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Ashley Graham So they went their separate ways. Ashley, with her new friends Caio and Andrei, left Isaiah and headed down to find the service elevator. It doesn't take them long to get there, to find it, and now the three of them are hovering around the elevator. Ashley is standing inside of it, where the door is open. There's no lights, no sounds. It's just stuck on this floor, or perhaps it has no power, or perhaps there's sixteen other things wrong with it that she can't figure out.

"So much for my ladder idea," the girl says with a sigh, stepping out of the elevator to peer down the hall in a moment of curiosity. Ashley's definitely had a bit of a time of it. She's still wearing her ochre-colored high waisted 1940s pants and her chiffon blouse, but the blouse is covered with dried blood so it's no longer light and flowy. Some of that blood is dried along her chest and neck too, and a bit is in her hair. Moreover, she has a nice green-and-yellow bruise on the side of her face where she got suckerpunched. "Either of you a maintenance man in a previous life?" She asks the men.
Isaiah Hopkins After the group departed from the upper floor, Isaiah Hopkins was left alone, leaning against a door outside the TerraSave room and frowning. It was a deep, thoughtful frown-- the sort of frown that makes a man look ten years older, and beats a hundred wrinkles into his jowly skin. His heart was still hammering from his earlier outburst, each breath deep and forcing a calm on him. "Those two aren't right," he thinks aloud, and he lifts his shirt up over his beer gut to expose the revolver tucked away in the band. He draws it out, fumbles with it for a moment, and then sets off after them. They're not soldiers, they don't care about the innocent lives here, and they've somehow convinced that poor Ashley Graham to go along with them-- or they're holding her hostage. Isaiah's got nerves of steel and twenty years of fatherhood under his belt; he's not leaving a poor little girl to the depravity of brutes. He's been stealthed more by virtue of distance rather than any capacity for ninjutsu.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei for his part just follows along with the normal amount of cheer and amusement one would expect from a man walking into constant death traps. Which is to say he is stressed out but always putting up that amused facade. "Alright so lets do this thing!" He'll chirp as he moves along to the entrance of the elevator. He won't walk closer than that. Fear of heights and all that as he tilts his head to the side.

"Adrian Monk knows how to use a spanner, Cowgirl. Hey, Randy, you think you are any good with repairs yourself? I don't know if I can manage all this by myself." He'll inquire. His hands tightening around the shotgun in his possession as he walks behind her.

The man, though still wearing his wetsuit, has taken to changing his clothes just a little bit. A floral print hawaiian shirt and a pair of cortoroid pants show just how seriously he is taking all of this.. but no doubt already his spine is starting to crawl as they enter into the room and the sound of his saftey switching off pierces the eerie silence.
Yoko Suzuki Meanwhile, a weak and desperate looking Yoko Suzuki came back to where the TerraSave was, looking heavily out of breath and like she could collapse at any moment. It was plain to see that she had lost a small, but noticeable amount of weight, and from the look of things, she hadn't had much to eat fairly recently either. Sighing, she collapses against a nearby wall, opening her knapsack and taking out what looks like a fruit and cereal bar. Unwrapping it quickly, she devours it in several bites, before rubbing at her stomach as she feels the sensation of food going into it, which causes a slight amount of pain. It's supposed to ease her hunger, but the feeling seems to be harsh for someone who has had very little to eat over the past few days. She looks up at Isaiah and says, "Have you found anything useful I hope? I've done what I can, but it seems like no matter where I go, I come up empty handed." With a sigh, Yoko hugs her knees to her chest and places her face in her lap.
Caio Caio shakes his head at Andrei. "Sorry sir.. I was never one for repairs. Gues we'll have to do it together." He stands with Andrei near the entransse, pointing his lantern into the darkness, the corners of his vision being focused on Ashley
Ashley Graham "What's a spanner?" Ashley asks, leaning against the wall across from the open elevator. Once again, she looks up the hall and then down again, seeking any potential threats or noises. She bites hard on the lower right corner of her mouth while she thinks, and then just sighs and looks at the men again.

