Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei It has been to say the least a very difficult and complex situation aboard the ship for the past few hours. Sure there were occassional blaps of gunfire, and screams. Yet for Andrei Kirov he was willing to bet that anybody he worked with wasn't involved.. at least in the gunfire deparment. The undead were much more numerous as well. What basic containment procedures the crew had gone through to keep the boat contained had been undone in just the span of a few rushed minutes by Andrei Kirov. Everyone is now suffering the effects of this decision with former residents shuffling down the hallways gasping and moaning.

Down one of the hallways closest to the now open bulkheads, resided Kirov. The man at this point was now wearing what appeared to be a diffirent floral print t-shirt of some design over his armored wetsuit. The man's gasmask and nightvision goggles still remain worn and attached, though by this point what Andrei really wanted was a shower.

Oh.. and while Deck 8 isn't exxactly safe.. for Andrei.. the danger the undead posed is one slightly diffirent and more predictable than a squad of gun toting psychopaths.
Caio For Caio, the last few hours were alsso difficult. The man had to hide from the soldiers. That thought makes his stomach lurch. He, fortunately or not isn't used to hiding from the danger. But survival and logic dictate that when outnumbered and outguned, hidding was your best option. He sertainly noticed the increase in the undead population. Having heard Andrei's plan before he, honestly isn't surprised in the slightest. As he explores deck 8 which has been recently openned he spots Andrei, giving the man a wave. Caio still wears his gas mask and wetsuit and carries his gun with him, as always.
Markus Berger Markus didn't have a pleasant couple of hours either as he has been hiding from everything as well... with a broken arm and a leather coat covered in dried blood. Unfortunately curiosity or foolishness dictates that he just had to go and explore some which results in him being on Deck 8 as well and likely to run into the two commandos right about now as he walks around a corner nearby.
Laura Corridors were such dull places, and Laura had found a way to get around most of the ship unseen. It wasn't comfortable, and it wasn't too fast, and each deck was murder on the arms. But the ventilation ducts didn't have zombies, Umbrella or anything else untoward on in them, which was all good, especially after the earlier fireworks display. A perfect way for a lithe woman like Laura to get around.

She then came to a halt, her eyes peeking through a grille. Didn't look like Umbrella, nor the Chinese, for the matter. Heavily armed, none the less. She stopped, focusing on listening in for any clues for who, what and why.
PrestigeAndrei "Randy Savage." Andrei will offer aloud from his vantage point off to the side of the hallway, his index finger lightly tapping the barrel of his shotgun as he turns his attention to the approaching, though exploring man now as his left eye narrows for a second or two, though the expression his hidden behind his mask. "God bad news. Your damn phone isn't working anymore, looks like our new friends are blocking my calls. Can't even make a collect call to my mother anymore. I miss her so dearly." He'll state again amusedly before he shifts his gaze than, catching sight of Berger. "Dr. Berger." He shows about as much immediate interest in Markus's presence it seems as.. well nothing really.

"Take the phone back, we need to go figure out how they are blocking communications before we can call extraction and get off this damn deathtrap." Andrei muses before he moves to slide the phone out of his pants pocket. Yes he is wearing khaki shorts over his wet suit, no you can't judge him.
Caio Caio nods at Andrei, sighing. "I thought Umbrella would jam us." He picks his phone back. "Thanks, man. Well being without communication does complicates things but isn't unexpected. Well for a start I think we should check eiter the Helipad or the bridge. At least they seem to be the most likelly places.. It wouldn't be difficult for them to generate the signal at eiter of these places." To the good doctor, he smiles, some relief being seen in his eyes. "I'm glad to see you are still with us, doctor. How is life treating you?" He asks the other man in a casual fashion.
Markus Berger The doctor just stares at the two for a moment before shrugging and approaching them. "I haven't been shot by Umbrella yet and my arm isn't falling off, so I think that counts as fine. Bastards... it is them. Can't be anyone else." With that said he sighs as he glances at Andrei while desperately not trying to judge his clothes... over the wetsuit. "Guess you're the one in charge or at least the one with more than a little bit of a clue. Mind if I tag along? Arms a mess but I'm not out just yet."
Laura "There's nothing to see on the bridge.", Laura's voice sounded out soon after Caio, muffled by the duct, before she mashed her elbow in agaist it, popping the grate open. "The computer's broken, no-one replies on the radio, we stopped the ship but that's pretty much all we could do.", she added. She wasn't quite visible yet, preferring to stick to cover for a little longer. The trio didn't seem dangerous atleast, and Leon surely would appreciate the news that they weren't the only folks left with weapons facing the Umbrella.
PrestigeAndrei "Sure, you can tag along." Andrei responds cheerfully than as he looks to Berger for a second, his head shifting to look the man over. "You can probably stop a bullet or two for me.. or maybe break into a computer or something right?" Andrei states, again just barley able to keep himself from laughing at his own words. To Caio than he responds, "That is indeed the most likley case, but that is also where the Umbrella forces are going to be most likley located. They probably know exactly where to go too so we have limited time to stop them from blowing.."

