Umbrella Surveillance System
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Gunfire can be heard from above deck as the Chinese mop up any remaining undead on the deck to clear the way for survivors, and another announcement can be heard; hacked directly into the ships intercoms, "Deck 13 is clear of infect. You may proceed. Deck 12 is being sweep. Please stay inside your room until it is knock." The translator clearly didn't have the best grasp of English but it was good enough.

On Deck 13, survivors who had holed up in the Observatory began to head outside.

On Deck 12, The Chinese were knocking on doors and directing people in broken English to head up for "Medical Treatment. Rescue."

They would proceed through the opened decks and do what they could. There seemed to be no sinister purpose so far.


The Chinese had done an admirable so far in clearing the top decks, moving with military efficiency even if their special operations team was clearly limited in number at just 16 soldiers.

They had trained for this though, ever since Raccoon City; world powers had been preparing for Bioterrorism Incidents.

More surprisingly though were that many of the Doctors and Aid workers present were clearly foreigners, several of them wearing vests with the United Nations symbol on them. Others were Red Cross workers.

This was not just a Chinese Rescue Effort. This was a UN-Sanctioned Operation.

Those survivors who were injured are given basic medical treatment for their wounds, and are checked over for signs of infection like everyone else via a small testing kit; it would be familiar to anyone who had survived Raccoon City.

Gathered on the deck appear to be close to two hundred survivors, many of them having come from the Observatory area. As groups of survivors are cleared, a helicopter will touch down and retrieve those survivors.

To the FBC observing from a tarp? On the upper decks, they will see nothing suspicious. If anything, they were the ones here on a Clandestine Operation.. not the Chinese.

They also see one of their own, their mission leader Rachel Jones being carried onto a helicopter on a stretcher; still in her wetsuit.
Dewey Graham Quickly boarding a helicopter was the elderly man known as Dewey Graham, was he finally being rescued? Please god let it be so. He cries and hugs the closest english-speaking worker he can find "You're all heroes..thank you..thank you so much." he quietly sits on a helicopter after getting tested for infection and waits for it to take off.
Caio Caio shakes his head at Andrei. "This isn't just the chinese, man. Its the Un.." He says to Andrei as he watches the evaquation being done.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei for his part just taps at his knee as he kneels down on the ground, his lips twisting into a visible frown not at the sight of the people being herded onto the helicoptors then. "Well. it looks like we are down a set of explosives. Curves got herself captured." Andrei mutters udner his breath from their little hidey hold, keeping himself out of sight then as he turns to look about. "Looks like we are going to have to do a lot more.. with a hell of a lot less."
Caio Caio blinks. "Are you crazy? This isn't just the chinese anymore.. Its the united nations! And we are without explosives!" He blinks a few more times. "We won't be able to fulfill our mission."
Ashley Graham Ashley eventually arrives, leading a group of some people who have been hiding out, just scratching out a little bit of survival. Apparently it's enough. She stays by the door, helping to get them all over to the rescuers. She herself eventually comes up the rear, taking a seat on the deck to receive her medical check.
PrestigeAndrei "We got six explosives, Four between us alone. The mission isn't over quite yet." Andrei responds quite dryly as he taps his finger against the ground as he remains down on the ground. "Our orders were clear, comrade.. we are going to get court martialed or disavowed if we failed.. and I rather like my freedom. Unless you think the U.n is hiring?"
Yoko Suzuki Yoko comes up alongside Ashley, guiding those who might need help up onto the deck. Once she's made sure all of the survivors she was with are safely on deck, she collapses against a nearby wall and catches her breath. She was fortunate to find another snack bar and a small bottle of water, which give her a little extra nourishment and hydration. As for her medical check, she's not injured, she's just shaken up emotionally and is really hoping that these flashbacks stop happening at the worst moments!
Caio Caio nods, sighing. "All right. But at least wait for the red cross to leave." His eyes are still unsure but he won't back down.
Tyler Lancaster Tyler Lancaster is currently in the crowd, looking out towards the various doctors and helicopters. He hasn't made his way to the front of the lines just yet, but he's waiting patiently to get screened. Maybe things won't be so bad after all, you just had to have a little faith.
Richard Stadler At the very least, this was some verification that a small team of well trained professionals could conduct sweep and clear operations... at least on the upper deck. The lower ones he'd really hope they wouldn't go toward without sealed body armor and a tank that fits through elevators. Stadler does keep the fire arm he had tucked into the back of his panks, his hands up, as he walks toward them, and manages to get to a medical chopper. To be completely honest, he wished they would make the hope over to land with them in handcuffs. At least it would be off this ship of horrors.

