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Licker A few weeks ago during the Blizzard, prior to William joining the STARS unit.

"Officer Caldwell, this is central. We have a 10-33 at the corner of Elma and Raccoon Drive. EMTs are stuck across town dealing with a vehicle collision, can you assist until emergency services can be on scene?"

The RPD have been pulling double and triple duty during the unexpected weather anomoly mid March. This includes periodically dealing with looters, home invasions, or just the occational medical emergency.
Prestige William Caldwell Driving a standard police cruiser was a cheery man clad in a Raccoon City Police Department uniform. He reaches for his radio and speaks into it "10-4 central. Officer Caldwell is currently enroute to Elma and Raccoon Drive. Can't really give you an ETA with this damn Blizzard in the way. I'll be there ASAP, over." he proceeds to turn on his emergency lights and sirens, driving towards the scene of the collision as he shifts gears and starts to move.
Licker The roads are cleared every morning, but by midday are already iced over even after being salted. This is the nature of a mid-spring blizzard driving infra-structure to a stand still.

Despite that, it wasn't a long drive, even if he had to take a few round about detours.

The afore mentioned location is a house and with his side mounted spotlight can see that the door is ajar leading up into the foyer. Otherwise the streets are abandoned, a curfew keeping most people indoors during the evening hours.

This is the address though.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell keeps his sirens on and radios into central "Central, this is Officer Caldwell but...nobodies here..The doors open to the house and I think the EMTs have gone inside, going onwards to investigate. If i'm not out soon, send backup." he slowly exits his vehicle and keeps a firm footing as best as he can on the icy ground. Making his way towards the house and slowly entering, keeping his flashlight on in one hand and his other hand ready to draw his sidearm at a moments notice.
Licker "Solid copy, backup enroute." Central confirms, "But there's no EMTs in the area."

The flashlight illuminates a house in the state of rushed packing. Clothes are tossed around, most of which would do no good in the weather, and there's food items laying on the table with a semblance of order. Someone thought they were planning a get away, but they're packing all wrong. Snacks, high sugar, low protein... things like that.

Typical middle American family.

Inside the sounds of the storm die out completely and left behind an omenous silence in the living room.

Wait, what was that on the floor there? Looking again it appears to be something slick in the center with the outer edges already starting to dry. Deep crimson in the halogen light.
Prestige William Caldwell William slowly looks over the house in all of it's rushed glory. He doesn't touch anything though, it may be a crime scene. "What's this?" he mumbles to himself, looking over the slick area of flooring. He notices immediately what that slick spot in the floor is "Blood?" he unholsters his pistol and flicks off the safety, continuing to remain quiet and slowly surveying the house for the culprit or a body of some sort. Blood usually had a trail, right? So that's what he looks for. Maybe the victim got away?
Licker The blood looks like something was either drug or drug itself towards the stairs leading to the second floor. There's more trail leading upwards to further that hypothesis and the sound of something, quite suddenly, smashing on the floor. Like someone was rifling through belongings and knocked a lamp off the desk, smashing it on the carpet.

There is no sound of conversation, moans of pain, or anything to indicate that anyone is actually up there, however.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell continues inspecting the blood, slowly making his way towards the stairs as he inspects the blood. He quietly and quickly makes his way up the staircase towards the second floor. This was weird..too weird. Usually the criminals would be booking it at the sounds and lights of a police car nearby. Perhaps the crook was just dumb? Whatever the case, he was definately running on an attempted murder charge over here. Either that or he was already in bad shape as is.
Licker Caldwell clears the second floor landing and shines his light around on an empty hall. Several doors run the length of the hallway, most of them closed, all of them infact but one. At the end, straight ahead, is the door to the master suite where the noise is most likely to have come from.

His light trails over the walls, a hand print drug across them smearing more crimson over the white paint, and small drops dotting the otherwise clean carpet.

Then, down at the end of the hall, something darts across the opening from right to left, just out of the light... and there's an omenous, almost feral, chittering coming from the darkness.
Prestige William Caldwell William slowly finishes making his way up the staircase and looks over towards the doorways. Seeing the shadow darting across the hall. Then he hears the chittering and immediately shudders in fear, slowly approaching the noise "R...RCPD, come out with your hands up!" he says, his aim shaking as he aims his gun towards the doorway where the shadow was spotted fleeing into
Licker The shout ends all sounds of the chittering suddenly. A silence falls on the hallway where he's standing with his weapon pointed at the open doorway... Had he just seen it? Was it just a trick of the light?

It is entirely possible that it was some ingrained human terror creating shadows in the darkness and sounds in the silence.

The second he's gathered his wits to continue, the door beside him smashes outward in a rain of splinters. Something small and lithe leaping out from it with a snarl.

