Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten Laura and Leon have escaped several near-death situations thus far, little did they know; that not helping that girl earlier was as much a blessing as it was a curse as they approached the bridge. Managing to sneak by a few undead outside of the bridge, they find the bridge occupied by about 17 zombies, and notice a pair of pistols near corpses of deceased crew had not turned but looked quite dead and ripped apart.

Unfortunately, they're unable to recover the pistols without attracting attention. Fortunately, the bridge needed to be cleared anyways if answers were to be found.

For Leon and Laura, if they did this smart, there was little threat present and oh so much to gain.
Laura The bridge was their goal for now, a chance at communicating with the outside world, a hope for plotting out a defensive location for their heroic 'save the surviors and be the heroes'-plan of Leon's, as well as something that might help with their original mission to the cruise-- find out what was going on. The pair had made it to the bridge, but the undead swarmed the place. Laura kept at ready, prepared to provide support and pop down a few of those baker's dozen deluxe of the zombies, just waiting on Leon to open up the door. She felt the adrenaline race in her veins as she waited for the carnage. Luckily it looked like it was the 'ordinary' types, and they had a nice chokepoint in the door there, so the odds atleast looked good. "Ready whenever you are!", she whispered at half-voice.
Leon Kennedy That's right, it's time to clear the bridge and get those blueprints, if there are any to be found. Additionally, there's what looks like two Glocks in there by some dead bodies that aren't up and walking around yet. All in all, that's where they want to be, so the zombos are gonna have to go. "Ready here," Leon murmurs, pistol at the ready, and eases the door open quietly.
Laura Laura started firing along with their plan, her silenced gun barely making a sound, with splatters of blood blasting from the skulls of the pair of zombies before the rest were alterted by the noise of their undead 'pals' collapsing onto the floor. "Here they come--", she commented out, as if that wasn't obvious. She kept on pulling the trigger, focusing on the group undead approaching from the left of the door, leaving the larger mass on the right for the weapons expert out of the two.
Leon Kennedy Leon has a good angle on the group on the right, from his position to the left of the door, and after Laura's had a chance to start getting to work with her silenced gun, he opens fire as well when the zombies realize something is HAPPENING, taking a slow breath and focusing on the task at hand. His handgun rises smoothly into position in front of him, perfect shooter's posture, leaning just slightly into the shot. The sights line up on a head, and he pulls the trigger firmly to the rear, never anticipating the shot, never jerking the weapon this way or that in his hands. It's all smooth, practiced efficiency as he clicks almost robotically from head, to head, to head, loud cracking shots rocketing out of the barrel with a flash of exploding gas.
Laura Things seemed to be going good, which certainly as a welcome change for the doomed cruise. The small horde on the brige was quickly thinning out under the the hail of bullets piercing through the air, finding their way the heads of the former crew. Laura's gun kept it's shots going, until her arc of fire was clear. Her barrel shifted to the right, but it seemed that Leon's expert shots were finding their mark as well. She lowered her gun a little, keeping a lookout for any surprises, but that seemed to be it. If only the rest of the ship was that easy to clear up from the infected.. One can hope.
Leon Kennedy It seems like all the zombies are down, so Leon cautiously proceeds inside, headed first for those handguns to check them out for ammo, to see what caliber they are, if he can use it in his Samurai Edge, etc, and when he bends down to pick one up, a zombie comes flying out from under the control panel to grab at him. "Shit," he curses, pushing himself sideways to roll onto his back away from the zombie, who keeps coming after him. "Laura, /shoot it!/"
Laura Laura was following Leon into the room, sweeping her barrel along the piled corpses to see if they had any of their undead life left in them, before the groan from underneath the consoles got her attention, her partner now on the floor. "Fuck--!", she shouted out, quick to raise the barrel of her pistol. The sneaky zombie was approaching Leon quick, and she squeezed down on the trigger. The former bosun suddenly had a third ear-hole in it's head, it's face planting onto the floor, lifeless. "You alright? No scratches?", she asked, looking over Leon. Seemed quite alright to her, atleast.
Leon Kennedy "Yeah, I'm fine," Leon replies, getting back to his feet, shoving his handgun into his pants pocket. It's not ideal, but he hasn't found a holster yet, and didn't bother to sneak one onboard. "You good?" the agent questions, looking over towards his partner, skimming his eyes up and down her figure quickly. Nothing really attacked her, but it's good to check. The zombie down, he's free to check out those guns in safety. "Glock... 21," he discovers, reading on the side of the slide. "That's a .45. Too big for my M92, I don't know about yours." Great, carrying two calibers. "Where would the blueprints be?"
Laura "No problems here, either.", Laura replied, slipping her pistol to it's place on the side of her bodysuit. She was about to give a helping hand to get her partner up, but he seemed fine enough. Good. "Well, they'll help with the whole 'be heroes'-thing.", she smiled, "It may not be a lot, but few more shooters should help hold them back if it comes to it.", she commented. She looked around the room, nodding towards the back. "I guess the drawers and cabinets back here would have something.. Try the radio?", she added, turning about to open up the drawers.
Kitten When the dust settles, the pair has managed to clear out the zombies as well as insure that none of the corpses on the ground are dead. The bridge could be sealed from the inside, making it quite hard for anyone else to get inside and probably afforded the most secure and important position on the ship at this point.