Bandages that were actually fresh. Disinfectent. It looked like /proper/ wound dressing as opposed to his patch job of t-shirts and clothing, and at least there was something in bandages that were somewhat clean and white. The Viral test would come back negative. He knew that, right now. Two times, he'd gotten savaged by one of those things, and he wasn't infected. That was... something to be studied. Once they were off this ship.

He doesn't look in the direction of the places the FBC agents could be hiding. He'd seen the commander moved out on the strecher, still in her marked wetsuit. Someone would guess something, and he didn't really think those at the higher level would buy the 'disavowed agents' explination... but so it goes. Like the Chinese in the same position wouldn't try to blow it up too.

He hoped they finished the mission. He hoped a bit harder that they got out a live.
PrestigeAndrei "Acceptable risk. There isn't much left to lose either way." Andrei notes rather dryly as he continues to tap his finger against the deck surface, still watching the proceedings with a great deal of annoyance playing across his features, even if it is hidden behind his assorted face gear.
Caio Caio nods at Andrei. "Ok.. Got any plan?" He asks Andrei. "Autough if they really intend to destroy the ship this will make things easier."
PrestigeAndrei "Plan? Do I look like a person who ever has a plan? I'm just going with wing it buddy." Andrei responds oddly enough ,his lips twisting, and his teeth grinding as he speaks, clearly trying to figure out what exacty the fuck he is going to do to salvage this siutation and get back home without getting bitten, shot or in a prison some where.
Caio Caio sighs. "I.. I'm not good with planting explosives. I've just never done it." He closes his eyes for a brief second, alsso thinking.
PrestigeAndrei "How hard can it be? I mean, they probably are already prepackaged. Just got to hide them somewhere nice and safe on the right decks and hit the buttom." Andrei will hesitate for a second then before he starts to chuckle under his breath. "Of course I didn't consider we might also blow ourselves up, good reminder." He'll then note before tapping stills, watching all the while
Caio Caio frowns. "Thats just it, man. We might end up doing everything just so we can get blown in the end. Theres no use.." Despit his words his voice is calm, the man is thinking tactically. "I really can't think of a way for us to complete our mission."
Kitten The unconscious FBC Agent is loaded into the Mil-24 Hind Military Assault Chopper that lands, one of two that had deployed in the rescue operation before taking off without any other survivors. No doubt, being a special operations agent, not on a rescue mission, in a place like this begged questions. The location of the ship meant espionage at the least.

It was very likely that interrogation and torture would be happening in the near future.

The helicopter Dewey is on is fully loaded and one of the Doctors pats the door, signaling them to take off.

The chopper lifts off from the deck and begins to fly away, another helicopter landing to take its place as the lone Mil-24 Hind continues to fly circles around the vessel in a patrol pattern.
PrestigeAndrei "And? We are fucked either way. I'm going to play with the possibility of success at the very least. I'm sure we can pick it up as we go along. You still have the option to go down there and try and escape though, Just ah, hide your explosives somewhere before you go. Maybe in the freezer? Who knows." Andrei responds as his head turns to look at Caio then. "Just tell em your Randy Savage and you might get out. Otherwise.. our option is pretty simple."
Caio Caio shakes his head. "I have no explosive with me. They were with the others." He tells Andrei, his head bowing slightly
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov says, "Oh, then uh, leave me your phone then? You had the phone right?"
Richard Stadler All right. Now they were getting out of there. That old man had gotten out without dying. Good. Some balm to the soul knowing that an old man who was potentially zombie food had gotten out without having to serve as a distraction. Not much, given how he was thinking these days, but God knows he wanted to live through these sorts of situations, and he had come too close to death to not think that way. Something he would have to work on.

He watched the helicopter with Rachel taking off, as well. He didn't know her name, even. Just that they worked for the same people, and if he hadn't taken his vacation when he did, it might be him on that helicopter. God knows a chinese prison was a better place than this, but it still wasn't going to be at all plesant. Best case, she would get out with a prisoner exchange. Worse part would be that she languished there for years as a spy no one was looking to pick up. He had to hope she would be resourcful in there.