It's aim was off, however, and it hits the wall and darts around towards the stairwell back down towards the first floor.

It ''looked'' like a small child. Just a completely naked one. The black ichor covering it made it difficult to tell exactly though.
Prestige William Caldwell Officer Caldwell has his aim on the open door, then suddenly the door beside him is blown to splinters. He jumps backwards and raises his weapon, firing off a panic shot towards the small child and yelling "HOLY SHIT!" he watches as the child scuttles down the staircase, him quickly following after it. Whatever that thing was it needed to be put down quickly so it didn't endanger the populace. It may have looked like a child, but no child can singlehandedly reduce a door to splinters.
Licker The snap shot actually wings whatever the hell it was that tried to attack him, but not enough to put it down completely. It tumbles over the side of the railing and into the darkness of the first floor where it smashes through a table.

Another snarl from directly behind him where he'd previously been aimming and something smashes against his back, right onto the ballistics vest beneath his uniform. It doesn't get its claws in, but it certainly does send him sprawling down the hall.

Then darts into the shadowy opening created by whatever smashed out at him originally.

Again that chittering fills the silence.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is actually surprised his shot hit the damn thing, feeling a moment of pride wash over him despite the panic of the moment. That pride is short lived when he is slammed into from behind and is sent stubmling down the hall, slamming into a wall and groaning. He shakes his head lightly and raises his weapon again, slowly aiming his flashlight into the room and keeping his weapon aimed at any suspicious shadows, if he spots any he opens fire on them, assuming they look like the shadow that he previously saw.
Licker Unless he's brave enough to go in that room it is unlikely he'll see what lurks within, but something does move off to one side, just out of sight.

Maybe it's a jump scare moment and William takes a shot, maybe police training kicks in and muscle memory guides him, but he does fire.. right through the wall.

Judging by the howl of pain on the otherside, he must have hit it too...

What are the odds?

"HELP!" Someone screams from the master bedroom, begging the question, why hadn't he heard anyone before?
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell backs off from the scene of where that...thing was just shot. Hopefully dead. He moves towards the master bedroom and opens the door, going inside and raising his handgun around the room "Police! Don't move!"
Licker What a terrible night to have a curse.

Just as William rounds the corner into the bedroom, the flashlight dies and baths him in complete darkness.

"Who's there?" The voice begs, "T-they..." Sobbing from somewhere in the room. The windows have been boarded up to keep the snow from smashing in with high winds so there is literally zero light from outside.

"D-did... you.. find my babies?"
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell mans the fuck up and tries to get his flashlight to work again. "Ma'am. Pardon my language as an officer of the law but what the FUCK are those things? Those aren't your kids! They're freaks!" he continues trying to get his flashlight working, trying to keep his pistol aimed at the woman in case she attacks, if her kids were freaks whos to say she isn't one too?
Licker "K-kids?" The woman asks in the darkness, "Oh..." She laughs quietly, sadness in her voice, "No those aren't ''children''..."

The light comes on after a few smacks against his palm reestablishes battery power and immediately he shines on the source of the commotion... The woman is crouched down ontop of the dresser looking like something straight out of national geographic. Her clothes are torn and matted with blood and her face is a network of wounds, some healed.. "They're my babies..." Her teeth are all filed down into sharp points and her eyes are glimming with insanity.

On the bed the entire family has been torn open as if having been the source of food for whatever was in this room with the psychotic woman. Dead for at least a few hours. Two large bodies and one small one.

"YOU HURT MY BABIES!" She screams and leaps at him trying to bite.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell looks in horror at the woman as his light comes back on. "What the..fuck are you?" he asks, looking over the woman in near shock. He sees the woman leap at him and gets the hell out of dodge, moving quickly past the psychotic woman and trying to empty a few rounds into her while he's at it. "Die you freak!" he yells. Keeping his flashlight trained on her so she doesn't get away and hip firing as best as he can so he doesn't get tunnel vision and get ambushed by her 'babies' whatever those things were.
Licker The woman stumbles out of her leap and lands in the closet, but immediately leaps out of the way of the gunfire that was ill placed after his spin. Having led the prey into her temporary lair, she chitters, which at this distance is actually her clicking her sharp teeth together with her tongue whistling against the odd opening it creates... it sounds mildly like what people invision spiders to sound like.

There is no web.

She leaps up on a dresser and tries to assault the officer again! Swinging her arms wildly as she flies through the air!