"I barely know how to use my phone," she tells them both, apologetically. "I mean, I know how to use it, obviously. But it can do a lot of things that I couldn't begin to figure out." She tilts her head to the side as she watches them, thoughtfully.
Isaiah Hopkins "I've got some snacks tucked away in my suitcase still," Isaiah mentions to Yoko. "I managed to stuff myself a bit too much earlier, so you go ahead and take it all." He smiles, and gives his abundant stomach a clap, the girl mercifully spared the jiggle beneath his suit. "If you're feeling up to it after, I'm heading down a floor to check on some things-- feel free to come. Get some rest if you need it." He expects her to rest, but the first option is offered to spare her the anxiety of not knowing. He's gone after that, moving in pursuit of Andrei's group like previously mentioned, stomach growling irritably as he moves through the messied halls and descends into ever more dangerous territory.
Richard Stadler Stadler speant enough time recovering from that last wound tonight in bed. Granted, 'enough' was the same as 'needed', in this case, but at least he had a new shirt on and the wounds on his chest bandaged as best as a scavenging from remaining cloths could allow. He had enough food to sustain himself for a few days, but he was critically low on some of the supplies he needed. Scavenging would have been the order of the day here, but so would the mission the rest of the FBC was trying to accomplish. In the end, he winces, stands up, grabs his gun, and heads outside. Andrei had said something about finding his way down in the hull... and they were only a few paths that he could take down there. So...

He'd come up behind the rest after a bit of a walk through Deck 9. This was the crew area, and there should be a service elevator... Ahh, voices. And some actually that he recognized.

"It's times like these." He says, coming through the door. "That I wished we had some other people heading in from the Liberty. I know a few people that're good with their hands. Could have used them here." He says, nodding to the room. "Graham. Kirov."
PrestigeAndrei "Eh, I can probably try and give it a kick start with enough time, but I think that might have to wait unless someone can scrounge up some wires or something to mess with the panels." Andrei responds rather dryly as he looks the elevator panel over then. He'll notice Caio's behavior then.. such as flashing a light down the shaft and giving him a slight nudge with his elbow. "Lets not stir the nest down there before we have to, alright buddy?"

To Ashley then he'll offer, "Think its some sort of socket wrench. I'm not going to lie.. I just tie things together with bits of string and charm." He'll mutter as he steps back from the elevator to look about then, grip tight around his Spas-12
Caio Caio nods at Andrei. "I was just making sure, sir." He takes a look at the elevator's pannel, shaking his head. "We are without luck.. I really have no idea as to how we'll make this thing work." As Richard waves, Caio gives him a cheerful, if nervous, wave. "You say it, man.. It would be wonderfull if we could have more backup."
Yoko Suzuki Nodding a little, Yoko starts to stand up. "Thank you, but I think I should be OK." She's starting to feel the effects of the bar she ate just now. "I think I should go with you, as there's more than likely safety in numbers." She runs a hand through her hair. "And working together, we might actually find something."
Ashley Graham Kirov, eh? Well that's certainly interesting. But there's other priorities now, like the sight of Richard Stadler. It causes Ashley's face to break into a broad, relieved grin. "Major Stadler!" she says with a sigh. "The last time I saw you, you were two fingers too deep in a glass of scotch at the bar." She says it fondly. It's a happy memory, the two of them shooting the shit at the bar by the pool just a few days ago.

She looks over the man, and begins to frown. Because Richard doesn't look terribly good. She frowns, but she doesn't say anything. He'll say something if there's something to say, but for now? There's nothing to add by drawing further attention to it.

Some among the survivors may have noted the sound of what appeared to be heavy automatic weapons fire on the bridge prior along with the noise of what sounded like a helicopter. Nobody searching found any confirmation of such a thing though.


There was a shift in the ship's movement as it suddenly began to lurch to a very disorienting halt as the ship stopped moving under its own power.