God, another time he was running to a helicopter, licking his wounds, while others died. It was enough to make him sick, after he was in a hotel room stateside. But he would wait until then.
Tyler Lancaster Tyler Lancaster is herded further in, gradually becoming harder to pick out unless you had an aerial view. But something wasn't sitting right with him, the closer he gets the more he starts to doubt that he had made the correct choice. Maybe he should go back and find the others, but what if leaving made them think he was infected? That indecision marched him closer to the screenings and helicopters, it could be his only chance to escape.
Caio Caio hmmms. "Part of me still thinks we can go through with this. I'm just out of ideas. And the fact we only have a set of explosives doesn't helps, eiter."
Yoko Suzuki Meanwhile, Yoko was being brought onto a helicopter as well, and while she was going along willingly, she didn't have a good feeling about it. The handgun was still in her pocket, but who knew how much good it would do against people like this?
PrestigeAndrei Even as the Helicoptor lifts off, Andrei doesn't take his eyes off where he assumes Rachel is, he'll follow the vehicle fly off, offering a small shake of his head then as he sighs softly. "We'll figure something out. At the very least, we need to figure out what is going on this ship.. find someone to blame. Bare minimium." He'll mutter as his hands clench into fists.
Kitten Those with a bad feeling, were soon to be justified.

The first sign something is wrong is the explosion of the Helicopter that had just taken off, the one that had Dewey Graham was onboard. It happened suddenly and without warning, the explosion consuming the interior of the helicopter as it careened out of control towards the deck of the cruise ship and impacting with the Helicopter that Yoko was about to board.

The poor girl had just enough time to run.

Overhead, a black painted fighter jet (Harrier) flew over the cruise ship and began engaging the Mil-24 Hind that had been on patrol.

Just as suddenly as the attack upon the evacuation transports, was the deployment of soldiers from a black armored VTOL transport that flew over the helipad and began deploying commandos via rappel line to eliminate anyone on the deck...

....there were no identifying markers. Umbrella Corporation was not so stupid as to have symbols on their Black Ops divisions gear.
Rain Ocampo The last fire will rise.

Rain Ocampo views the battlefield through a series of multiple eyes on the outside of her black helmet. Designed to resemble a spiders head, her armor is a network of concentric, linked plates painted abysmal black, and resemble the network of webs.

Behind those eyes.

Rain Ocampo watches the pitch and yaw of the ship on the waves with a hidden expression, but one that is devoid of human emotion completely. Manipulated Genetics have rendered her a machine of death. A mistress of war.

Black House will rock.

Rain Ocampo.. the Black Queen.. rides in on the side of a VTOL troop carrier rushing in along the side of the Heaven of the Sea. The accompanying Harriers terrorizing an unsuspecting Chinese Special Operations force like toys soldiers.

Blind boys don't lie.

The VTOL hovers at descent distance from the main-deck and Alpha sqaud slides down on repel ropes led by the Black Angel of death herself. Upon landing she raises her SCAR-H battle rifle and starts picking off targets with ruthless, pinpoint accuracy.

Immortal fear.

The rest of her squad fans out at a series of hand signals directed at them, aided by their Night Vision Goggles. The sound of pitched battles on bunkered down soldiers is marked by trigger discipline that could only indicate the impending approach of salvation... Or encroaching damnation.

That voice so clear.

"Wo touxiang! Wo Taouxiang!" One of the Chinese throws his hands up when several of his small arms shots go wide around the, surprisingly, fast moving armored shadow that is Rain.

Through broken walls.

As she sees the surrendering soldier, the merchant of death slows her pace.. Battle rifle laid across her chest on a tactical sling as she pass unconcerned near the burning wreckage of a destroyed helicopter. Fire light illuminates the omenous many eyes of Rain's Spider-Helmet as she lays her hand down upon the black side arm at her hip.

That scream I hear.

She pulls it in one smooth motion and shoots the soldier right between his eyes. Walking past him as his body hits the deck, weapon clattering to the ground behind her as she progresses across the shadow darkened Heaven like the Devil finally return to finish the job on her angelic brethren.