No doubt any hostile forces attempting to board the ship would be headed here as well.

There are several important details that are found here:

- Ship Blueprints
- Ship Computers (Offline, need to be repaired with parts)
- Ship Radios (They will transmit, but do not seem to be receiving)
- Ship speed control, currently set to full.
Leon Kennedy "Good," Leon agrees, nodding and moving over to the radio microphone, clicking the button experimentally a few times. "Seems like it's working," he muses, pushing the button in again and starting to transmit. "Breaker, breaker, this is the Heaven of the Seas. Mayday, mayday. Request immediate assistance. Position unknown. Damage, unknown, heading, unknown, status, unknown, repeat, mayday, mayday. Request immediate assistance, over." He waits for an answer.

There isn't one.
Laura Laura seemed to hit exactly what she was looking for as well, the schematics of the ship decks. Service corridors, ventilation ducts, and other useful stuff for the sneaky times like herself. "Got the ship plans, too. We probably could go through it and see if there's any good places to fortify into..", she says, nodding towards the door they passed though. "Though, that bulkhead door seems to be good for fortifying the bridge itself..", she commented, looking around the bridge, before looking out at the bow. "We seem to be moving pretty fast..."
Leon Kennedy "...that's not good," Leon decides immediately, since no one is steering the freaking ship. On a lake that would be a very bad thing. On the ocean, apparently you can get away with that for a while. The agent moves quickly over to what must be the throttle or whatever they call it on a boat this big. He doesn't know, but it's pushed all the way forward. "I'm just going to stop us. It's not ideal either, but it's better than sailing into the side of Papua New Guinea in the middle of the night," and his fingers curl around the handle, slowly tugging it back to the stopped position. The engines hum down to a dull, idle sound, and the ship starts to drift forward rather than being propelled along.
Kitten The ship begins to slow to a halt, the massive change in speed so suddenly not something that would take effect immediately; but it would cause a large shift in the boat as it decelerated suddenly. Depending on what individuals were doing, they might have even been knocked over by falling items or fell by the sudden change in movement.

It may have even induced nausea.

It would prevent the ship from reaching land though.

The bridge was also secured for now, providing the pair of DSO Agents with a secure (for the time being) place to operate from and hopefully unravel the mystery of the ship and get help.
Laura "Or even worse, triggering another RC.. Think that's the bigger concern than getting us off the ship.", Laura agreed, looking at the controls. "Anything to drop the anchor? Hope they've labeled it as such.", she added, looking through the controls. "Ah! There.", she said, pressing on the button. Where-ever they were, they were unlikely to move away. That should take care of the thing becoming a drifting spooky ghost ship incase everyone dies horribly.

With that out of the way, she unfurled the blueprints over the controls. "Figures there'd be nothing special marked on the blueprints as for the source.. But maybe there's a way to sneak down to the lower decks.", she said, turning her attention to Leon. "Or what's your plan? Look for survivors?"
Leon Kennedy As long as the anchor chain is long enough to reach the ocean floor, which is kind of a stretch. They tried, what can I say.

"Ideally there'd be a sticker that says 'evil virus material HERE'," Leon replies, looking over her shoulder at the blueprints. "I don't see one, so that leaves us putting together at least two more survivors to give us some covering fire with these Glocks and keep going down, see what we can find."
Laura "Think that's touch too ideal.", Laura laughed lightly, shaking her head. "I guess that's one option, if we find survivors willing to go to the lower decks to look.. Besides, it's a huge ship, and there's not a lot of these things around... I hate to think where they are packed in at.", she looks closer at the plans, "I'd rather try slipping down there somewhere. Ventilation or something, get a look at what's down there before trying to go in guns blazing."
Leon Kennedy "Probably smart. We can take turns keeping the bridge secure if we need to, or leave someone we trust here to watch while we strike out together as a team." That would work too. "Assuming we can find anyone we trust." Even the crew flaked out, things are looking a little dicey in that category. "For now, let's hunker down here and map out our next move as best we can, okay?" So saying, the agent crosses over to the door, shoving it shut and spinning the big ol' wheel thing to lock it. They're safe, at least for the time being.
Laura "Agreed.", Laura nodded. "We should try to get some food and supplies up here. Some beddings and whatever else we can find... And clear out those corpses somehow.", she said. "Look for survivors along the way that hopefully can help us out.", she commented. "Then we can try to look into figuring out the source of these things, and see if the info we got was correct."

The pair seemed to have a plan for now, and a safe place behind a nice bulkhead door. "I wouldn't mind setting up an escape route, either, incase things to bad."