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PrestigeAndrei After the last firefight that erupted on the top deck the F.B.C team had scattered to the four corners of the ship. Or at least the top most portions of it. Andrei had found himself resting in one Richard Stadler's room.. but now he was out and about on the deck, moving through the assorted hallways that make up the residences or rooms on the floor, peeking his eye around every corner and moving slowly. Currently the man is still wearing his armored wet suit, and his airtank of course.. but curiously enough, ontop of the wetsuit at least is a hawiaain print shirt, buttoned up.. and a pair of cortroid pants as well. Clearly the man was trying to fit in right? Except that he was still wearing his NVD goggles and respirator as well so that kind of shattered the illusion. He was an approachable special forces monster right?

Either way, for those unaware of the happenings on the ship for the past twelve hours or so, or maybe a bit longer.. there was gunfire. A lot of it. Interrmitent at times but what had once been the silent groan of a vessel periced with the occasional scream.. now for once the 'comforting' sounds of guns popping off accompanied the eerie silence and suffering.

Anyway, Andrei is here, looking about, doing things, with SPas-12 shotgun clutched in his hands.
Caio Caio is having an.. Interesting time, to say the least. After his team got separated, he had found himself in one of the larger rooms of the ship. After that, he spent his time trying to find food and info. Earlier today he had seen the first couple of infected in this mission. The fight was easy and he had managed to take care of all 3 of them. Not all by himself, of course. He had help from other survivors. After he made his way to the lower decks only to find them sealed. The groans he'd heard through the doors were enough to make him change his mind and make his way back up. As he's walking through a halway he spots Andrei, giving the man a wave, his respirator making it a bit difficult for him to smile.
Ashley Graham "Jesus," Ashely says, having come through the corridor and ending up behind Andrei. She turns the corner and finds herself looking directly into the Hawaaian print shirt. There's only one person that could be. "Adrian," she sighs, by way of greeting. The blonde looks like she's been through the wringer. She's wearing ochre-dyed high waisted pants, 1940s style, with what was once an ivory chiffon blouse. Except that blouse is now half-untucked in the back, and smeared and stained with blood. Covered in it, really. There's some in her braided hair, too, and a smattering of the dried stuff on her neck and chest. It looks like it must have been on her face, too, but it's been cleaned off.

She heaves a soft sigh, shaking her head. "I was heading downstairs," she informs the man.
Chase Dalton Chase has elected to scout the ship, in lieu of other orders. All things considered, he's getting a good bit of exercise, and the fresh air isn't hurting anything either. He moves about the ship with the grace -- if you could call it that -- of a man trained in moving quietly, albeit some time removed from needing to exercise such training. His weapon is up, sweeping the area as he moves from room to room. Eventually, he comes upon the foredeck.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's posture will straighten upon sighting what he assumes is Caio in the distance. He'll offer the man the slightest uptick of his chin then for a second before he turns his gaze ever so slightly then, hearing the voice of Ashley from behind, he'll shift his posture to look over at the woman. "Cowgirl. Havn't died in the hour or so we've been a part. I'll count that as a good sign." The man will offer with an amused smirk before his head turns slightly to once more keep Caio in the corner of his vision for the time being.

It isn't hard to keep from tightening his grip on the barrel of his shotgun, the sound of the wetsuit squeaking just a tad as he does so. "Don't suppose you you found anything interesting?" He'll pipe up then, to no one in particular.
Caio Caio gives Andrei an imperceptible nod, staying out of sight for the time being, just listening to what "Adrian" has to say. So thats who Ashley was talking about earlier, hu? Things do seem to be getting interesting
Isaiah Hopkins Isaiah Hopkins is not a soldier; when the sound of firefights echoed in halls and penetrated from the deck above, it was his insistence that the TerraSave members not try to be heroes-- anyone who has firepower like that does not need their assistance. Rather, he's been focused on his goal of locating survivors, and doing what he can to organize them; his life's taught him that panic will be the real killer on this ship, panic as supplies run low, panic as the fear of death spreads, and in times like that, it's most important someone stays calm. That's him: Mr. Hopkins, pot-bellied and weathered by the years, in his nice suit, always forcing a steady smile. There's a revolver tucked in his waistband and a golf club held in one meaty hand. His eyes drift over all those gathered, focusing immediately on Ashley, who he draws toward steadily.. glancing toward the more heavily armed men. "Well then.. hello, folks."
Ashley Graham "Amazing, isn't it," Ashley says with a gentle chuckle. Is she starting to warm up to this wise-cracking Hawaiian clad masked man? Perish the thought! And yet she chuckles at him all the same.