You were dead in the water, drifting with ocean currents at best.

Anyone with nautical experience would know that such a thing was only possibly done from the Bridge or the Engine Room itself.


The small group of survivors had come together in the crew area, which appeared to have been relatively clear of danger. It doesn't take long to notice the /pile/ of corpses outside of the bridges bulkhead door. It appears they were all killed with headshots and moved there.

The bridge itself is locked, from the inside. Someone must have done that recently.
Dewey Graham More survivors? Oh thank god. Were the first thoughts running in the old man Dewey's mind. He shuffles as fast as his elderly legs can take him down the crew area, all the while trying to avoid the masses of undead that had been spotted in the area. He spots the pile of corpses and nearly vomits. "O-oh god..." he mutters. He looks for the survivors and slowly moves towards them "Please tell me you're friendly..?" he asks, doing his best to offer a weak smile, though it's very clear the elderly man is close to pissing himself with fright.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will take the time to give a pointed look to Caio then before he offers a slight nod. There is a soft exhalation of his breath as he moves towards the pile of corpses, his eyes narrow9ing behind his goggles as he looks the pile over from afar.. but certainly giving it a wide enough berth to not be snatched at. This isn't his firs rodeo as some people might say. "Looks like someone had some fun here at the bridge." Andrei notes, his lips twisting into a frown before he looks over at Richard.

"That would explain the ship stopping." He'll offer rather annoyed, "Make it easier to land a fucking chopper on. Probably special forces from the Peoples Republic. Thank god I've been practicing my Chinese."

The Scene that Dewey stumbles upon isn't just of corpses.. but two masked men in wet suits armed with large weapons.. and a woman who looked like she just got tricked at prom and got covered in pigs blood. One of the men in the wet suits is wearing an awesome, if ill-fitting button up shirt with tacky floral patterns.
Tyler Lancaster Tyler was a little late to the party, but that was nothing unusual. Even in the middle of hell that boy could get caught up with work, but everyone had their own thing to keep them going. But he's wandered out here with a messenger bag slung over one shoulder and wearing a pair of outrageously bright yellow pants with a matching shirt and beanie. He's clearly never been in a combat situation. "Should be friendly, pretty sure that's the gimp club."
Richard Stadler Stadler look around the room, once. "I'm sure someone might be able to do something. A manual for the repair of the thing, perhaps, or... even a tool kit would help here. And if there's going to be one, it's going to be around here." He says, before giving something of a rueful grin to Ciao. "The only reinforcements we're liabel to get is the Chinese military, and that might mean speading a few months in a prison camp. Safer, but not something that we really want to look forward to. They already have gunships in the air."

Ashely gets a bit of a less rueful grin. "No scotch this time around. I thought about it, but there's too many of those damn thing around for me to loot anything other than a bottle or two of Vodka for... well. First Aid." All Rick says at the moment. This wasn't the best place to worry others.

Two things happen of note. First, there's a number of corpses in front of the bridge. Stadler pauses, looking at the pistol he was holding. "That wasn't like that the last time I was down here. And that door wasn't closed, either. Something-"

And then someone e doesn't recognize. Turning around and looking over to Graham. He doesn't bring up the weapon toward him, but... he does hold it. "Stop." He says, to the man, holding one hand up in the universal motion. "You need to stay right where you are, all right? This is a delicate situation." He says. Keeping his weapon ready. After that incident yesterday... he's not taking any chances.

A quick look over to Ashley, and the rest. "Any of you know this guy?"
Caio Caio turns his head from the entrance of the elevator, only now noticing the large pile of corpses. "Chineses?" He molts silently to Andrei, his experience teaching him that the door to the bridge very likelly won't open. As he sees an elder man trying to run towards then and hears his words he nods at Dewey. "Yes, sir." He motions to the old man with gentle hands. To Andrei, Caio simply says "I just hope they won't shot first and ask later. That'll complicate things."
Ashley Graham "So it's over, then," Ashley says, to none of the men in particular. "If the Chinese are already here, chances are they've already gotten samples of what they need. Unless," she sighs, biting on the lower right corner of her mouth in thought. "They just came to see what all the fuss is? And they don't know what it is they have here, yet. If that's so, we might still have time." Time for what? Well that's neither here nor there, for now.