He than considers the voice from overhead, "You don't sound very Chinese. You are the ones who stopped the boat? Didn't you realize it is like.. a randomly made up statistical chance to land a helicoptor on a stationary vessel over a moving one?" Andrei offers to the disembodied voice than quite annoyed. He'll pause to look between Caio and Berger. "You both heard that right? That voice?"
Caio Caio nods at Andrei. "Of course, sir." Regarding the real problem, the young man hmms. "Thats where things get difficult. If we presume the jammer is at the helipad, getting there will be difficult, due to all the dogs of Umbrella. That is not counting the pocibility that whats broadcasting the signal is somewhere helce." He looks up, looking in the general direction of Laura's voice. "Thanks for the info. Are you the only survivor of your group? I ask because we could use some help."
Markus Berger The doctor briefly looks towards the general direction of the voice before looking back towards Caio and Andrei. "Well, this keeps getting more and more interesting. Zombies, mutants, you guys, Umbrella... and going by some pictures I found a certain supposed terrorist as well apparently."
Laura The disembodied voice chuckled. "Didn't do it for the Chinese. Didn't want the ship to ram full speed into a shore somewhere and end up with a new RC.", it said, before Laura pulled herself up, and slipped down from the ceiling, landing down gracefully as one would expect from her agile form.

Her bodysuit probably didn't help keeping up her honeymoon cover, not to mention the silenced pistol by her side. "Guess we're working for the same side in this. Well, even if we weren't, you don't sound like you like Umbrella all that much, either, which in this situation works for me.", she chuckled. She flashed a grin at the Doctor, making a quick nod. "Nice to meet you again, Doctor.". It was unlikely the German remembered their earlier meeting, they seemed to have been bumping to eachother when shit had hit the fan. "And no, Leon's with me at the brige. We cleared that place out earlier and locked the bulkhead when the Chinese showed up. If it wasn't for that one Chinese pilot ramming the Umbrella dropship, think they'd hold the bridge now.. Guess they don't have the fireworks to blow the door open now."
Caio Caio nods at Laura. "You are right.. We are on the same side in this. As for disliking Umbrella.. I've always disliked them, perssonally.. Ever cince Racoon city.." He blinks at the doctor. "A terrorist, doctor?" He asks, his eyes on Markus now.
PrestigeAndrei "Well that is good for you I suppose." Andrei offers in response to Laura then as she slides down to the ground. "But couldn't you have just like.. turned the wheel?" Andrei mutters under his breath before he shakes his head, sighing slightly. "Regardless.. Savage, looks like we've got a couple folks unaccounted for still it seems. Leon was it?" Andrei mutters under his breath. "I assume your name isn't Leon."