But there's another person here. Another masked man that Ashley knows, in theory, but doesn't recognize. She tenses a bit, biting hard on the lower right corner of her lip. "One of yours?" She asks, eyes flitting up to Andrei's face-head region.

Isaiah, however, gets a slight blink of surprise. "Mister Hopkins," Ashley says, her tone a bit more formal for the man that is, technically, her boss. When last they met, she wasn't covered in blood, nor was there a green and yellow bruise on the side of her face. But in all other ways, she seems well. "Have you found anyone else?"
PrestigeAndrei "Don't know about amazing. I try and keep those words in reserve when something actually really good happens. Lucky? A Good omen? Who knows." Andrei responds then before he looks over towards Caio then for a second. "OH? That, that's my mate Randy, Randy Savage? He's famous around these parts as a man with a go-getter attitude." Andrei offers without pausing then before he looks back to Caio for a momment or two longer, no doubt his eyes sweeping the deck and eventually picking up the sight of Chase in the distance, though he doesn't adress the man's presence quite yet.

Andrei's finger will soon start tapping at the barrel of his shotgun as he turns to face Isaiah then as he approaches, his features obscured by the respirator and night vision goggles, but again, his goofy get-up is meant to soften this apperance. Probably. "Friend of yours Cowgirl? Hopkins was it?"
Chase Dalton Chase closes in on the group, dropping the business end of his weapon down a notch to show he's not looking to outright blast folks just yet. He gives an acknowledging nod to Andrei, and holds for further orders, listening in on the ongoing conversation.
Isaiah Hopkins Isaiah isn't bloodied, but he is worn; his thinning hair's dirtied, the suit has some scuff marks, and there's some ambiguous stain on his shoes. "Ashley," he says, voice warm and rich with a sudden worry as his eyes track over her state of disrepair, focusing more on the sickly bruise that mars her pretty face than the blood. He pushes closer in an instant. "You look a right mess, sweetheart." The overweight man's brows furrow in concern. "Does it hurt? I found some ice and alcohol in a cooler, take the sting out of that bruise." He reaches over and grasps her by the upper arm, smiling and rubbing. He has an almost paternal air, haunted eyes be damned... eyes that sharpen when Andrei speaks, and Isaiah steps ahead, letting Ashley go and putting his out-of-shape body between the young girl and the armed men. He reaches out a hand for a shake, trying to make eye contact through night vision goggles. "Isaiah Hopkins. I was organizing a meeting between members of TerraSave and a possible donor. Expected soldiers when I heard the gunfire before, but you are...?"
Ashley Graham Ashley reaches up to touch the bruise at the side of her face, flinching. The paternal nature of the man seems to cause the pretty blonde's face to relax a touch. She always was a consumate daddy's girl, and while Isaiah isn't Jack Graham, it's nice to have someone step into that type of role, even for a moment.

"As long as you don't make me laugh or eat anything too hard, I'll be fine," Ashley says to Isaiah. But then the man is turning, addressing the commandos in their gas masks. Dangerous types of men, those.

"He's my boss, Adrian," Ashley says quickly to the floral-print commando. "He's alright."
PrestigeAndrei "Your boss huh? Then it looks like my team and I are the only chance you got to get off this boat alive. Probably, Mister Hopkins." Andrei states rather amusedly then as he looks between Ashley and Hopkins then even as he takes note of Chase entering into the room. "I assume you've all met Chandler Bing before? Nice guy." He'll offer then before he gives a slight humm. "Oh, and I'm Adrian Monk, Mister Hopkins. Now that introductions are out of the way.. so long as Ashley Graham is willing to vouch for you.. I think we can work something out."