Ashley's attention gets turned when two men stumble on them. Ashley pushes herself off the wall, looking first toward Dewey who comes stumbling around first. She shakes her head quickly, tightly to Richard. "I don't," she says, and her eyes swing to Caio and Andrei ... just in time to hear Tyler from the opposite direction. That causes her to heave a sigh.

"This one I know. He was with the TerraSave group. Are you alright, Mister Lancaster?"
PrestigeAndrei "I'd give it a 50/50 chance." Andrei responds rather mirthfully then before he smirks slightly. Tyler and Dewey's apperance though has the man stopping with his joking attitude as he turns to look at the pair quickly. "I need both of you to put-oh.. you know him?" He'll offer in response to Ashley then as he looks Dewey over from afar, his chin lifting and there is an audible sniff from behind his respirator as he finally gives a nod.

"You, Beeman, Name. Countbackwards from Three." He'll bark then to Dewey. he won't exactly point the gun, but he will jostle and lift it a bit as if to indicate its a threat he might be willing to act on.

"Savage, Stadler, We need to either find some supplies to fix this elevator.. or possibly get this ship moving again to make landings more difficult." He hesitates for a second then as his lips purse. "Beyond that.. there is only one other alternative to explore as it stands." Andrei notes with a pointed look.. at least as pointed as one can offer from behind a Gas mask.
Dewey Graham Dewey observes the scene in front of him, what the fuck were these people doing here armed? This was a cruise! "S-samples?" he asks of the blood-stained woman "I thought this was a cruise, are they experimenting on us here?" he asks terrified. Suddenly one of the wet-suited men yells at him orders, he raises his hands in the air like one would do when they've been put under arrest "D-Dewey Graham" he mutters, "3...2...1" he says, he looks like he's on the verge of tears, this vacation had gone horribly and now he was probably going to get shot.
Caio Caio sighs. "Look.. The quickest option would be for us to try and enter the bridge, Adrian. All others will just take too much time and we may not have the time, not if they are planning to land." His eyes turn to Deway, trying to give the old man a bit of confort as much as one can give while they are using a gas mask.
Tyler Lancaster Tyler Lancaster gives a dismissive wave of his hand, "Tyler, I was back in the room going through some stuff." He props up against the wall, looking past to Ashley, "You know these guys?" He's clearly not too impressed, but it's best to not badmouth people who are going to help you.
PrestigeAndrei "Cloose enough Beeman." Andrei's attention and the interest in the man litertally melts the instant Tyler speaks and responds, his attention shifting to look then to Caio. "Yes, but I'm not willing to get into a firefight with just you and I here.. and Stadler. No offense Stadler." Andrei offers as he moves to lower his shotgun and scratch at his chest lightly. "We need to get Chandler, Curves and The Kamikaze before we even risk breaking down that door."

"So that leaves repairing the elevator.. or figuring out where the treasure room is, Sir." Ohoho, Formality for once directed at Stadler.
Richard Stadler Stadler was still looking... a little bit nervous over to Dewey, his weapon still held at the ready. "It is a cruise, Mr. Graham." He says, looking over to Ashley, for a moment. Reletive of hers? "But there's a problem here. Some sort of outbreak. We're working on an exit plan, but we can't help you right now. I need you to go back to your state room, and lock the door. If you can give us your state room number, we'll try and come get you for the extraction. All right?"

To Ashely, he cranes his head over slightly. "There's samples, and then there's other things. It's a possibility this was an accident, not bioterrorism. If it was, then there may be something hiding on this ship. And if /that's/ true, we still can't allow them to get their hands on it."