"You will feed my baaaaabies!"
Prestige William Caldwell The officer quickly gets into a shooting stance and opens fire on the woman again, trying to get a nice precise shot on the woman, or what might have once been a woman as he fires upon her. "Not today, freak!" he tries to dodge out of the way once she goes flying through the air out at him.
Licker There's a back and forth going here that could drag on for hours. In the close proximity of this bedroom, the woman is using obstacles to leap at William while he's proving she's not that acrobatic by rolling out of the way. Every shot smashes through the wall or a mirror or into the bedframe, but she's just as quick and making effective use of shadows to dart in and out without getting hit... so far.

"My babies will be back to feat on your blood!" She chitters from one side of the bed, bucking like she's going to leap up onto the bedstand, and instead all fours crawling straight across the corpses towards the officer.
Prestige William Caldwell Following the woman with his light and weapon, Caldwell takes a firm grip on his handgun and yells "Fuck you, lady!" and slowly aims towards the bedstand, but then seeing the signs she's crawling across the corpses towards him. He backs off and fires off a round towards the woman, getting ready to dodge again should the time arise, which it will soon he's sure of it.
Licker The woman swings wildly at him from halfway across the bed, but his shot hits her right in the clavical and knocks the attack off wide. She yells out in pain and fury and pinwheels off the edge of the bed to try and make a break for it. It was all fun and games until he actually hit her! Little does she know that he's only got one bullet left in the chamber, right?
Prestige William Caldwell Quickly ejecting his old mag and fumbling around for a new one, he grabs hold of it and quickly inserts it into his handgun, firing another round off into the woman as she runs for it, he follows after her, hoping to catch up to her before she causes more harm to the populace. "Get back here and die you demon spawn!"
Licker The woman darts off down the hall, knocking things over as she goes. One hand clutched to her shoulder until she's out of view back in the hallway; "Come to me my babies! Defend your mommy!"
Prestige William Caldwell Officer Caldwell follows after the woman after missing his first shot, he aims forward and gets into a shooters stance, firing a shot off into the woman yet again as he yells "I'll kill you and your babies. You're all freaks! I'll deal with you single handedly!"
Licker The woman is having none of it! She's out of here, running for her very life, ready to leap down the stairs over the banister until he says he's going to kill her babies...

That changes ''everything''. She whirls around with a snarl of sharpened teeth and starts padding the hallway back in his direction, leaping from side to side as she trucks at him on all fours. Shot after shot missing, sending up peices of carpet or dust, and then she's leaping at him from about three feet away.

Just enough time for him to get one more shot off...

It rips through her right eye and sends small shards of skull splattering against the wall. Her head does not explode, but she does drop like a cenderblock in a river... twitching a little on the floor at his feet.
Prestige William Caldwell Officer Caldwell is missing shot after shot as he fires at the woman, fearing for his life if this woman gets close. He finally gets a decent shot off on the woman and watches as her skull splatters against the wall. He takes a deep breath and sighs...Slowly stepping over the woman after he was sure she was dead and looking for the remainder of her sickening demon spawn. "What the hell were these things..?" he mutters to himself mostly, keeping his flashlight aimed at any suspicious shadows as he makes his way down the staircase, back towards his car if there is no further assault on him
Licker "Officer Caldwell?" A voice calls from downstairs, it has a commanding bark to it. Someone who is use to having his orders obeyed, "My name is Michael Owens. My team is here to lend you a hand..." His team? The sound of dozens of footsteps coming up the stairs and black clad men with face masks on appear. They're all carrying assault rifles and heavy duty body armor.

The source of the voice must be the clean shaven man with the high and tight haircut. "Officer William Caldwell?" Stepping over to offer his big black clad hand, "Step outside with me while my men do a sweep and clear of the building?"

The teams are already kicking in doors and clearing the rooms with a near military level of precision.

Michael, however, is starting downstairs as if he expects to be followed.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell looks down at Officer Owens and slowly flicks the safety on his gun, holstering it and following after him. "Yes sir." he says, cleaning off his uniform if any gore or blood got on it, it was certainly LAYERED with sweat though for sure. Caldwell wipes his brow off and follows after him, clearly shaken with the events that took place in this house today. He steps outside and stands at attention as best as he can, though he's clearly shaking from head to toe despite whatever attempts hes making to stay calm.
Licker Upstairs the sound of the men calling out ''clear'' in each room they enter can still be heard until the pair of Michael and William step out into the front yard. There's four black SUVs parked in a tactical half circle around the front porch.