Andrei takes a momment then to tap at his shotgun barrel again before he gives a slight chuckle. The man's voice throughout all of this is one filled with amusement, and sarcasm. He'll move to take a step over to Caio then, turning his back on Graham and Hopkins as he moves, approaching the man for a second to look over his wetsuit before humming
Isaiah Hopkins "We're willing to cooperate," Isaiah states, lowering his hand. The soldier's cavalier attitude chafes, but the man chokes his pride down like fruit rinds. "I expected help would come, and it's a big relief to all of us knowing you and your team are here for us. What's the plan-- there another ship for us to evac to?" Andrei's fingers tapping at his shotgun earns that lethal weapon a long, measuring look, eyes sliding down where Isaiah's face won't. When that man's back is to them, Isaiah steps aside to Ashley again, their shadows mingling and dancing across the dim-lit corridor. His voice drops quiet. "Who is this guy?"
Caio Caio gives a quick nod to Ashley as he is introduced by Andrei, staying cilent. As he talks to Isaiah, Caio frowns autough thats not visible under his respirator. "What do you have in mind, Adrian?" He asks Andrei in an easy tone.
Ashley Graham "Federal Bio terrorism Commission," Ashley says easily to Isaiah, dropping her voice a little bit, but not so much as to be conspiratorial. "I met up with him a few times while I was looking for help." As she speaks, the blonde keeps her eyes on the FBC guys as they loiter around. Then she turns to look up at Isaiah.

"They're going to get set up for an evacuation, but it's going to take work." She looks sidelong to 'Adrien' again, peering around her bruise as she speaks. "I'm going to help them." Big blue eyes once more move toward Isaiah again. "When it's ready, we're going to need civilians still alive ready to go. Is that something you could do? Organize them, keep them safe, get them ready?"
PrestigeAndrei "Oh theres no boat coming, not yet anyway." Andrei responds cheerfully as he pauses in his approach of Caio then as his head turns slightly. "Have to do some rather dangerous things before that happens unfortunatley." He'll look to Caio then for a second before he chuckles softly, his lips twisting into a frown then behinds his mask all the same as he considers things. "It depends on how much Mister Hopkins is willing to risk his hide to save the people on this vessel, and himself." Andrei offers before he leans forward slightly as he offers very dryly and quietly,

"You've got a gun or two you can spare right? Time to start finding people who can use them to help us clear out the bulkheads and get this mission done. Just got to find someone we can trust." He'll take the time then to turn around and face Ashley and Isaiah then as he offers a nod.
Isaiah Hopkins "Shouldn't the evacuation have already been set up?" Isaiah questions, his smile faltering as his mouth sets to a firm line. "A cruise ship with thousands goes dead in the water, and there isn't an immediate response?" Ashley's words earn her a flabbergasted look, and he steps forward, almost throwing himself on 'Adrien' with his body language, his heavy steps more like stomps. "Hold on a second, here. We have kids here. Innocent people, men and women, who need to be off this ship days ago-- what dangerous things possibly need to happen? Why aren't we shepherding everyone above the sealed floors to the deck to the ships and helicopters that ought to be there right now?"
Ashley Graham "Mister Hopkins," Ashley says, in a calming tone. "They're going to work on it. /We're/ going to work on it," she assures the man, stepping around him so she's at least beside him rather than behind him, having him between her and Andrei. "It couldn't be that dangerous if I'm going to help," she adds with a smile. Disarming, enchanting, beautiful. Right?

She looks to Andrei, to guage his response to all this. At least, as much as she can through the mask and wetsuite. "Perhaps Mister Hopkins and the other TerraSave team could focus on the survivors?" She suggests, gently.
Caio Caio nods at Ashley. "Thats a good idea. Things will be more organized this way." He turns to Isaiah. "Sir, we weren't even sure if people had survived. We are just asking for you and your group's help on saving the other survivors."
PrestigeAndrei "Oh, I should help clarify a few things then." Andrei states then as he snickers softly. "Firstly, let me be the first to welcome you to China. Savage, Chandler and Myself technically are not even supposed to be on this boat." He then holds up a hand with one finger extended, then the second pops up. "This one is far more important for your immediate survival. One of the bioweapons aboard this ship has learned to mimick human behavior patterns and uses that to lure victims into an.. ambush." Andrei responds cheerfully then, looking over to Caio then. "Nearly killed a couple of my mates here, right, Savage? Chandler?" Andrei offers before turning to face him.