Tyler gets a nod. Just that. Not a gun pointed at him. Ashely at least could vouch for the guy. "She knows me, yes."

Kirov gets a nod. "None taken. If there is another group on here capable of doing that, I think we need guns an an entry plan. Also, perhaps not the best idea to stick around here. As for the treasure room... I would guess furthur down in the ship, or somewhere not a lot of passengers would walk around with. There's some areas on the upper decks that were secured before, however, and that can't be ruled out either. Too many questions, not enough answers."
Kitten From within the ship, given you were on Deck 12 and there was far less noise than there normally would be; the helicopters were not hard to hear. There had to be multiple of them based on the overlapping sounds of rotor blades and rumbling as they flew by.

Outside the windows of the crew area you saw one of the helicopters fly by, it was an obvious military model but following behind it was a helicopter with a big red cross imposed on a white background; a medical transport.

Several more transports could be seen flying past the windows followed by another military helicopter. Whoever they were, it was obvious they had put more thought into a rescue attempt than their military response.

Radio's crackled to life over wide-band frequencies and loud-booming intercoms from the helicopters could be heard announcing in an accented female voice, "This is the People's Republic of China Military Responding Team to any survivors. We are here to rescue you. Please make your way to the top decks. Repeat, this is People's Republic of China Military Responding Team to any survivors, we are here to rescue you."
Isaiah Hopkins The main elevator leading to this deck dings, and Isaiah steps out. The smell of the piled corpses reaches him even at this distance, a fetid corruption that lingers in the air. It's a nauseating, stomach-turning thing, and it brings to mind images of concentration camps or death-ditches dug out by the Khmer Rouge; it's one thing to see the inhumanity of cannibal monsters, it's another entirely to face precision evil. It sends ice through his veins. "That smell's awful," he whispers, waving for Yoko to come with him, club in one hand and gun in the other. As the pair stalks, that's when the windows flash with helicopter lights and the roar of motors and blades, a wave of relief flooding through him-- an actual military response with choppers? That is, in every way, more legitimate to his sensibilities than how Andrei and Ciao described the situation. "Alright-- Yoko, here, take this," and he hands her the gun. "I need to go get Gina and our benefactor; be a damn shame if we went through all this and didn't get the funding. Ashley should be up ahead, so get her and then move back up the ship."
Yoko Suzuki Coming out behind Isaiah, Yoko gets the stench in her nostrils, and almost immediately she doubles over and holds her nose while gagging. At the same time, she's having a brief flashback to Raccoon City. The next thing she knows, she's looking up as she hears the sound of helicopters. "Are they really here to help us?" She wonders aloud, before looking to Isaiah and accepting the hand gun. "All right. I'll go find Ashley and then we'll try to find you again?" She takes off quickly, arriving where Ashley and the others are fairly quickly. When she spots Ashley, she brightens a little. "Isaiah went to find Gina, but don't worry about them now. We've got to get out of here!"

Yet, at the same time, there's something that seems awfully suspicious about this whole thing. Why is China here to help them? Are they really here on a rescue operation, or is there something else going on behind the scenes here? Could this be a ruse by Umbrella? Yoko doesn't know what to think of it...
Dewey Graham Dewey breaths a sigh of relief "O-oh thank god...rescue has come." he slowly begins to hobble his way towards the chopper. He leaves everything else behind, just considered about getting himself out of there. He yells out to the choppers "I'm alive! Please! Help me!" he waves his arms frantically at the chopper, trying to signal it down to him.
Ashley Graham "After a fashion," Ashley says to Tyler. "Don't ask me to know these two on the street, but Major Stadler and I go back to Raccoon," she explains. Her head swerves to Mister Graham, no relation, and she holds up a hand. "Wait." She turns back to Tyler. "Mister Hopkins is back down that way," she says, gesturing the way that the initial three had origionally come. Where Isaiah and Yoko are still there now. "He's collecting people, keeping them together. Trying to help. You'd both best head in that direction. You'll come across him soon enough I'm sure."