Cry little sister.
Dewey Graham The explosion slowly consumes the helicopter, Dewey looks down and grabs hold of one of the nearby parachutes, thrusting it onto the nearest worker and shoving him or her out of the helicopter. a small twinkle can be seen in the night sky as Dewey rises up in the chopper and gives each and every one of those on board the ship a salute. He may have just been an accountant, but god damn did he love America. A faint echo can be heard as the explosion died down. Dewey's final words "Tell my wife...i'm sorry..and that I love her dearly.." and with that his flame engulfed body slowly drops out of the helicopter, burning and charring slowly and quietly and lands with a sickening thud onto the deck, becoming nothing more then a burnt pile of flesh in the evening night.
Caio Caio blinks, horror clear in his eyes. When the first explosion happened he just blinked in surprise. As the soldiers started to appear, a thought ocurred to him: Umbrella! He glances at Andrei, shock still written in his face. "We have to go!" He says to Andrei especially as he recognises Rain Ocampo in the battle field, having read his organization's report about her
Yoko Suzuki Sometimes, when you're under great amounts of stress, you can find that you can do things you never thought possible. Such as reacting to danger quicker than you thought possible. And in this case, Yoko sees what's happening just as she's about to board, and with just a second and a half at most to spare, she spins and scampers away on her hands and knees quickly, utilizing the escape method she'd learned back in Raccoon City, getting clear of the impending explosion with barely enough time to do so. Once she gets up and looks again, she goes wide-eyed as she realizes that numerous VTOLs have just arrived, and various commandos are deploying.

Even though they're unmarked, it doesn't take much to realize that they're with Umbrella, and given how they're armed and wearing protective gear, it's plain to see that they're not here to take anyone alive. For a moment, all Yoko can do is stare in horror and disbelief, realizing that her premonition was right, albeit not in the way she thought it would happen.

Thinking quickly, she turns towards the nearest exit off of the deck, trying to escape from the incoming danger as quickly as she can. Yet she knows the commandos will be sweeping every nook and cranny, so she knows her only option is to keep moving as much as possible...
PrestigeAndrei "No Shit, really?" Andrei mutters under his breath as he moves to stand up, or really crouch, keeping low to the ground as he turns to the side and just starts to slink off like the little slinky coward that he is... one that has practiced scampering away multile ties and his well honed skills guiding the man away. "Just a matter of timing. Poor timing of course." Andrei mutters under his breath, clearly disinterested in the lives and affairs of those now under attack.
Richard Stadler Well.

Well, shit.

A small part of Richard, the ever hopefuly, optomistic man who had mostly died when Raccoon city become an apocolyptic art installation of closely-groups craters, had just hoped that this was a badly mis-informed Marine operations. Some Jarheads from /Tarawa/ sent an AV-8 thought the Chinese were doing something untoward, caused massive civilian casualties. Son they'd stop, they'd all be horrified. Court martials would happen in a few months, some people at the Pentagon would resign. Dominate the news cycles on how it was a shoot first, ask questions later environment. A /horrible/ accident.

That was the best case scineario, and whatever black angel that say were God should be at the moment knew that wasn't going to happen.

Shortly after the dead piled up in wreackage and burning jet fuel and black ops started rappeling down from that VTOL, Stadler was running. Running as hard, and as fast as he could. The fight here wasn't going to be won with a wounded man who had 15 rounds of pistol ammunition and microbiology dissertation. Everyone on that deck, civilians, soldiers, and aid workers, were going to die. There simply wasn't any reason for Umbrella to leave them alive. Which means he had to go. He had to go /now/.
Tyler Lancaster So, this is fear. Tyler was certain he'd been frightened in the past, but none of that compared to this moment. As those dreadful Shinigami descended onto the ship, he found he could do nothing but stand there frozen in horror. He was going to die. He'd never figure out who his father was, he'd never make his mother proud, and he'd never get a chance to live. In the end all he could do was stand there and piss himself.
HUNK The black wind howls. Gunshot and screaming metal bleed together and deafen as fire spreads through the wreckage. The shadows are grotesque; they loom and twist like the fingers of dead men. Blood and pain and death and despair flow like water, and an umbrella of darkness clings to the ship's deck like ghastly funeral pall.