"Now as for your women and children I've got.. One hundred and seveteen rounds by my count. I also have enough rations to keep myself, and maybe one or two other people alive for aproximatley three days." He'll make a vauge motion to Chase then, "My companions are likley in a similiar position Mister Hopkins, and our job, which if we do not do will result in us being court martialed, tortured and executed requires us to do perform a very specific mission." He'll snicker then at a thought as he reachs a hand up to scratch at his chin through his wetsuit. He'll take a second to listen to Caio before finally adding, his voice turning rather serious. "They can focus on them all they want, but I'm not going to endorse giving the man a gun to do a job that won't get rescue any closer. Think of it this way, if our mission fails, you and all those innocents? Dead."
Isaiah Hopkins Isaiah smacks his palm down on the wall nearest him, fingers curling and clawing against it. "Weren't sure people survived? How many God damn people do you think were on this ship? The crew calls in an emergency, and you're so confident we're all dead that after mere days you say 'fuck it' to the idea of an actual rescue?" He's breathing heavily, his anger and general lack of physical fitness causing the adrenaline shot to be particular burdensome on him-- there's nothing physically intimidating about this heavyset fella, even if he's brave enough to call out armed men. "This is insane. No rescue, and our savior's a tourist with a shotgun, dragging out a teenage girl with a golf club to go help kill monsters." His hand slides down the wall, balling into a fist at his side, face flushed red.

And then Andrei explains, and the redness fades, until Isaiah Hopkins' is corpse-white and grim as death.

"You're not here to help us. You're here to catch whatever that freak is, aren't you? Kill it, or experiment on it-- you figured we were all dead, or just didn't care."

He looks at Ashley. "There's not a chance, Ashley. You can't go and help them. What can you possibly do they can't?"
Ashley Graham The smack of hand on wall causes Ashley to start a bit, rather surprised by the noise. Yeah her existing PTSD is going to be great by the end of this. She takes a deep, slow, calming breath before she speaks. She even reaches up a hand to rest on Isaiah's shoulder in an attempt to be reassuring.

"These men have an exit plan," she says to him calmly. "Look at them. They're far too cocky for people on a suicide mission." Looking at you, Andrei. "I survived Raccoon City," she says, even more gently, knowing the man's history. "I can help them get done whatever they need to get done. And then an evacuation comes. But everyone has to be /ready/."
Caio Caio nods at Ashley. To Isaiah, he speaks calmly. "Extraction will only be pocible after we complete our objective. So please, organize and gather the survivors, sir. Once our job is done, we can all leave this place."
PrestigeAndrei "Why does everyone assume we are here to kill things?" Andrei responds rather amusedly as he looks at Ashley then, or at least his head turns then, no doubt looking at her from his wetsuit. There is now another little chortle as he moves a hand to rub at the back of his head then before shaking it and looking to Caio again rather curiously "Yes, if you at the very least want to sleep better at night, I suppose you can do that.. but you'll need to be ready to leave at a seconds notice to wherever we call for extraction." Andrei notes as his shoulders lift then for a second before he lifts a hand up to then point at Ashley then.

"And I am not cocky, just realistic. I expect people to die, but the chances of that go down if you have someone with a decent eye to watch your back. I want to get out of this place.. and maybe figure out what is going on." He'll take a second then before offering a sigh.

"Oh, yes, and I suppose that I should mention that. Your in Terrasave right? That anti-umbrella organzation? Well look at this way, if we don't do our job.. then the Chinese will get access to bioweaponary. Also anyone other unknown actors could get that information too if we don't do our job. So, You want to stop the spread of this dangerous technology, we do too. You want to save civilians, we are luke-warm on the prospect. Our interests.. don't unalign."
Isaiah Hopkins "Only be possible.. ?" The chalk of Isaiah's skin returns to normal as the gears in his head turn. "So you're not supposed to be here, evacuation only happens if you report and prove mission success, and we all die if you fail." His temper burns itself out, facilitated, in no small part, by the corner of his eye catching Ashley shrink away from the sound, and the ensuing touch of her small hand to his shoulder. He radiates heat, and he's a little sweaty, but calmer, now-- and judging by the brief look he gives her, guilty. He straightens his back, adjusts his pants, tucking his gut back in, and clears his throat. "You sound more like some black ops mercenaries than government workers," he declares. "And I don't trust you at all. We'll work with you, if that's the only way... but we're not soldiers. We don't have the training or the weapons to help you. What sort of cooperation are you expecting? I'll do what I can-- I planned to gather the people left anyway. And.. hell, I'll tell them help's on the way. Don't want them getting desperate. But Ashley's staying out of danger. Yoko, too. Those girls have been through enough."
Ashley Graham Ashley lowers her hand as Isaiah seems to be calming down. She exhales, slightly. Apparently the tension in the room was making her nervous. The lowering of tempers gives the blonde the chance to give a 'really?' look to Andrei. "You're on a ship full of monsters wearing a Hawaiian shirt," she points out. If that's not the definition of cockey.