And then? Helicopter. A good sound, a sound that Ashley would have given her right arm to have heard before. The blond moves toward the window, placing one hand, the one not holding the golf club, against the glass as she stares. And then? The radios crackle.

She spins to look to Richard, Andrei, and back again. "Now what?" she asks.
Tyler Lancaster "Well, that's good." Tyler replies with a nod towards Stadler. "Yeah, I'll go look for them. Sure I won't get eaten." He turns and starts to head off, at least until he hears the helicopters. "Shit, I'll wait right fucking here. Maybe they'll take me on as intelligence if I ask nice. Better than having my intestines eaten."
Caio Caio releases a sigh. "Theres not much helce for us to do, I think. I believe they are -already- landing. I don't think theres much helce we can do. Any plan, Adrian?" He asks Andrei, frantically trying to think of something..
Richard Stadler Stadler turns toward the window, from the crew area, the sound of rotors spinning outside, helicopters coming in. A quick step over to the glass of window itself. "All right... those are PLA choppers. MI-24s, which are gunships, but can also hold troops. And... Red-Cross marked medical choppers." He says, before looking to the radio. "And it looks like they're broadcasting on a lot of frequencies. Which means that this is probably not going to be a black bag operation." He says, looking back over to Ashley. "This is probably real. You and your people need to get out. The FBC team here has another mission they need to accomplish. I hate to say it, but this ship needs to be destroyed, and the Chinese might do it for us. Or they may tow it into port to investigate. The later part would be bad for the port. If you people can still acommplish your mission, I would encourage you to. But if the Chinese are going to start a clean and sweep operation here, then hiding on the ship may not be the wisest idea. In any case, let's get these people to the top deck."
PrestigeAndrei "Sweet. Rescue is here." Andrei states then as he turns to move towards the doorway outside, shifting slightly. "I think we should all just try and escape." Andrei responds rather amused then as his fingers tap lightly against the barrel of his gun for a second. "What? I think Savage and I should return to our professional careers as actors and try and hop on that chopper. It isn't like the United States is going to acknowledge we were here." Andrei responds rather cheerfully then as he chuckles softly.

"OF course that would mean that our Sino friends would get access to one of the most dangerous weapons in the world. Man I am really conflicted right now." Andrei mutters under his breath as his fingers tap at his chin before he looks to Stadler and Caio then, though the former just gets a look of death. "Oh seriously? Why not just tell them our real names Stadler! wait.. FUCK! Dammit!" Andrei grunts out then as his lips purse for a second, realizing he already did.
Ashley Graham Ashley nods to what Richard says, turning away from the window. Her blue eyes flit to Andrei. "Don't worry about it, Kirov," she tells the man with a touch of a smile. Richard let that one slip too! She looks toward Yoko and the smile remains strong. "Go ahead, I'll go get Mister Hopkins and the rest," she assures the girl, and takes off running down the hall back toward the TerraSave room to see who she can find.
Caio Caio sighs once more. "Whats the other auternative? Sure we have our mission but we just can't fight against the whole chinese military. What we could do is offer then assistance and try to convince them to clean and destroy the ship." He looks at all the other people. "But no matter what we decide, we have to take the other people here to the upper decks."
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler watches Graham go. He was trying to get out, certainly, and part of him really hoped he didn't attract every zombie up on the way there. But if he did, it would at least be a distraction. He hated thinking like that, but he was also bleeding out, under armed, and seriously considering bravery for survival.

"Be careful, Ashley!" He'll at least give that, and he's honestly less concerned about her. THat girl was a survivor. So she would make it through here all right. At least he could tell himself that.

Over to Caio and Kirov. "What, you think a special forces team of American soldiers would have a different job?" He says, pointing up towards the top deck. "That is how you go in if you're extracting people. That kid is smart. She'll know we aren't her to effect a rescue, and she's been to Raccoon City. She knows what we have to do. And she'll make the rest fall in line if we don't jerk her around. Moot point, anyway."