To Berger than he'll take a second to sigh. "Are you telling me that Ukranian chick is onboard as well? Get the fuck out." He'll mutter as he lifts his shotgun to tap the barrel of the firearm against his shoulder. Saftey still on of course as he grumbles under his breath. "Dr. Berger, if you've got hard evidence, I want it, in my hands before we extract. Otherwise.. I'd like to keep speculation to a minimium."
Markus Berger Berger just pulls out a phone out of a pocket inside his coat with his supposedly broken arm, although it still causes him to grind his teeth, and hands it over... while it displays a picture showing Alice. "Found the phone a bit ago and there are a few more photographs on it." With that he glances over to Laura who he indeed doesn't recognise. "Well, still good thinking. If this ship had reached any shore it would've definitely caused another RC... as things stand the worst that can happen is that Umbrella finds what they are looking for and they allready are a extreme threat as is anyway."
Caio Caio blinks at Andrei. "Who's she, sir?" Regarding Leon, he nods. "Well, I think we should try and look for this person. The more we can add to our group the better are our chances of leaving here alive."
Laura "There's shore out there somewhere, no matter where you turn the ship. With the computers not working, not like the autopilot-- autoskipper? does much good, either.", Laura shrugged. "Leon's my husb-- partner.", she added, correcting herself, a good cover is sometimes hard to lose. "Laura's the name.", she introduced herself, her eyes passing along the armaments of the two. "Can't say we have your firepower-- we were just looking into some intel about something shady going around. Wish the lead was a dud now.." She leans over to peek at the phone. Dead people walking? It was a woman she had seen die when getting out of the Raccoon City. It certainly wasn't an allegiance she was willing to air out here and now.
PrestigeAndrei "Some crazy bitch who saved my life a couple of times. Also really good with a gun. Also quite attractive in the right light." Andrei offers rather dryly as he looks the phone over for a second, the goggled face clearly staring at the phone in Berger's hands than before he lifts his shoulders. "We can't tell if that is someone on this ship or not. For the time being, until we have corroborating evidence that links that woman here.. We will talk about it than." Andrei mutters before he turns to face Laura again, still resting his gun against his shoulders as he looks.

"You'd say we didn't have any guns at all if you were not unarmed. Which means you and your dearest can probably help us get off this boat alive. Or at least me." Andrei says, voice muffled behind his mask. "The goal now is simple. Three objectives. One. Help us figure out what happened. Two. Help us destroy the signal jammer. Three? There is no three. Do those things and I can offer anyone involved extraction, and possibly assistance in survival. Anyone else? Just be in the right place when we leave."
Markus Berger With Andrei reacting the way he does the doctor instead pockets the phone again while leaving his messed up arm hanging limply again. "Well, not much other choice there with things being as they are. Just don't expect me to face off against anything worse than a zombie." He glances at everyone in turn. "So, what now? Aside from standing here and probably attracting unwated attention any moment now."
Laura "Well, you can help /us/ find out what happened.", Laura chuckled lightly, a smirk flashing by her lips. "That's our mission originally was, well, still is. It's stuff we can share, no doubt. Some inter-agency co-operation and what not." It's not like she was exactly hiding her armaments either, the old silenced pistol of hers sticking to her hip.

"Whatever the source is, it's down there somewhere. It's not marked on the blueprints, naturally, but I was hoping one of the ducts took me there. Ship computer might help, but it's busted.. The elevator by the bridge might help too, but that's busted, too. If someone has any other clues, I'm all ears."
PrestigeAndrei "The doors to the lower deck have been unsealed. Only way to slow down the new guests from just sweeping all the floors with impunity. As it stands.." Andrei takes a second to consider Markus then before he chuckles softly. "I don't want you to hit anything if that is what you are intoning, Sir. I just want you to be.." He'll take a second then before he starts chuckling. "Quick question. How good are either of you with explosives?" He'll inquire amusedly than as his fingers reach out to his side to slide his fingers into a bag, though he'll stop short of it.

"Apologies, Mrs. Laura. I didn't know we were getting into a pissing contest, but I'm happy to share information with you,, just ah, wheres are your weapons? Your.. escape route?"
Laura "Not sure the doors being unsealed help much, it's a huge ship, thousands of passengers.. Or, undead. Though there should be route somewhere to the source, some of the corpses were dragged down, instead of just left around.", Laura frowned. "And whatever's down there isn't like the usual undead. They can't tear down people like what we saw. Just a warning-- there's something else down there, something much nastier. Those guns will come in handy, for sure.", she said, shrugging off Andrei's latter comment.