The screams of the survivors can barely be heard over the engine roars, a legion of black-clad soldiers descending and detaching. They spread across the deck with lethal efficiency, jackboots hammering like thunder, stomp-stomp-CRACK as the UN and Chinese peacekeepers are dispatched. Such is the significance of this mission that Rain Ocampo's Alpha Team has been accompanied by another: Bravo.

The last man to descend has the eyes of the Devil, two burning lenses that reflect the holocaust of fire beneath him. As his feet touch the ground, a whirling blade from the downed helicopter shatters and scythes through the air, tearing its way across the deck in front of him. There's a terrifying crunching noise as the metal distorts and whines, and then it settles. The Grim Reaper lifts a hand to his hand.

"Command. Operation Deep Purge has commenced. Securing the ship."
Caio Caio starts to follow Andrei closelly, doing all he can to cover the other man. Spotting Richard he'd wave at the other man. "Here!" He shouts in the midst of the large firefight. If all 3 of them can stay together theres still a chance.. Caio now starts running running for his life. Despit his hate of Umbrella he isn't a fool and knows that him and his partners are useless in this situation. Spotting Tyler he gives the younger man a wave, hopping he'll follow.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will litertally grab Caio by the arm and tug him down. HARD. Fuck being gentle, he will take every ounce of his strength to tackle that man to the ground and hiss out. "THE FUCK are you doing? Do you want to make this even more of a cluster fuck then it already is. We are leaving. Now. Stadler will make it out if he makes it out. Why the fuck are you giving up are only tactical advantage at this stage? YOu know.. the one where they don't realize we even exist?" Andrei grumbles out, shaking his hand, fingers clenched together. "Now GET the fuck out of here." Andrei grumbles then, again trying to keep his whisper shouting to a minimium as he moves away.
Caio As all hell breaks loose around them Caio is quick to follow Andrei to the ground. He gives the man a nod, doing his best not to be noticed.
Laura That certainly was a turn of events, one that Laura had a good view from the bridge, with her crouched down and peeking down from the front-facing windows. Who knew where Leon was in all that, always playing the hero, that one.

Trying to sort out the ship computers had been unsuccessful too, a last ditch effort she had been working on to get in at the secrets of what going on in the ship before being forced to evac. That certainly wasn't an option anymore; jet fighters, VTOLs, black-clad multi-eyed and glowing eye folks hopping down on the deck, with a total carnage ensuing right before her. That was some action movie shit right there, with the menace in black seeming to have the upper hand and the superior firepower. The fuck was she to do in that situation? Gathering the meager resources they had built up and stashing the ship blueprints inside her suit seemed like a good start.
Rain Ocampo The Black ''Widow'' passes through the wreckage of Heaven's blood splattered and fire torn deck like a phantom. Moving at a low crouch with her Battle Rifle ready as she shifts from one piece of cover to the other. Always a glint of darkness in the dancing flicker of fire or the passage of a shadow out of the corner of the eye.

There is no thrill of combat in her decisive, finalistic approach to Operation Deep Purge. Her orders were very clear and her purpose is without manipulation by the sight of a lone civilian standing frozen by fear.

Fear is a commedity that resources cannot buy. The opertunity to put clear into ''everyone's'' mind exactly how serious a position they are is worth all of Midas Gold.

She leaps over her palm placed on the flat stack of a wall divide between two sections of the deck and snaps her rifle up to her shoulder with one of the six eyes on the front of her helmet staring down the short sight at the man urinating on himself.

Her thumb flips the designation on the side of the weapon and she opens up on him with the entire clip. Every single shot honed in a centric, controlled, fire like a machine. ''tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat... tat-tat-tat-tat-tat...''

The muzzle flashes and the barrel climbs, but she rights it again to repeat over and over.
Kitten The battle seems to be fairly one-sided despite the air superiority the Chinese once held.

The Umbrella Security Services Alpha and Bravo Teams wipe out most of the Chinese Commandos in a matter of moments, taking only a handful of casualties themselves from brave Chinese soldiers.

A female Chinese soldier who was part of the rescue attempt takes a shot from the upper decks with an assault rifle and shoots one of the men beside Rain in the face before disappearing from sight.

The fire from the crashed helicopter burned ominously as the sun settled over the vast horizon of the ocean even as Rain is pumping Tyler Lancaster full of 7.62mm rounds from her SCAR.

Those who are fleeing manage to escape, but the situation on the deck is far more gruesome as the remaining survivors and those doctors who had come to help are gunned down ruthlessly.