"You did a good job up there, son." The man says with a tight, but friendly smile, "Now, I want to get a little debriefing before you report this in, huh?" Laying a big gloved hand on the officers shoulder, "what was it you saw up there?"
Prestige William Caldwell William shakes his head slowly before speaking "I have no idea what I saw up there today, sir. There was a woman who was more like a spider with a humans features, minus the webbing. Kept talking about her babies being fed...There were corpses where she was, mutilated, eaten, god it was horrible." he takes a deep breath and shivers, recounting the memories of the horrifying experience. It seemed so long ago, yet it was only a few seconds ago this terror had ended. "Her babies were...well i don't know what the fuck they were, sir. One of them was a child covered in a black tar like substance, it could smash open doors. Took that one out quick. The last one..I didn't get a good look at it. Blindfired and managed to kill the sucker I think. My flashlight stopped working mid-way through but I managed to juryrig it again. That's about it sir."
Licker Michael frowns a little and takes a glance up at the house, but his hand remains on William's shoulder, "Listen, son. You did a good job up there." He begins quietly, "But I think you need to understand..." His hand retracts to rest on the stock of his foreward slung assault rifle, "This building was to be condemned before all this business with the blizzard shut down emergency services." He begins, "There was a sewage leak." By way of explanation, "We've got a team coming in soon as the roads clear to test the sewage, but we've long suspected one of the many biker gangs of storing their illegal wares.. including psychodelic narcotics, in one of the treatment plants."

Motioning with a wave of his hand.

"We're going to have you cleared by our doctors, but..." He looks back to the officer, "We're also going to put in for you to get commendations for your work.." How do they even know what he's done, right? "You ever thought of joining the STARS unit? They could use some level headed, cool under pressure guys like you."
Prestige William Caldwell William looks back towards the house. "Condemned? But there were people in there, sir...fresh bodies. I saw them..." he looks over towards Michael again and sighs "Yes, sir. The doctors know best, right?" he blinks at the mention of STARS "STARS are the best of the best sir, i'd love to join..but me? Do you think they'd have a use for me, sir?" he looks himself over, observing his sweat soaked figure and then back towards the house...he did just kill three freaks of nature by himself..was that what STARS did? " you have any idea what those things might have been?"
Licker "I can't say, son." Michael squeezes William's shoulder once more and turns to radio his team, "All clear? Alright, get out of there so the scrubbers can do their job." A cocophony of ''rogers'' follow and the dozen men head out of the house to collect on the lawn looking very much like a military unit.

"But we intended to get that family out..." Michael looks to William with a little frown and a helpless shrug, "We're stretched thin across the city... manning check points and trying to keep the city safe from all the bad elements.. I wish we had sooner." He's painting a pretty picture here. "Might have been an animal of some kind? Maybe monkeys? I heard the power at the zoo went down a few nights ago... some of the animals got loose... hey.."

He motions to one of his guys, "Wasn't the zoo keeper a lady about that woman's appearance?" "Yessir, she was." The woman says dutifully. "That might be what she meant by her babies..."

The scrubbers are a set of four guys carrying heavy flamethrowers on their backs towards the front doors. The ''woooooooosh'' of them setting the interior to blaze is heard even over the storm. "As for STARS? For a slick cat like you? I know Chief Irons personally, I'll make a call and you'll be on the team soon as the paperwork goes through, how's that sound? Just forget about all this business..." Waving up towards the house, "And we'll set you on the fast track to one hell of a career."
Prestige William Caldwell William watches over as the assumedly SWAT form up on the lawn and get ready to watch the fireworks..or in this case just fire. "We need to get more manpower, we really do, sir." he blinks and looks over at the house again "A zoo keeper with animals eating people? That doesn't make much sense, sir..something strange happened in that house." he watches the scrubbers get to work on setting the house ablaze as he watches it crisp right before his very eyes. "Can't say i'll miss that damn place." he looks over towards Michael and nods "That sounds wonderful, sir. I can't wait to be a part of STARS. I suppose I can go home now..right?" he asks, clearly tired out from the huge fight that took place in the house and the showcase of the display of burning down a house
Licker "Of course, of course." Michael says with a tight, still friendly grin. "Just step over here and let the doctors make sure you weren't effected by the psychodelics in the leak and we'll get you right on your way." The ''swat lead'' shows William over to a doctor who's already on scene with the group as if that's standard practice. He does some blood samples, asks a few questions, then gives Michael the thumbs up.

"Alright, son." Patting the officer's shoulder, "Head on home. You've got the night off after what you've been through... and don't worry about the paperwork, huh? We'll take care of it for you." The female member shows him to his vehicle, "I'll make sure your resume makes it onto Chief Irons desk, Officer." Michael calls out, then turns back to the work of cleaning that house of all evidence of the ''sewage leak''.
Prestige William Caldwell William follows onwards towards the doctor and blinks, that wasn't standard practice as far as he knew. Was this some sort of special psychadelic drug that got in your blood stream through the air? "Thank you, sir. I'll get home right away. Thank you for everything." and with that he hops in his car and drives back to the PD