying attention. "You will be helping us clear the bottom holds and try and steal what the Umbrella corporation are looking for. Even if in the end we can't win, I'd love to just fuck with them for the hell of it." He'll grin slightly as his hand then clenchs into a fist.

"Find the rotund gentleman. Get him gathering souls together. You need to help me figure out how to break in downstairs."
Ashley Graham She will? Ashley does squirm slightly under the gaze of the man. Or not gaze, as the case may be. She has no idea either way. But after a moment's consideration, she gives him a few tense nods. "Alright," she says, agreeing to do as he asks. "I'll find him, and will come back by the time it gets dark." Because once it's dark, there's no moving at all on this ship. This creaking bucket of death and darkness. Night won't be fun at all, no.

"For the record," Ashley adds, raising a finger. "I'd love a lot of other things rather than messing with umbrella." She doesn't swear, not even now. "A lot of things I've been looking forward to," she adds as an aside, looking out around the room again before she pushes to her feet. "You didn't happen to find a woman's blouse in all your looting, did you?"
PrestigeAndrei "If I'm going to die, I'd rather doing it clawing and spitting. Make them upset." Andrei mutters before he sighs and pushes up from the dresser and makes his way to the other side of the room. One of those doors that connects rooms toghter is then pushed open and another room looks like it has been looted and rifled through. "I think a pair of young women were staying there. I didn't stay for long. None of their shit fit." He mutters then before looking back at her.

"Well we all have our jobs.. let me go see if I can find our friends and weapons." Andrei mutters under his breath as he moves to the doorway.
Ashley Graham Ashley pusehs to her feet, going through to the next room. "I'll be right behind you," she informs him, as she begins ruffling around in the bags. She's taking a leaf out of Andrei's book, it seems, and going shopping. But there's got to be a little sass left in her, mustn't there? AFter she's selected a white button down, but before she changes, she sticks her head throguh the doorway connecting the two cabins. "Kirov," she says, grinning. It's meant to be a little dig, a little twist that she knows what she shouldn't. She can have a little fun too, right?!
PrestigeAndrei "Sure you will." Andrei responds rather dryly as he turns his head back to look at her before he moves to close the door and give the woman some privacy even as he moves off into his side of the room. "Yah, yah, my acting career died and all that.. now get changed and lets get to work yah!?" He'll mutter.. time to go!