And then she looks back to Isaiah. "I've had some training since Raccoon City," she explains gently to the man. "And I'm not going to be a victim again. Besides, if I help them," she looks back to the ops guys, then to her boss again. "I can help facilitate the evac, make sure you and the people you collect get out." And keep an eye to make sure they don't get skip off the ship, of course.
Caio Caio nods at Isahia, the man's mood being understandable. "We didn't create the rules, sir. I think we will only need those who are strong enough and that can hold a gun." He sighs, deciding to be honest here. "Honestly I'm relieved. I've been worried about the survivors. Despit the situation, the thought of inossents dying isn't one I like. I'm happy you decided to help.. To the people who won't be participating well, make sure to leave a phone that still works with them, as thats how we'll be able to contact them."
PrestigeAndrei "Seriously?" Andrei just seems to respond to Isaiah then. "I am actually starting to get hurt feelings here buddy! Listen alright, I've never killed anyone in my life and I'd like to keep it that way. Than again, I'm not a trained professional soldier, you want your huptoos and your dosie-dos you can speak to Savage or Chandler about that sort of thing." Andrei responds amusedly as he moves a hand then up to his shirt collar and pops it. To Ashley he proceeds to state, "Listen, have you worn a wetsuit before? It chafes.. and I feel like people can see my ass. You should see the commander by the way, Jesus."

A beat then before he offers a nod, as if Echoing Caio's sentiment. "He has the right idea, more or less. At the very least, if you find any information, bring it to us.. and don't interfere with the mission. The people up top are going to be wanting a scape-goat for this whole ordeal and I'd rather it be someone who actually deserves the blame after all."
Isaiah Hopkins "We're all in this together," Isaiah resigns himself, though there's a twitch of his eye at the words 'not a trained professional soldier'. That feeling in the pit of his stomach is a mixture of hunger and angry despair. "Alright. If it's information you want, we only know the basics. The outbreak started on the lower decks, and the crew sealed them-- one by one, it seems, moving up. So whatever it was that caused all this, it moved bottom-up. Your mission objective's probably at the bottom." He frowns, thinks, leans against the wall, arms folded over his once-muscular chest. He's still got thick arms, at least. "I've been looking around. Staying out of trouble, best I can. The crew quarters aren't safe, but I saw an elevator, out of service. If you could get that repaired, it might go down far enough that you can get past the sealed decks-- go down without having to open them up and let these monsters swarm us." A shrug. It's just a guess; without blueprints, he can't say where the elevator leads. "That's all I've got right now." He glances at Ashley, running a hand through his grey, and smiles. "Just stay off the lower decks, Ashley. You can do your hero'ing up here. I don't want you going anywhere near the nightmares down there." He nods to Caio at the end, quiet, pondering.
Ashley Graham Ashley's just going to let that particular request from her boss slide on by under the radar. She just smiles, a gentle but tight smile to the man, and pats his arm again. "Doctor Berger's holed up in one of the bigger suites," she tells the man, giving the suite number that her player doesn't know. "He's a particular friend of mine. His arm's broken, but he's still quite fierce." She chuckles in disbelief. "Beat in one's head with one good hand and a set of brass knuckles earlier today." Yeah, that was quite something to see. "Can you make sure you link up with him too?" she asks for Isaiah, and then turns to look to Andrei.

"What if we just said forget about fixing the elevators, but took the shaft instead? They have access ladders inside don't they? Or is that only in the movies?" Oh yeah. This whole thing is going to go greaaaaaaaaaat.
Caio Caio nods at Ashley. "Come on, Ashley. Be a bit more optimistic. And I still remember the number of his room." To Andrei, Caio says. "I think what makes him think that about us is the whole combination of wetsuit pluz oxigen tank pluz gun pluz gas mask.. From the outside, we must look imposing." He says in a jocking tone, smilling beneat his mask.
PrestigeAndrei "Doctor Berger is the craziest fucker I've ever seen in my life. He tried to bunch a bioweapon in the tentacle." Andrei responds rather amusedly then before shaking his head. "I had to shoot that damn thing about seventeen times." Andrei responds rather annoyed then as his head shakes for a second, snorting then. "Listen, do you think I'm going to have your golden child walk into a den of death and misery with a golf club? She is already prepared mentally, I'm sure physically will come in like.. what? Eight hours?"