"Aside from the basics, not too much on explosives. Nothing that I've done on an actual mission. Why do you ask?"
Markus Berger "Expected as much, considering that the zombies themselves aren't the only hazards we have seen so far... and the things I have seen in Raccoon City. There is allways something worse." With that said the doctor looks back at Andrei and shrugs. "No experience at all. I'd likely just blow myself up or turn anything good into a dud."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just snorts in response to Laura's words then as he looks her over. "It seems you are not thinking about these things tactically, Mrs. Laura." Andrei responds dryly. "The Chinese had cleared most of the upper decks by the time our new associates arrived. It is really hard to hide on a ship when theres nothing to hide behind or use as a distraction. At the very least, it'll get us where we arn't supposed to be. Furthermore, they sealed the lowest decks first right? Which means the infection started there. Which means whatever we are looking for is down there. IT would also explain why our companions probably want to be at the bridge.. or in the crew compartment so they can have access to the elevator.. while at the same time controlling the helipad and preventing further escape."

"Yes, the bioweapon that mimics human behavior is still running around this ship. Those weird chitonous climbing things are also all over the place."

Another light chuckle then escapes Andrei's lips as he moves a hand to his bag, moving to slide out what appears to be.. well a wooden box, which he than pries open to show two rather large hunks of C4 explosives, as well as two detonaters attached and all shaped to cause as big a blast as possible. "I'm thinking of thining out the Umbrella herd a bit, think you can make these not cuase the ship to collapse around us if we set them off during an ambush?"
Markus Berger "Well, you two have fun planning. You need some electronics messed with or something fixed though, I'll be able to help. Going to keep an eye out now nearby." With that said the Doctor slowly sneaks away around a corner to keep an eye out for trouble. After all, right about now he is useless for anything that involves killing anything... especially Umbrellas henchmen.
Laura "Getting down there, that is. Sealed or not, there's a horde of zombies between us and whatever, where-ever it is. Only one way to find out however, especially if we can't fix the stuff upstairs we don't have alternatives.", she shrugged.

"Their own version of the RC stuff, I guess, then.. Why can't things go nice and simple.", she sighed, kneeling down to rest her legs a little. "But, the ship should handle a few blasts, as long as you don't pluck them onto the hull itself. The blueprints should also help with that, to see where the important bits are."
Laura "You could take a look at the ship computer, if we manage to slip you onto the bridge with our guests around somehow. Be careful out there.", Laura said to the doctor.
PrestigeAndrei "Yes. But I have no skill with explosives and I suspect I would be liable to kill myself were I to try and reshape the charges." Andrei notes as he then turns to look at Markus as he moves. "Yes.. be careful, Dr. Berger. Don't get caught out anywhere." He'll offer before turning to look back at Laura than. "Yes. Well, you can try fighting your way through the several special forces agents to get to teh elevator, or we can walk down stairs and risk getting caught out by the undead." Andrei notes rather dryly, "One of those to me is significantly less risky in my opinon.. and doesn't involve getting shot."
Laura "And you aren't special forces?", Laura asked curiously. "And either way, Leon is up at the bridge. If you want all the guns out there to help, we'd need to get him out", Laura murred. "If they inted to camp outside the brige, a little explosive above them should clear them out, but possibly mess up the bridge beyond repair with it. Either way, I'll need to talk with Leon first."
PrestigeAndrei "Do I look like a soldier?" Andrei responds rather amusedly than, all dressed to the nines in that wetsuit and shirt. "But also I'm not an idiot. I've never met a man who could outrun bullets. Zombies, yes. Bioweapons, depends. Bullets? Never ever."

Andrei will lift his shoulders then before he lifts his hand in a wave. "Regardless, if you want to free your mate from that bridge area.. you will need to help us reshape the charges.. and maybe than we can ruin the elevator for them too.. That might be fun!"
Laura "Not sure much others that'd dance around here in wetsuits, guns and explosives, alteast.", Laura laughted slightly. "But the elevator seems like it'd take a hit, too. Maybe enough that they won't just rapple down the shaft-- if they make it. I hate to think whatever that masked one can do, especially after slitting that poor soul's throat in cold blood like that."
PrestigeAndrei "Wouldn't know. Didn't look at them too hard." Andrei responds with a lift of his shoulders as he moves to turn then. "See you around, Mrs. Laura." Andrei responds dryly as he walks, chuckling under his breath as he goes. "Don't get lost up there in those vents. I'd be right phobic in those sorts of places."
Laura "You get used to that after a while.", Laura laughed. A little speed, a jump against the wall, and she boosted herself up to the went again. "I'll look you up after we talk this through at the bridge.", the voice echoed from the vents. "And good luck, we'll all need it."