The deck ran red with the blood of both guilty and innocent alike.
Richard Stadler Stadler saw the wave from Caio, right before it was pulled down Saw the position they were in. Three people running from the black death dropping from the sky would be something to follow, esspecially if two of emerged from a blind that wasn't half bad and were carrying very distinctive weapons. Stadler would feel better with a squad behind him, but Kirov, bless his cold heart, had the goddamn sense to pull the kid's hand down before.

Including that other kid they dragged back from that attack yesterday, and the one that had been pulled away, there were four other FBC on that ship, not including him. 5 of them, fighting a force who had to split up, might have a chance. Might. But for now, it was every man for himself. Fear helped Rick here. Fear told him to run, instead of doing the damned fool thing of trying to pull that frozen man out with him. Then they'd both be dead. If he repeated that to himself, after getting out of this, maybe it would become true. If not... well, he could toss it on the rest of the things plaguing his nights every so often.

He was through the to the stairs, then to the door, flinging it open and walking through to the sound of gunfire. Safety. For the fleetingest of moments, but it offered time to think.
Tyler Lancaster The bullets tear through Tyler's body, puncturing his lungs and intestines. Even if he could run there'd be no saving him without one of the UN doctors, and they've already been gunned down. He falls to his knees, pointlessly clutching at his once bright yellow t-shirt, this is where he was going to die.

"A..shadu an la il..aha illa illa-ilah, wa as..hadu anna muhammadan r..asul ullah." he mutters to himself past the blood that's forcing it's way from his mouth. Tyler was never a religious person, but staring down this terrible Spider Goddess he finally found Allah. With nothing left to do he squeezes his eyes shut, waiting for the killing blow that's sure to come.
Caio Caio runs alongside Andrei to the door, finally managing to get to a (mostly) safe location. He's not even finished running and he's already pulling his sattelity phone out from his vest and dealing a number. Still out of breath, he passes the phone to Andrei, not being able to speak due to running too much. "Alert Hq.. Ask for furter instructions." He says almost out of breath.
Yoko Suzuki Meanwhile, Yoko found herself dashing here and there, ducking under tables and what not as she tried not to think about what was going on. She stopped only briefly to grab a couple of snacks and a bottle of water, but that was still very meager for her. All that mattered was finding a safe place to hide. Eventually, Yoko found her way into the basement and into what looked like a small cabin for the crew or something. She shut the door and locked it, before crouching down inside the closet, shutting that door too. From there, she looked at the food and drink she had with her, wishing she'd taken Isaiah up on his offer for snacks earlier as she realized finding her way back to the TerraSave Suite would be easier said than done now. It was another game of survival... only this one would be even more difficult.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei takes the phone from Caio and once again just lifts a hand to smack the man in the foread. "Keep RUNNING buddy! We ain't out of the proverbial woods yet! GOD, I totally missed this!" Andrei says dripping with sarcasm as he moves to start trotting down the assorted means to find a much more safe hiding room.. one lost admist all the hallways on one of the decks.. he'll take the time to make his way winding through stairwells.. going to incredibly long and obtuse routes, even as he held onto the phone, not yet making the call.
HUNK "Acknowledged, HUNK. Additional mission parameters will be sent in time."

HUNK's hand falls away from his earpiece. He flits like a shadow, moving across the blood-smeared deck. The raging fire spreads behind him, making his silhouette flicker and burn, the cold, cruel fist of Umbrella closing around the windpipe of every living thing left here to witness. "Fan out and secure all entrances to the ship's interior," he commands the goons, raising a hand and pointing to scatter them. Alpha Team has the execution's handled-- Bravo will establish an unbreakable perimeter, to facilitate the inevitable flood of the black ops team into the lower levels.

He pauses above a young Chinese woman, a medic, holding her stomach and pleading with him in a tongue as foreign as it is thick with pain. The Reaper's mercy is nonexistent; she'll bleed out soon, no need to waste the bullet. "Secure the decks one by one. The Chinese and UN forces have cleared the hostiles. Our first priority is to seize the bridge."

The survivors best all be moving-- the blackshirts are marching, and the night is young.
Rain Ocampo Rain walks with out punctuation to her steps, as silent as a grave in the heat of a gun battle as she approaches the kneeling Tyler with her weapon held out slightly to remove the empty clip and slip another one into the under-side with a snap.