After hearing Caio then he'll lift his shoulders slightly. "See, this is why I wore the shirt. Supposed to make a man look normal, but no, apparently it makes me look like I think I'm badass." Andrei responds dryly to Caio then before grunting as he taps his forhead then with an index finger. "But thank you for that tidbit of information.. we should go check out the elevators Caio, see if we can get them back in working order."
Isaiah Hopkins "In the tentacle?" Isaiah questions with a start-- that particular sentence jars. "Alright. I'll go see him soon, and make sure everyone else around here's not dead." Making the decision settles the overweight man's mind, gives him something to focus on, though his concentration isn't so narrow that Ashley's dubious evasion of his mandate is missed. A sigh, a shake of his head. "I don't know the first thing about elevators, so if you can't get it working, maybe some rope'll make do. You'll figure it out. Who knows? Might be a technician that survived holed up around here."
Ashley Graham Ashley smiles fondly at the description of Doctor Berger. "And he's a brilliant doctor, and a good man besides." I mean, sure, he's genetically enhanced but that's neither here nor there, for now. The blonde turns toward Isaiah and then, perhaps surprisingly, she leaning up on her toes to give him a hug if he'll let her. "If I don't see you until the evac," she tells him, matter of factly. "If you can't stay in the TerraSave room, leave a note there for me where you'll be so I can track you down when everything's ready. Alright?"
Caio Caio nods at Andrei. "We should go and see if we can fix it now, sir." Turning to Isaiah, he gently asks: "Could you give me a phone number to call when its time for the evac?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will snap his fingers then, nodding slightly. "Good plan that! Real quick here though, Mister Hopkins, remember what I said about the bioweapon? Acts like a human? Walks like a human, speaks like one? I heard it crying. Let me state again.. your job is going to be incredibly dangerous so I suggest whenever you meet someone you command them to behave in an unusual way. Otherwise if you get too close and act sensitive well.." Andrei hesitates for a second "Listen, you might die, right?"

He'll lift his shoulders then before sighing softly. "Either way, that is how things are going to turn out. Good to meet you Hopkins."Yah, Alright. Cowgirl, why don't you come with us and give a look over this Elevator with us? We also might need to look for some objects to help treat our good friend."
Isaiah Hopkins Isaiah tenses at the girl's move to hug him.. but it's a tenseness that fades quickly, and he leans in to return it. The smile that warms him is more genuine than earlier ones, a twinkle in his happy-crinkled eyes as he squeezes her. "I'll be too busy to stay in the TerraSave room, sweetheart," he says, "but don't be crazy. I'm not going to let you wander off on your lonesome into danger. You and my daughter both, not half as sneaky as you think." He chuckles, but the sound dampens and fades when Andrei speaks. "Before I go, Adrian... this bioweapon. If it's just like a person, there's no way for any of us to know or prepare. Does it have a sign? Some weakness? Anything at all to identify it?"
Ashley Graham "I won't go anywhere alone," Ashley promises, looking toward Caio at his request for a phone number. Then back to her boss. "Give him your number. But I'm serious; leave me a note, too. In case the phones go out or something." The blonde's about to turn away, to fall in step with Andrei to go off on whatever madness lies in that direction. But something makes her stop and she turns to face Isaiah again.

"One more thing," she says quickly. "Gather all the evidence you can. Find cameras or unlocked phones. Take pictures and videos of everything. Of the worst of it. The goriest of it. The hardest to look at. When this is all over, we have to make sure the world knows what bioterrorism looks like." She smiles an idealist smile to the man, and then steps back to allow Andrei to answer any final questions before she goes off with him. Nothing to see here, just an 18 year old girl going off into the depths of a ship full of monsters with two masked men...
Caio Caio nods at Andrei, falling in step bheind Ashley. He turns his head, now addressing Isaiah. "Sir.. I've only seen the thing once. If you hear crying coming from an empty halway, don't go. The thing will probably try to attack if and when you are alone. Just keep your guard up."
PrestigeAndrei "From what I can tell it only emulates human behavior. It doesn't understand it, attempts to communicate with it will be the first warning sign. The second one is it grows a massive tentacle and it splits it's head open. Also It has the body of a fairly attractive woman wearing a bikini? Though again I wouldn't count on any of this information being consistent. It has a number of properties I don't understand personally. If you do see it, run. I think Everyone on the team except Randy here put half a magazine in the thing and it was still running about."

Andrei will lift his hand then and not wait for Caio to finish his own work as he steps off down the deck towards the elevator, humming as he moves. "Fun fucking day this."