He starts moving toward the door. "I got fucked up, and I'm 15 rounds away from bashing zombies with a pistol butt. Besides, I'm on vacation. If you need me to report anything, let me know."
PrestigeAndrei "If what is happening actually is for real." Andrei offers to Caio then. "The only way we are going to get out of this alive with our mission complete is by doing something almost suicidal." He'll give a twisted grin then to Caio then, even as the rest of the group starts to run away, his hand tapping at his respirator with his index finger. "Simply put.. once everyone is off the boat.. we need to open the doors. All of them to the lower floors. Have them do half the work for us." He'll mutter then before sighing.

"If you are leaving though Stadler, we will probably need that keycard... it might be the key to our operation." He'll mutter then as he moves to look out the window, but keeping low to the ground now as he crouches, clearly not trying to attract more attention.
Yoko Suzuki "Wait! Ashley, come back!" Yoko calls out to Ashley, but stops short, frowning a little. "She's gone..." She looks to the others and back again. "I'm sorry, but she's one of us, and I can't leave her behind!" With that, Yoko takes off running after Ashley. She doesn't want to risk anything happening to Ashley, since they're both members of the same organization.
Richard Stadler Stadler reaches into his pocket as he walks, picking out the keycard, and tossing it easily over to Kirov. "Take it. If you find something, anything, record what you can, and make sure to get out with it. BUt you've already lost two of your team and there were a thousand people aboard this boat. Including that bitch we saw earlier. You need to think if the FBC needs martyrs, today, because I'm concerned I'm never going to hear from you folks again. Are you sure you don't want to get out of here? Forget I asked. GOod luck." He doesn't have time to debate the question. There's no telling how long those helicopters were going to be up there. If Caio was heading with him, he'll take the support. "Don't leave your team lead if he's staying behind." He'll say.
PrestigeAndrei Kirov snatches up the card and twists it about in his hands before he moves to slide it into the front pocket of his shirt. Damn thing came in handy! With that then he'll look to Caio and lift his shoulders. "Up to you Savage, the acting career is quite the lure I hear." Andrei responds amusedly as he moves to look over the corpses again and then slowly begin walking his way towards the upper decks. "At the very least I want to see if their extraction is the real deal." He'll mutter as he moves.

"Beyond that, Good look Stadler, we'll see eachother again. Probably. More than likley."
Caio Caio nods at Stadler. "Yes.. I guess you have a point, sir. Do you need me help?" He asks, moving over to the man to support him, finally being able to do something to help his superior. Perhaps with time he'll be able to take care of some of his injuries. He blinks at Andrei "Sir, are you really considering opening the sealed area? You'd kill all the chinese without even knowing as to why they are here?" He sighs, starting to walk towards the upper decks. "Before doing anything I have to see the extraction."
PrestigeAndrei "Oh Absolutley I'm considering it." Andrei responds rather dryly as his lips twist into a frown. "The orders were quite clear.. no one is to get access to this technology, and I think that the lives of several dozen soldiers is worth the price of saving entire cities. Do you think our own government is responsbile with these weapons? Why on earth would I ever risk another." Andrei mutters as he moves along then, walking slowly as he looks to Caio then, mirroring his response as he walks
Caio Caio nods at Andrei. "Lets see the survivors being evaqued then we'll do it." He says to the man in a resolute tone.
Kitten Gunfire can be heard from above deck as the Chinese mop up any remaining undead on the deck to clear the way for survivors, and another announcement can be heard; hacked directly into the ships intercoms, "Deck 13 is clear of infect. You may proceed. Deck 12 is being sweep. Please stay inside your room until it is knock." The translator clearly didn't have the best grasp of English but it was good enough.

On Deck 13, survivors who had holed up in the Observatory began to head outside.

On Deck 12, The Chinese were knocking on doors and directing people in broken English to head up for "Medical Treatment. Rescue."

They would proceed through the opened decks and do what they could. There seemed to be no sinister purpose so far.