She stands infront of him like the Angel of Death and lowers down enough that the last thing he'll see on this earth are the multiple eyes staring directly into his as the light begins to fade from them. "Does it help?" Her question is quiet, devoid of compassion, empathy, or remorse through the vocalizer on the front of the Widow's helmet.

She recognizes the prayer from her time in Iraq. The plea to Allah for salvation from the coming of the storm. Alpha Squad fanning out to secure their section of the deck as their leader spends Tyler's last moments quietly in the eye of destructive force. "Does he hear you through the screams of gunfire and cries of death?"

Her head tilts fractionally, the battle rifle lays across her kneeling thighs as her hand lays lightly upon the knife sheathed on her black boot. Pulling the black blade free to slash it easily, absently, across the man's throat as he prays. Blood sprays against her armor. "I don't think he does..." She hisses, watching as he dies.

"God is not here today."
Tyler Lancaster Of course he does. Right? What's the point in all of this if there isn't anything waiting on the other side? Tyler shivers as Rain draws closer. "Wh-" his question is cut short, replaced with gurgling as his throat is slit. As the darkness consumes him, he was left with the knowledge that Rain was right, there was no god waiting on the other side for him.

Just the spiders.
Richard Stadler This was one of the times Stadler really was hoping that other people with guns had done their job properly. Because he was running clean through areas that might still have undead in them. Really hoping he wasn't going to be another sad corpse with it's throat ripped open for the Umbrella team to ignore and possibly loot, maybe sparing a bief moment imagining his story. But, it seems the Chinese military actually did their job. and Rick was able to make it back to the elevator. THere was only one place they had a chance to meet up at, and that's where he was going. Because suddenly the only enemy that had been on this ship now became a nebulous third player.

Hopefully, Andrei would be back within just a few minutes, and, when he is, Stadler's waiting for him. "You know, I've written a lot of papers." He starts. "One of them, a few months after I joined this one, was on a bit of a tactical theory. Just dicking around, but posits the fakes that, in the event of a BOW outbreak by a state, combat would have to occur between two armies in an infested environment. And winning that war would have to depend on using that to one's advantage."

He's already walking toward the door. "You're a cold bastard, Kirov. I think you're thinking the same thing."

Which is why, after walk back to the elevator, and then to the stairwell on Deck 8, they find themselves on the lowest deck, Deck 5. A keycode, moving the door, unsecuring the locks. The undead were dangerous monsters... but they were perdictable.
PrestigeAndrei During Andrei's run for his very survival... the man did something he had.. in all honesty planned on doing all along. "What are you talking about Stadler?" Andrei responds rather mirthfully as he moves down the stairs. "I said I'd end up doing this all along, this just moved up my time tables and made it all a little more morally gray instead of absolutley insane."

There is a huge grin then hidden behind the man's gas mask even as he stands across from the door, a few feet away from the stairwell, letting the injured man lead the way. It is just hard to ignore how giddy with excitment the man is at things now as he leans heavily from one leg to the other, his fingers tapping at his shotgun and chuckling. "I don't think one of these will be enough, though Stadler. With our Sino friends, I was planning on opening all four. At the very least.. lets get something a little more close to home involved."
Richard Stadler Stadler gives a sigh as they move down to Deck 5 to help unsecuring it. "Can't I just make one goddamn nerd boast without you having had the idea first? Goddamn, you can be a braying jackass, sometimes. Don't think I'm not petitioning for that to be your code name. I'm /very/ good at paperwork. I'll bet I can do it."

Once they're done with the lowest deck, he's heading up to Deck 7 with Kirov in toe. "If I had to give you one thing, it's that you're insane- I can hear you snickering back there at the thought of this, practically- but you're not stupid. We don't have time to do all of them right now, but I think Deck 7 will work nicely. Get them comfortable with deck 8, then have them submerged in a goddamn quagmire."

Up the stairs, up to deck 7, doing the same thing. Snapping a lock off, removing bars on doors, going from far to near, and then running for the goddamn elevator. This would slow them down, but this was about to get a /lot/ more dangerous.
Rain Ocampo Rain stands up after wiping the blood from her blade on Tyler's once bright yellow shirt and turns to issue orders to her squad, "Secure everything between the main deck and the command station." She whispers, pulling her pistol to shoot Tyler in the face as she walks around him towards her fallen Squadie.

The weapon is reholstered as she kneels down and fishes his dogtags out from beneath his armor to put on the growing number hanging on the front of her own armor. Dozens of them... when she tugs it out of the secure pocket to add yet another lost soldier to a memorial that represents all the empathy of loss that she nolonger feels.

After she replaces it in its pocket, she stands and makes her way towards Alpha squad to join them in assaulting their section of the ship. Always in communication with Bravo, but their missions are very clear and both of them are consumate professionals.
Kitten The remaining 8 U.S.S. Commandos along with Hunk and Rain manage to secure the deck, but the Mil-24 Pilot is suicidal it would seem. Rather than going down to the damage to his craft, he does what he can to veer into the near-by VTOL that had just deployed the Umbrella Security Soldiers.

Both aircraft exploded spectacularly as the sun disappeared over the vast horizon of the oceans....


Sometime later

As the U.S.S. move into the ship and begin their sweeps, they find themselves faced with hundreds of dead, dead that have come out of nowhere and been carefully herded towards their point of entrance.

Obviously some of the survivors had 'survived' their 'purge' on the deck and they were working against them.

For HUNK and Rain, escape would be easy, but not if they wanted to save some of their comrades.
Rain Ocampo Alpha team links back up with Bravo to enter deeper in the ship when the team is beset on all sides by hordes of the undead... Masses of them that come about as if by no particular direction to fall on the group of soldiers with single minded dtermination. Rain barely registers a glimmer behind her helmet, but these ''are'' her soldiers, so she whips her pistol out from its holster and raises it above the tactically slung SCAR laying on her chest.

"Clear right." She says over comms to HUNK as she snaps precise shots from her pistol with a calm that would probably defy reason if she weren't one of the scariest living representations of Umbrella's extensive offensive capabilities.

"I'm dry." She says, kneeling down just as Hunk brings his carbine up over her shoulder to grab another pistol magazine from off her tactical belt and slaps it in.

Her hand moves to a series of bandoliered extra magazines, plucking them off her belt to feed up to Hunk firing over her shoulder.

Switching positions with him as soon as he releases his trigger discipline to raise her pistol and free a few more mouths from their collective soldiers.

Soliders who are smart enough to get their asses back behind the two person firing line once they're not potential food for the necronamicon.

Over her shoulder, "How's your ammo?" Calm as a still pond. Pistol still held out towards the zombies as one of Alpha teams men sprays a blood read staina cross the wall when his throat is torn apart.
HUNK The VTOL becomes a splendid fireball that drowns in the endless abyss behind the descending Umbrella Security Services. Shards of glistening shrapnel scar the deck and crash into the piled corpses of the executed humanitarian force, until the surface of the ship is awash in the glow of fire and the scent of roasting flesh. "Deck secure, sir!", reports one of Bravo Team. "There's no one left; all survivors have withdrawn below deck." HUNK nods and shifts his carbine, gazing down one of the stairwells. There's drying blood on the rails and smearing across the floor, tracked in by their boots. Fittingly, Mr. Death takes point, descending into the shadows, two crimson dots glowing against an insectoid face.

Eventually, the dead swarm them; an unexpected horde shepherded by some clever survivors upwards, risking their own lives to encumber their foes. His gun snaps upwards and fires off a few quick bursts, shattering the brainpans of the undead with military precision. "The lower decks were unsealed," the agent concludes, their intel on the situation forced to update.

"I got you," he says as the Widow takes a knee, a bullet tearing through the eye socket of an approaching and obese crewman. She feeds ammo and he reloads with crisp, cold movements, firing and firing as the surprised security forces rally. "Taking them all on is foolish. Alpha, Bravo, down that hall." He tilts his head-- there's a way clear, toward some of the guest rooms, relatively sparse. They'll regroup there and continue on. Around them, the monsters fall in spades, and there's a click as HUNK fires the last of his ammo, dropping down to trade places. There's a rhythm to it-- fire, drop, fire, drop, manuevering around the shambling horde. In their navigations, two of the less lucky members fall behind, ambushed by the things that spill from doors and weakened walls. "Retreat. Now. Conserve your ammo."

Death walks with a mistress tonight, an army of the damned bleeding at their feet.